it’s 2 years later and essentially nothing has changed… key personel in the company that were working on the game left because their contracts were not renewed, and insider whispers are that nobody is working on it anymore… the company denies that, yet nothing has been added or changed. Instead, they started making yet another microtransaction laden game for IOS, which, not only tries to push you to spend real money, but also has an obnoxious character that gets in your way frequently to try to get you to watch advertisements. 22cans… you are dead to me!

Real player with 482.4 hrs in game

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GODUS Beta 2.1 Review Update August 2014

8 months after my first Review of this game, I have given Godus another 20 hours of game play in the latest 2.1 Patch.

The worst parts of the old Godus Alpha have been fully realised, Godus 2.1 is now an iOS game and the freemium model mechanics are fully in place.

After 20 hours in the 2.1 build I can say that there is no game here, just a count down mechanic, followed by a countdown mechanic, everything else you do in Godus leads you to a bigger countdown.

Real player with 144.3 hrs in game

Godus on Steam

Castle Story

Castle Story

OK, so a while back I did a review on this game. I still said it was positive, but I basically said “It’s buggy but it’ll get better”. And now I feel is the time to re-review it.

Let me start off by saying this is one of the coolest and prettiest castle builders I’ve seen in a long while. It has a near perfect arrangement of blocks to suit all of your construction needs, yet it simultaniously keeps you materials as basic as possible. You can build with Stone, or Wood. There are a few other materials that can be used to make useful structures, but those are the two things your castle is really gonna be made of. Yet in that simplicity, you can make very cool-looking castles with ease. And what’s even cooler is that in the survival gamemodes, all of the castles you built for purpose and purpose alone still turn out looking amazing.

Real player with 233.1 hrs in game

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Game is worth 10USD. If that is what you’re paying I think it’s worth it. Unfortunately it isn’t 10USD.

The game lacks content and barely works, but it is quite fun for what there is. The devs have left it alone rather than milking it for DLC so they have my respect for that, but they fall short in most other categories.

My gripes:

1. Instead of optimising the AI, pathfinding, job finding etc. they made a limit of 15 units. There are videos of people playing with 130+ units and having no issues.

Real player with 179.6 hrs in game

Castle Story on Steam

ZERO Sievert

ZERO Sievert

ZERO Sievert is a post apocalyptic game setted In a fictitious part of Russia.

The bunker ZERO Sievert: here you can accept new quests, talk to NPC, trade with vendors, manage your equipment and improve your base.

Maps: Maps are procedurally generated to ensure good replayability. The main points of interest will then be in a different location each time, but there is loot in everywhere in the map so be prepared to explore!

Weapons modification: Weapons can be modified, it is up to the player to create a weapon he likes or to focus on statistics. There are a lot of different mods and an incredible amount of combinations

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ZERO Sievert on Steam

Dead State: Reanimated

Dead State: Reanimated

A pleasant way to spend a few hours.


+The Base-building Aspect is a lot of fun. The delicate mix and interplay of facilities, resource management, and character skills including your own definitely play a big impact on your crew’s morale and survival prospects. Those who get bit (infected) during the game as a result of combat with zombies have to be managed with daily antibiotics. Each infected cause a potent little morale hit on a daily basis (fear those infected will turn keeps your survivors up at night).

Real player with 429.9 hrs in game

There seems to be 2 reviews of this game. either it is the dumbest game due to ui problems or its the greatest game because you have a base and zombies.

was very concerned about the bad reviews before getting this game , because so many people said it had bad ui and how can that many people be wrong. well they were wrong… the ui granted is horrible if you dont know what you are doing and give up 2 seconds into the game.

things you need to know:

!. if you kill a guy/zombie you can move on that square still( seen a lot of reviews saying you cant)

Real player with 320.1 hrs in game

Dead State: Reanimated on Steam



Been a year that I last wrote something about this game, and considering that the updates for the game come frequently, I think it’s time to update the review as well.

Last year I called it “playable”. This year I can actually call it entertaining. What’s most entertaining, at least for me, is that the colonists are actually very human. Allow me to explain.

In most games, you have people that feel more like worker drones. They will go from place to place, build, mine, craft, sleep, get hurt, go to the medic bay, build, mine, craft… The “people” here feel actually like people. And they don’t want to be treated like worker drones. They get stressed out if all they do is build and work.

Real player with 101.5 hrs in game

The inspirations for this game are both obvious and subtle, influencing how it looks, feels and plays, or rather how you think you should be playing it.

It swings from a low pace base builder with an enormously detailed simulation behind every little thing you see and can interact with to a frantic struggle for survival as the dangers of Maia strike the unprepared mercilessly. Prepare to be unprepared and learn by failing.

If you prefer to learn from the mistakes of others - or perhaps boast about your most successful survival or expansion tips and strategies, visit the official wiki and help it grow.

Real player with 37.0 hrs in game

Maia on Steam

Project Remedium

Project Remedium

In the game you play Nano+, a Nanobot fighting against evil germs and bacteria and other stuff in order to save a little girls life.

The game looks great, has interesting maps and good atmosphere. There are many eastereggs placed throughout the game. It combines FPS with RPG elements, meaning you can unlock skills and weapon upgrade as your character becomes more experienced. And in addition there is even some educational content in the form of quizzes about the human body. Answering them correctly gains you rewards.

Real player with 25.6 hrs in game

If you know “Innerspace” movie you’ll feel like there. As a nano-robot you travel inside a human body to fight against microbes and pathogens to cure each affected organ starting from the liver. You’re armed with energy (destructive) and remedium (healing and destructive) guns. By defeating the enemies you can collect weapon parts that are used to unlock new weapons (3 of each kind) and upgrade them for the better performance in the combat. It’s important to gather energy and remedium to power the guns as well as molecules to craft substances helping you to stay alive. There is also simple skill system in the game. It’s a classic fast action FPP shooter with beautiful graphics made in Unreal4 with fantastic soundtrack well adapting to the current in-game situation.

Real player with 14.3 hrs in game

Project Remedium on Steam

Hero Generations

Hero Generations

Hero Generations Review

A nice little Indie Adventure lies in wait…

Some key points that this game offers:

  1. Beautifully hand drawn art style.

  2. Permadeath for that extra challenge.

  3. City Building and upgrading.

  4. Six unique worlds to find, explore and conquer each crafted in their own brilliant theme.

  5. Family legacies.

Gameplay & Controls:

The controls are pretty much mouse only, using the left mouse to click where your character moves, and by moving it can be in one of four directions, up, down, left or right unless one of those paths are obstructed by the edge of a map or an immovable object.

Real player with 103.6 hrs in game

This game is still in beta even though it is out on full release. I actually really like this game a lot. My advice is to wait 6 or more months down the line when it is really finished. Please take caution in purchasing this as the save file corrupts which will force you to delete your save and start over again.



To the developer: I respect what you as a 1 man team has done. I being someone who knows a lot about computer software/engineering know the amount of work that is required.

Real player with 31.5 hrs in game

Hero Generations on Steam

Sir, You Are Being Hunted

Sir, You Are Being Hunted

It was a chilly, spring evening in O’Lution Manor when this first came to my attention and I must say, that my interest in gaming had been waning a bit, snatching short plays of casual titles rather than putting in any significant time playing anything of depth. Indeed, with my eldest son having largely commandeered the console, leaving me with the laptop and mobile devices, it seemed I was wandering into the realms of the casual gamer.

And then I came across Sir, You Are Being Hunted. The visual style and sense of humour lulled me in in and when I saw, yes, my word, it will run on my laptop, I decided to take the plunge.

Real player with 44.8 hrs in game

The game is now out of Alpha, which means the developers are considering it more or less finished. In the past I made it clear how disappointed I was with how the game was turning out, and now I’d like to step back and review the game, the developers, and the history of both in their entirety.

The game taken completely by itself, with no consideration of the developers or the Alpha development phase, I feel is a decent but flawed stealth shooter. There’s some fun to be had in sneaking around in the tall grass, but nearly every other aspect of the game has something wrong with it.

Real player with 21.0 hrs in game

Sir, You Are Being Hunted on Steam

Spirit of the Island

Spirit of the Island

Spirit of the Island is a relaxing life simulation RPG set on a distant tropical island. Explore the once-prosperous tourist destination, meet the locals, and lend a hand to restore the towns to their former glory as you embark on a long journey that will help you rediscover your past!


Spirit of the Island will feature a 2-player cooperative mode, so grab your friend and embark on an epic journey together! Explore the Archipelago, fight the pirates, find epic loot, and discover the secrets of the tropical paradise!


Swords, scepters, axes, and other mighty weapons will help you protect yourself in your adventures! Be ready to battle against wild animals, ancient creatures, and evil pirates to reach your ambitious goals!


Interact with almost every object in the game and express your creativity with hundreds of recipes to unlock and items to craft!


Build new attractions, hire staff, develop the island, and plan parties that will attract visitors from all over the world!


Explore a beautiful yet dangerous world, discover unique animals and plants, brave the weather and the changing seasons, and collect rare artifacts scattered throughout the islands!


Meet quirky characters, complete fun quests, make new friends, and contribute to the life of Island’s inhabitants!


But do not forget to forge your own, as you tackle each challenge in Spirit of the Island and find out the secrets locked in your memories!

As a new arrival, you will have the chance to restore the archipelago back into the thriving tourist destination it once was. Build new tourist attractions and shops, create farms and take care of animals, explore beautiful beaches and dangerous caverns, and even plan unique festivals that will attract visitors from all over the world!

But it’s not its attractions alone that make the Island a paradise. Spirit of the Island features more than 14 unique characters to encounter, each with their personalities, quirks, and hobbies. So join the community, make new friends, and let them join you on a journey that will teach you more about your traditions and heritage than you could ever imagine!


Spirit of the Island on Steam