Super Dungeon Maker 🛠

Super Dungeon Maker 🛠

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Create & Play the dungeons of your dreams

The classic action-adventure dungeon experience of your dreams is about to be made… by you! Create and share your very own dungeons, then play a nearly infinite number of highly creative, trap-ridden dungeons made by other creators from all over the world.

Share your dungeons with your friends & family

Unleash your creative streak as a dungeon creator and place as many enemies, floors and secret paths as you like. Make the journey more difficult for your friends with countless traps and hidden spikes.

Dive into the Story Mode

Play built-in dungeons or play the dungeons of your friends and the community. Solve their puzzles and defeat the enemies you encounter during your adventures. Find hidden hearts to replenish your health and make it to the final boss.

Become a hero of the most impossible dungeons the community can come up with.

Show everyone that your dungeon is the best!


  • Dungeon Maker

    The easy to navigate dungeon maker allows you to make exciting dungeons within minutes.

  • Boss Maker

    Create unique bosses: decide on their movements and attack sequences.

  • Share your dungeons

    Share your dungeons, collect feedback and keep perfecting them. Or play the most popular community created dungeons.

  • Unlimited Creativity

    A wide variety of enemy types and items provide countless creative possibilities.

Inspired by:


Super Mario Maker

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Super Dungeon Maker 🛠 on Steam

Erazer - Devise & Destroy

Erazer - Devise & Destroy

Very nice game! I played this game for over 30 hours in closed beta. Developers are active and they listen to feedback. I really enjoy making new maps with the level editor

Real player with 103.8 hrs in game

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Disclaimer: I alpha and beta tested this game before the Early Access launch and got the game for free for beta testing purposes before EA launch. However, all the things said in this review are my own, honest opinions.

I’ve had the privilege to follow the development of this awesome game. The game has already gone a long way and is a legit product at its current state, and I am not afraid to state that it’s well worth its price tag (well, who am I to say, as stated above.. :D)

What I really like in this game is the sandbox environment and the possibilities it gives. It already has great developer-made missions, puzzle maps and speedrun maps. Planned co-op and multiplayer features will make it even better in the future. The level editor is well-planned and makes effective level creation possible. Some beta testers have already made a bunch of very good (and challenging, dear god) maps. The game engine allows for nearly everything, which is great.

Real player with 28.9 hrs in game

Erazer - Devise & Destroy on Steam

Halloween Decoration Sandbox

Halloween Decoration Sandbox

Experienced on the Oculus Quest 2

You can view my initial impressions review & gameplay here:

While this app certainly has a certain charm as you can build your own Halloween map and then visit it in VR, it’s a bit too unpolished for me to recommend. I won’t refund it and I hope the developer can improve the end user experience, but it feels more like an alpha prototype than a real Halloween Decoration Sandbox experience.

VR support is very basic at the moment. It is KBM only, no motion controller support and only on the Oculus Rift. Even starting VR is more convoluted than it needs to be. You basically have to start the app in non-VR then choose free play mode and then put on your VR headset. As far as the editor (where you actually decorate), it is non-VR only. You can only use VR for your finished product experience.

Real player with 1.7 hrs in game

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Halloween Decoration Sandbox on Steam



ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL!! This game is one of the best sandbox games I have ever played in my life!! (and trust me, I’ve played a lot of sandbox games in the past).

First of all, I think it’s the only sandbox game that is based around raytracing and that’s an amazing idea in my opinion!

Secondly, for a brand new early access game, I find that there are already many creative possibilities and it will only get better!

third, this guy is alone! Yes you heard me right, it’s only one person who designed this masterpiece and for only one person, it really stands out.

Real player with 6.2 hrs in game

Simple and relaxing.

Real player with 0.6 hrs in game

Buildmark on Steam

Destructive Contraptions

Destructive Contraptions

Have you ever wondered about making a game where you can make huge chain of dominos and watch them fall one by one without having to worry about any of the legal and life threatening issues. If you are one of those people you just got your dream game.

Welcome to the world of Destructive Contraptions.

Destructive Contraptions is an physics based sandbox simulator where you can create huge contraptions and watch them fall apart and destroy variety of giant structures ranging from monuments buildings to a city.

Ultimately the floor is yours to fill and the how you do it is completely up to you. We just give you the tools. So sit back and enjoy your creations as they do their work.

The game is heavily physics based so no two play sessions will be same i.e. the outcome of the game will be different each time, resulting in fun and crazy moments.

Some of the features you will encounter in this game are :

Variety Of Objects to Play With

Different Type of Objects like Dominos, Buildings, Trees, Pushers, Pivots and many more.

Time Manipulation / Freeze Time:

You can change the time and watch the pieces fall after one another in slow motion or just freeze time and move around.

Sandbox / Level editor:

You can make your own levels in the level editor.

Destructive Contraptions on Steam

Sandbox Anything

Sandbox Anything

Fun game would recommend to anyone. Cant wait for full release. Great game to challenge friends with

Real player with 6.4 hrs in game

So, real quick, the game is in early access so there will be a lot of (like 7) new things in 2022 when its fully released. it WILL change prices from free to idk like 1.99? So, i checked the free box because the game will no longer be free by 2023. HA! we got 2 Y E A R S. get it while its free, kinda fun, and B U G G Y (spam ‘fix the bugs’ to them cause they can break the game)

–-{ Graphics }—

☐ You forget what reality is


☐ Good

☐ Decent

☑ Bad

☐ Don‘t look too long at it


Real player with 5.2 hrs in game

Sandbox Anything on Steam



After just over a whole month of developing levels for the Murder Garden Contest, it’s time for my review of Terrorarium.


Terrorarium is a fun and creative game with an interesting concept and encourages community participation. The developers are always active in the Terrorarium Discord server and always take suggestions by listening to their fans (Which is rare these days). Plus, You can make awesome levels for your friends and others to play and murder them with ferocious plants! What’s not to like? Since its in early access, it’s likely to be cheaper now than when it releases, so pick it up and try it!

Real player with 95.4 hrs in game

7/28/20 UPDATE: The game is out now with new levels and new features, so here is my current day review!

The game can be broken down in to three major parts: The main story, the community made levels, and the level maker.

★ The Main Story plot itself is fine. You get to understand the character you play as and the the little pikmin-esque creatures you play with, etc., etc… It certainly adds to the game, but what really matters (in my opinion) are the levels themselves. There are 26 levels ranging from very easy to very hard, some of which are designed extremely well! Some of them however aren’t. I’d say around 85% of the levels are satisfactory, while the other 15% just aren’t either aesthetically pleasing or the puzzle/mechanics are a bit wonky.

Real player with 35.0 hrs in game

Terrorarium on Steam



Never play the same game of chess again! ChessCraft is a chess AI sandbox. Create your own chess boards, rules, and pieces. Play against the computer or your friends online, or win loot by playing one of 80 built-in chess boards in adventure mode.

Many chess games already exist, but only ChessCraft allows the player to create such wacky boards, pieces, and rules and immediately play a decent computer opponent.

Create new pieces with any combination of the 8 bishop or rook slides, plus a 7x7 grid of knight-like hops. Create new boards with any enabled or disabled tile up to 16x16. Place promotion rules for any piece, anywhere, or other special tile rules. Create pieces that cannot be captured, or with ranged attacks, or pieces that restrict other pieces from acting. The computer opponent then uses concepts from computer science and graph theory to understand your creations and play against you.

ChessCraft on Steam

FWsim - Fireworks Display Simulator

FWsim - Fireworks Display Simulator

Just as good in Steam as In Pro version apart from a few features / effects missing when transferring previous displays from Pro, but all in all excellent quality and highly recommended game for pyro enthusiasts and gamers alike !!

Real player with 11.5 hrs in game


Real player with 11.0 hrs in game

FWsim - Fireworks Display Simulator on Steam

WormJuice Skateboarding Olympics

WormJuice Skateboarding Olympics

Ollie straight into a vibrant nes colored world!

Skate and compete in premade Arena tracks, download new ones, or build whatever you like with the provided voxel-styled objects (by poetic voxels).

Ride down the Mega Ski Ramp and jump onto the speedrun track!

Try to get that fastest time or make the speedrun machine generate your favorite new track.

In short

WormJuice Skateboarding Olympics keeps you going for hours, losing track of time with plain old fun.

Features include

WormJuice Skateboarding Olympics on Steam