Horse Riding Deluxe 2

Horse Riding Deluxe 2

So far I really love this game, the graphics are pretty, I like that it’s open world and even if I haven’t gotten around to explore everything yet (still a bunch of HRD coins, dogs and wild horses missing) I already had a great time riding around! I love that you need to use the signs and the map to find your way around and to the villages.

What I also really like is that you can go swimming with your horse, I don’t think I ever played a horse game where you could do that before!

The races are challenging enough but not so challenging that you can’t win gold and they have somewhat varying degrees of difficulty which I like.

Real player with 20.0 hrs in game

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Another very interesting, enjoyable horse game!

I played the first Horse Riding Deluxe and really enjoyed it, so I was quite excited to see a second game and I wasn’t disappointed!

There are a lot of similarities between the first and second game, so I won’t go into as much detail in my review for this one as I did the first.

I’ve been looking for reasonable horse games for a long time and I’ve tried many of them. This game is one of the closest ones I’ve found to what I’ve been looking for.


Real player with 15.7 hrs in game

Horse Riding Deluxe 2 on Steam

DEEEER Simulator: Your Average Everyday Deer Game

DEEEER Simulator: Your Average Everyday Deer Game

i am part of the 3.2% of people in achievements

Real player with 10.5 hrs in game

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Real player with 8.3 hrs in game

DEEEER Simulator: Your Average Everyday Deer Game on Steam

Desert Of The Dead

Desert Of The Dead

















Real player with 1.3 hrs in game

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8-bit cowboy games have a special place in my heart. It’s cute, and a decent way to pass the time. For about 50 cents I feel like I got my money’s worth. I can’t really fault the gameplay itself, but there’s frequent game-breaking bugs. I’ve had to restart twice so far, once because my gun stopped working after the first stage, and then because the shielded zombie started spamming bullets after I died, to the point where I couldn’t get past the death screen (I see other players are having the same issue). Apparently that’s just before the end of the game anyway. Will probably play it again later. I recommend this game if you like funny broken English and talking cacti :)

Real player with 0.8 hrs in game

Desert Of The Dead on Steam

Mount & Blade: Warband

Mount & Blade: Warband

  • My younger brother learned how to read and write his 1st words with this game, before he ever went to school.

  • I learned english for the 1st time and developed my spanish with this game

  • It was the 1st game that i ever had the feeling that it was the perfect game for me when i was a kid.

  • it was the 1st online videogame that i used to play in a regular basis

  • This game was the 1st ever platform that served as a base to our great comunity called the 1stBdC. It’s the 1st big mount and blade community in our country and also the 1st in Portuguese comunitys rankings… since it’s the only one XD.

Real player with 2669.7 hrs in game

“It’s almost harvesting season!”

Truly a gem of a game. I’ve spend countless of hours in it without ever boring myself. The mods make this game very replayable.

Real player with 795.7 hrs in game

Mount & Blade: Warband on Steam

Badiya: Desert Survival

Badiya: Desert Survival

Only for the EA fans, I will say that.

I personally love these kind of games and have quite a few, but this setting… I just had to have it.

Something absolutely different than other games in the same genre. Those who have played Minecraft (or similar games) know that usually the hardest “world” to survive is the desert. This is all set in the desert, so I think has huge potential of being different and challenging! Also, although at the moment not implemented just yet, there’s going to be sea (and sailing on it), pearl diving, and if I can believe one of the trailers I’d say “Stranded Deep-esque” beaches.

Real player with 25.2 hrs in game

I reveived a key for free, keep that in mind when reading my review.

This review is for alpha 1.9, I will update as the game progresses. I am giving a thumbs up with the following caveats.

1. The game engine is still unstable, though not terribly so. It seems every NPC encountered increases the chance of crashing so make sure to save before visiting any point of interest (area with npc’s). When the game gets laggy save, quit to the main menu and reload.

2. Unfortunately, related to above, the mechanic to save requires building a lean-to. This is not horrible, you can carry the wood around with you, but I hope the devs read this and implement a temporary quick save function until the engine is more stable.

Real player with 21.2 hrs in game

Badiya: Desert Survival on Steam

Wildlife Park 2

Wildlife Park 2

I’ve always liked simulation type games and looking after animals, this game is done very well.

I love how you can build your zoo from scratch and look after the animals and name them and watch them from close up or above.

And the graphics look quite good.

Though I dislike that each staff member has their own building, to me that is silly and takes up too much space. It ends up looking rather ugly having these tall staff buildings every where. There should be 1 major staff building for the animal workers and another building for the maintenance staff. And you can employ how ever many staff you need from each building and then asign to them a task or area for them to work. I did work experience at a zoo when I studied land management and the staff get to other areas around the zoo by bicycle or use a ute or other vehicle if needing to transport stuff.

Real player with 80.7 hrs in game

Recently I let an eight year old and a six year old play this game because their parents would probably dislike it if I let them play FNAF the only other game with “cute animals” I had to offer at the time. This may have been a mistake as it’s possible they now hate me, this game and possibly animals in general. In my previous review a few years ago ,which I clearly should have read before letting them play, I said that I wanted to love this game when I bought it. This time I would have settled for generally playable. It’s not. In two instances animals simply refused to complete needed tasks regardless of every requirement being met meaning long challenges with limited ability to do anything else while you waited had to be restarted. The keeper staff gets hung up on gates unless their gazbo building which each of them apparently needs is placed inside the animal pens and the guests are simply terrible. There is no logic or explantion for when things go wrong and the controls are clunky and terrible. After lunch break I asked who wanted a turn with the zoo game and they both offered to let the other one play. Then they decided to color instead.

Real player with 35.7 hrs in game

Wildlife Park 2 on Steam



Become the best Zoo Owner and build the greatest Zoo of all time!

ZooKeeper is a game in which the player takes on the role of zoo owner. One of his main tasks is to manage the zoo in such a way as to make it as popular as possible with the staff and visitors.

Buy vacant land and create biomes for rare animals

Raise the necessary funds, purchase an empty land plot, and get it organized to open the best zoo in the region. Choose new equipment for individual biomes. Purchase rare animals that match the climate of the biomes you have created.

Look after the animals

Keeping your animals in good health is very important and the success of your zoo depends on it. Don’t forget that each animal requires regular feeding and cleaning up of the enclosure, and if it becomes ill, you should treat it.

Build a great team of employees

As a leader, you must be aware that your employees are not only a great help for you, but also a great responsibility. You will have to learn to manage your team in all situations and remember to pay their salary on time…

Bring back to life long-extinct reptile species and place them in your zoo

When you become a successful zoo owner, nothing will stop you from achieving even more. Nobody will ever forget a zoo where they can see prehistoric animal species, and you can become the first to provide visitors with such an amazing opportunity.

ZooKeeper on Steam

Biomes: Survival Era

Biomes: Survival Era

biomes: Survival Era

is a top-down, sandbox, solo or 4-player-coop, open-world crafting survival game.

The first version will appear as a regular survival adventure in a map based on the biomes of North America.

You will fight against animals and also flee from them, as well as harvest plants and mine rocks in order to use their raw materials in the manufacture of new weapons, tools and clothing. Either alone or with your friends you can build houses and explore the wilderness.


  • survival mechanics like hunger and thirst

  • Crafting of items and equipment

  • Hunting animals and harvesting plants

  • Different biomes with their native animal and plant species

  • Character creation

  • New human character (last screenshot)

  • Day-Night-Cycle

  • Speed of players and animals based on the slope of the terrain

  • Grid-based building system with which you can easily connect buildings with one another

  • Two camera modes, static with a vertical view and dynamic with a 60-degree angle and obstacle detection

  • Leaves of Trees between character and camera are hidden so that your character always remains visible

  • Show and hide roofs in buildings

  • Multi-floor building system

Pre Release

As long as the game has not yet been released, videos will be published on my Youtube-Channel .

You can also join my Discord-Server to stay up to date, sometimes I am also looking for people to test new functions. Of course, you can also talk to like-minded people there and make new friends who might want to play with you.

Idea behind this game

The idea behind this game is that animals and plants only appear in their native biomes before humans have messed everything up, including species that have been extinct and exclusive, introduced new species by humans.


This game was and is being developed by a single person.

Biomes: Survival Era on Steam

Epic Fantasy Battle Simulator

Epic Fantasy Battle Simulator

It’s fun, but I don’t like how some units will just stay put if there are no enemies to attack within their range, especially the ones all the way in the back. Have the back units go around the enemy army and attack or, just have them do something instead of standing. Like I’d love to see armies actually clashing into each other and trying to charge through instead of just attacking what’s in front of them in a straight line.

And if there are cavalry units, PLEASE HAVE THEM CHARGE THROUGH ARMIES LIKE THE ROHIRRIM IN LOTR. I hate how cavalry units in games like UEBS just stay put and attack instead of trampling through enemies! Having cavalry units run through armies would really make this game fun!

Real player with 23.6 hrs in game

With epic battles between 4 different races, simple UI, and for only $12 this game is worth trying - especially if you like Total War games too.

Watch as Humans, Dwarves, Orcs & Undead clash amonst several powerful monsters as hordes of warriors get slaughtered.

I feel this game has amazing potential. But right now it is not perfect. Still pretty buggy, and clunky at times. But other times - it looks pretty darn good! Especially considering how many units you can fit on the screen at one time.

Real player with 9.5 hrs in game

Epic Fantasy Battle Simulator on Steam



Who will photograph, pet, and tell these dogs they’re good boys and girls if you don’t?? The world NEEDS you in Pupperazzi, the dog photography game!

  • First person photographer action. Discover all new dogs and activities as you run, jump, and interact with the world… And dogs! (Yes, you CAN pet them!)

  • SO. MANY. DOGS. Shibas, terriers, labs, pugs, and all kinds of breeds. You want ‘em, WE GOT EM!

  • Have fun with dogs! Play fetch, dress them up in different hats, terrorize them with vacuum cleaners (you monster), and start dance parties. Normal dog things. Questionable dog things. Suspiciously human things.

  • Take the best photos. Upgrade your gear to get the best dog pics. Zoom, filters, slow-mo, lenses, and so much more!

  • A world populated entirely by dogs. Explore the lighthouse cove, take a sunset stroll on the boardwalk, zoom around the city of Muttropolis, and more! Either way, it’ll be filled with dogs. It’s rumored humans exist, but who cares?

  • Share your galleries. If you took a picture and didn’t aggressively share it with several of your friends, did you even take it?? Science says no! Share your best snapshots online!

Welcome To Your Life As A Freelance Pupperazzo!

Snap photos of dogs while maintaining your social media presence. Will you hound for stardom in public, or would you rather be taken seriously as an artist? Perhaps you just want to show your friends the cute dog you saw while you were out. It’s your choice which direction your career goes - just don’t forget to pet the dogs along the way.

Dodge between people and obstacles as you try to capture canine beauty on everlasting digital photos. Double jump across buildings to get that lucrative shot of a local dog celebrity just trying to live their life. Slow motion zooming helps capture mid-air moments that actually make you feel something.

It’s a ruff world out there and it’s up to you to document it!


Bark bark bark licks bark bark woof HOOOOOOWL. Sniff Sniff sniff wfff.

Woof woof…. Bark? Head tilt



Pupperazzi on Steam