Honey, I Joined a Cult

Honey, I Joined a Cult

This is the best ‘early access’ game I’ve ever come across - perfectly playable and enjoyable in its current state, I’ve already had an incredible time and the game isn’t even released yet!

The visuals are beautiful, the humour is great and not overdone - it really does feel like you’re crafting your own cult, and I love how customisable everything is. Choosing what your followers are called is a really great idea - simple, but does a lot to make the player feel immersed.

Can’t wait to see what comes next!

Real player with 41.6 hrs in game

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Really fun game in its current early access state. But like all early access titles, it suffers from balancing & technology progression issues (in terms of unlocking reasearch) as well as the lack of endgame content. For a few examples of lacking content: I can’t see a use for the prison/cell doors than cosmetics, no upgrades for the canteen, people constantly getting sick from eating with “dirty hands”, the cult being unable to grow their own food on the compound (become fully independent of society lol) or expand the compound to have more access to land to build on, etc…I hope it will mean something more in the future. Fortunately, the clean aesthetically-pleasing UI and the core gameplay is so relaxing to play through and easy to get immersed in, it’s given me all sorts of ideas and hopes for future updates.

Real player with 41.6 hrs in game

Honey, I Joined a Cult on Steam

Secret Government

Secret Government

I really want to like this game, and in a lot of respects I do. I actually wish Steam had a middle option between the binary of recommend: yes/no, and the last thing I want to see is the devs give up on this due to negative feedback. However, I’m sure most people would be disappointed by the game in its current state, so “no” it is.

It’s a great concept and it has a lot of promise, but the game is incredibly game breakingly buggy and there are some very obvious gaps where development just never caught up to what was planned. The developers have stated their intentions to keep working on the game, and I really hope I can rewrite this review into a recommendation at some point. Outside of the issues, what the devs were going for is very apparent, and I would love to see it more fleshed out. There is one circumstance in which I would recommend this game that I will include at the bottom of the review.

Real player with 90.4 hrs in game

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Let me level with you: this is a thinking person’s game. Though its aesthetics reminds one of the Europa Universalis games, if you lack the patience to tackle your goals in a subtle, clandestine way, you will suffer. Unlike the EU games, you cannot simply go up to a ruler and order them to go to war with another country, nor can you simply go to the citizens and order them to support your newly created political party. In fact, it is best if neither are aware of your existence at all as they will crush you if their Awareness of your Brotherhood is high enough and it doesn’t necessarily have to reach 100 first for them to start weakening your Brotherhood.

Real player with 54.4 hrs in game

Secret Government on Steam

Ultimate Arena

Ultimate Arena

This game is more fun than it has any right to be.

The best words to describe Ultimate Arena as would be “Simplistic Battle Royale Simulator”. This is actually very-reminiscent of those Hunger Games simulators online, but I feel that this game has more variety, is more customizable and actually has the slightest visuals, even if it’s just a top-down view of a small map with simplistic stick figures running around. Essentially, you can set up battle royals between as many people as you like, set up a few additional rules if you want and drop everyone in, waiting to see who the victor will be while occasionally having a bit of input as to where to place mines or where to drop care packages.

Real player with 175.8 hrs in game

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Ok, this is a simulator. It’s pretty funny at times. You have a lot of freedom to add stuff, from characters to ways to fight and die. There’s plenty stuff at the workshop to add to the game. Now, this is not much a “game”. Yup, it is a simulator. Other than adding some mines and bring some events upon the field, you’re just watching the fight developing.

So, the fun is to have a lot of fighters, have a bunch of funny lines and events and watch your favorite people or the ones you dislike to fight till the end. Even when simple, can be entertaining for a while.

Real player with 122.2 hrs in game

Ultimate Arena on Steam

Without Judgement

Without Judgement

Without Judgement combines exploration of a huge open world, gameplay and story changing choices and deeply engaging combat. You are a Sentinel, a PMC with a licence to kill. To be a great mercenary you will need the right combination of gears, skills, and friends.


Your choices affect not only how the story develops it also lets you decide how you approach each mission. Talk, fight or use skills to get past obstacles as the game adapts itself to your style of play. Every single choice can drastically change the outcome of your story. Different factions and corporations fall and rise, by YOUR choices in this crime-filled neo noire world. You can even finish the game without killing anyone!


Define your playstyle by experimenting with a wide variety of weapons, nanotech, biotech, skills and items found throughout the world. Charge into a shootout, pick off enemies one-by-one using stealth, or hire/call other mercs to help you. Many options are at your disposal as you decide how to approach exploration and combat.


The world of Without Judgement is huge both in its scale and in its size. Travel across diverse regions ranging from deserts swamps, highways and neon lit metropolisies. Set in the futuristic version Florida, you are going to be able to freely explore the countless diverse cities and settlements across the state, ranging from high tech megacities, neon lit beaches and post apocalyptic swamps.

Without Judgement on Steam

The LEGO Movie 2 Videogame

The LEGO Movie 2 Videogame

This LEGO game is not like the others. Whether this change is for the better, it is hard to say as there are certainly pros and cons to each style of game. This installment focuses more on open-world aspects rather than the episodic nature that its predecessors provided. Players are sent to various different planets (levels) to collect master bricks that progress the narrative forward with the help of a number of different tools to solve each planets puzzles (paint wand, grapple gun, power fists, etc). Players must also use build-ables (trampolines, sprinklers, generators, etc.) to traverse the planets using bricks the player collects from destroying the environment. This provides players with a greater sense of control when deciding where to go next and how to tackle problems. However, it still falls into the same trap as previous games in that certain puzzles can only be solved by progress further in the story and ultimately completing it. This means that players must still redo every level over again if they want to achieve that 100% goal. Not that surprising given the rest of the LEGO games but annoying none the less. Additionally, the story relates vaguely to that of the movie it is based off of. It uses the same characters, but fails to follow the narrative established in the film even changing core plot points to fit the games design. This led to a significant disconnect between gameplay elements and the overall story-arc. In the end, I did 100% this LEGO game, as I always do, and I did enjoy it more than the aging gameplay mechanics that previous installments have provided; however, this style of LEGO game needs a little more work before I will be fully on-board with it.

Real player with 32.1 hrs in game

The LEGO Movie 2 Videogame is not a typical Lego Game, its more like, when Lego Worlds was in EA (Early Access) but with The LEGO Movie 2 elements, like Characters, Worlds and Buildlings.

Controlls are better and this time also keyboard friendly. It works a bit like in Lego Worlds but simpler.

You have a lot of Quests to do, they are very simple so that even smaller childs could do it. With every Quest you complete you can get prints for buildings, a lila stone (on other Lego Games they where golden or red) or some items that need a shop to open it. (bad tongues would say “a few typs of loot boxes” but you cant buy them with real money ^^). The last reward can also be found with golden chests you find by explore the map.

Real player with 25.3 hrs in game

The LEGO Movie 2 Videogame on Steam

Doodle God

Doodle God

I became interested in Doodle God because of my job. I figured any game that could keep a special needs child entertained and quiet (and not poking his neighboring van mates) during an hour long ride home AFTER being cooped up in school all day had to be worth looking into. The game is certainly mind absorbing, with all the combinations of “elements” that can be combined in the main game alone (249 total). Now add to that all the other “mini” games that can be played. Hours of entertainment, or at least mind absorbing nullness.

Real player with 19.6 hrs in game

Every now and then a mobile developer tries to take their successful, beloved mobile game and bring it to a more traditional gaming platform. These efforts always result in dumpster fires of failure. It isn’t that mobile games are necessarily worse than their more traditional counterparts, just that different audiences expect differetn things from their gaming experience. People that want to waste a couple of minutes on the ride to work aren’t going to want the same exact thing when they actually sit down and play something in their own free time, and Doodle God is just the latest example of that.

Real player with 19.5 hrs in game

Doodle God on Steam

NORR part I: Ace Shot

NORR part I: Ace Shot

The first part in the “NORR” game series is about three people whose fates are intertwined in a bloody war for the crown of South Florida.

How far can a man go for money and power? Mason Brown, the protagonist of Ace Shot, is ready to do much to reach the top. He is ready for treachery, numerous murders, robberies and lies. But what price will he pay for it?

In an attempt to build a criminal empire, he kills almost everyone with whom he worked, but events unfold quite differently than he imagined. Power and money corrupt him and he becomes only the pitiful shadow of the man who was at the beginning of his journey.

To end the suffering of such a monster can only another monster. William. Bloodthirsty maniac that saves the world from other bloodthirsty maniacs for money. He is a true professional. He is clever, strong, and everyone who underestimated his ability to shoot instantly regretted it. William never lost in battle. He considers himself almost invulnerable, because of which his arrogance knows no bounds. He is pragmatic and ready to do anything in order to get what he needs.

Lester has always been too emotional and never knew how to understand people. Anyone else in his place would have noticed the changes that occurred with Mason, but not him. Lester followed him even in those moments when Mason’s mind was filled with thoughts of another betrayal. He was the last to stay close to the new king of South Florida, but this blind loyalty was the cause of his death.

Welcome to the 80s.

Game features:

▲ Bizarre PVP multiplayer

▲ Exciting co-op missions

▲ 3 main characters who have their strengths and weaknesses.

▲ Each of the 12 story chapters gives you new gameplay features.

▲ A lot of different enemies who couldn’t allow you to relax.

▲ You can check your skills in “survival” mode.

▲ Interesting bosses who needs its own approach.

▲ Lots of different weapons including special types that you can find only at certain levels.

NORR part I: Ace Shot on Steam

SCP Strategy

SCP Strategy

SCP Strategy is a very fun game, I have had an idea similar for awhile, so im very happy to see it a reality! It is fun to create, name, and control your own MTF units, or Foundation sites, and even make your own SCPS! Though right now it is a bit lacking on the content end, as more people discover and buy the game the more progress can be done on it.

I have a few suggestions down below:

GOI’s: GOIS (Groups of Interest) are groups that interact with the Foundation, and Anomalies. Some famous ones include the Chaos Insurgency, Serpents hand, Global Occult Coalition, Unusual Incidents Unit and some more. Perhaps you could even make Custom GOIS with custom behaviors! Having GOIS to compete with would spice up gameplay, Perhaps you would have to send MTF units away from an SCP to intercept a Chaos Insurgent or Serpents hand Convoy from reaching one of your sites, or an MTF Unit to destroy a CI camp. Perhaps you can sell Objects to the GOC, they will pay you, but the Object is permanently destroyed, and you lose Research points. The UIU could provide Units and sites for a rental system, if you got the money. New Research like MTF unit specialization would be cool, you could research tech to make your E-11 better at Combat, or faster at containing. Perhaps you would lose if the Chaos Insurgency or SH got strong enough. Just some fun ideas.

Real player with 15.2 hrs in game

This game is pretty much glorified whack a mole. There’s no real strategy to the game because there’s no real danger. Just pay your employees minimum wage and charge the nations just under max price and you’ll get all the achievements with ease. When orange lights pop up on the map, send a unit to search it. That’s the entirety of the game play.

When I saw SCP attached to the game, I had some hope that there would be something cool about it. Unfortunately the only real link to SCP the game has is that you research found SCP’s to get points and read about the SCP you captured. That’s it. That’s the entire connection. The research is either done automatically on a timer, or you play 1 of 2 minigames that have absolutely nothing to do with SCP (one where you match a set of waves, and another that it just a ripoff of every “click the thing before it touches the object” flash game every beginning programming student has ever turned in as a school project), and don’t enhance the experience at all. If you’re a fan of SCP, you might as well just go read the webpage, because that’s all you’ll do with SCP’s in game.

Real player with 8.3 hrs in game

SCP Strategy on Steam

Doodle Kingdom

Doodle Kingdom

Did I just spend 20 hours of my life playing this mobile game ?!

Doodle Kingdom is divided into three modes. First, there is the main game, the Genesis, in which you have to combine two elements to create one of the 116 existing ones : for example, mix “Elves” and “Lumber” to create a bow. Imagine the possibilities ; it gets a bit annoying trying to figure out what elements the devs established, so I made this guide to save some players time.

Real player with 23.7 hrs in game

I have played doodle games before on mobile and when I saw it on sale I thought I would pick it up for steam.

This game is pretty pointless after you finish the Elemental section. The elemental section is fun and identical to all other doodle game but it is over quite quickly. The Quest section seemed like a really interesting way to adapt the game play but that took me no more than 20 min to finish and then what.

The only thing left to play was the god awful hero section. Its terrible, boring and broken. Your hero runs along an inifitie dungeon running in to monsters and women and beer and all you can do is click a button every once in a while to reload his stamina or health and click on the treasure boxes to get gold. Oh and there are mini quests that give you more gold or xp if you finish them but all you have to do to finish them is wait 5-10 min and then they will be complete.

Real player with 18.8 hrs in game

Doodle Kingdom on Steam

Grass Simulator

Grass Simulator

In its current state, this game is not worth getting. There are several modes, but not really anything to do in most. You’ll be lucky to squeeze 1-2 hours out of it. The multiplayer mode is useless, as there are never any lobbies open. You can create one, but no one is ever online to play. Additionally, the performance is poor. Alone on a multiplayer map with graphics on ‘Fastest’ I get marginally better FPS than Battlefield 3 with 64 players on Intel graphics. The guns feel and sound weak, though they are vastly improved from the single player guns. The controls can be painfully awkward and are not rebindable. To quit multiplayer I have to Alt+Tab and close it as I cannot find an option to return to the menu or quit the game. Finally, the Grass Simulating mode has the worst graphics of any mode, featuring 2D ‘sprites’ rather than 3D models of grass (this is most noticeable with the green silhouette of corn.)

Real player with 22.1 hrs in game

Although this game was very entertaining and very fun to play for ten minutes, all in all, based upon the content, it’s a waste of money. It doesn’t cost much, no, but you do have better games for the same price to spend your money on.

Classic Mode:

Has no objective at all. You walk around in a reasonably small world filled with a single cabin, grass, fences, trees and cows with buggy heads. Shooting the cows makes them explode but once you’ve seen that once and you’ve giggled - do you want to see it again?

Real player with 7.4 hrs in game

Grass Simulator on Steam