While inspired by the classic Impressions city building games, it would be inaccurate to say Nebuchadnezzar is just a reskin of Pharaoh. The game has its own mechanics that are distinctive such as the beautifully worded caravanserai or the planned market/bazaar walking routes (as opposed to the annoying random wandering of sellers in the Impressions games that required the use of roadblocks). There are a ton of resources in the game and the tiered housing levels have an interesting intertwined dependence on how these resources can be collected.

Real player with 62.0 hrs in game

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Probably the closest any game has come to recapturing the old Impressions City builders (Pharaoh, Zeus, Emperor, Caesar etc).

This type of city-builder game focuses very heavily on production and distribution of goods to supply your population, where a mistake in logistics management can cause the whole city to come crashing down. If you’re expecting something more like a SimCity or Cities: Skylines, you might end up frustrated with the strong presence of logistics management aspects and harsh penalties for making mistakes in that department.

Real player with 61.4 hrs in game

Nebuchadnezzar on Steam

VR Nara Park

VR Nara Park

Having been to the real Nara Park in Japan in the past I kind of knew what I was respecting here and for the most part, it does kind of deliver what it needs to. This is a very small experience in which you can teleport around a small area of a virtual recreation of the real-world park. There is no movement turning here whatsoever and just teleport movement. So you will have to play in a swivel chair or play standing up. It looks OK I guess especially as you can play about with the time of day, but there is nothing here to justify the £7.19. You can’t interact with anything and there is only a small amount of educational material telling you all about the park. Some might find this relaxing I suppose, but I just found it a little overpriced and a little bit pointless. While I have given it a thumbs down if I could give it a neutral rating I would have.

Real player with 0.2 hrs in game

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The environment isn’t big

The game didn’t perform well with random bits of slowdown

Its teleport only with no turning buttons of any kind

I’ve seen at least one of the character models in other games

But I wont lie it was relaxing

It did have gorgeous views and audio

I enjoyed having NPCs and deer walking around

and it wasn’t expensive at all

VR Nara Park has issues and feels like an early access title in some ways

the grass for one looks horrible up close

I hope that the studio behind this can add smooth locomotion and smooth turning

Real player with 0.2 hrs in game

VR Nara Park on Steam

Alt Oxygen

Alt Oxygen

Alt Oxygen is a survival game where you can complete a story. The game is based on an economical design. Here you can explore different planets and interact with aliens to know more about places. Aliens are speaking their language and are translated. Also to survive you have to collect precious stones and sell it to vendors to make ALTO and after that you can buy water, oxygen, food and all necessary needs to survive.

Key points of the game

  • Economical design ( sell, buy and multiply money at casino ).

  • Story ( Psychological story which will blow your mind ).

  • Survive in a new way.

  • For more, play the game and share your thoughts with us!

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Alt Oxygen on Steam