Discord Rich Me! (Custom Rich Presence)

Discord Rich Me! (Custom Rich Presence)

Works great! Easy to use and so far it has basically no bugs. The only thing that needs to be done is add the all the templates.


Now that i have over 1000 hours in Discord Rich Me, I can confidently recommend this program to any user who wants just an extra little touch to there Discord profile. One of the great things about Discord Rich Me is that you just start it, minimise it to your tray, and forget about it. I have Discord Rich Me running 24/7 on a spare Windows 7 Laptop i have thats over 16 years old and there is 0 performance change. The community in the Discord server is friendly and can provide help if you need it. 10/10 program, 100% worth the money.

Real player with 1948.7 hrs in game

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Please understand that Discord Rich Me! is currently in BETA. It’s still missing a ton of features, but they have a lot of things planned according to their discord.


As a very prominent and long time Discord user, Discord Rich Me! provides, as of April 19 2021 (19/04/21) a very straightforward interface, with some helpful (though subtle) guides on what every single textbox function does.

At the very least it provides very basic rich presence functionality, but very much so simplifies all of the painful steps it takes to make a rich presence. I do understand that this is still in beta though, and I will re-review once more features have been added over time.

Real player with 502.7 hrs in game

Discord Rich Me! (Custom Rich Presence) on Steam

PAW Patrol Mighty Pups Save Adventure Bay

PAW Patrol Mighty Pups Save Adventure Bay

4 year old paw patrol fan is enjoying it. It has the paw paw boogie, minigames from the missions are available to be replayed from the menu, all missions are cooperative (both characters are needed to complete them but both characters are also playable from one controller by changing them, kind of like Lego games, in case you are playing single). Overall fun game to enjoy with our kids :)

Keep in mind the second player can join after completing a bit of a tutorial from the first mission. Then second player press start and joins.

Real player with 27.1 hrs in game

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sometimes the dialogue has to be skipped with pressing “A”, and sometimes you just have to wait.

at the end of every mission you have to press “Y” to continue, and then “A” from there on out. ridiculous.

they can probably get away with making such a terrible game because they know there’s no other paw patrol games out there.

Real player with 23.9 hrs in game

PAW Patrol Mighty Pups Save Adventure Bay on Steam



The game focuses on physical interaction with the world, and how dynamic everything in it. Most of the tasks can be solved in different ways. E.g: to pass the closed door, you can find a key, or destroy the padlock, or break the window nearby, or find the underpass

Each circle of hell is a level where you need to climb as high as possible at any cost. Haron will take you to next level. If desired, you can find funny or creepy secrets, part of story, or collectible items


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Boodunnit, what to say that hasn’t already been said?

Graphics/Art 10/10

Gameplay 5/10

Controls 3/10

This is a really cute game but it is kinda hard to love. Boodunnit has a nice premise and nice mechanics but it feels like it’s incomplete. Sure, it’s a free game and I shouldn’t be harking on it too hard but I have to. I would gladly pay a few dollars to support the devs and help make Boodunnit better.

Camera and Levitation issues have been talked to death so I won’t talk too much about it. However, I feel that most of the issues talked about by people could be alleviated by simply putting the control of levitation on the arrow keys instead of the mouse. That way, you wouldn’t be spinning your mouse around trying to see and control an abject at the same time. Furthermore, it would allow for more control over levitating object which would be nice. Wonder why the Play Testers didn’t say anything. With a group that big, certainly a few of them, if not all of them, would’ve found the controls as frustrating as 90% of the player base does.

Real player with 2.2 hrs in game

The overall art style and aesthetic of the game is gorgeous, the story line is intriguing and kept me interested so that alone would make me recommend.

However, the controls are sometimes frustrating especially when you play as either the rat or pigeon. Moving items is difficult as you have no way of knowing where they are being placed or how you can move them smoothly, you are still able to move stuff and complete the game just with a little difficulty. The camera was also awkward to move at times and did have the tendencies of giving me motion sickness with how janky the movements were.

Real player with 2.0 hrs in game

Boodunnit on Steam

X Archetype

X Archetype

Buy Mega Man Legacy Collection

Update: Scroll to the bottom beyond the TL;DR for dev scumminess

I have played great games. I’ve played good games. I’ve played okay games. I’ve played bad games. Then, I’ve played this.

The developer gave two copies of this game out for free in Flyff’s Lykan server chat (2004 KMMORPG) and I decided to check it out, just because. This is why I’m marking this as a free gift. He also said he was banned from said MMO some time previously.

This is a game clearly inspired by the Mega Man franchise and appropriately steals two sound effects from those games.

Real player with 2.3 hrs in game

X Archetype on Steam

Bunny Flush

Bunny Flush

Our game is an endless platform game.

Your only goal is to get as high as you can and earn the highest score.

Pay attention to the symbol shown to you before the game starts.

Don’t jump onto the platform have that symbol.

It is the hardest of all platform games. It wouldn’t be wrong to say HardSouls.

If you don’t trust your reflexes, stay away from this game.

Because after you start playing the game, you will be defeated dozens of times.

Rise in the Leaderboards!

And don’t look down!

Bunny Flush on Steam

Dragu’s Puzzle Adventure

Dragu’s Puzzle Adventure

Fun little puzzle game. If you’ve played Lolo you know what the gameplay will be like. Lots of the puzzles made you really think and plan ahead with some clever results. Definitely worth a couple of bucks for a couple of hours of thinking

Real player with 2.1 hrs in game

Dragu's Puzzle Adventure on Steam

WormJuice Skateboarding Olympics

WormJuice Skateboarding Olympics

Ollie straight into a vibrant nes colored world!

Skate and compete in premade Arena tracks, download new ones, or build whatever you like with the provided voxel-styled objects (by poetic voxels).

Ride down the Mega Ski Ramp and jump onto the speedrun track!

Try to get that fastest time or make the speedrun machine generate your favorite new track.

In short

WormJuice Skateboarding Olympics keeps you going for hours, losing track of time with plain old fun.

Features include

WormJuice Skateboarding Olympics on Steam



DarkHouse is a survival game in a night psychiatric clinic in the genre of first-person horror. A mysterious creepy doctor is tearing at your heels trying to kill you.

Uncover the mystery of the psychiatric hospital by collecting elements for the ritual to bring the infernal monster back to the underworld.

The main character: A vulnerable girl Sofia lives alone with her grandmother, in order to somehow make ends meet, she moonlights as a nurse at night in a psychiatric clinic.

DarkHouse on Steam

Parking Slide

Parking Slide

Very fun and moderately challenging, very charming art and great ambiance, very relaxing music, everything fits in a way that makes us very immersed in the experience.

very good game

Real player with 2.4 hrs in game

Relaxing puzzle game with beautiful art. Great for passing the time. I recommend!

Real player with 1.3 hrs in game

Parking Slide on Steam