Franchise Hockey Manager 8

Franchise Hockey Manager 8

I like this game a lot. In my mind, this is the version of FHM that finally eclipses the last EHM that was released, even with the 1.5 beta enabled. It’s a bit buggy (ENABLE WEEKLY AUTO-SAVES!!!) and I’ve had a number of crashes, especially during the 2D sim portion of the game, but FHM 7 was patched up pretty quickly so I wouldn’t let that deter you from purchasing this game if you are a fan of the genre.

The budget system is a very nice addition, and I would imagine if you play in lower-revenue leagues, would present a different facet of gameplay in terms of balancing your scouting and development budgets. The new scouting reports are rife with information that can help you discern between a draft-day bust and a draft-day gem; I picked up a guy in the 7th round that had great mental stats that my scouts reported favorably on, and he ended up being rated as a 4.5 star potential guy after a season. Conversely, a guy I drafted in the second round has completely flopped down to a 2 star potential guy. Those are the kind of features that keep me immersed in a GM sim.

Real player with 157.4 hrs in game

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First let me stipulate that there is a lot to like about FHM8 and for someone who has supported the franchise since FHM1 but has more often than not been a harsh critic of past iterations, I am slowly being won over with this current effort. That’s not to say I believe it is a perfect 10, but for the first time I can clearly see that the evolution of this franchise is now showing the promise we all desire.

So to that end, if you are looking for a deep & engaging hockey fix, the plethora of gaming options provided by this game will be sure in some fashion to scratch that itch.

Real player with 137.2 hrs in game

Franchise Hockey Manager 8 on Steam