DarkHouse is a survival game in a night psychiatric clinic in the genre of first-person horror. A mysterious creepy doctor is tearing at your heels trying to kill you.

Uncover the mystery of the psychiatric hospital by collecting elements for the ritual to bring the infernal monster back to the underworld.

The main character: A vulnerable girl Sofia lives alone with her grandmother, in order to somehow make ends meet, she moonlights as a nurse at night in a psychiatric clinic.

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DarkHouse on Steam

LEO: The Unexpected Journey

LEO: The Unexpected Journey

Leo, a faithfull guard dog, was born and raised in a charming farm. He spent the days protecting domestic animals, roaming around farm, chasing birds. One night towards the end of summer, owner of the farm was shot by stranger. After this tragic incident, Leo rallies a team and hit the road to bring help.

As a group of animals who have spent all their life in a isolated farm environment end up in the unknown nature, they’ll explore wild beauty of unknown nature and broaden their horizons. To accomplish their vital duty, they must struggle to overcome hassles on the road.When they face with problems, they’ll get to know each other by making choices that can build or destroy their relationships.

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LEO: The Unexpected Journey on Steam

House Party

House Party

Until this patch I would have 10000% recommended this game to everyone. Now due to Steam policy they are having to censor all chars based on real people. To myself that is game breaking and going forward all the new content also featuring real people will also be censored.. The Devs have said tough crap go buy the game again on another platform. Unacceptable response. Uninstalled and will not be supporting any longer.

Real player with 57.5 hrs in game

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A fun fucking game (not ment ass fuckinggame, just good game). Spent a lot of time picking up all kinds of strange items and harrasing every individual guest at the party. 8/10, soly worth playing just because Patric is in the game.

Real player with 49.3 hrs in game

House Party on Steam



Great visual puzzles.

And not only visual.

Admirably crafted, Moncage really makes you think inside the box, and is challenging enough that I had to take a couple of breaks to figure out solutions.

Some reviewers might confuse you by claiming, in the same sentence, that the game is too short and that they used the hint system.

Unsurprisingly, if you solve all puzzles by yourself, i.e., if you play the game, the playing time doubles.

The only missing feature is a post-game chapter selector.

It would let us hunt for our missed secrets without the need to replay the entire game.

Real player with 10.0 hrs in game

Masterfully crafted puzzle game that takes place on five sides of a cube as you piece together the story through interconnecting scenes. Moncage is a relaxing perspective-based puzzle game with pleasant visuals, touching story told without words, and relaxing soundtrack. There is an alternate ending that requires players to find all hidden photos and replay the story a second time while keeping an eye out for ways “to think outside the cube”. About 2 to 5 hours to complete depending on how often you use the hint system or unlocking achievements. A must try for puzzle enthusiast [10/10]

Real player with 5.7 hrs in game

Moncage on Steam

魂之大陆 Soultia

魂之大陆 Soultia

At the time of review, I have only played this for an hour.. I plan to play it more in the coming days, but wanted to share the experience thus far. I am giving this game a positive review because I think it does a lot of things right, and the idea is something I want expanded on more.

With $5 and an open mind, I really do believe you will get your money’s worth.


1. Combat feels really good to me. I love how powerful the dashes (shift by default) feel. I’ve only faced a few beginner mobs so far, but they all have unique attack patterns. Unless I’m swarmed with enemies, the combat always makes me feel in control.

Real player with 1.2 hrs in game

I just tried the early access version and can see that I definitely will want to play this AFTER they finish it, Playing with a keyboard is something I’ve never been able to do and at the time I tried the game playing with a controller hasn’t been finished. This game intrigues me and I will be watching to see when it has improved enough that a controller can be used so I can give it a better review. So far, I believe this will be a thumbs up for me.

Real player with 0.3 hrs in game

魂之大陆 Soultia on Steam



What an absolute treat of a game showing how every little thing matters and how important the people around you are and you should cherish every moment you can. Wattam starts off with a little mayor being lonely and soon off to making new friends and more on the way. The little sandbox you start out in continues to expand as you progress through the 4 seasons. The music once again never fails to amuse me, and the atmosphere gives the katamari damacy series vibes which gives a lot of childhood memories. Each character you unlock feels very unique and adorable to interact with. The story has a lot of meaning towards life and the world itself. The game roughly takes 3-4 hours long to beat but there is after game content if you haven’t unlocked all the visitors/achievements just to mess around in the sandbox. Can’t believe this adorable but absurd game managed to tear me up in the end truly a fantastic game. Will recommend this game if you are looking for a happy/peaceful time.

Real player with 8.2 hrs in game

All my days used to feel the same, just playing a waiting game, dining at a table set for one, stuck in an endless rerun. Then one day you walked into my life, it was you I needed. I can’t wait to be comin' home to you, can’t wait to be comin' home to you, can’t wait to be comin' home to it all… Walking alone makes the world a lonely shade of blue, walking alone was a bore, until the moment I met you. All that it took was a single glance to change my point of view, with our hands tightly together, let us set off on an adventure. Along the way, things take a turn… not in a way… like we planned it. Now both of us are trav’ling all alone again, but our journey led us on two different paths, before the end. Please, don’t you leave me, without you it won’t be easy… oh no. I cannot go on alone, I’m not brave enough on my own, so… we won’t be comin', no we won’t be comin'. We won’t be comin', no we won’t be comin'. We won’t be comin', no we won’t be comin'…

Real player with 7.2 hrs in game

Wattam on Steam

Deadwater Saloon

Deadwater Saloon

Create Your Character

Playing as a rich and dynamic character in the old west, you will be able to fully customize your attributes to fit your playstyle, such as Mixology, Seduction, and Sneakiness. You will manage your life as well as your saloon, such as maintaining your reputation and getting married. You will struggle with the effects of disease, aging, sanity, and addictions.

Form Relationships

Provide travellers with a distinct drink parlour, gaining legendary stories to regale and build your legend. Interact with townspeople as they populate the town, forging friendships with blacksmiths, sheriffs, and preachers, romance prospective partners, or blackmail, abduct, and murder those who threaten you.


Build your saloon from the ground up. Expand the walls, build bordellos, opium dens, high stakes gambling rooms, and railed porches. Buy and place spittoons, tables, chairs, handcrafted bars, pianos, chandeliers, and diamond dust mirrors.


Thrive within a complex economy system, stockpiling booze, food, guns, and opium. Research a diverse array of drinks and foods to serve customers. Hire and manage staff from within the town populace, including barkeeps, cooks, servers, prostitutes, croupiers, pianists and bouncers. Help them reach their full potential, or fire and replace them with those more skilled.

Hundreds of Events

Face the forces of nature, meddlesome customers, firebrand Preachers, rival outlaw gangs, and much more. At some point, you will be tested by stronger and more formidable nemesis in longer event chains. Whatever you choose, you will face the consequences of your choices. The frontier is an unforgiving place.

Deadwater Saloon on Steam

Nainai’s Recipe

Nainai’s Recipe

Nainai’s Recipe is a game that captures the cooking feeling in stylized visuals. And a family story about how we lived together in a special way during 2020.

  • Maximum control - No preset ingredient slice texture, no performance-oriented steps, we want you to enjoy cooking a meal from start to finish.

  • Food to a larger food tradition - We curated a stylized kitchen with strong flavor about a Chinese kitchen, including appliances, condiments, and food choices.

  • Bonding moment with Nainai - During this difficult period of time, you will have more chance than ever to talk to your Nainai and know her story!

Nainai’s Recipe on Steam



It’s a great game,i really love the characters and the music (oh man i can just let the game run in the background to listen to the menu music and chill out),the story is very interesting if i say so myself,also the gameplay was a bit confusing for me at the start but after learning it,it’s very fun,i’m looking forward to the full release.

(please add a pause button on full release)

(sry for the bad english)

10/10 would spend my time more on this game.

Real player with 41.6 hrs in game

It has a lot of promise.

I talked to the developer in the forums, and they’re actively working on making improvements according to their posts albeit I don’t know how steady they are or how consistent they are at actually updating the game and correcting underlying flaws, of which there are many.

It’s a lot like Factorio, but if it was simplified, put into a Visual Novel game that has surprisingly good writing, and given a vaguely predictable “economy” built around the war for shits and giggles.

Real player with 36.7 hrs in game

ArmaCulture on Steam

Parakacuk: Raise Your Gang

Parakacuk: Raise Your Gang

This game is still on the Development!


Parakacuk is a third person action adventure game where you play as Budi, a new transfer student at Cipta Wiyata High School.

With the main problem in this school where the school is controlled by a group of gangs from each group in the school.

Help Parakacuk, your own gang to beat other gangs and become the ruler of the school!

Budi’s first day at his new school which should be free from the past at his old school,

instead it got worse with the various problems he had been through since the first day of school,

With the intention of taking revenge against another gang at school, Budi and his classmates form their own gang called Parakacuk.

  • An intense Teenagers story with a school theme.

  • Beat up another gangs.

  • Strengthen your Budi as you play.

Parakacuk: Raise Your Gang on Steam