Kingdom of Atham: Crown of the Champions

Kingdom of Atham: Crown of the Champions


KoA CotC short for “Kingdom of Atham: Crown of the Champions” is a PVE/PVP Fantasy Survival Game with many “RPG” aspects.

In the “KoA CotC” world you start your journey as a Champion; a divine mortal, sculpted by the great Elder, to quell the corruption that has enveloped the land and its inhabitants. Different champions, also sculpted by the elder, have the same goal. Be aware, some might be friendly, some might be foes, you all have the same goal but even the strongest Champions can succumb to the darkness. An array of combat options will be available to your champion from melee, ranged and magic. Choose your “Faction” with care! Factions reside in specific villages around the CotC world and belong to different “realms”. Be warned champion! Your actions in these realms will follow you and might effect your destiny.

Your aspiration, since arriving in this world, was to cleanse the darkness and vanquish those responsible for it….the Fallen. These divine guardians, once beloved and cherished by all of Atham, unearthed the Crown of the Champion; an ancient divine artifact that balances the light and the darkness in all living things.

The conflict between the guardians originated over control of the crown and lead to a split in their ranks. One that wanted to preserve Atham as is; the other that wanted to dominate it. As the battle between the adversaries raged it enveloped the known world. Giant shadows were observed on the horizon, the echoed sounds of shattered mountains reverberated through the realms and violent tremors reduced civilizations to rubble. The final engagement between the two factions lead to the shattering of the crown and the apocalyptic release of energy that reforged the Guardians into calous power mongers. Blinded to their original belief of maintaining balance amongst all things they transformed into tyrannical desbots. Their malice, brutality, and oppression altered the very nature of Atham.

The moment the Crown shattered every creature experienced and was changed by it. This was followed by 5 mysterious objects that fell from the heavens and impacted the world with such force that it created fissures across the realms. Following the “Sundering” despair invaded the hearts and minds of the people as an unnatural propagation of twisted creatures ravaged the lands searching for those remnants of the Crown. Inevitably this lead to a new conflict, the Divine War, and it has raged on for almost 400 years.

Your goal, Champion is to find the remnants of the Crown and restore balance to Atham. Build your fortress, find allies and save the realms. Crafting and fighting your way to honor and glory. The Darkness is your worst enemy; the Light … a lost friend.

We plan to add these features in the full release many are already existing in game.

-Building (make a small house, village or town).

-Complex Crafting (farming and fishing included).

-Towns with merchants and guards (Faction based).

-Party & Guild system.

-Impressive enemies of all kinds.

-Special companion to follow you around the world.

-Combat: melee, ranged, magical and underwater combat scenarios.

-Reputation aspect where your choice will impact your game play.

-Dedicated servers for rent to make your own rules and world.

-Three different races with bonuses to specific classes.

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Kingdom of Atham: Crown of the Champions on Steam




-Devs actually take feedback into making the game the best it can be,

-Big open world with base building and things to find hidden around the map,

-New updates bringing new things into the game over time,

-Can kill a player with a lot of things with just base spells you find on the ground,

-Fights can last long and you can hunt down other players if you so feel like it,

-you are not FORCED to fight players if you dont want ther is some PVE in the game,

-Helpfull community


-low player base at the time

Real player with 232.0 hrs in game

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At first i was unsure about the game do to the lack of players and lack of knowledge i felt that there wasn’t anything to the game, after spending a few hours online and encountering the few loyal players this game has and meeting the owners, i can tell you this game has a lot of potential and the staff is very dedicated to making this game work and are open to taking requests for future updates.

the pvp in this game is really what makes it so great and i long for the day that there is always a few players online! you basically start off as an undead who’s brought back to the world after it being destroyed. you explore the map in search of materials to craft trinkets, cosmetics and spells which u can use in combat. you can build your own hidden base and fill it with shrines to get fast materials, and even set out and raid other peoples base!

Real player with 161.2 hrs in game

Animyst on Steam

Monster Legend

Monster Legend

The game is fun but unpolished. I can’t any of the options in the top menu

Real player with 2.0 hrs in game

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Monster Legend on Steam

Fantasy Toonz: Embers of Creation

Fantasy Toonz: Embers of Creation

The Great Creator Raist, being as bored as he was, created 12 demi gods to keep himself entertained. They soon became bored themselves so they created a world with all kinds of races to keep themselves entertained. Filled with jealousy, but fearing rebellion, Raist manipulated the races into a false religion to fight against the demi gods. Raist then suggested the demi gods give their children magic as a reward for their loyalty and to combat this new false religion that was threatening the will of the gods. When the demi gods realized that the Raist was the one behind the false religion, they took all the magic from their childen and used it to destroy The Great Creator. Raist was destroyed and the embers of what was left smashed down upon the planet, shattering it into an untold number of pieces and destroyed most of the life on the planet.

Fantasy Toonz: Embers of Creation on Steam



The game focuses on physical interaction with the world, and how dynamic everything in it. Most of the tasks can be solved in different ways. E.g: to pass the closed door, you can find a key, or destroy the padlock, or break the window nearby, or find the underpass

Each circle of hell is a level where you need to climb as high as possible at any cost. Haron will take you to next level. If desired, you can find funny or creepy secrets, part of story, or collectible items



Deadly Step

Deadly Step

This game is not directly a masterpiece, and yet lovers to know the pain of wandering through the mazes is dedicated.

The authors are sadists, these are not levels, but real torture chambers. How unfortunate that BDSM is not delivered.

It is based on an atmospheric game with a story, a mediocre nice graphics and running around for things that fell after death.

Real player with 1.6 hrs in game

For some reason, in this casual game, at first it’s boring and dreary, then it’s fun to run away from slow deaths, but at some point you start, like a frenzy in a panic, rushing in all directions in search of salvation. In the appendage, the hunt to kill those who did it. Naive is better not to play it.

Real player with 1.5 hrs in game

Deadly Step on Steam



By far one of the best early access games I’ve played. The story isn’t that rich, the combat is clunky at times, and there’s a lot of difficulty spikes. However, It holds that souls-like feel of accomplishment after getting through encounters and fights that you struggle with. overall I would give the game a 6 maybe 6.5 out of 10. I can see alot of potential with this game once some more features are added and some of the clunkyness\bugs are fixed.

Real player with 12.3 hrs in game

I love the game and its interesting mechanics

Balancing for me is waay too harsh but the Souls like games are the same.

It has lots of content and a Companion system which can be complicated like im sure i may of dismissed my companion on accident….?

The companion can also block your way sometimes or get stuck in places leaving you to fight on your own.

Discord has people who respond occasionally .

I feel that there might be more that can be done in the game but so far i would say it is worth its price.

Real player with 9.8 hrs in game


Warlocks Entanglement

Warlocks Entanglement

Warlocks Entanglement puts you into a destructible open world in a magical medieval setting. Explore and learn all this world has to offer and then open a gateway to the next world!.

  • Destructible environment

    Destroy anything see you see and build something new with the resources.

  • Combat

    Fight a variety of different creatures with various weapons that you can either find from looting or craft yourself as you learn.

  • Day and night cycles

    Craft torches to provide you light or enchant one of your weapons with radiance to help you see in the dark, You can carry torches in both hands giving much more visibility in dark places.

  • Looting and exploring

    There are many locations to loot but as you exhaust areas you must start heading further afield to find what your looking for.

  • Base building

    You can occupy a house and convert it to your own requirements or build one from scratch, there are many different resources around that you can utilise to aid you in this.

  • Levelling

    As you gain experience create more advanced high tier weapons / bows and armour.

  • Gardening

    You can create or loot seeds and plant them to grow crops, Cross contaminating some crops can cause more exotic and useful plants to grow, You can learn the secret to this as you go.

  • Brew potions

    As your cauldron grows stronger with the ingredients it needs you will be able to brew more powerful potions, Providing an array of additional skills to aid you.

  • Delving deep underground

    There are many chasms that open up to underground tunnels and sometimes cities, There are many precious recourses to loot and mine underground

  • Many Worlds

    Play the pre-selected map or a randomly generated world.

Warlocks Entanglement on Steam



3500+ hours in and counting… I think that means I like it! lol

Edit: Over 6000 hours now and still love it!

Don’t feel like reading? Consider checking out my video describing Boundless in broad strokes ^^

The Game is officially released but is still being developed!

Like any good MMO the game is still being added to, balanced, and improved upon. Updates oscillate from going to the public test severs one week and then to the live servers normally the next week so that 1-2 updates come to the live servers each month.

Real player with 6775.4 hrs in game

Edit: I’m adding a new review now that I’ve been putting this game on hold/maintenance mode, as I’ve reached my endgame in terms of content (highest tier gear, comfortable in terms of economy, and having a base i’m satisfied with). My old review is still available below.

At the time of writing (9 Jul 2021), the devs hasn’t communicated anything for several months now, and there’s no news about the latest update (nor is there any significant update). I’ve put the game down for about 3 months now. However, the servers are still up and the players are still playing (although to my knowledge the player count is getting smaller), which is questionable for an MMO.

Real player with 984.3 hrs in game

Boundless on Steam

Fated Kingdom

Fated Kingdom

So, I have 60+ hours in on this game and I have to say, it’s been a lot of fun. I started streaming Fated Kingdom over a month ago. Since then I have made some new friends and discovered a whole new affection for board games.

Yes, there are things worth discussing, like the interpretation from Russian to English. There are also some phrasing or wording points that may seem unclear at first. Reaching out to the developers has helped a lot. The developers are still very active in the games development. From bug fixes to Rule updates. And they are quick to respond to questions on Steam and Discord.

Real player with 94.5 hrs in game

Fated Kingdoms is a promising game. Visually it looks great the artwork is stunning and the design of the game board/ dice/ tokens is fitting and of equally high quality.

Mechanic/rule wise the game is a bit lacking, the rules (in the English version) are very poorly explained, it is clear that English is not the primary language of the developer. Most of the times this is a mild annoyance but certain sections can be undecipherable leading to serious interpretation issues. Another problem is the lack of a clear objective. I understand that the rules are meant to be open and flexible but giving at least a few good suggestions for winning conditions is very relevant for new players, without them it just feels unrewarding.

Real player with 15.3 hrs in game

Fated Kingdom on Steam