Super Dungeon Maker 🛠

Super Dungeon Maker 🛠

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Create & Play the dungeons of your dreams

The classic action-adventure dungeon experience of your dreams is about to be made… by you! Create and share your very own dungeons, then play a nearly infinite number of highly creative, trap-ridden dungeons made by other creators from all over the world.

Share your dungeons with your friends & family

Unleash your creative streak as a dungeon creator and place as many enemies, floors and secret paths as you like. Make the journey more difficult for your friends with countless traps and hidden spikes.

Dive into the Story Mode

Play built-in dungeons or play the dungeons of your friends and the community. Solve their puzzles and defeat the enemies you encounter during your adventures. Find hidden hearts to replenish your health and make it to the final boss.

Become a hero of the most impossible dungeons the community can come up with.

Show everyone that your dungeon is the best!


  • Dungeon Maker

    The easy to navigate dungeon maker allows you to make exciting dungeons within minutes.

  • Boss Maker

    Create unique bosses: decide on their movements and attack sequences.

  • Share your dungeons

    Share your dungeons, collect feedback and keep perfecting them. Or play the most popular community created dungeons.

  • Unlimited Creativity

    A wide variety of enemy types and items provide countless creative possibilities.

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Super Mario Maker

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Super Dungeon Maker 🛠 on Steam

Dungless 2

Dungless 2

In general, a good 2D platformer with interesting game mechanics

Real player with 4.3 hrs in game

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A very big plus of the game is that the world is generated in a new way every time. The game is quite addictive, it’s a pity that you can’t change the volume, you can only turn it on or off. The game itself is difficult, I could only reach level 3. In general, you can play, only dear enough, according to the rules.

Real player with 2.8 hrs in game

Dungless 2 on Steam

Isles of Etherion

Isles of Etherion

Isles of Etherion is an open-world action/adventure sandbox RPG featuring airships, floating islands, dungeons, spell weaving, and 100% dynamically destructible environment.

Dynamically Destructible Voxel Environment

Explore a world in which everything, including terrain and structures, are dynamically destructible by players, monsters, or natural happenstances.

Airships for Combat and Transportation

Traverse the isles with your own airship, which could be acquired through purchase or battle.

Floating Islands with Dynamically Changing Seasons

In IoE, seasons change dynamically in front of your eyes. Like day/night cycle, seasons add another layer of complexity to gameplay dynamics and strategy.

Natural Disasters

Natural disasters, such as Earthquakes, Meteors, Volcano eruptions, Tornadoes, occur randomly throughout the Isles.

Voxel Combat and Spell Weaving

Voxel environment can be altered to your advantage during combat. IoE not only offers a variety of spells but the possibility to spell-weave as well!

Game play in IoE

The environment in this game is completely destructible. Terrains and structures can be altered and destroyed by player or monsters. Players have to venture into the world in order to acquire power and magic spells from monsters, Shrines and lore books.

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Isles of Etherion on Steam

Fantasy Toonz: Embers of Creation

Fantasy Toonz: Embers of Creation

The Great Creator Raist, being as bored as he was, created 12 demi gods to keep himself entertained. They soon became bored themselves so they created a world with all kinds of races to keep themselves entertained. Filled with jealousy, but fearing rebellion, Raist manipulated the races into a false religion to fight against the demi gods. Raist then suggested the demi gods give their children magic as a reward for their loyalty and to combat this new false religion that was threatening the will of the gods. When the demi gods realized that the Raist was the one behind the false religion, they took all the magic from their childen and used it to destroy The Great Creator. Raist was destroyed and the embers of what was left smashed down upon the planet, shattering it into an untold number of pieces and destroyed most of the life on the planet.

Fantasy Toonz: Embers of Creation on Steam



By far one of the best early access games I’ve played. The story isn’t that rich, the combat is clunky at times, and there’s a lot of difficulty spikes. However, It holds that souls-like feel of accomplishment after getting through encounters and fights that you struggle with. overall I would give the game a 6 maybe 6.5 out of 10. I can see alot of potential with this game once some more features are added and some of the clunkyness\bugs are fixed.

Real player with 12.3 hrs in game

I love the game and its interesting mechanics

Balancing for me is waay too harsh but the Souls like games are the same.

It has lots of content and a Companion system which can be complicated like im sure i may of dismissed my companion on accident….?

The companion can also block your way sometimes or get stuck in places leaving you to fight on your own.

Discord has people who respond occasionally .

I feel that there might be more that can be done in the game but so far i would say it is worth its price.

Real player with 9.8 hrs in game




It’s good but I WANT MORE

The games a great idea, and it plays… ok. BUT!! There are some PROBLEMS! So I thought It would be good sport to request a lot more thing. Let’s go

  • Make a arena mode!! Like were you have enemies (and you!) fight to the death

  • Biomes! Have biomes like Snow, Forest, Swamp, etc. In the biomes you could have different things spawn, which would solve the problem of overcrowding without removing anything.

  • Rather then whatever you’re doing to generate an infinite world But I suggest have a certain amount of land and loop it when the player reaches the end of it. That way it could technically be infinite without having to auto-generate biomes.

Real player with 18.5 hrs in game

Real player with 7.5 hrs in game

Nullmaze on Steam



  • Open world exploration

  • Procedural generated world with mulple biomes

  • RPG mechanics/systems

  • Harvesting resources

  • Crafting, Building, and Farming systems

  • Numerous weapon classes

  • Numerous magic types

Explore a procedurally generated open world with many biomes to explore and harvest resources from. You can chop down trees, mine rocks/ore, and find unique items to help you along your journey. Using the resources that you find, you can craft powerful weapons and items. And as you explore the world, you will come across winding cave systems and treacherous dungeons full of monsters for you to defeat.

Hallowlands on Steam

Star Explorers

Star Explorers

This game gives you really tons of gameplay features for only 5$ and is still worked on to get even better.

Exploring a vast universe with random suns and planets that you can land on to complete your main mission, retrieve fuel for your mothership and engaging in varying adventures in FPS against aliens, cave hazards and hostile environments. You can freely walk in your ship, for the moment there is not much to do inside it other than accessing the landing bay for your shuttle or managing your inventory, but wandering around and simply looking outside gives the game a real atmosphere. Then, yes, in the current beta - and soon in the regular version I guess - there are now space battles against alien flying saucers that you can board to loot even more needed items.

Real player with 244.3 hrs in game

I figure a game like this deserves some more reviews. I have books on Amazon and they get very few reviews, so I imagine it’s the same with game makers, they would prefer more people leave some reviews for their games so more gamers can get an idea what other gamers think of these games.

The game has you exploring different star systems looking for resources on planets with different hazards, like extreme cold or heat and atmospheres that might be radiated or poisonous and you have to upgrade your space suit to handle more and more dangerous environments. You typically head down into caves to find resources and sometimes chests with items that might be useful to you. You can find alien life forms on some planets.

Real player with 139.6 hrs in game

Star Explorers on Steam



Trawel is an open world text adventure. What does that mean? It means that it’s a text adventure with a world filled with locations for you to explore, partly handmade, partly procedurally generated. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but if you’re looking for a romanticized, modern version of classic text adventures, look no further!

Explore a open world full of different locations, fighting various enemies while continuously looting them for better equipment.

Trawel on Steam

Apocalypse Island

Apocalypse Island

About Gameplay

Apocalypse Island is an open-world adventure game. The player take on the role of main character Yolanda as she travels between fantasy dreams and the boring real world. The gameplay brings together many elements such as cultivating, survival, combat, FPS, etc.

In the game, the items are interoperable in the real world and the dreams. You can buy weapons and information from special stores in the real world, and then bring them into the dreams to help you fight against all kinds of powerful enemies. And when you defeat them, they will drop loot. You can bring the loot back to the real world in exchange for a lot of money.

Money is very important in the game. There are a variety of ways to earn money, including going to work, investing in stocks, doing business to earn the price difference, and it can only be earned in the real world. Don’t forget to buy some food and medicine with the money you earned, you will need them whether in the real world or in the dreams. Besides, you can also use the money to buy new houses, sofas, lamps, carpets and other items that improve your life quality and make you feel better.

Of course, if you are a player who loves cultivating, the game also has also created a clothing system for you, so you can dress up your main character.

About Weapons

Various weapons have been added to the game, from knives to RPGs. If you want to use them, upgrade your weapon level first. To upgrade your level, you need to learn from a specialized weapon school.

About Monsters

There are dozens of monsters in the game, from the ground to the sky, and each monster has its own AI and attack mode.

About Maps

The map in the game is not big, and every house can be explored. You need to explore and find some information hidden in the houses. You should always be careful when exploring the houses, because houses are the favorite places for some giant insects to build nests.

Apocalypse Island on Steam