The game is really fun and well worth the purchase. !But there is just one thing: at this stage, people with weak PC are better off not playing and waiting for fixes - since the developers regularly patch the game - normal optimization is not far off.

Игра действительно интересная и стоит того, чтобы её приобрести. Правда есть одно !но - на данном этапе людям со слабыми машинами лучше не играть и подождать фиксов, благо разработчики регулярно латают игру, а там глядишь и нормальная оптимизация не за горами.

Real player with 5.5 hrs in game

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Game was definitely fun, especially co-op. There were a few bugs like when I saw 6 wolves just stand there with no hitbox whatsoever after a fight. The story did not really hook me, however, we didn’t pay a lot of attention to it anyway so I definitely won’t say anything about that, it seemed interesting enough and I simply missed it basically completely. The mechanics are a little clunky and we felt a little lost and/or stupid at times but it’s a really fun and interesting game to play; looking forward to the next chapters. Not recommended if you’re looking for a high-quality horror game or something similar, though. I’d also like to mention that the music really doesn’t fit the atmosphere at some points in the game but it made it rather entertaining lmao

Real player with 5.2 hrs in game

Noch on Steam

Risen 3 - Titan Lords

Risen 3 - Titan Lords

Risen 3 is a third person open world action roleplaying game made by Piranha Bytes, the team that gave us the Gothic games and of course the first two Risen games. It’s hard to talk about Risen 3 without referring to the previous games, which I’ll call ‘PB games’ for short.

To summarize: Risen 3 is definitely a step up from Risen 2 but all in all, it is probably still a game that only fans of PB games will love and a game that only fans of the genre may learn to like.

To talk about this game more in-depth, I’ll take the list I used for my reviews of ‘Risen’ and ‘Risen 2’.

Real player with 94.2 hrs in game

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This is a long review, so just read the bottom paragraph for a simple summary of my thoughts.

It surprises me that the general consensus for this game is worse than Risen 2: Dark Waters. To be fair, if you hated Risen 2, there likely are not enough redeeming factors about the end of the trilogy to be worth your while. But nevertheless, some substantial improvements to the overall experience have made this a promising step in the right direction for Piranha Bytes as a developer.

Risen 2: Dark Waters was ultimately a failure as an open world, engrossing RPG. It was extremely shallow, overall having one of their smallest and most lackluster world designs to date, with most of the islands consisting of winding pathways with few interesting landmarks leading between major locations. These locations were greatly devoid of life, as the characters were as dull and two-dimensional as wooden boards. The combat wasn’t the worst I’ve ever seen in a game, but it took forever to get the necessary skills to stay on top of combat, and by then you just got used to button mashing between prayers. Beyond combat, half the skills in the game were worthless or used in only scripted situations that were easy enough to do without.

Real player with 84.7 hrs in game

Risen 3 - Titan Lords on Steam



Annoying, old-fashioned and inconvenient


  • Detailed landscapes, always something new to notice

  • Nice lighting that adds atmosphere

  • Characters barely move their body and are very stiff

  • Faces are barely animated

  • Low resolution textures


  • Brilliant background sound

  • German voice acting very good but only average English voice acting

  • Sound makes game come alive whether it is animal growling from meters away before you see them, nearby waterfalls or the chitchat of NPCs

Real player with 93.2 hrs in game

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There seem to be a lot of people reviewing Risen who are somewhere around 10-15 years old, because despite the game being only 9 years old, many have this weird impression that the game is old, dated, the graphics are ugly, and these players keep imposing retroactive standards on the game that have only really popped up in RPG gaming over the last few years. This suggests the reviewers are new to RPGs, new to gaming, and that their concepts of what an RPG should entail is informed more by the AAA games of the last 5 years than the bulk of RPG gaming history. Don’t let bad reviews deter you; Risen is a fantastic game.

Real player with 62.5 hrs in game

Risen on Steam

The Alpha 001

The Alpha 001

By far, this is the most confusing mess of cobbled together Unity assets I’ve ever seen.

Avoid at all costs, at least for a year after this games launch date of January 18, 2021 because it will definitely take this developer at least that long to fix this completely broken pile of garbage.

NOT RECOMMENDED. ..My Score: Another Google Zero Asset, but hey it’s floating in the air like all the text and your U.I in this game so that’s an lot better right?

Real player with 0.3 hrs in game

The Alpha 001 on Steam

Gothic® 3

Gothic® 3

Gothic 3, in its current form, is the definition of a mixed bag. While the release version was pushed out long before it was ready, the community managed to finish the job, in what I would call an unprecendented effort. The end result is great in some aspects and painfully lacking in others. Overall a decent package, but not for everyone.

First off: any of the following statements are based on the community-patched build, which is not included in Steam by default. In order to enjoy this game, I strongly recommend downloading the Community Patch 1.75 and the Humanforce Quest Pack 4. Without these, you will have a significantly worse time.

Real player with 332.8 hrs in game

“Gothic 3 scored only 8/10 because producer JoWood ‘rushed out’ production…” that’s a funny complaint because an 8/10 from any major critic is a heavenly blessing upon a game like Gothic 3. Nobody who plays any of the Gothic or Risen games is ever on the fence about them; you either love them or wish that you could set the developer on fire.

Allow me to explain:

I love Gothic 3. I come back to it over and over even though by now the graphics are seriously dated (I had originally reviewed the game many years ago and called it beautiful) and I have discovered pretty much everything in the world that there is to discover. There are hours upon hours of quests and content in the game to keep you busy and most of them are pretty easy to figure out. Rarely do you have to trek across an entire continent (like in some other open world RPG’s out there) in order to pick up item x and then walk all the way back to drop it off. It happens… but it’s rare.

Real player with 167.9 hrs in game

Gothic® 3 on Steam

Erannorth Chronicles

Erannorth Chronicles

I got this game for free because I won it as part of a modding contest for Erannorth Reborn. So I had to put effort into making the mod and win the contest. So it wasn’t really a handout.

This is the best deck builder RPG I ever played.

The character creation alone allows a degree of freedom that no other game like this can hope to achieve.

“A-Stranger” and “DaGibus” reviews already say pretty much of what I would say myself (and much better than I would too). So I will point at their reviews instead. Let’s just say I agree with them.

Real player with 439.9 hrs in game

Edit: With the introduction of Pariah mode I’m having a lot more fun and feeling a good sense of progression. I’m getting some loot rewards that I can’t use yet which is a great motivation to keep going and get stronger. It was really tough to start out in that mode so I ended up starting in Quest mode until I felt I had good enough healing and crowd control to move my toon from the Book of Heroes to Pariah mode.

This is a really fun deck builder for people who love theory crafting and min/maxing character concepts. Many combinations of customization to explore. I like that you can play in different game modes so if you want to explore a world map you can do that, but if you’d rather just get to the tactical fighting you can run a gauntlet instead. You can also customize a lot of game parameters such as the number of enemies that will arrive in a typical encounter, etc.

Real player with 158.4 hrs in game

Erannorth Chronicles on Steam

Risen 2: Dark Waters

Risen 2: Dark Waters

Risen 2 is a third person open world action roleplaying game made by Piranha Bytes, the team that gave us the Gothic games and of course the first Risen game. It’s hard to talk about Risen 2 without referring to their previous games, which I’ll call ‘PB games’ for short.

To summarize: Risen 2 sometimes feels like a ‘PB game lite’ but it’s certainly not completely dumbed down from previous PB games. The atmosphere and the ‘feel’ of the PB games is there, so I’ll enjoy playing this game more than I would 9 out of 10 similar games. The fact that melee combat is almost as bad as it was in Gothic 3 and the absence of ‘real’ magic are the only two problems that certainly knock off some points in the final score for Risen 2.

Real player with 74.2 hrs in game

It is very difficult to recommend this game because depending on your personal preferences, it can either be a wealth of unpleasantness or it can, as I have in the end perceived it, be a gem of extraordinary substance and enjoyment although in a wierd way.

Warning: This will be quite a lenghty review where I try to outline in detail the great drawbacks of the game as well as the great features about it.

First off, I will state all of the unpleasant aspects of this game and if anything I mention seems unacceptable, better to stay away from it as it is a game that not everyone will enjoy and it can be difficult to grasp.

Real player with 69.2 hrs in game

Risen 2: Dark Waters on Steam

Fate in the Darkness

Fate in the Darkness

As planned this is an RPG-sandbox in board game style, with a gothic fantasy atmosphere.

А living own life world, which you can interact through the game character, attended events, tasks and game deck.

The goal of this project is to port board game.

In this time the gameplay is a journey through the main game location.

This demonstrates the work I have done, from scratch.

The game is raw.

Core aspects such as: generation of game characters, map-pocessing algorythm, most part of AI logic and e.t.c. are mostly done. But still in need of optimization and content. Also there is a dungeon map-generator, but it’s unfinished and not integrated.

**Graphics will be changed and balance will be updated. Plenty of dialogs, events, tasks, items and objects are gonna be added.

Have in plans to add co-op up to 4 players and map-creation tools.**

Since it’s my pesonal project - I can change/add/delete any part of it if I see fit.


Fate in the Darkness on Steam