Totally Accurate Battle Simulator

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator

I like the rag dolling and how you can interact with the TABS units. I like how the unit feel and interact with their environment and other tabs unit. I also like the workshop and the art style is really nice i would recommend 10/10

Real player with 303.2 hrs in game

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Gem is definitely totally accurate and will 100% show you foolproof battle simulations. It will bring you tons of fun, and laughs along the way. The unit creator just adds so much variety to the game, and even includes workshop modded units from others without needing you to download any yourself. If you’re creative, you can really milk tons of enjoyment from the game.

Real player with 269.6 hrs in game

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator on Steam

Kill It With Fire: Ignition

Kill It With Fire: Ignition

i have a few ideas for some spiders that could be added. here is a list:

venomous spider: a spider that is like the normal spider, but slightly green. it will go towards the player and “bite” them, which will slow you down for five-ten seconds.

a power for the queen spider: she will spawn two spiderlings when you attack her

camo spider: a spider that is slightly transparent, so they are harder to find and hit.

radioactive spider: a sort of “boss” spider, it is a lot bigger than the other spiders, and has a radioactive symbol on its back. it has three powers: 1) it can spawn random spider types, 2-3. 2) it can turn transparent like the camo spider. 3) it can spit poison, which will slow the player down for twice as long as the poison spider.

Real player with 16.1 hrs in game

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abselutely brilliant! i can not recommend more! also, it isnt really too scary with the spiders, and its not too disgusting either, very fun, lots of great fun to be had, hmm… no its just fun and fun and fun and its so good why are you even reading this?! JUST PLAY THE GAME OR ILL LIGHT YOUR HOUSE ON FIRE! only if theres spiders inside though :)

Real player with 11.0 hrs in game

Kill It With Fire: Ignition on Steam

Cannon Foundry Simulator

Cannon Foundry Simulator

  • Decide what size of cannon you want to cast (light, field, heavy or even bigger)

  • Shape its barrel (mortar, howitzer, long-barrel)

  • Choose decorations and inscriptions

  • Decide what material - (bronze, brass, iron?)

  • Cast off the cannon, keeping an eye on the melt and temperature (make no mistake because the casting will come out brittle)

  • Choose the caliber of the barrel and drill it (the thinner the walls, the larger the ball but also higher the risk of explosion of the gun)

  • Polish the finished barrel

  • Build a gun carriage for it (for ships, field, fortress, siege)

  • Test your cannon on fortresses, buildings and ships.

  • Kings and generals will want to buy cannons if they are good.

You set up a cannon foundry. You have to go through the entire process of creating an old cannon from the very beginning. Build your workshop and start production. You start with the most primitive medieval guns. But you’re still developing. You improve the workshop and discover new technologies. You build both light, field and heavy guns. After selecting the size of the gun, you set the shape of the barrel and its length. You also decide whether it will be a cannon or a mortar. Once you have made the cannon mold, you go into a risky casting process. If the casting succeeds, you can drill the barrel (the best guns had the barrel drilled only after casting!). Be careful not to overdo it with the size of the barrel in relation to the thickness of the barrel walls! Later you decide on which carriage to mount the gun. Heavy guns require a strong carriage, so their mobility will be reduced. Then test your gun - is it accurate? how is the range? does the cannonball fly flat or steep? how much gunpowder can you load (velocity of the cannonball)? how effective is it in destroying various targets?

This all affects the price your guns will get on the arms market.

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Cannon Foundry Simulator on Steam

Garry’s Mod

Garry’s Mod

2,000 Hours don’t come out of a watch. It comes out of your life. Was the 2k hours worth it? Yes indeed. For a game like gmod to be amazing for such a low price your wondering is it good or bad? Its both 100% depending on the gamemode you play. Do i suggest it? I don’t know does time come out of a watch?


1,000 Hours later still finding the game interesting, Ive met wonderful people, bad people, and the ones to love and adore. From my 3k Hours this game is top Notch. Not Notch as in minecraft but, yeah. TOP NOTCH

Real player with 4472.3 hrs in game

Garry’s Mod

Is not a game. It is a physics toy and sandbox style tool.

In Gmod, you can reluctantly do whatever you want to. You can: build things such as:

cars, buildings, bunkers, airships , boats , or whatever you can think up.

*Use weapons from other valve games, as well as add-on weapons created by other people.

Play with physics, kill NPCs with literally anything, drive a world of vehicles, paint, destroy stuff, spawn props, spawn ragdolls to pose and beat up, make a machinima for use on YouTube or other video websites, listen to music, and MUCH MUCH more.

Real player with 4265.5 hrs in game

Garry's Mod on Steam

Kill It With Fire: HEATWAVE

Kill It With Fire: HEATWAVE

This is my arachnophobia therapy… well, kinda. ;) Not a game for you if you love spiders or are a PETA member, everyone else should be able to get a good amount of enjoyment out of this.

One new level (including reworked versions of the two in Ignition), three new species (all of them nightmare fuel), and a couple more weapons - the pan rules, I hope we’ll be able to hit those jumping spiders out of the air with it. Maybe it’s already possible, I flinched every time to be honest.

Had this on my radar since the r/indiegaming post in (IIRC) Febuary, was already planning on buying this after playing Ignition, this was enough to ignore my “no pre-orders” rule.

Real player with 2.7 hrs in game

I don’t know how to explain it, but this game was really awesome. You’re basically wandering around a house, finding and killing spiders. The spiders are also diverse, meaning there are actually multiple types. You can obtain several different type of ‘weapons’ to use, such as Clipboard, Revolver, Hair Spray & Lighter, Frying Pan, Shotgun. These aren’t the only items, and this doesn’t even include ‘Upgrades’ for them.

Throughout the game, you will have multiple objectives (written on the clipboard). I do have concerns of repetition and redundancy, however, each stage (before release) did have it’s own unique objectives. I’m definitely looking forward to this game’s release!

Real player with 2.0 hrs in game

Kill It With Fire: HEATWAVE on Steam

Fun with Ragdolls: The Game

Fun with Ragdolls: The Game

Great game for kids and those big kids, 5 year old son loves it 100% worth the money, can create and download custom maps which leads to great fun.

Real player with 113.1 hrs in game

super interactive things

Real player with 69.6 hrs in game

Fun with Ragdolls: The Game on Steam

Oh Crab!

Oh Crab!

You can’t move and it bugs with my PC

Real player with 1.1 hrs in game

Maybe don’t sell the game that always freezes eventually.

Real player with 0.2 hrs in game

Oh Crab! on Steam

Santa’s Visit

Santa’s Visit

I got Santa trapped in Purgatory.

10/10 holiday cheer

would ruin Christmas again.


Real player with 1.5 hrs in game

Unfortunately, at this price point I was expecting more. As “Santa” you would expect a little sleigh ride or to atleast get to go down the chimney :P. Instead you’re immediately placed in 1 room with limited amount of things to do. There are 3 things you can play with and the rest you just place whereever you please…… and that is it. I’d say all in all 1 mins max of gameplay for 9 euros…… There are full games out there at this price point. There is a lot you could do with this game but it’s way off from being “there yet”

Real player with 1.0 hrs in game

Santa's Visit on Steam

Amazing Frog?

Amazing Frog?

Awesome game!

At first I was like, ‘What the hell, all you do is run around, fart and fall over’ but my daughter likes watching Pungeance on the tube, and I can’t really let her play GTA5, so we kept playing…

And wow! once you figure out how things work, learn about some unlocks and start two player (Controllers highly recommended, camera moves much better with them) the hours will fly by. Getting some unlocks feel like genuine achievements / lessons in perseverance, the LOL key and microscopes spring to mind.

Real player with 168.7 hrs in game

We (my housemates and I) have played this game since it was on the OUYA, and missed it so much that we bought it on PC.

The Amazing Frog is a game about messing around, persistence, and discovery. If you wanted to go all literary-analysis on it, you could say that the ease with which you fall down and get back up again plays into the theme of persistence. But honestly I think the devs just thought it was funny.

The main gameplay loop is something like this. Mess around until you find something weird and new to interact with. Try lots of things with it until it unlocks something. With the new unlocks, rinse and repeat. This loop wasn’t really present in the OUYA version, and I think it’s an overall improvement that lengthens the appeal of the game and gives it an occasional magical quality. Don’t be expecting amazing discoveries though; we’re talking small stuff here. This game works best with no explanation and little to no expectations. It is exactly as dumb as it looks, with lots of fart humor and the occasional pop culture or current events reference. I think the unabashed silliness of it goes so dumb that it wraps back around to funny for us.

Real player with 129.6 hrs in game

Amazing Frog? on Steam

Bad Guy: Neighborhood

Bad Guy: Neighborhood

Bad Guy: Neighborhood is an open world free roam style game. Complete events, fight bosses and earn money to unlock unique items and abilities in the store. Encounter special enemies and perhaps a friendly one as you roam around in a violent and unpredictable neighborhood.


  • Complete specific objectives to unlock 15+ unique weapons and abilities

  • Multiple bosses to fight

  • Timed mini-games

  • Light task system

  • Continuous chaotic open-world, do whatever you want

Bad Guy: Neighborhood on Steam