PC Building Simulator

PC Building Simulator

Pretty relaxing, pretty awesome. When I first downloaded this game my knowledge of hardware was way worse than now. Thanks to this game I feel confident on building a PC. Yes, it’s not perfect. It does skip some parts of the PC building process and this might be bad if you’re trying to learn only through this game. Still, the gameplay is easy to learn and in some minutes you can master it. What made me play it so much was the campaign, that took me from a small company on red to one that builds expensive PCs everyday. Now with the IT expansion this experience is much more improved and it feels much better to play it. There is also the free build part, which basically consists in you being able to build a PC with whatever components you want. Even with all these great things, I think there should more customizable features such as choosing another OS or moving the peripherals. These are certainly not necessary as the game already works perfectly, but it would be cool if they added things like that. Another suggestion would be to implement a multiplayer system, which you could build PCs with your friend. Also not necessary, but me and my friends would love it.

Real player with 324.2 hrs in game

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Relaxing little grind game that gives you a fresh perspective on PC building (it doesn’t just blow Nividia weiner) and is great to do while watching shows or movies!

P.S. messing around and making super computers on someones $1200 budget is always hilarious

Real player with 112.0 hrs in game

PC Building Simulator on Steam