Just Cause 2: Multiplayer Mod

Just Cause 2: Multiplayer Mod

Excuse me, I might not have enough experience in this game.. but I believe this is one of the best multiplayer out there, it doesn’t feel like there is something you really try to achieve, but something you rather enjoy with other people and friends.

I personally recommend to not join freeroam servers as the interest dies out pretty quick in such scenarios, I didn’t even play singeplayer.. I started first with the multiplayer by joining a server called “Real Life Server”, it was very complex and hard to understand as a newbie with a lot of custom game mechanics/server mechanics and server rules to get used to, but eventually when you really know everything by heart and you have experienced most of what it has to offer. You will probably have the same opinion.

Real player with 4183.4 hrs in game

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Multiplayer enables much more possibility than single player, with lua coding server developers can create all sorts of things. From faction and administration systems, freeroam servers, a survival server, or a whole server dedicated to airplane simulation. Heck I know someone even made a whole Minecraft script for this! Either way depending what type of server you may be interested in there are still quite a few to choose from. Pretty much everyone knows that this game in general is dying out compared to what it used to be years ago with hundreds and thousands of players that used to passionately play. It is quieter these days, but some servers are still holding on a rather decent player population daily. Some may disagree, but you can meet some really nice people depending what server you settle in. In some cases one server for example has a whole community with it, and I can say I have met many nice people there and made some friends along the way. I had enough interest and dedication for this I decided to help and be a staff member of said server.

Real player with 1579.8 hrs in game

Just Cause 2: Multiplayer Mod on Steam



The storyline and complexity for a world first game foreshadowing our current future with technology.

This is a classic that you need to buy/play before going to Watch Dogs 2 so you understand it even more and characters in 2.

7/10 would play again.

Real player with 65.6 hrs in game

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This is the first Watch Dogs game that I have played. i bought this game on sale. And it was completely worth every penny. First of all, the story line is engaging and attractive. As it is with Ubisoft, you could do side missions as well (if you want to). I am writing this before playing the last act; and even after finishing this game, I would love to play this one again sometime in future. It was an overwhelming experience for me with Watch Dogs.

Real player with 45.7 hrs in game

Watch_Dogs™ on Steam

Distant Worlds: Universe

Distant Worlds: Universe

This game should be fun, it looks like great fun and will lead you to expect that true enjoyment is just around the corner. However the fun you are anticipating will always be just beyond your fingertips until you finally get fed up and learn to stop trying, because in the end, there really isn’t any, just frustration at how this game could of been awesome.

1. The Crashes: This game crashes a lot, but only starts doing so after you have invested so much time into your save that you’re faced with abandoning an empire you have spent hours cultivating, or routinely losing 20-30 mins of progress or more depending on how long you set your autosaves to be. You may think the solution is to make autosaves more frequent, but once your game get’s to that point, it’s now taking 5+ minutes to save your game every time. If you can mke it to some real endgame points where you really are invested and theres multiple large, well developed empires that can truly challenge you, prepare for that to take even longer. Even better, reloading saves seems to randomly reset the enemy AI in certain ways that are difficult to immediately decipher but will become apparent eventually. For example, one game I manage to start getting friendly with a lot of empires that I had been trying to open free trade agreements with and suddenly they sort of cascade to where I want them to be, one after the other. Ok, not sure why but cool. Whoops, game crashed, reload autosave. Now all of a sudden, even though I followed the same actions I did last time, they’re all imposing trade sanctions and moving to war decing. Cool.

Real player with 564.9 hrs in game

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An incredibly deep and rewarding game which has some of the deepest and advanced AI you may ever witness in a game, especially one of this scope. It’s clear the developers focused near purely on content over most other things for this game and unfortunately that comes at the cost of having a game that’s imposes a significant learning curve. Getting to grips with the UI will be a difficult romp, and the mass amount of options given to you will both satisfy veteran 4X players and discourage most beginners.

Real player with 463.9 hrs in game

Distant Worlds: Universe on Steam

Batman™: Arkham Knight

Batman™: Arkham Knight


Arguably the best game in Arkham series. There were obvious improvements in almost every department, be it gameplay, graphics or stealth compared to the previous Arkham titles. The best way to describe this game is that it is a mixture of both City and Origins. Story is decent, Combat system was definitely improved. They added the fear takedowns but I personally liked the double takedowns which were removed in the Knight.

The most annoying part was blowing tanks literally half of the time. But they did introduce Batmobile for the first time in Arkham series so the experience wasn’t too bad. Its definitely overused though.

Real player with 140.1 hrs in game


  • Decent storyline / plot, nothing too cliche

  • Combat system - hit, dodge, counter, parry, chain combos, just like your DS / Sekiros

  • Different kills ( takedowns ) / variety of gadgets that can be used. If you want to compare to other games, the tools / gadgets available is pretty decent, perfectly balanced, nothing too OP

  • Playing on hard difficulty, AIs are not dumb, they are well coded, however AI is still suffering from minor cases of ‘lack of peripheral vision’

  • Minimal to none grinding involved

Real player with 96.3 hrs in game

Batman™: Arkham Knight on Steam

Men of War: Assault Squad

Men of War: Assault Squad

Im on the back foot…

Enemy infantry made it past my front line, a situation that comprimises my whole team, I purchase and sent out a Half-Track with mounted .50 caliber heavy machine gun to clear them up.. however on the way an the debries from a building hit by artilery hits happens to hit and take out the gunner.. Time for a bit of fast micro.. Upon reaching the area the enemy was last spotted there is no sign of them, they have likely scattered into various cover (all units in a squad can be indivudually controlled in fine detail or directly controlled) .. I spot an enemy half track! The hole in my front line is bigger than I thought.

Real player with 884.7 hrs in game

5/18/14 Update

It is reality, Gamespy will be shutting down as of May 31, 2014, When Gamespy shuts down, MP for Men of war , other than AS2 , will be dead. People mention 3rd party programs you can use for matchmaking after the shut down. That is not practical as those 3rd party programs won’t be as safe. The issue has been brought up, why not just use Steamworks for MP? That’s a very valid question, the reality of the situation is, the company that makes this, is lazy, and would rather force everyone to buy their new game. Truly unfortunate because Assault Squad 1 is one of my favourite strategy games of all time, heck, even one of my most favourite games of all time. To see a company do this when they had the chance to show they support their community and their games, is truly unfortunate. Who is to say they won’t do the same thing to AS2 in a few months?

Real player with 172.3 hrs in game

Men of War: Assault Squad on Steam