ORR is an off road racing game with open world exploration. The racing is arcade with big jumps, crazy crashes, and shortcuts. There are random events like animals crossing the track that the player will have to deal with. At any time, the player can leave the track and explore the open world. If you can see it in ORR, you can drive there. Climb mountains, jump hills, or look for hidden easter eggs scattered around the levels. Race against friends or play follow the leader with up to four player local split screen.

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ORR on Steam

Doug Flutie’s Maximum Football 2020

Doug Flutie’s Maximum Football 2020

I like this game, I really do. However, I do have some complaints.

  1. The kicking game is not well thought out.

  2. Whoever said this game is based on physics is way off base. I don’t know how many times my guy gets caught and tackled from behind and yet I can’t catch up to a guy. OR when I have a clear path to the QB by both LB he some is able to step out of the way and run the ball passed both guys and then he is able to find a hole and get passed my linemen for a gain of 10 or more yards. So that doesn’t make sense, especially when when I do a running play and I try to sidestep or speed burst and automatically get tackled.

Real player with 384.5 hrs in game

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It really hard to recommend this as rough as it is. It’s kind of hard to call it a football game as rough as it is.

Smoothing & Polish there is none.

Everything is extremely abrupt and rough. The animations the transitions. The menus. Nothing is polished nothing feels finished and nothing feels complete. Getting a TD feels like whiplash as it jump cuts to an endzone dance, at break neck speed. They should of spent less time on endzone dances and more time on collision boxes.Which is seems like they did. Instant replay’s are a button press option given at random by the game. So if you want to watch that move or hit again. FORGET IT. Much less saving them. They’ve not yet offered me a replay on a play I actually wanted to see. Individual player stats are also given at random by the game. And only your teams basic stats and run pass breakdown are given in game.

Real player with 33.6 hrs in game

Doug Flutie's Maximum Football 2020 on Steam

Play With Gilbert - Remake

Play With Gilbert - Remake

My daughter adores this game. It caters to her generation pretty well imo…and it has really familiarized her with the quirks and overall feel of video gaming. She’s told me that sometimes her cat friends stop following her, and sometimes the cars don’t allow you to exit them..but besides that we haven’t run into any bugs. The open maps are awesome, and she loves that she can just run around and do whatever.

A few things my daughter has mentioned makes me think new levels, accessories, eye colors, and some emotive animations for the characters to perform would make it a little more fleshed out (though she recently discovered she can sit and lie down, which was excited with.) She had a huuge blast with the waterballoon fight mechanic. Some mini games (maybe races or mini golf or something?) would maybe give the game a little more in the way of activities to offer. Overall a great introductory game for young kids that offers some things I’ve noticed most children’s games do not, among them an avenue to use your imagination.

Real player with 67.0 hrs in game

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I spent far too many hours in the demo, worried if an adult should buy a kitten game aimed at toddlers. Just do it. I’m in my 40s and love it as a game to just chill in. Not only is it pretty, but there are seasons and day and night cycles. Your kitten posse that you gather with each rescue even helps out, though I’m not sure if it’s on purpose. But you can bounce off them to execute a super double jump, results will vary.

Some of the fish are a challenge to jump to for a game aimed at wee ones, but they have to learn platforming sometime. In the full game there are plenty of places to explore and things to do. Honestly tripping humans and knocking things off tables never gets old. You can also take a break to “paint”, visit space, or hit the beach. As it’s an all around labor of love, it got my vote for the upcoming awards. Best of luck to the dev, it’s amazing to see how far this game has come.

Real player with 14.2 hrs in game

Play With Gilbert - Remake on Steam

Totally Reliable Delivery Service

Totally Reliable Delivery Service

I cannot recommend this game in it’s current state. I don’t have input lag issues like a lot of others. I am not bothered by the “physics” arms that glitch through your body and cause the objects to be behind you. It’s not even the buggy zip line that you constantly fall off of. Input lag aside the other issues I mentioned are somewhat funny. The real problem is the game breaking bug which does not spawn delivery points. Currently the work around is delete save and start over completely….I am on my 3rd restart. This does make replay value higher as you will be replaying the same 30-50 deliveries and hope you do actually get a place to deliver the item before you delete your save and start over again. Maybe EGS has a different criteria for full release games, as it is, this game feels almost like an early access title. Will update this review if any changes are made but it’s sad to see a game that was scheduled for a Steam release get pulled to EGS then eventually get released broken on Steam.

Real player with 16.3 hrs in game

I want to start this off by saying how much fun this game was during the beta. I thought this was going to be a phenomenal game with a lot of missions and fun vehicles to drive around with friends. There was a potential for greatness, and unfortunately this game did not meet my expectations. I played the beta with some friends and had so much fun I gifted them the game thinking it would be the same as the real game. This was a huge mistake. I kept wanting this game to be fun and entertaining but was instead greeted with a frustrating time. The constant desync in multiplayer to the horrific performance problems while playing with friends. Not only was it difficult to play with friends in the final version, but trying to get to missions and complete them as a group was a colossal failure.

Real player with 8.2 hrs in game

Totally Reliable Delivery Service on Steam



This has quickly become one of my favorite games. I fell in love with just how magical and cozy Bunhouse feels. The music and graphics are amazing, especially for a 1-man dev team. It’s fun to just be in the world the game puts you in- immediately relaxing and happy vibes.

I also want to mention I usually don’t play games like this. I mostly play MMOs and MOBAs, with the occasional RTS or ARPG. That’s a big reason I feel like Bunhouse is something special- it’s outside of my usual genres and I love it just as much or more than my go-to games.

Real player with 43.7 hrs in game

I’m a grown adult dude who owns a car, pays taxes and goes to work every day.

I also own a little bun-boy chub who I rescued a while back from a sparrowhawk attack.

I don’t care about the stigma– this game is cute beyond belief from the wee bunnies to the music– I totally recommend it for chill times after a stressful day at work.

I love the little messages on the top right of the main menu with bun-care tips.

My little bun Pebble approves. :)

EDIT: I just pretty much 100% the game in under 15 hours solo, which consisted of two play-throughs. First one to chill and second to get all achievements and to fully upgrade everything and make a nice looking greenhouse. I get some people’s criticisms of the content, but pretty much 1 hours 1 pound, for a game that I will no dobut come back to, is a great deal. For a single bun-loving dev this is more than impressive, from modelling, texturing, rigging and animation to programming and implementation.

Real player with 14.5 hrs in game

Bunhouse on Steam

Franchise Hockey Manager 8

Franchise Hockey Manager 8

I like this game a lot. In my mind, this is the version of FHM that finally eclipses the last EHM that was released, even with the 1.5 beta enabled. It’s a bit buggy (ENABLE WEEKLY AUTO-SAVES!!!) and I’ve had a number of crashes, especially during the 2D sim portion of the game, but FHM 7 was patched up pretty quickly so I wouldn’t let that deter you from purchasing this game if you are a fan of the genre.

The budget system is a very nice addition, and I would imagine if you play in lower-revenue leagues, would present a different facet of gameplay in terms of balancing your scouting and development budgets. The new scouting reports are rife with information that can help you discern between a draft-day bust and a draft-day gem; I picked up a guy in the 7th round that had great mental stats that my scouts reported favorably on, and he ended up being rated as a 4.5 star potential guy after a season. Conversely, a guy I drafted in the second round has completely flopped down to a 2 star potential guy. Those are the kind of features that keep me immersed in a GM sim.

Real player with 157.4 hrs in game

First let me stipulate that there is a lot to like about FHM8 and for someone who has supported the franchise since FHM1 but has more often than not been a harsh critic of past iterations, I am slowly being won over with this current effort. That’s not to say I believe it is a perfect 10, but for the first time I can clearly see that the evolution of this franchise is now showing the promise we all desire.

So to that end, if you are looking for a deep & engaging hockey fix, the plethora of gaming options provided by this game will be sure in some fashion to scratch that itch.

Real player with 137.2 hrs in game

Franchise Hockey Manager 8 on Steam

Just A Guy

Just A Guy

Just A Guy is a fun and colorful platform game entirely based on physics with ragdoll characters. Alone or with a friend, it’s time to go on an adventure and to have fun with the game’s physics whether you are 7 or 77 years old !

  • Explore all kinds of different worlds, on your own or with a friend in splitscreen.

  • Find scattered keys in each world to unlock new levels, each with their own theme.

  • Locate the hidden mini-levels to try out new gameplays (platforms, car, grapple, snowboard, puzzles, plane, 2D-mode, FPS, …).

  • Collect coins to buy customizations items to have a character inspired by you !

Besides running, walking and jumping, the main gameplay element dwells in the actuation of each one of your arms. That way you can grab and move items, open doors, climb or drive vehicles of all kinds and all sizes. All without transitions. You just have to grab the steering wheel with your hands and go !

As the character is a ragdoll, they will fall quite easily and will react with their surroundings for funny situations.

Throughout your adventure, you will be able to collect coins in order to buy all kinds of customization items. You have the choice : there are hairdos, hats, glasses, backpacks in many different colors to have a character inspired by you !

Who am I :

My name is David, 33, French and I am developing this game on my own. For the latest information, do not hesitate to follow me on Twitter or Instagram.

Thanks for your support and help!

Just A Guy on Steam



This is indeed early access. Only buy if it’s half price or you want to play through a very rudimentary Minecraft clone.

In just 20-30 minutes (using a controller):

  1. Can’t invert the Y-axis view - that makes it almost impossible for me to play.

  2. You can’t tell what anything is, there are no tooltips for things in your inventory and no indication of what you’re looking at.

  3. Basically I figured out how to dig up the ground but that was the only thing I could figure out how to do other than wander around (looking up when I meant to look down :) ).

Real player with 0.1 hrs in game

Muspell on Steam

10 Pin Bowling (VR Support)

10 Pin Bowling (VR Support)

10 Pin Bowling

we’ve all been down to our local bowling alley to play. But ended up having to wait for hours to get a lane. Don’t waste anymore more time, run the game up and play. No more waiting, just straight to the fun part. Multiplayer on one pc sharing your headset.

Stuck in lockdown, Wanting to go bowling, or just looking for something to do.

Try our new Bowling Game With Full VR With Motion Controllers support.

Don’t Have a VR System, no worry’s this bowling game also supports a standard display with keyboard & mouse or xbox 360/one controller

Game modes

10-Pin Bowling (Fully Implemented),

How To Play


Multiplayer via VR headset sharing.

You can play the game with The Following controller setups.

VR Headset with motion controllers (Tested HTC Vive),

PC Monitor With Xbox 360/One Controller Or

PC Monitor With keyboard & Mouse.

Built With Ue4.

The Game will be upgraded to ue5 when ue5 is released.

10 Pin Bowling (VR Support) on Steam

Cortex Command

Cortex Command

some people might not get the importance of mods in this game,you shouldn’t expect to have a lot of fun with this game if you dont play with mods on, because they add so much content and interesting scenarios to the game.

in my honest opinion, it’s a pretty good game, you’ll probably get a few laughs and good times out of it, also seeing as how you can play with buddies split-screen, but you will definately also rage at it once in a while.

here’s the website of the devs and where you’ll find the mods (mods are in the fan forums section); http://datarealms.com

Real player with 403.0 hrs in game

–- In short —

As a comparision … I would call this a mix of Terraria and old school 2D Worms, just without a rounds system and instead live action gameplay. A complicated game that doesn’t really tell you itself how to play it. You kinda figure it out. Like in old times games didn’t tell you each little thing you could do. You just tried stuff. Pushed some buttons and saw what happened. You fail of course a lot at first, but you learn from each mistake! And next time it works better.

Because of that though success to me feels very satisfying in Cortex Command. It feels like you actually earned it, you were not led to it by your hand.

Real player with 205.0 hrs in game

Cortex Command on Steam