HITMAN™ Review

**So ,hello to my next review of games ! Today i will say what I like from HITMAN™ an what not.

At first , I am a big Hitman fan and because I like it I must buy it . Many people gave the game an dislike !

So when you are to lazy to read all here scroll a little bit down**


So the game plays after the events from “Hitman Absolution”. But at first it gives a tutorial where you learn the basics of the game and that plays 20 years before the events from Absolution. The story begins with the first episode in Paris and the Mission name is “Showstopper” . You have to kill two targets….. The bad thing is ,it’s an episodic game :/

Real player with 1268.8 hrs in game

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There’s 2 things I’d like to get out of the way first before starting my review. I got the “Full Experience” (entire game) for free from a Steam friend - although this should have no effect on my review, it’s obviously a bit harder for me to gauge whether this game is worth full price or not. Second, HITMAN has a “mixed” review status at the time of writing and some of its earned. The episodic model this title uses is polarizing, a lot of stupid decisions have been made and the game lacks a lot of polish like most early access games do (ironically we were repeatedly told Hitman wasn’t an early access title). Now with that out of the way… how is the new Hitman game?

Real player with 453.4 hrs in game

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