I didn’t even play this game the right way and I am enjoying myself so far. You play as a gsd who is the best doggo ever, and therefore blessed by the gods with infinite run. You run across plains and through fields of ferns and flowers. You run along mountain ridges. You run.

This was honestly super relaxing! Also, there are mazes and actual gameplay to get to, but I just collected whatever I felt like along the way. I got it on sale for .49 cents USD, and I’m honestly happy to have taken a chance on this hidden gem.

Real player with 2.6 hrs in game

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If you have half an hour and 79p to spare, this is a good adventure of discovery to go on

Real player with 1.0 hrs in game

Dog_Fox_Bunny on Steam

Star Valor

Star Valor

  • Superb feel, responsive controls, pleasant visuals with a good use of color, and (mostly) intuitive UI. Nice physics model.

  • Transparent mechanics. If something on your ship isn’t working, you’ll know why.

  • Decent balance, especially for this stage of development.

  • Ship-building through component selection and upgrades is very satisfying.

  • Perfectly stable for me. No crashes, no lag, no freezes, nothing. The few bugs that do exist usually have workarounds. On this score, it’s already better in EA than most AAA games in full release.

Real player with 328.3 hrs in game

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First off- this game is fantastic.

Addictive, even.

It fills a niche I’ve been dying to satisfy for ages; mining, fighting, trade, transport in a top-down space pilot sim.

Every ship has strengths, and weaknesses, as well as implicit faction stats. You can find ships with horrible, boat-ish mass but enormous storage and equipment capacities, you can find fighters deficient in those categories that more than make up for it in agility and handling, and anything in between. There are ships geared to transporting materials, warping between different sectors at much greater range, mining faster, extending stealth, increasing critical damage, increasing trade values, decreasing repair costs and so on. Every single deficiency you might encounter has some cure or other in the form of equipable components that alter almost any stat you can think of, or add special abilities such as cloaking, tractor beams, energy boosters, etc.

Real player with 302.3 hrs in game

Star Valor on Steam

Space Bob vs. The Replicons

Space Bob vs. The Replicons

Your mission is reach the Jump Gate to escape. You begin abored a Refinery Ship (Mothership seems more fitting really) which displays your Storage Tanks of the three main resources required; Hyper Fuel: Used for Planet/Anomoly jumps. Energy: Used for Self healing, replenishing your stock for the use of tools/weapons & repairing your Lander Craft. Fuel: Used to refuel your Jetpack & Lander Craft. Other resources are required for Crafting. Easily figured out!

Three screens give access to - A Galaxy Map: For planning jumps or routes. Crafting/Upgrading: for various things you have (except for the Grappling Hook ATM) & a Stats screen: Tracks score, etc. A seperate room with a medical facility keeps you healthy & refuels your Jetpack. A Docking Lift for your Lander Craft which highers & lowers accordingly. Lander repairs & refueling begin when fully lowered. A red siren alerts you when the lift lowering the Lander is obstructed in some way. Last but not least is the housed Refinery. Its red conveyor beam is in the lower part of the Mother… errr Refinery ship which pushes resources & objects left to be vacummed upwards for refining.

Real player with 107.0 hrs in game

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I’m not typically moved to write reviews, because ultimately, who cares what I think? Enjoyment of any game is totally subjective, so the reviews around this one could well all read: “Worst game ever - refunded”, but for what it’s worth, here are my thoughts…

Space Bob is an engaging, challenging, physics-based sandbox puzzle game that continues to reward your investment of time many tens of hours in. The controls may feel a tad unfamiliar at first, but persevere and you’ll soon see your skills improving with every fight and salvage run.

Real player with 65.4 hrs in game

Space Bob vs. The Replicons on Steam

Surviving West

Surviving West

Yea !!! the Dev God heard me, multiplayer fixed :). Cool game, my wife and I are always on the look out for games we can play together. (she needs lots of help hehe). The game is fun to play, and very nice graphics even dough they are cartoonist. Its still has a few quirks, but he’s working on it at least unlike some other games. Its not hard core, so those who like real hard challenges may find it too easy, its more laid back, take tour time kinda game. So far those I’ve played with are very nice, some very helpful…and if you need help, the dev is on discord and will talk to you.

Real player with 26.2 hrs in game

The game is good. I had an issue with the key binding, went in to the game discord and before I knew it I was having a conversation with the Dev “NEMO” and in no time at all the issue was fixed. That’s what I call service!

The game plays well and runs pretty smooth being an EA game there will always be some issues to work out but for this game…So far so good.

Yes I recommend this game.

Real player with 18.9 hrs in game

Surviving West on Steam

Dungless 2

Dungless 2

In general, a good 2D platformer with interesting game mechanics

Real player with 4.3 hrs in game

A very big plus of the game is that the world is generated in a new way every time. The game is quite addictive, it’s a pity that you can’t change the volume, you can only turn it on or off. The game itself is difficult, I could only reach level 3. In general, you can play, only dear enough, according to the rules.

Real player with 2.8 hrs in game

Dungless 2 on Steam



It’s not descent, so get that out of your head. It’s way faster pace, and includes millions of upgrade combinations with hundreds of different play styles based on what loot you get and how you combine it together and upgrade. This is a very unique game in that the upgrades are so varied for both the player, the friendlies, and the hostiles, but they are mostly all the same sets! If you can do it, an enemy might do it too.

There are many lovingly made details, good progression that keeps the pace up to whatever speed you choose, and some pretty tough puzzles.

Real player with 179.5 hrs in game

I’ve been playing and testing this game for over a year, since April 2013. I was the first pre-alpha tester and I’ve submitted the most bug reports. I know the game. When I started it was great, and it has just been improved a lot in every area since then. I have played for hundreds of hours if you qount all the non-steam dev builds and while I have tried a lot of different ship loadouts there are still many ships and loadouts that I want to try but haven’t because new things to try is added all the time :) And this is true even after I’ve played past the levels where new qontent is unlocked for every progression!

Real player with 109.7 hrs in game

NeonXSZ on Steam

The Chronicler

The Chronicler

Yes this is very early access but I like the artwork and overall theme a lot. I will be playing this more when further updates have been released.

Real player with 2.4 hrs in game

The Chronicler on Steam

Badiya: Desert Survival

Badiya: Desert Survival

Only for the EA fans, I will say that.

I personally love these kind of games and have quite a few, but this setting… I just had to have it.

Something absolutely different than other games in the same genre. Those who have played Minecraft (or similar games) know that usually the hardest “world” to survive is the desert. This is all set in the desert, so I think has huge potential of being different and challenging! Also, although at the moment not implemented just yet, there’s going to be sea (and sailing on it), pearl diving, and if I can believe one of the trailers I’d say “Stranded Deep-esque” beaches.

Real player with 25.2 hrs in game

I reveived a key for free, keep that in mind when reading my review.

This review is for alpha 1.9, I will update as the game progresses. I am giving a thumbs up with the following caveats.

1. The game engine is still unstable, though not terribly so. It seems every NPC encountered increases the chance of crashing so make sure to save before visiting any point of interest (area with npc’s). When the game gets laggy save, quit to the main menu and reload.

2. Unfortunately, related to above, the mechanic to save requires building a lean-to. This is not horrible, you can carry the wood around with you, but I hope the devs read this and implement a temporary quick save function until the engine is more stable.

Real player with 21.2 hrs in game

Badiya: Desert Survival on Steam

It Lurks Below

It Lurks Below

It Lurks Below is a love child of Diablo and Terraria and it shows. But just because the parent games are great, sadly this fact doesn’t make this game on the same level and the maker David Brevik in name alone does not make things great either. The game itself feels that it has no real challenge, drive, or even passion put into it unlike previous stuff he’s worked on. I would put this on the level of what seems to almost being a AA asset flip (like many others you can see on Steam, but were his own assets or paid for) made by a legend of the gaming industry.

Real player with 10437.9 hrs in game

EDIT: I have 138 hours on this game across 2 accounts and have the right to criticize this game and/or deem it worthy of humanities consumption, I have also played Terraria and Diablo 2 to an extensive amount, 500+ hrs.

umm I don’t really need to say much about the reasons why this game isn’t bad seeing most people have sense enough of why David Brevik, the developer, put this game on early access, and also the difference between hot garbage Terraria ripoffs, there is a VERY fine line drawn. first of all…

Real player with 133.0 hrs in game

It Lurks Below on Steam

Pirate Simulator

Pirate Simulator

  • Build your ship

Start as a rookie sailor on a boat as tiny as a canoe and use your smart pirate moves to buy, craft or “arrange” add-ons for your dream vessel. Replace necessary parts, attach equipment needed for rides, focus on speed or durability, choose your own style of ruling the seas!

  • Gather the crew

Galleons are great, but you need a crew to run it. Visit towns and harbors along your way, have a pint or five and recruit a crew that will make you a real pirate!

  • Extend your base

Whether it’s trading, looting or finding treasures, you need to collect and stack your goods somewhere. When you spot this perfect place on a beach or inside a cave, claim it and take care of infrastructure and buildings to make your company thrive.

  • Find treasures

…and a way to look for them. You can turn every rock upside down and check every inch of the sea bottom, but if time is a factor, try searching for other pirates, merchants and shady people who may know a few stories about hidden chests.

  • Go on a ride

As it happens sometimes - a pirate won’t make a living from the trade alone and needs to incorporate a bit more dynamic forms of getting the necessary resources. On the seas, you might meet other fellow ships that just carry too much goods not to loot them. Way more efficient than honestly earned money.

Become a pirate! Arr!

Pirate Simulator on Steam