Good Company

Good Company

I see great potential for the game, but as I’m writing the review now I’m only taking those things into consideration that are already in the game.

Gameplay: 5/5

Graphics: 5/5

Tutorials: 4/5

Difficulty: 5/5

Support: 5/5


The gameplay loop is simple:

1. build/rearrange production line

2. set up the logistics for that line

3. tweak bits and pieces to make it profitable

4. plan the next production line / change the line output to another product

For me that is exactly what I was looking for. You create something, an issue arises, you fix that issue and that leads to another issue or you’re set and you create the next new thing.

Real player with 180.1 hrs in game

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i loved the concept but the execution is so EXTREAMLY flawed..

market: why is it capped so low in FREEPLAY. ive tried countless times trying to tweak the my out puts. But literally ever single time ive played the supply chains get so damn long that I cannot maintain a profitable business with out producing more then I can sell which ironically makes me go bankrupt

out/in bound shipping: why can we move these? Why is there a limit to how many items I can place in the in/out bound points with out the ability to upgrade them?

Real player with 154.4 hrs in game

Good Company on Steam

Instruments of Destruction

Instruments of Destruction


Instruments of Destruction features an advanced physics-based destruction system. You can demolish every structure in the game piece by piece. In addition, every object you see in the game world–save for small decorative plants and rocks–is part of the physics system. Each element of the world interacts with each other and together they create a physical, visceral world to play with.

Build Your Vehicle


Build a vehicle your way, with an ever-expanding array of parts and pieces. Using an intuitive vehicle construction system that also lets you customize your vehicles' appearance and controls, you’ll always have fun creating your next awesome invention.

From simple splitters to advanced joints, a variety of parts slowly unlock as you play through the game, and each unlocks countless new possibilities.


While some vehicles will perform better than others in accomplishing your objectives, it’s always a bit more fun to get creative and go a little off script. Optional bonus challenges and objectives will reward more creative builders and add more replayability.

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Instruments of Destruction on Steam

Power of the Ancients

Power of the Ancients

A mostly peaceful pixely isometric city builder with a bit of magic.

Construct a pyramid as the center of your realm.

Four different people live in the four quadrants of the pyramid.

Fishermen, farmers, fire people, magicians.

Gather resources, build homes, challenge demons and create a thriving city while preparing for winter.

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Power of the Ancients on Steam

Sigma World Online

Sigma World Online

Sigma World Online - is an online sandbox with a huge world from many star systems. Choose who to be: space explorer, miner, merchant, farmer, culinary specialist, scientist, builder or hunter, or build your empire.

Features of the project:

  • Full interaction of players in the same game universe

  • Generated star system: planets, satellites and asteroids

  • Automatic creation of a starter star system for beginners every 3 in-game years (36 real days)

  • Ecology of planets and satellites, pollution and contamination of planets

  • Large tech tree and drawing table to speed up research

  • Space flights, moving between different worlds

  • Meteorites and gathering resources in space

  • The construction of space stations with warp engine

  • Primitive, solid propellant, ion and nuclear rocket engines

  • Generation of properties of races of animals, development and life of animals in the environment, silicon life

  • Character skills, genetics and abilities

  • Combined cooking, product compatibility studies when creating dishes

  • Crafting and various resources

  • Various equipment: furnaces, crushers, refrigerators, etc.

  • Research potions on the laboratory table. Buffs and debuffs

  • Building

  • Terraforming the map

  • Farming and hydroponics

  • Private territories

  • Fully destructible environment

  • Transport: cars, boats, amphibians and tanks

  • Trading stations for offline trading between players

  • Ratings

  • Clans and friends

  • Robotics

In the plans:

  • New types of planets and space bodies

  • New star clusters

  • Construction of a collider to obtain antimatter

  • Antimatter Quantum Engines

Sigma World Online on Steam

Elementary Sandbox

Elementary Sandbox

Create and destroy on an unimaginable scale… with a particle physics simulator that combines real-time gravity, strong and weak interaction, electromagnetic and material interactions to reveal the beauty of our fundamental interactions and the fragility of our universe.

Key features

  • Quark System - build particles out of Charm, Strange, Up and other flavors of quarks.

  • Colorful wave effects of particle interactions.

  • Electromagnetic fields, potentials and other charms of our world.

  • Nuclear reactions.

  • Substance Constructor.

  • Informative encyclopedia of substances, chemical compounds and particles.

  • Share & explore templates of simulations on Steam Workshop.

Elementary Sandbox on Steam

Tales from The Dancing Moon

Tales from The Dancing Moon

Tales from the Dancing Moon is a casual story-driven RPG that has elements of life-simulation, crafting, building and survival. All layered on top of a thread of mystery. Presented with a detailed isometric style, inspired by classic role-playing games.

You wake up to find yourself in a strange world. A local Innkeeper finds you and helps you make your way to the nearby village of Illisor – a ruined place that’s recovering from a recent attack of deadly shadow-beasts.

You spend your time at The Dancing Moon Inn where you assist the citizens in rebuilding their village. During your stay you discover that you weren’t the only stranger passing through this village recently. You begin to unravel the mystery that they left behind.

Will you discover your purpose here? And will you find a way back home?

Character Customisation

Customisation options allow you to become whoever you wish to be in this story.


Discover the lore of Illisor by interacting with NPCs, completing quests, forging relationships and reading notes and books scattered around the town.

Crafting and base-building

Flexible and robust object placement tools allow you build the medieval town you’ve always wanted to build.

Hone your skills

Skills like farming, crafting, fishing, and swordsmanship will help you complete the various tasks given to you in Illisor.


Show off your town and other stunning photography skills with a free-camera mode that has lens and filter options.

Tales from The Dancing Moon on Steam



While inspired by the classic Impressions city building games, it would be inaccurate to say Nebuchadnezzar is just a reskin of Pharaoh. The game has its own mechanics that are distinctive such as the beautifully worded caravanserai or the planned market/bazaar walking routes (as opposed to the annoying random wandering of sellers in the Impressions games that required the use of roadblocks). There are a ton of resources in the game and the tiered housing levels have an interesting intertwined dependence on how these resources can be collected.

Real player with 62.0 hrs in game

Probably the closest any game has come to recapturing the old Impressions City builders (Pharaoh, Zeus, Emperor, Caesar etc).

This type of city-builder game focuses very heavily on production and distribution of goods to supply your population, where a mistake in logistics management can cause the whole city to come crashing down. If you’re expecting something more like a SimCity or Cities: Skylines, you might end up frustrated with the strong presence of logistics management aspects and harsh penalties for making mistakes in that department.

Real player with 61.4 hrs in game

Nebuchadnezzar on Steam

Lantern Forge

Lantern Forge

GAME IS ABANDONED & FULL OF BUGS!!!!! A half completed game. Last update was in 2015 I think.

7 years later (haven’t played since 2014)……Hit a major game breaking bug.

After 10 hrs of game play, I’m unable to place any workstations. Picked up ones I did place, can’t put them back down….sigh…..

No point in continuing that game anymore. Last time I played (in 2014) of the 6 games, only one character made it to level 50. The other games had to be abandoned to game breaking bugs.

I come to find out I have to restart the game every so often or major bugs will crop up. This includes rendering new portions of the map. Where it’s be dark, inaccessible until you restart (maybe)..

Real player with 130.5 hrs in game

Playing this game is alot like starting a project. Unless you have a clear idea of what you want to do, it’ll be rather hard to figure out the best way to enjoy this. Fortunately, they have alot of variety to the game and what you are able to do with it, as well as giving you a chance to enjoy all the skills and classes you want to take or experiment with!

Lantern Forge can be classified as a basic RPG, but with quite a few twists. There are no real classes there, since you’re not limited to only choosing one set of skills. Your equipment can be mixed and matched, so if you like to wear a mage’s armor, but prefer to go Gandalf and swinging swords around, it’s all good. There are some npc’s to start with after you gather all the materials for a town center, so you’ll have more ways to earn money, like selling crops or ditching extra gear you don’t need.

Real player with 36.6 hrs in game

Lantern Forge on Steam

Lucifer Within Us

Lucifer Within Us

Normally I operate a £1/hr to determine if a game is worth playing, and I’ll admit that I was worried about “Lucifer Within Us” when many were seeing short play times in the demo. However, I had enjoyed the demo so much that I gave it a chance knowing that it was very doubtful the game would be very long.

Having completely finished the game with all achievements, I feel the game was worth it.

The story is very well written and pulls you in with the voice acting adding that touch of atmosphere to convey the character emotions perfectly, particularly during confessions. My personal favourite was the second investigation where, despite having worked out what was going on, I was still shocked by the outcome and confession. The little touches with the voice acting delivery and graphic choices were key to creating that atmosphere. Well done!

Real player with 5.5 hrs in game

I’ll start with the good things. This game has an interesting style and setting. The color pallet doesn’t hurt the eye and the graphics are passable if you don’t scroll too close. A strange mix of high-tech and theology would make an interesting setting for a bigger game. The mysteries themselves are pretty good and may take some time to solve on the first playthrough.

But the problem is, you will only play it once. Now, to the bad stuff.

1. The game doesn’t allow you to lose. You can’t accuse the wrong person, you can’t frustrate the suspects to the point of angry unresponsiveness. In fact, you are encouraged to do so, based on achievements. The absence of failure allows you to just play dumb and spam every possible combination of clues and statements until it clicks, making the whole detective part meaningless. Even when performing the exorcism, you are safe. Wrong daemon name? Well, just try another one!

Real player with 5.4 hrs in game

Lucifer Within Us on Steam

Messy Room Simulator

Messy Room Simulator

It’s early access, but already a cool little fun game. Much clean! Very wow!

Real player with 1.7 hrs in game

So this game is fine. I personally HATE the limited profile features especially for games that are hard. But moving on the game has it set so what THEY think is perfect is right. So when you move cans you get a low score and you have to move desks and such where they personally put it. If these problems are resolved i would pay DOUBLE for this game. (And devs, please turn off limited profile features this game is HARD.)

Real player with 1.6 hrs in game

Messy Room Simulator on Steam