Pandemic by Prisms

Pandemic by Prisms

Learn By Solving Real-World Problems

Have you ever wondered how scientists developed strategies to limit the impact of the 2020 pandemic on human lives and health systems?

Pandemic by Prisms is an immersive algebra learning game that builds lasting fluency with exponential functions and allows you to apply algebraic thinking to one of the most important problems today - the global pandemic. While it does not deal with the science behind pandemics, it is designed to equip you with foundational algebra skills to understand how to make informed decisions about a critical public health issue.

Collaborate With Us!

We’re launching our beta module to collaborate with users (like you!) to gather feedback so that we can continue to iterate and make this module fun, engaging, and meaningful for all users!

Please leave us a review, provide feedback, or ask us any questions on our Discord. We will be refining and finalizing our module based on reviews and user feedback from this beta launch - we can’t wait to hear from you! We will be releasing an update to this application later in 2021.

A Mathematical Approach from the Comfort of Your Room

Experience how a virus spreads through everyday activities and join a task force!

Explore virus containment strategies hands-on (literally!) and discover how math modeling can inform public policies

Feel, touch, & move to develop mathematical intuition and discover the underlying structure of exponentials

Get fluent with graphing and equations and determine when a virus overwhelms our city’s hospitals and save the city!

This module was developed with support from the National Science Foundation.

Math Is Not Boring Anymore

Prisms’ built-in math tools enable players to experiment, iterate, and gain fluency faster. Whether you use exponential functions every day or don’t remember what the word means, Prisms guarantees fun and intuitive learning for:

  • High school students, to easily understand core math concepts

  • Middle school students eager to learn advanced topics in math

  • Parents, to refresh their algebra skills

  • Teachers, to stay sharp and informed on new pedagogical approaches

  • VR enthusiasts interested in educational applications

Stellar Team For Stellar Results

Prisms is an educational company based in New York. We are an award-winning team of educators, designers, curriculum developers who are passionate about education. Backed by the National Science Foundation (NSF) and partnered with diverse schools across NY, MA, and CA, our mission is to create a new paradigm for STEM learning.

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Pandemic by Prisms on Steam

Brickbuilder VR

Brickbuilder VR


Real player with 5.3 hrs in game

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Its lego, in VR, its automatically cool. I will admit theres a couple of oddities, I dont get why the steps are repeated and it would be nice to rotate them rather than just move them around, make it clearer where hidden parts are going but seiroulsy, despite its flaws it works so well.

Real player with 1.0 hrs in game

Brickbuilder VR on Steam

Occupy White Walls

Occupy White Walls

I was finally able to play the game again thanks to an update a few months ago. Unfortunately, the update also broke many galleries, by outright removing or otherwise affecting assets placed in galleries, changing lighting, and removing shadows. Most shadows have been restored since then and it wasn’t too much work restoring missing assets in my small galleries, but I don’t have any motivation to build while my galleries look totally different than intended due to lighting changes. Besides looking different, the new lighting just looks bad, missing a lot of prior definition.

Real player with 292.4 hrs in game

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Occupy White Walls is a strangely addicting FREE early access game with a unique concept, a first/third person art gallery management simulator with some very light RPG elements to encourage further progress.

A brief tutorial will help get you situated with the basic mechanics and then you’ll be set to build your own unique space on a blank plot of land. The basic gameplay loop revolves around you opening your gallery for guests, both human and NPC, to bring popularity toward your gallery and with that, more money to spend on art, furnishings, building materials and even expanding your building area. You level up by spending money on art and displaying it in your gallery, and each level gained unlocks access to newer and more complex design choices for your gallery. Each gallery opening lasts 30 minutes in real time, but there is usually a decent amount of activities to keep you busy in the meantime.

Real player with 147.2 hrs in game

Occupy White Walls on Steam

Ancient Cities

Ancient Cities

So, I think I have enough time to comment on this now. As a disclaimer, I never backed the game but saw it a year ago, read all the stories about the time it’s taking, that the game was empty, the devs not being capable of this challenge and even that it was a scam. I put it off for these reasons, wanting to be sure I wasn’t wasting what is a lot of money for EA, but I do not think this is a scam any more, no. I think the devs have wasted time building a custom game engine and may have overfaced themselves, yes, but the level of detail and the continued work on the game to me shows this is a passion project that they will continue, if slowly.

Real player with 171.0 hrs in game

The game looks amazing, much better than Dawn of Man (even with my Realistic Stone Age mod ). I will update with a proper review after I will play some more, but so far I can say this (compared to DOM):

  • You can choose to start playing from 10,000 BC up to 3500 BC, and the end of the last glacial age is depicted on the overview map, as it shows how snow evolves from one date to another, even from summer to winter (I do not know if anything else changes). In DOM you can only play in 10,000 BC.

Real player with 46.7 hrs in game

Ancient Cities on Steam



Very nice game! Hope the developers will update and expand it though

+Huge open world for hours of exploring

+Simple mechanics of gameplay - easy to learn in minutes

+History notes makes journey immersive

+Handful of ways to beat the game

-No background/ambient music so it is pretty quiet

-Some pieces of map are empty

-No marching armies, caravans etc.

Real player with 34.9 hrs in game

Silk is a compelling adventure strategy experience - not a genre name you see very often, and what a shame. The importance of picking a sensible route can be paramount, the threat of storms, raiders, wild animals and dead ends feel real and intense, and the feeling you get when you realise you have hit a dead end and have to turn back is a marvellous frustration.

It also means the satisfaction you get when you bring a caravan of silk back home is magnificent. The smalls joys of exploring a world in which every step matters, finding special locations, taking hidden treasure and fighting each small battle are immense. The feeling when your advisors reach a high enough skill level to start to really make the most of your surroundings is superb. A great adventure strategy title, definitely worth your time.

Real player with 14.2 hrs in game

Silk on Steam

Skin Deep

Skin Deep

Skin Deep is an immersive first-person shooter. We got sneezing. We got things getting stuck in your feet. Stalk through a vast non-linear starship and sneak, subvert, and sabotage to survive in this stellar sandbox. You’re outnumbered, outgunned, and have no shoes.

Welcome to Skin Deep!


When insurance corporations want to keep valuables safe, they freeze you and stow you onto their cargo starships.

And when space pirates board the starship and trip the silent alarm, you unthaw, take a deep breath, and handle the situation.

Good luck, operative.


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  • Watch the Skin Deep development streams at

Skin Deep on Steam



Cyube is like Minecraft but it do some things better in vr then vivecraft (mod for vr MC)

and blocks are 1/4 of player heights instead of 1/2 in mc that’s pretty nice especially in vr

crafting: is like lego you craft by recipe and then put it in your bucket like a portal to your inventory to craft it.

you find recipes by exploring the world find random pages for recipes.

its pretty cool but takes time compare to MC crafting much more simple and a lot less time consuming.

movement:has TP or locomotion smooth walking and snap turning

Real player with 18.3 hrs in game

Hoenstly, It’s a pretty fantastic game for it’s current development state. Between the easy to use controls, to the real-world crafting, it’s enjoyable where it is. Obviously, with even more items and furniture/craftables, it would be even more enjoyable, but as a baseline for what the game will be later on in development, it’s fantsatic.

Current gameplay-

You may chose to do one of two things in this current game build-

1. Embrace the tutorial and learn about the land you’ll be spawning in -or-

Real player with 9.6 hrs in game

cyubeVR on Steam

Transporter Manager Tycoon

Transporter Manager Tycoon


The game is a continuation of Freight Simulator (which I have also played). Transporter Manager Tycoon is a management game, which allows you to expand your company to several branches and follow different paths, different than Freight Simulator where you only managed your transport company, you can now transform your company into a distributor or in a stock holding. Of course, I couldn’t miss the chance to play this game, after having played Freight Simulator.


Real player with 30.9 hrs in game

It’s funny how Steam (and life) works sometimes. I spent £42 on CK3 and hated it so much I had to ask for a refund which is something I can never remember doing. I then spent £7 something on this and I haven’t stopped playing since. Goes to show some of the cheaper games can be better, Of course it can be improved, it feels a little bit clunky and it’s not exactly realistic. Why should a manager have to fuel a truck halfway through a trip, surely the driver would? Then you can stop a trip halfway through and come back to it later. Not something you can do in real life! I think it would be nice if there was some kind of basic geography included so you had loads going to and from different geographic locations and you could warehouse goods at different places, swap trailers, etc to make it more realistic. Overall though I really like playing and I’d recommend a buy.

Real player with 16.4 hrs in game

Transporter Manager Tycoon on Steam

Waltz of the Wizard: Natural Magic

Waltz of the Wizard: Natural Magic

This is, by far, my favorite VR game- and I have a LOT of VR games- so this review is going to be long, but I feel like, even though this game is popular, it still isn’t getting the praise it deserves.

The VR market is, in my opinion, oversaturated with zombie shooters and fighting games. There are a few RPGs, but they don’t really let you do anything off the path they set out for you. They’re like rail shooters in an RPG format. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed games like Mage’s Tale and Asgard’s Wrath, but they lacked the thing I look forward to most in VR, free will. It blows my mind how lacking the VR market is in games where you can just do whatever the hell you want, it’s the perfect platform for experiencing life in fantastic ways. For this reason, I see Waltz of the Wizard as VR’s golden child. It may be “short” as far as having a to-do list, but no other game I’ve played has been so immersive. I get to be me, but me as a wizard, doing whatever I want to do, exploring and discovering without worrying about anyone trying to keep me tied to a story line where I’m only allowed to discover things when they say I can.

Real player with 19.4 hrs in game

This game is mostly just a tech demo, and there is a free version out there you can play with instead. This one is very cheap, and it is the tech demo that sold my family on VR. My dad said “Its fun, 400$ Well spent son.”

We named the skull Bob, I don’t know his real name nor do I care, my first thought was of the Dresden Files talking skull, so that’s what we called him.

The games concept is pretty simple, you are a wizard, likely one that has lived for a long time, with a fully stocked pile of ingredients and a cauldron bubbling away on the desk, if you show Bob an item he will explain what it is, in a dark and spooky reverb voice.

Real player with 10.7 hrs in game

Waltz of the Wizard: Natural Magic on Steam



This is what other VR drumming apps should have been. I’ve tried a bunch of them and they all left me craving for a better option. This might me the one for me!

It is fully customizable:

  • You can add the drums you want in the virtual space, resize them how you want and place them where you want! If you’re an experienced drummer you can recreate your own kit accurately, and if you’re a beginner and don’t know where to start you can use one of the presets or recreate very quickly your favourite drummer’s kit.

Real player with 168.0 hrs in game

I just picked this up a couple days ago. Put in 3.4 hours so far and loving it. I’m a complete novice and while the game does not contain a tutorial itself it is still an amazing learning tool.

I used OVR Drop to bring in a youtube window to a show a beginner drum turorial to play along with - this works great! In a short amount of time I was able to learn a straight rock beat with high-hat, snare and base drum. It felt awesome.

Even though you don’t get the feedback of hitting a real surface, it still feels like you are playing the drums and certainly the timing and spacial aspects would transfer to real life. I’m looking forward to learning more and getting better.

Real player with 49.0 hrs in game

Paradiddle on Steam