Anima Forest

Anima Forest

at least it’s a good start. please keep improving it.

Real player with 3.4 hrs in game

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This game is probably going to be really good when it is finished, So far, while the game is difficult, it is really fun. The art style and different enemies are very unique and are different from other survival games I have played. Now knowing that the game is still in early access, there are a few things I would change. First, adding wasd controls would make the game a lot easier to control. Secondly, I think the days should be longer. The amount of time in the day is not enough to make food, gather materials, and set up a wall. Overall though, for a dollar, this game is really good and I would recommend it for anyone who is looking for a unique survival game with a good challenge to it. (also if you like animals)

Real player with 3.0 hrs in game

Anima Forest on Steam

Enchanted Blacksmith

Enchanted Blacksmith

Enchanted Blacksmith is a casual blacksmith simulation game where you sell weapons made by your own hands.

Take on the role of a blacksmith in the world of the sword and magic. Use your workbench to craft/modify/repair weapons and sell them at your shop.

Craft Weapons

Crafting system allows for creating unique weapons. Customize them by choosing from a variety of Blades, Crossguards, Hilts and Runes. Make blades and other items from materials like copper, steel, etc.

Enchanted Weapons

Use runes with various elements such as fire, poison, lightning, etc. to enchant your weapon with magic.

Upgrades and Quests

Earn experience points and gold by completing quests and orders. Level up your character and workshop to unlock new tools, resources and recipes.

Craft legendary weapons to seek fortune and Forge Your Legend!

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Enchanted Blacksmith on Steam

Mason: Building Bricks

Mason: Building Bricks

The game is as advertised. You build, build, and build more. If you expect anything else, you will be disappointed. Overall, a relaxing experience.

Real player with 83.3 hrs in game

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I liked it simplicity and focus on personal creations.

Real player with 81.5 hrs in game

Mason: Building Bricks on Steam

Sanctuary Island

Sanctuary Island

Sanctuary Island

Sanctuary Island will be a Survival Sandbox game where you play as a Dinosaur of your choice.

While you explore the world you will meet other players who are also Dinosaurs, some will be friendly, some may try to hunt you down for food.

It will be a hard world, but nothing will be impossible.

You may find a group which increases your chance of survival, all while learning about the secrets of the world and discover its mysteries.


You will be able to find some Story elements hidden on the map and may find out the truth about this place.

Interaction with other Players

Players will be able to interact with other players in multiple ways.

It will be possible to fight each other to get food,

as well as being able to play social minigames with your group members to increase the chance of survival of yourself and your group.

What Dinosaurs will be available?

There will be multiple Dinosaurs available for the players.

To mention some currently planned examples:


  • Parasaurolophus

  • Iguanodon

  • Stegosaurus

  • Ankylosaurus

  • Sauropods

  • Triceratops

  • Pachycephalosaurus


  • Utahraptor

  • Allosaurus

  • Tyrannosaurus


  • Oviraptor

  • Gallimimus

  • Heterodontosaurus

Keep in mind this Game is still in Development and there will be more content comming in future.

We are also thinking about Playable Flyers and aquatic life.

We strive to make our Dinosaurs as accurate as possible, so Raptors and some future theropods will have Feathers.


The game will have an Early Access Phase to polish its contents and react to the feedback of the community.

Sanctuary Island on Steam

Brytag Studio

Brytag Studio

This game is very good for movie makers, and there are so many possibilities

Real player with 2.5 hrs in game

Very fun and creative game, I would definitely recommend playing this!

Real player with 1.6 hrs in game

Brytag Studio on Steam

Draco VR Dragon Sim

Draco VR Dragon Sim

Vr Physics sandbox Demo. Very Early access to support the game.

There are completely physically simulated bipedal robots and dragons that can be interacted with by your hands and objects. there is a system for moving large objects via “telekinesis”. there is a sword that can be stabbed into enemies. there is an egg that you can summon to your hand and can be used for teleportation locomotion and for controlling Draco the dragon.

Draco VR Dragon Sim on Steam

Minable & Create / ミナクリ

Minable & Create / ミナクリ

Played this back in August for a few hours and here’s my take.

This is built in RPG Maker so the graphics are based on that, which is standard for the engine.

The developer went for a 16-bit feel and they accomplished that. At the time, there was little direction on what to do and how to do anything so I spent time just wandering around; this can frustrate some players. Eventually after accessing the monument a few times I figured it out. Still, the whole crafting probably needs an overhaul to make it more user-friendly.

Real player with 7.0 hrs in game

Similar to those big-name games listed above, the game will have you explore the map, harvesting resources to turn into materials, and then into items that you can use. Crafting is pretty “open” here, meaning that you can immediately harvest and craft the highest-tier tool or item in-game right from the start - and you should, just to save time. There’s really no point in crafting an iron axe when you could easily have crafted a gold one to use.

Real player with 3.9 hrs in game

Minable & Create / ミナクリ on Steam

Towers of Altrac - Epic Defense Battles

Towers of Altrac - Epic Defense Battles

As you can see i have spent some time with this game and i´d like to give my 2cents.

When you are a fan of Tower Defense games this is the game you´d enjoy for sure.

To be honest there are many enjoyable things about the game, but it has it letdowns like medium graphics, sparingly balance issues, poor introduction for newcomers and some minor handling issues what is likely the reason for the medium reviews.

The good and bad:

  • Many big levels with a long playtime, increasing in difficulty, size and number of waves over time

Real player with 141.4 hrs in game

First off, I’ll start by saying that I’m relatively new to tower defence games, (the only other one I ever played was one on my brother’s phone) and so I’m not really experienced on what a good tower defence game should be like. That said, I’ll go ahead and give my opinion on this one.


  • 3D

  • Charming landscape (especially with the update)

  • Smart AI (If enemies keep getting killed going one way, they will try going the other way)

  • Special enemies like Mages, who will keep spawning lesser units untill they die, Ghosts, who heal damage over time, and Bombers, who will blow open roadblocks to create shortcuts and/or new spawn points for your enemies (this can be extremely frusterating at times)

Real player with 89.2 hrs in game

Towers of Altrac - Epic Defense Battles on Steam

Tree of Mu

Tree of Mu

Tree of Mu is a 2D Procedurally Generated Open-World RPG which takes place in a viking land called Mu on planet Earth. This land was ruled by many kings and destroyed by many wars, but such cycle would not last. One of the kings of Mu, Eric, The Mage, couldn’t live with the fact that his days as a ruler were to end when his people, because of so many deaths and cruel decisions by Eric, gathered in front of the castle to claim his throne, he then shouted to his crowd as a last act of courage: “I will last and conquer this land as long as Mu lives”. Eric then fled and searched for a misterious power on a jorney towards the Tree of Mu, such tree were as big as the land itself and its roots would cover all the continent. Eric sat alongside the tree and whispered misterious words for days… Weeks had passed and Eric would be covered by roots and almost completely swalled by the tree itself. Once the ritual was done, Eric, The Mage, not only had died, he had buried his own soul inside the Tree of Mu, now known as Yggdrasil. As he lived inside Mu’s lifeforce, he could use the power of the four elements, and with such, he enchanted the rivers and that would change all the life that once lived in Mu. Giants, Demons, Goblins… They all came from Eric’s birth of this new world. To protect his creation, Eric raised the largest wall he could possibly raise, a wall made of an unbreakable magic ice, separating the known Earth of this magic and misterious land.

You. Warrior. Mage. Hunter. You will uncover all the misterious and fortunate adventures that are hidden in this land, but be aware, merciless monsters and dangerous animals await you. Good Luck and may the gods be with you.

Main Features:

  • Procedurally Generated World sized around 6 million blocks.

  • Fog of War.

  • Hundreds of different structures scattered around the world with bosses and treasures on some of them.

  • Choose one faction out of 3 to play: The Hammer (Dwarves), The Shield (Humans), and The Arrow (Elves).

  • Every item in the game is different from each other, having a system that modifies items based on its rarity, level and type.

  • Combat system inspired in old school RPGs.

  • Very intelligent AI that is able to combat with each other on a faction based reputation system.

  • Very large Passive Tree with multiple different paths to experiment with.

Tree of Mu on Steam

Void Monsters 2: The Blight

Void Monsters 2: The Blight

Almost a month has past since the release of the game but the dev didn’t show up to look how the release went through.

As some users have pointed out, there is a game breaking bug after you slept for the first night (your character gets stuck). Normally devs will swarm the forum after the release of a new game just to catch these first important steps in the life of a new game.

Seeing that the last comment from the Dev was in August 2019 obviously he doesn’t care about his products.

I really liked part one of the game and certainly would like this part too, but seeing the inactrivity of the Dev I am going to refund this game till it get patched.

Real player with 2.0 hrs in game

Absolutely broken game. I got 40 minutes in, the first night… You go to sleep and then wake up stuck in a wall with no way out whatsoever.

Real player with 1.0 hrs in game

Void Monsters 2: The Blight on Steam