Farming Engine

Farming Engine

Game glitches and destroys all your hard work by day 8. I highly do not recommend at all.

Real player with 4.2 hrs in game

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I played for a couple of hours and the game could use more content or quests. The length of how items expire is way to short.

Also, I’d like to request an option to change the controls.

Real player with 3.3 hrs in game

Farming Engine on Steam

Drug Business

Drug Business

Drug Business- Single player simulation game.

You live in a poor area of the city, where there is no job and practically no one has any money. The only way to make money is to break the law and embark on a criminal path. Even the bar, unexpectedly inherited from a deceased uncle, cannot solve your problems. The institution does not make a profit: the contingent leaves much to be desired, and so does the furnishings (shabby walls, old furniture, cheap food and drinks). You understand that the money you have will not be enough to develop this business.

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Drug Business on Steam



I didn’t quite expect to be re-reviewing this game, but I am glad I am able to give this game a positive review. After about a year of near radio silence from the devs, they updated the game, keeping the main gameplay loop of the old version, but adding quite a few new features and overall just made the game a much more enjoyable experience. If you had this game a year ago and are wondering if you should return to it, I’d definitely say yes. For anyone who never played the original version, but is looking for a short and sweet (roughly 20 hour) experience that combines both idle and base building gameplay, I’d say give it a go. The devs seem like they now intend on routinely updating the game, and as of this review that have been following through with their promise. One last thing before I end this review, if you do end up getting the game, you get to experience pretty much everything you can do in the game before you pass the two hour refund mark, so if you don’t enjoy it in the first two hours, you can know you probably won’t enjoy it and vis versa. I left my original review below if you’re interested on why I originally rated the game negatively.

Real player with 150.9 hrs in game

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Fairly small and uncomplicated idle game.

Progress can be sped up by manually clicking, but it functions quite well on its own for quite a long time before more upgrades are needed to make more progress.

My one big problem with the game (at the time of release; this is an early access) is that there isn’t enough information behind some of the upgrades. Some upgrades will state a percentage, but not telling me if the bonus is additive or multiplicative with other upgrades on the same building. Speed increase upgrades are equally secret. No information on whether it reduces time by percentage or seconds. This makes it difficult to discern which upgrades are worth going for.

Real player with 103.5 hrs in game

Farmtale on Steam

Forest Farm

Forest Farm

This is entirely playable without a VR headset and has full mouse and keyboard support.

Forest Farm is the perfect answer if you want a game that has zero stress and tons of truly hands-on things to do. Your primary goal at this point in development is basically to plan out and create the perfect farm, all the while working around an oft-growing rabbit infestation. Essentially, it goes something like this: chop down tree mill lumber while growing new trees from recovered seeds craft fences/raised garden beds from lumber safely grow lots of produce profit off crop sales to villagers reinvest coin into further expansion. You also have your faithful cart horse Pedro to aid you in quickly shifting large amounts of produce from field to market, complete with first-person reins which actually work. As well, there are side activities of fishing and mining to turn a profit via fish and gem/potion sales.

Real player with 7.8 hrs in game

Read the board for quests - Plant crops, go fishing, mine some diamonds and other rocks, grow crops, pat a horse, explore, harvest crops, throw bunnies, sell crops and relax in VR!

Real player with 1.5 hrs in game

Forest Farm on Steam



Minicology is a whimsical survival adventure where you play as an astronaut stranded on a tiny planet. Establish yourself in the food chain and try to avoid collapsing the miniature local ecology while you try to farm for yourself, defend against predators, and repair your crashed spaceship.

Strategic Base-Building and Farming:

Minicology’s base-building and farming system forces players to think carefully about how they design their base and establish themselves in the world. Will you industrialize early, pollute your atmosphere with cheap-and-effective fossil fuels, and clean up the damage later? Or will you play it safe and try to limit yourself to primitive, eco-friendly tech which puts you at a disadvantage? Will you figure out how to harness the food chain to defeat problems like predators and pests? Or will you use destructive, man-made tools like heavy weaponry or pesticides and live with the consequences?

Not Just Another Survival Game:

A tiny planet means big consequences! Minicology’s unique ecology-based mechanics mean that players will get a refreshing new take on the survival-game genre. Rather than an infinite world with infinite resources, Minicology features a miniature, simulated ecology. Every creature interacts with others in unique ways, and the extinction of any species could send your tiny home spiraling into ecological collapse. Creatures reproduce, eat, fight, and are domesticated in different ways that each differently affect the ecosystem.

Epic Boss Battles:

Before you can fully utilize all of the resources in your new home, you must clear the planet of dangerous Apex Predators - invasive, overgrown, or parasitic species that have laid claim to the different biomes around the planet. Each unlocks new tools, but will require creative solutions or lightning-sharp reflexes to defeat.

But players must also be wary of success - a blooming ecology will attract extraterrestrial attention. An ecology with a surplus of resources will draw in powerful Celestial bosses - creatures who roam the galaxy, grazing entire planet’s worth of food in a day - or hunting whole ecosystems to extinction. Failing to defeat one of these bosses quickly enough could destroy the delicate balance of your tiny home.

Play with a friend:

Team up with a friend in fully-supported local split-screen mode! Build bases, fight bosses… and fight each other over how best to manage your planet!

Minicology on Steam

最后一搏 The last fight

最后一搏 The last fight

Cannot recommend game crashes, menu has bugs, won’t stay on English language setting and the controls are complete garbage. Real shame liked the art style.

Real player with 0.3 hrs in game

最后一搏 The last fight on Steam



This has quickly become one of my favorite games. I fell in love with just how magical and cozy Bunhouse feels. The music and graphics are amazing, especially for a 1-man dev team. It’s fun to just be in the world the game puts you in- immediately relaxing and happy vibes.

I also want to mention I usually don’t play games like this. I mostly play MMOs and MOBAs, with the occasional RTS or ARPG. That’s a big reason I feel like Bunhouse is something special- it’s outside of my usual genres and I love it just as much or more than my go-to games.

Real player with 43.7 hrs in game

I’m a grown adult dude who owns a car, pays taxes and goes to work every day.

I also own a little bun-boy chub who I rescued a while back from a sparrowhawk attack.

I don’t care about the stigma– this game is cute beyond belief from the wee bunnies to the music– I totally recommend it for chill times after a stressful day at work.

I love the little messages on the top right of the main menu with bun-care tips.

My little bun Pebble approves. :)

EDIT: I just pretty much 100% the game in under 15 hours solo, which consisted of two play-throughs. First one to chill and second to get all achievements and to fully upgrade everything and make a nice looking greenhouse. I get some people’s criticisms of the content, but pretty much 1 hours 1 pound, for a game that I will no dobut come back to, is a great deal. For a single bun-loving dev this is more than impressive, from modelling, texturing, rigging and animation to programming and implementation.

Real player with 14.5 hrs in game

Bunhouse on Steam

My Time at Sandrock

My Time at Sandrock

My Time at Sandrock-Just like My Time at Portia, My Time at Sandrock takes place in a wholesome post-apocalyptic world 300 years after the Day of Calamity destroyed most modern technologies.

After accepting a job offer to become Sandrock’s newest Builder, you’ll arrive in the wild and rugged city-state, where it’s up to you and your trusty tools to restore the community to its former glory. Gather resources to build machines, befriend locals, and defend Sandrock from monsters — all while saving the town from economic ruin!

Key Features

Transform a run-down workshop into a well-oiled production facility! Use an intricate set of machines to process materials and produce parts of huge structures before assembling them piece by piece to help Sandrock flourish.

Create hundreds of unique items at the worktable to decorate your homestead, give gifts to Sandrock’s residents, or assist with community requests.”

Explore vast deserts surrounding the city-state of Sandrock. Dive into ruins to dig for Old World relics, seek our materials in hard-to-reach locations, or spend time relaxing in Sandrock with your neighbors.

Experience a detailed story complete with hundreds of sidequests and over 30 all-new characters. Spend time getting to know Sandrock’s residents, uncovering backstories, and making meaningful connections along the way.

Quickly shift between melee combat and third-person shooting mechanics in dynamic action battles.Use the new weapons and defense break mechanic to your tactical advantage, or boost your stats to simply smash through battles!

Spend experience to level up your Builder and unlock skills. Become a master crafter, specialize in combat, or focus on social interactions with skills that suit all playstyles.

  • Use your workshop’s profits to turn the empty prairie into farmable land;

  • Grow crops for extra cash or transform them into delicious dishes;

  • Attend festivals with Sandrock’s residents;

  • Find secrets and much more!

Both Portians and brand-new Builders who have never set foot in Portia will find a fun new world with lots to explore at their own pace, along with divergent NPC stories to enhance replayability. Experienced Builders will find everything you enjoyed about My Time at Portia and more, and you will feel right at home in the delightful life-sim RPG that is My Time at Sandrock.

My Time at Sandrock on Steam



I really want to like Staxel. I know I could love it. But, it’s an agonisingly frustrating experience to play. I don’t feel I’m exaggerating when I say most, if not all, of the game’s content is a good idea implemented in the worst possible way.

Every time I want to do something, I run into a frustration that doesn’t need to be there. There isn’t one major issue. Everything is wrapped up in so many minor issues it’s almost worse. I could deal with some singular huge flaw. But that’s not it. It’s just so universally flawed all over.

Real player with 346.4 hrs in game

Let me start off by saying that Steam really needs to consider a 3rd option when recommending games to people. This game is fun, and I kind of enjoy playing it, but there are some major things (imo) that warrant a “do not recommend” review, or rather a “recommend this game unless…”


Graphics: 9/10

The graphics are cute and colorful and the 3D pixel character designs are fun. Some blocks' graphics glitch through other blocks which can sometimes ruin a certain look the player is trying to achieve with his/her build. There’s quite a large selection of blocks to use in your builds, and I’m sure through modding there are vastly more blocks to pick from. You can also rotate some blocks.

Real player with 160.3 hrs in game

Staxel on Steam

Your Island -KIMI NO SIMA-

Your Island -KIMI NO SIMA-

You know what…? Despite all the issues and wonkiness of this game, I love it.

I like the engrish. I like the difficulty (eh, for the most part), I love the graphics. The menu system reminds me of retro city builders. When I get free time these days, this is my go to game when I need a little break. I do wish there was a less tedious way of reassigning workers when someone dies – but look… this is one dedicated dev making this game, and I got far more than I expected from this adorable indie gem.

Real player with 111.5 hrs in game

This is the most fun city building game I’ve played in a long time. I already spent a long time with it without having unlocked everything. The graphic is lovely and there are small details that make me smile. The structure is very well and it’s not that easy in the beginning to find out where everything is connected and what would be the best way for building your production chains. But it’s fun to explore.

Beside the endless game there are some challenges which you can take. I think I will spend much more time with this game. It can be slow paced at times but this is also something I quite enjoy.

Real player with 74.5 hrs in game

Your Island -KIMI NO SIMA- on Steam