Blaster Shooter GunGuy!

Blaster Shooter GunGuy!

I really wanted to like this game, but in its current state, I cannot recommend it. I wrote some suggestions for the dev a month and a half ago since he appears to be active in the community discussions, but he has not addressed them despite responding to the posts above and below mine.

What’s sad is there is quite a bit of content here that most people will never see because the game is unfair with regard to taking damage. There is no delay between taking multiple hits, so falling in spikes will literally kill your three hearts in about 1 second. The lack of proper controller support is also a complete turn-off. You shouldn’t need a third-party tool when the Unity engine supports controllers already.

Real player with 6.7 hrs in game

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Blaster Shooter GunGuy likes to pretend that it’s a precision platformer yet the character movement has been implemented very poorly. There is no variable jump height, no wall jumping, and with how the game has been programmed it’s also possible for jumping to become unresponsive when near a ledge. Considering how many small platforms there are, and how many projectiles you must dodge, it’s absolutely hell to play.

The GUI is a mess, most in-game text is distorted and nearly unreadable. Controllers are supported but the keybinding graphics will not change to support this. Many buttons do not conform to what actions I’d expect them to make.

Real player with 5.8 hrs in game

Blaster Shooter GunGuy! on Steam

Chicken Cannon!

Chicken Cannon!

pissed me off

Real player with 3.4 hrs in game

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game was fu just a bit hard to controll and aim

Real player with 0.5 hrs in game

Chicken Cannon! on Steam



Gladio has a satisfying gore mechanic and unique fighting system. The game does have its issues though, blocking sometimes does not activate at all and kicking sends enemies through the map or past the invisible wall where I cannot reach them, forcing me to restart. Overall this game is a blast and it will surely develop further into an awesome game in the future, but for now you should avoid kicking!


-More weapons and maybe a shield

-The ability to mix and match armor

-The option to choose which enemies spawn

Real player with 7.9 hrs in game

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When first looking at Gladio one might think it is a tiny fighting game with with no real ingame progress and attacks that could seriously use some work. You would not be wrong. The player is in a small-ish box and has to fight enemies, the only progress is watching the wave counter go up, and attacks can seem quite stupid at times.

Still, this game can be a lot of fun when you lack something to do. Add some bounce or whatever music floats your boat (the game has no soundtrack), and you are in for half an hour of adrenaline while trying to crack that level 3 armor.

Real player with 3.9 hrs in game

Gladio on Steam



Whether you love designing levels or just love platformers in general this game is an instant buy! With a robust level editor, a system to get your level played, tight platforming, and endless content, this is the best Maker game ever made!

I originally purchased this game to help pass the time until Mario Maker 2, but was so amazed by the level editor I never left. From creating traditional platforming levels, to complex machines, the editor has almost unlimited potential. The editor is easy to learn, but extremely deep and robust to the allow for creating even the most complex contraptions.

Real player with 1953.5 hrs in game

Levelhead is the best level maker experience on the market.


Some describe it as a precision platformer, but it does not have to be. Even running around the most basic levels is enjoyable because the controls, character animations and sound design are spot on.

The main distinguishing gameplay feature is the grab/throw mechanic, which adds a ton of depth to the platforming and sets it apart from established franchises. The array of carry items can be used for platforming, puzzles, combat or even currency.

Real player with 1424.9 hrs in game

Levelhead on Steam



Very nice game! Hope the developers will update and expand it though

+Huge open world for hours of exploring

+Simple mechanics of gameplay - easy to learn in minutes

+History notes makes journey immersive

+Handful of ways to beat the game

-No background/ambient music so it is pretty quiet

-Some pieces of map are empty

-No marching armies, caravans etc.

Real player with 34.9 hrs in game

Silk is a compelling adventure strategy experience - not a genre name you see very often, and what a shame. The importance of picking a sensible route can be paramount, the threat of storms, raiders, wild animals and dead ends feel real and intense, and the feeling you get when you realise you have hit a dead end and have to turn back is a marvellous frustration.

It also means the satisfaction you get when you bring a caravan of silk back home is magnificent. The smalls joys of exploring a world in which every step matters, finding special locations, taking hidden treasure and fighting each small battle are immense. The feeling when your advisors reach a high enough skill level to start to really make the most of your surroundings is superb. A great adventure strategy title, definitely worth your time.

Real player with 14.2 hrs in game

Silk on Steam

Age of Fear: The Undead King GOLD

Age of Fear: The Undead King GOLD

Very well crafted game, especially for a small indie dev. While this has elements of a fantasy rpg (spellcasting units, magical items, fighting “monsters”, etc.) it is an excellent turn-based tactics game. Each of the factions that you can play feels unique and requires different tactics to win battles. The stories can be hit and miss, sometimes they are funny and compelling, other times just ho-hum, but that is par for the course in even AAA games from my experience. Possibly the most impressive thing of all is the prompt, thoughtful replies that the dev, Les, provides to questions and comments on the discussion board. I bought the whole works in their “Stay at Home” bundle for about $20 and I have had more fun with this game than many titles I have bought for 2-3X as much and I still have plenty of content left to explore. GREAT WORK!!! Support indie games–buy this now!

Real player with 415.4 hrs in game

Never judge a book by its cover. I was very surprised when found this diamond among many of indie-games. Nice design is pleasing to the eyes, great music, very nice story line, which is voiced in the form of a fantasy story - all that are creates the atmosphere of the game, that very addictive and don’t let you go. Very nice Turn-based fights like Heroes or Kings Bounty series. You can proceed main story or play random fights to raise your hero and troops. HUGE amount of artifacts and items. Random encounters with rewards and traps. If you like hardcore you can choose “Death Seeker” difficulty, that gives a huge challenge to every experienced player. You even can choose option “Items for troops” and gear them with artefacts, that can break difficulty but also can give a new experience for playing.

Real player with 124.2 hrs in game

Age of Fear: The Undead King GOLD on Steam

Ethyrial: Echoes of Yore

Ethyrial: Echoes of Yore

The world of Irumesa is filled with countless dangers such as creepy swamps, unexplored caves, and dungeons. Immerse yourself in this hardcore MMORPG and play the way you want to.

You live in a world called Irumesa. You start in the Solitary Isles and make your way through to the mainland, where you will traverse tundras, deserts, swamps, and more. Explore hundreds of interesting locations, each filled with a story, quests, and beautiful scenery.

One essential thing to us with this game is developing a game with a high risk to reward ratio. The game will be difficult, and the risks are high in general. We are trying to implement content for all types of players, both casual and hardcore RPG gamers, but the main focus will be on the more hardcore. With great risks comes great rewards!

Dying in Ethyrial will be harsh and punishing. We can guarantee that you will get frustrated at times. But we believe that this is also one of the things that makes a game fun to play. Knowing that death is so nasty and the stakes so high will increase the rewarding feeling when accomplishing something difficult. Death will result in irreversible experience loss, and items will be dropped at random. Players may pick up items again if someone else doesn’t get there first!

Teamwork will be an important aspect of Ethyrial, and leaving teammates to die will not really be an option. We want to enforce teams to really work together during instances, and boss fights to implement a “Party-loss system.” If a teammate dies, the entire party will share that players experience loss. If the rest of the team survives and manages to revive their teammate, some of the lost experience will be given back to the team.

PVE will, of course, be a big part of Ethyrial gameplay. You will encounter many boss fights and will be able to party up with your friends to clear the harder bosses. Instances (Dungeons) will come in plenty and with different difficulty. We will also introduce a Colosseum-style arena, where players, either solo or in a party, have to fight their way through different bosses in an arena.

You can’t have a great MMORPG without a good PVP system, where people can put their skills to the ultimate test against other players. We have plans to implement several different PVP-arenas where you are free to roam as you please, with ratings visible for everyone.

We have implemented a bounty system in the world to increase the risk of killing other players. Player killing will be mostly unrestricted but risky in the way that a bounty will be placed upon you. This will make you a target to other players looking to make some money. In the future, bountied players will also be restricted access to some areas, as a high bounty will make guards and other dangerous NPC’s very interested in you. Maybe you’ll find friends in darker places? In Ethyrial: Echoes of Yore, nothing is written in stone, and you decide who you want to become.

We plan on allowing you to be able to build your own houses, workshops, trading posts, castles or whatever you want. We will not feature an instanced housing system, as you will be able to buy a plot of land almost anywhere in our open world. You may team up with your clan to build a massive clan mansion or gather enough money and resources to build yourself a small cabin in the woods. What you do is up to you, although these benefits won’t come cheap.

Like with many other MMORPGs, we want to provide a solid crafting system. The crafting system will also have a higher risk/reward than what most players are used to, as items are varied in quality, wear over time, and not guaranteed to be crafted successfully - this is dependant on your skills. Basic blueprints are made available to the player through simple means such as vendors. However, more advanced blueprints can only be obtained through means of exploration, questing, and other types of content.

Our game will feature many different spells, but we are also creating a spell-crafting system, where players can further specialize their character by creating spells fit for their game style. A crafted spell starts blank and gets more powerful as you add abilities and powers to them. But be careful, as tinkering with some of these ancient powers may cause it all to go away. This system will be very high risk, but very high reward!

The community will be a large part of the game, whether you are alone, in a clan or a part of a small group of friends. We will have a system that facilitates this game mechanic, like your clan buying up land and making a new town on a trade route or you and your friends picking up bounties and hunting down criminals. We are working on more as well that we will share in the future.

(We will release more info as we develop further)

Ethyrial: Echoes of Yore on Steam

Hello Neighbor Pre-Alpha

Hello Neighbor Pre-Alpha

While yes its a pre alpha and has lots of bugs, in my opinion it is what hello neighbor should have been, i mean the newer art style just isnt scary and it focuses more on the puzzle solving then the actual horror, i also love the fact that the house looks like a real house that doesnt have roller coasters or anything crazy like that it feels like your sneaking into a real home with a real person who learns things living inside it which i think really adds to the horror aspect, so i highly recommend this version as it feels a lot more like a horror game than it does a puzzle solver.

Real player with 57.3 hrs in game

What Hello Neighbor Should’ve been. This is the first build of Hello Neighbor. It’s buggy, broken, crashes constantly, is extremely hard, but is a masterpiece.

The atmosphere is insanely good. The game nails the creepy atmosphere. The music that plays when you enter the house/when the neighbor is close is enough to send chills down your spine. The game is straightforwards enough, find the correct items to unlock his basment. He sometimes patrols the house, but usually just watches TV. Give it a try, you won’t regret it. That is unless your game crashes and you lose all your progress. Happy breaking and entering!

Real player with 30.7 hrs in game

Hello Neighbor Pre-Alpha on Steam

Mud and Blood

Mud and Blood

I love the Mud And Blood saga.

I’ve been a fan for 15 years of the games and the concept behind, which is kept in its Steam version.

It’s a one man army of a game which provides you with a strict and unforgiving challenge.

The game requires you to be alert and actively playing, focusing on each decision and movement in order to avoid certain defeat. This causes the player to descend in a trance, in which you need to be at 100% of your playing capabilities.

The game “fuses” MnB2 and MnB3 togheter, and are now being called classic and campaign.

Real player with 333.1 hrs in game

As a tester for this game, there’s a reason why I have played this many hours of this game. I’m not the kind of guy who’s a masochist, especially as someone who can remember plenty of times raging at this game. Some moments will be easy and some moments will be randomly challenging. But for new players, especially those unfamiliar with the older Mud and Blood flash games, you will get screwed really hard in the first few or even several hours until you learn. However despite all those moments, I still come back and play this game again and again because its difficulty is what makes winning rewarding, and its randomness is what makes the game replayable. I’ve lost lots of men to standard rifleman, and other times I managed to beat back a element of infantry backed by armored vehicles.

Real player with 220.5 hrs in game

Mud and Blood on Steam

Sigma Theory: Global Cold War

Sigma Theory: Global Cold War

Sigma Theory is a good niche product that was incorrectly exposed to the public. Yes indeed, it is a turn-based strategy game about spies, but it is far from Phantom Doctrine or any other action-packed tactical title. Jeez, in the very old “Spy vs Spy” game was much more direct action! Sigma Theory is text-based. It is a board game by the set of rules and overall dynamics. Think of Battlestar Galactica, think of Monopoly. In the realm of video games, think of The Witcher Adventure Game or maybe Plague Inc: Evolved , in a way.

Real player with 94.1 hrs in game

This game is a dream come true for me. I’ve always been a fan of the spy genre (video games, tabletop games, tv shows, movies, board games, card games), I think Sid Meyers Cover Action is one of the best espionage games ever made; with Invisible Inc and Phantom Doctrine coming in at close second; totally different games but they mange to make you feel like you’re a real intelligence officer on the job. Now there is a new spy game in town and I have to say this game is the type of spy game I’ve been looking for, for years! Ever since I played Streets of Chaos (it’s a game where you run a criminal origination. You send out gang members to do crime all over a fictional city) and another hidden gem called Black Closet (in the game you’re like the president of boarding school, and you send out your team to investigate students; to avoid scandals from destroying the school).  I thought to myself, both of these games have great micromanagement mechanics and they’re not very graphic heavy, it would be great to have a spy game that played a lot like those 2 games, and now that game is here!

Real player with 55.0 hrs in game

Sigma Theory: Global Cold War on Steam