Epic City Builder 4

Epic City Builder 4

I really do like this game. Its very easy to pick up and feels like the kind of game il be playing for a very long time.

Im 28 hours in at time of this review and im am very happy i brought this game. Its like city skyline….. but fun

Real player with 63.7 hrs in game

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Had an issue with not be able to save my capital but the developer was on it and issued a fix. I have spent alot of time well spent.

Real player with 25.4 hrs in game

Epic City Builder 4 on Steam

Eormor: Shattered Lands

Eormor: Shattered Lands

Instant Action!

Nice strategic thinking!

Play and continue whenever you want!

Real player with 82.8 hrs in game

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Fun, good gameplay. The AI is ruthless

Real player with 24.2 hrs in game

Eormor: Shattered Lands on Steam

Megacity Builder

Megacity Builder

like the older city building games but with a national twist. incorporates multiple little cities to run a country. can really get lost in the constructing and managing

Real player with 42.3 hrs in game

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Fantastic game! If you like lite sims, then this is your game.

It’s got a very detail orientated design for a game as lite as it is, its mechanics are nuanced and unique.

I strongly advise this game to anybody who is a fan of unique sims.

It has a bit of a learning curve, but never fear, its worth it!

Real player with 18.7 hrs in game

Megacity Builder on Steam



Disclaimer: Trailer & screenshots are early work in progress


Choose one of 102 countries and guide character-driven national intelligence agency through rough seas of the Cold War. From Soviet KGB and American CIA, up to Israeli Mossad and British MI6, expect different approaches to grand strategy gameplay.


  • Espionage finally made as it should be

  • Precise modelling of views & ideologies

  • Direct links between causes and effects

  • System of geopolitically active actors

  • Emergent multipolar simulation

  • Operation plans, campaigns, and opportunities


  • Prioritize grand scale and leave micro to your operatives

  • Establish contacts, threaten, exploit, and trade

  • Manipulate public opinion, support and establish political factions

  • Launch coups and proxy wars, falsify casus belli

  • Hunt spies and terrorists, protect internal stability

  • Form alliances, prepare all-out attacks, break rules

  • Advise country leader on critical decisions such as military interventions


  • Nuclear race: first atom bombs, thermonuclear revolution, mutually assured destruction

  • Huge progress in technology, simulated in the game with Kuhn’s paradigm shifts

  • After-war poverty, civil wars, controversial past

  • Configurable balance between alternate history and determinism

Espiocracy on Steam

Europa Universalis IV

Europa Universalis IV

I’m a divorced woman of color. Recently, my ex got our son Larry a video game called Europa Universalis for his 14th birthday. It seemed good for him, because it takes place in the distant past and he’s always been interested in history, so it seemed like a nice enough game, no graphic violence or anything, at least until I sat down and watched him play at it. I don’t know what sorts of racists made this game, but it’s basically a colonialism and genocide justification simulator. If you want to survive, you need to have access to money and soldiers, and the most (only) reliable way to ensure you have enough is to attack and conquer your weaker neighbors. If you don’t, you can be sure someone else will eventually come attack and conquer you.

Real player with 4558.6 hrs in game

So EU4 was a good game. Then they released the 450+ ‘bug fixes’. The entire game outside Europe has now been put back behind a new paywall unless you have the paradise DLC as it is now impossible to develop your provinces to spawn institutions as army tradition gives you impossibly high dev costs. I played one game and when I needed to dev an institution from a 1/1/1 grasslands province and starting cost is 120. That is only with 33 army tradition giving a 150% penalty. This was a custom nation and I had -20% dev cost. Good job paradox forcing everyone to buy your shittiest dlc in order to use any of the other DLC’s you have paid for. The game is now broken outside of Europe without the paradise dlc. You make me sick Paradox!

Real player with 1819.5 hrs in game

Europa Universalis IV on Steam



A simple political simulator focusing on a gameplay element that was missing in Democracy 3 and not well developed in Urban Empire.

To keep it short: The game is fun, but somewhat lacking in depth and can be rather random at times. Better to watch gameplay videos to see if it is for you, unless you really love politics and want a parliament simulator badly.

To be more elaborate: The game offers a variety of policies that are unlocked through research. Policy effects are very clearcut and not as complicated and multi-layered as in Democracy 3. Also they tend to be rather simple. For instance there is a policy to establish a pension system, but it is not explained what kind of system it is, nor is it possible to have different types of systems (Democracy 3 at least distinguished between private and public pension schemes).

Real player with 27.1 hrs in game

Mixed leaning negative, with lots of caveats

Firstly, I love the presentation, the UI design, the idea of the sim. It is nice to see so many countries represented, with an actual democratic method of passing or repealing laws and legislation, via voting done by members of the chamber. It is a solid base for the game to (hopefully) improve with in time.

But, sadly, I feel the overtly positive points halt here.

While many countries are represented each one works exactly the same, even if their constitutions and ideology differs. Each will start with the same rules and a empty parliamentary chamber. It is like establishing the very first government. And then the system does not emulate the country you are supposed to be. Every country gets the chamber filled, and then the “lawgivers” themselves pick a PM/President. Not the majority holder. Not public vote. Not the popular vote or the most weighted votes as seen in real systems across the world. Only through pushing new rules and laws can you actually get around to emulating your chosen countries real system.

Real player with 14.3 hrs in game

Lawgivers on Steam

Our Dear Kingdom

Our Dear Kingdom

Raise Our Dear Kingdom from a small village to a big kingdom!

Our Dear Kingdom is a game about gathering resources, manage the population and politics.

Design, build and grow your dream medieval city.

Save your population and manage the relationship with every faction.

Your decisions will shape the future of Our Dear Kingdom!

Some features:

  • Sandbox mode

  • Politics and relationship with each faction

  • Procedurally generated maps

  • Gather resources

  • Manage the population

  • Design and grow the city

Our Dear Kingdom on Steam

Star Sonata 2

Star Sonata 2

I cautiously recommend this game only if you can look past its shortcomings. I have been playing since ~2008 when I was only 12yr old.

The Good:

There is something about this game that can get you addicted like no other. The player base is very close (admittedly also rather small) and everybody knows everyone else and that makes the community very strong. You can create your own team join a team (aka clan, faction, country) and take control of start systems and use the resources within them to build ships, weapons, space stations, and become an industrial powerhouse. But you better be prepared to defend what you own. Much like a country in real life, your team could become a true superpower with all the fame and infamy that comes with it. You can exercise your hard and soft power as you see fit. Politics are very real in this game and I love it. Likewise, if you upset too many players they may declare war against you. Every solar system you own and space station you build is at risk. In a worse case scenario you could lose all of your territory, all of your industry, and be forced to surrender which almost always results in the death of said team. This is something I really like about this game. You have a lot of freedom and the choices you make can make you insanely rich, respected, and powerful. But you could lose it all.

Real player with 4273.5 hrs in game

TLDR - A decade+ after the game’s initial launch there is still nothing else quite like Star Sonata on the market today.

The game is heavily influenced by the Star Control series and combines 90’s style arcade action with MMO character development and an almost limitless item progression that rivals many modern MMOs. It has in-depth base building that is basically a whole different game unto itself where you can make money doing colonies, making gear, selling industrial commodities and more. The PvE content is typically fun and offers a variety of solo and group style engagements.. The PvP and team vs team combat probably needs the most improvement but the game doesn’t really revolve around those.

Real player with 3859.9 hrs in game

Star Sonata 2 on Steam

Crusader Kings II

Crusader Kings II

If you care about the amount of gameplay you get for your money at all, this game probably rates higher than any other game. (Last I read, the average player had over 500 hours on this game.)

Crusader Kings II is a strategic game where you spend most of your time looking at a big map of Europe cut into little counties, but it is drastically different from a game like Medieval II: Total War. Whereas in those games, every nation had rigid boundaries and an entire nation was a distinct, unified entity, Crusader Kings II focuses upon the feudal system of governance, and especially its hereditary system of succession.

Real player with 2025.1 hrs in game

Crusader Kings II is one of the most deep, fascinating and replayable strategy games I have ever played. In brief, you play as a family in the middle ages, anywhere between Mali and Mongolia, or from Bengal to Britain. You try to secure advantageous alliances and strategic marriages, and build up a small realm, either as a vassal of a greater power or striking out independently. There is no real win condition, though I love taking people who lost out historically, and helping push them to greatness.

Real player with 1862.2 hrs in game

Crusader Kings II on Steam

Galactic Civilizations® II: Ultimate Edition

Galactic Civilizations® II: Ultimate Edition

In a word: Addictive. Yes, addictive in that terrifying, inescapable, “just-one-more-turn” way. Galactic Civilizations II is what you get if you take Master of Orion II, expand it so that the galaxy, tech tree and ship customisation are roughly a hundred times as huge without ever becoming boring, bump the graphics up to a standard still respectable today for a TBS, give each civilization some serious make-or-break differences (hint: the Drengin and the Yor almost always end up dominating most of the galaxy that ISN’T YOU), and shove it out there to give almost every other space-based TBS a serious poke in the eye.

Real player with 216.8 hrs in game

I decided to pick up a new 4x space game after pouring many hours into Endless Space. Endless Space lacked complexity and I searched for a more in depth game. Galactic Civilizations 2 fulfill that criteria. I started playing this in 2015 so I have no nostalgic feelings for it. The game is quite good and fun despite its age and limitations, in fact it is the best 4x space game I have played so far (other space 4x I’ve played are MOO2, Endless Space and Sword of the Stars). Take a good look at the pros and cons because some points might put you off.

Real player with 196.7 hrs in game

Galactic Civilizations® II: Ultimate Edition on Steam