Lucifer Awaits, Chump!


Highly addictive and I found myself lost in time a bit the 2nd time I was playing it.

The Notes can be super hilarious (If you have a dark sense of humor)

Mod support to add your own characters (added few Horror Villains)

Sprite animations are excellent


Wish it had more color

While the background music sounds a bit creepy it can be a bit dull in long play sessions

Repetitive sins (mod support option sorta fixed that for me however)


The game soft locked 2 times when i exited in full screen mode.

Real player with 8.2 hrs in game

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A great little game that allows you to hand out judgement on souls! once you work out what you are supposed to be doing but that’s part of the fun.

The game runs well and has a very dark sense of humour, with some LOL comments in the victims bio’s, a lot of thought has obviously gone into this game.

The game uses very little PC resources and I found myself jumping in and out to judge the damned….. I mean souls during coffee breaks, much better than minesweeper!

Overall, at such a low price it is worth having a look at, be careful though, you may get slightly addicted!

Real player with 6.9 hrs in game

P.U.R.G.A.T.O.R.Y on Steam



Burrow is an ever-expanding sandbox style game where you can explore, create, and share small levels (called… burrows)

Creation is a core concept of Burrow, all of the level creation tools are packaged with the game and are designed with simplicity in mind. Hundreds of props, simple terrain deformation tools, and built-in LUA scripting makes designing your own worlds a breeze.

VR and Desktop players are both welcome! Oh yeah, and we’ve got multiplayer too! Cross platform play is supported. You can play alone, or with your friends, no matter if they’re on VR or Desktop.

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Burrow on Steam

Cloud Gardens

Cloud Gardens

When I first went to play Cloud Gardens, I didn’t know what to expect. Come to find out, that’s exactly how you should approach this game.

Cloud Gardens is a unique experience that’s hard to describe or compare. It’s partly a gardening simulator, partly a Dystopian landscape builder, and partly a puzzle game that is both satisfying and without frustration. Any and all preconceptions I had about the game were dashed as soon as I started playing it.

Not only is the game beautiful and unique, but it also hits all the right marks: The controls and level design are absolutely on point. It’s so much effortless fun working your way through level after level, and when you fail a level it’s no big deal to go back and try it again. As a matter of fact, you’ll look forward to it.

Real player with 35.1 hrs in game

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This game is so satisfying! At first it’s so simple you might think you’re playing a repetitive and boring experience, but it quickly gets more and more creative and captivating. Some levels are shorter and offer less room for wild creativity, which creates a good pacing considering the large amount of levels in the game (I’m not even halfway through apparently).

I almost never write a review before completing a game, but this is something else. Good vibe with simple and solid mechanics, charming pixel art, and a surprising amount of player agency: you’re growing plants, sure, but also placing (or dropping) all kinds of objects near your plants to make them grow. Those objects let you create storytelling in every scene, then make great foundations for more procedurally-creative plant growth. This is also why the initial simplicity might be misleading: at first, there’s not much room to expand, but wait until you add vehicles and buildings on larger levels to see the true potential of the game. There’s a puzzle element to it, too, for reaching 100% and completing each level.

Real player with 19.2 hrs in game

Cloud Gardens on Steam

Isolationist Nightclub Simulator

Isolationist Nightclub Simulator

a good trip 10/10

Real player with 3.3 hrs in game

It’s hard to describe this one… it’s a place that lets you go anywhere you want in your own abandoned club, which is sort of equal parts peaceful and lonely. It’s enjoyable making your own music with the in-game synths, and I could see this being great fun to have in the background at a (real world) party. The atmosphere is really strong with some great sound and music, and if you’re someone who enjoys exploring in games for the sake of exploring, there’s a lot to get from this nightclub.

Real player with 1.9 hrs in game

Isolationist Nightclub Simulator on Steam

Voxel Printer

Voxel Printer

Voxel Printer is the voxel art crafting game similar to Minecraft that up to 12 players compete with building cubes.

Create a your work that fits topic within the time given.

There is a voting for the best work after the round is over.

The work with the most votes wins the game.

You can also extract your work as an FBX file.

And please use your masterpiece in several places.

Voxel Printer on Steam



This game is cool. You can make the hydrogen do some wild things visually. Hydrogen is interesting since (I think) all of our other atoms come from hydrogen, don’t quote me on that.

For .99, it’s certainly worth it.

I hope the author makes more content like this.

Real player with 9.4 hrs in game

Not gonna lie, this game is stupid at the moment. That being said, I’m glad I bought it; it was truly fun to mess around with, and although the novelty has worn off, it was nice. I really hope more is added in the near future. I would recommend this game but only because I thought it was fun for the few minutes I played it. A little tour of the controls would be nice, and it would be good if one could change the quality of the graphics and/or simulation for different PCs to properly run it at whatever they want/need. This game could be a lot of fun if it were to take a look at other sandbox-type simulation games, such as universe sandbox. The variety of different controls with explanations detailed enough that you know what you’re doing when you’re doing it. Overall, I’d say the only reason I had fun playing this was my ADHD deciding to hyperfixate on this for the past little bit. Keep working on this game and it could become something greater

Real player with 0.4 hrs in game

Atom on Steam



Experienced on the Oculus Rift with Touch Controllers

Please note: I received a free Steam key through the Steam Curator Connect program

You can view my review + gameplay here: https://youtu.be/9rX1AuU8EUk

This game is a great concept that could be a totally awesome experience in VR. After all, who hasn’t wanted to just blow shit up and see the fireworks and destructive aftermath? Unfortunately, this is a promising physics puzzler that falls short of greatness. That isn’t to say this a bad game, but it could have been so much better with some more time in the oven.

Real player with 7.6 hrs in game

So I got this thinking it was going to be a vr angry birds type game. It is. You have three different kinds of weapons to knock down or destroy what seems like a lot of building levels. I haven’t seen it all since later levels need to be unlocked by completing the levels before them. It’s a great pick up and play for a few minutes game. Not much else to say about it. I’d say it’s worth 20$ and a nice game to get especially for friends when they stop by. I’m going to be going back to this game instead of the lab whenever I feel like knocking down stuff.

Real player with 3.3 hrs in game




I’ve been waiting for a VR game like this, and now its finally here. The shaky screen that many people reference isn’t very bothering for me, and it only shakes occasionally, though it would be better if it was fixed. The ability to go to other islands after thinking they were just blobs to create scenery is a pleasant surprise. Id like to see what this game becomes, and maybe even different birds with different flying styles. The best part is that the game is free. I found that there was a heart shape in the map, and that there was a sphere in the sky, which I tried to reach, but once I got pretty close it seems like I was making no progress, so its safe to say that there is a limit on how far you can go upwards, and the sphere is outside of that limit.

Real player with 7.8 hrs in game

19 sep ‘20: Wow the game has changed quite a lot! It’s much prettier! Also there are now these planets with gravitational force, which you can use as stepping stones to go higher and higher. I still experience what I wrote on the 14th of May. Because unlike before I cannot gain real speed anymore. You just can’t get high! Before you would gain speed once you got a little higher and higher, that was so cool and made flying so easy. Now it’s real hard work :-( This is my complaint now. It doesn’t feel like a dream-flight anymore, more like work-flight. For people new to this it must be hard to learn man…

Real player with 7.4 hrs in game

DreamFly on Steam



This game is still in earliest of access, but doesn’t say so - Version 0.1 when you boot it up.

Essentially broken - experienced many crashes.

It’s very unstable, crashing when saving components.

The interface is very difficult to use and poorly explained.

Moving/deleting components clunky of fails often

Bugs where circuits gave wrong answer or moved inputs and outputs.

Stores circuits as truth tables in json - so you can’t edit previous components you’ve made. And very slow to save components with more than 8-10 inputs or outputs, and then makes megabyte sized text files.

Real player with 1.2 hrs in game


Where is it written on the store page it’s an alpha??

Could be fine/interesting, but, unfortunately, it’s really an alpha, it’s very unpolished

Real player with 0.6 hrs in game

Electrify on Steam

Lucifer Within Us

Lucifer Within Us

Normally I operate a £1/hr to determine if a game is worth playing, and I’ll admit that I was worried about “Lucifer Within Us” when many were seeing short play times in the demo. However, I had enjoyed the demo so much that I gave it a chance knowing that it was very doubtful the game would be very long.

Having completely finished the game with all achievements, I feel the game was worth it.

The story is very well written and pulls you in with the voice acting adding that touch of atmosphere to convey the character emotions perfectly, particularly during confessions. My personal favourite was the second investigation where, despite having worked out what was going on, I was still shocked by the outcome and confession. The little touches with the voice acting delivery and graphic choices were key to creating that atmosphere. Well done!

Real player with 5.5 hrs in game

I’ll start with the good things. This game has an interesting style and setting. The color pallet doesn’t hurt the eye and the graphics are passable if you don’t scroll too close. A strange mix of high-tech and theology would make an interesting setting for a bigger game. The mysteries themselves are pretty good and may take some time to solve on the first playthrough.

But the problem is, you will only play it once. Now, to the bad stuff.

1. The game doesn’t allow you to lose. You can’t accuse the wrong person, you can’t frustrate the suspects to the point of angry unresponsiveness. In fact, you are encouraged to do so, based on achievements. The absence of failure allows you to just play dumb and spam every possible combination of clues and statements until it clicks, making the whole detective part meaningless. Even when performing the exorcism, you are safe. Wrong daemon name? Well, just try another one!

Real player with 5.4 hrs in game

Lucifer Within Us on Steam