Craft The World

Craft The World

I had my fair share of fun in Craft the World, only matched by infuriating frustration it never failed to induce.

Dwarves are beyond dumb. They run from fights they would win and they stand their ground when they should flee. When equipped with ranged weapons they tend to get in close then run away in direction the enemy is coming from ending up in the middle of a horde of hostiles, then obviously being unable to get to safety without your intervention (open a portal if you have mana or take control of them, go through the enemies and hope for the best). This also occurs to melee characters as they flee.

Real player with 536.3 hrs in game

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At the Time of Writing

Game: Craft the World

Price: $21.99*

Genre: Simulation/Building

Time Played: 95 hours

Personal Enjoyment Rating: ☺☺☺☺☻

Links I Found Helpful**

A Youtube lets play by paulsoaresjr

This video pick might seem strange since it’s episode 18, however I felt that it would give you a good idea of what the game is like. If you enjoy exploring a new game for yourself, then you perhaps don’t want to watch it!

Real player with 244.7 hrs in game

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Capital Profit

Capital Profit

Music Used In Trailer

Track: the Sun Is Coming

By: Oursvince

License: Cc 3.0 By-share Alike

Capital Profit is a first person crafting tycoon game. It is based on the gathering of resources and creating them into various objects. Furthermore, you can sell these objects to NPCs in-game via your very own shop. The goal of the game is to either make the most amount of money possible or have the coolest/ rarest items!

  1. Search For Resources

  2. Build Items

  3. Sell Items

  4. Buy Items

  5. Decorate

Reasons to Play

  • Build Your Shop Empire In Real-time

  • Competition: Compare your shop and island with your friends and try to be the one who has the coolest items or the most money

  • Replay-ability: Continue playing and upgrading your island until you are satisfied

  • Family Friendly: This game has absolutely no violence except for the concept of fishing

The Name

I often get asked how I came up with the name “Capital Profit”. The game is very much based on the functions of capitalism, because of the buying/ selling of items and getting the most amount of money possible. Plus it was a word that my friend liked after I suggested to him (I’m all about that friendly teamwork). Now the word “Profit” is mostly based on profiting from the work/ play-time you put in the game. Therefore Capital Profit are two words that represent the game very well.

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Capital Profit on Steam

Deep Despair 2

Deep Despair 2

A game with good atmosphere, a nice amount of content, a surprising amount of horror elements, and all at a good price. Its a good game.

After looking at the reviews of the first Deep Despair, it appears that in this installment, every issue and problem people had with the first game has been fixed, along with improvements to every aspect of the game. Also I like how the deeper you go, the more monster types appear

Real player with 21.8 hrs in game

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I want to like this, but I’ve already had a game breaking bug. I equipped a torch for the first time, went down a ladder for the first time and that was all she wrote. I got the “Mines” text and the game hung permanently. I tabbed out and closed it, reloaded and the “Loading world” screen hung indefinitely. SO that world is broken, and is now useless. We’ll see what happens in the next .8 hours before I have to make a refund decision :(


New world made and attempted to recreate the issue. The game DOES take a long time to load mines, so don’t think it will be an instant transition when you go down the ladder. This time it finished loading and the game did not freeze. I tried leaving and re-entering several times and with the exception of less loading time, there was no change and it worked fine. I DID go back to the original world and let it load for a half hour but it remains broken and unusable. Second world seems to be behaving as desired so far.

Real player with 13.6 hrs in game

Deep Despair 2 on Steam



I’m a big fan of Milkbag Games. They make fun, relaxing games with a lot of thought and creativity in them just for the player’s enjoyment! Santacraft was a lot of fun to play. I was hooked and couldn’t stop. My desire to completely clear the map will probably send me back into the game very soon! Music, characters, and pop culture references are all on point!

EDIT for 2021 update: Love all the new stuff added, including a way to keep building! Thank you so much, Owen and Matt for making SantaCraft even more fun!

Real player with 12.3 hrs in game

A perfectly witty and wholesome Christmas game just in time for the holidays! Definitely worth the $5!

On top of being fun for me, I’ve found that it is a great way to teach my 6 year old to use a mouse as he finds controllers too difficult and has given up on other games like Minecraft. This game is right up his alley with the cute characters as well as incorporating the crafting and building that he loves to do!

Real player with 5.9 hrs in game

SantaCraft on Steam



i dont know why you paid $100 for this to be on steam. its ass

Real player with 0.2 hrs in game

I’m not a big MC fan, so I’m always looking for a game that LOOKS like MC but with more muscle and a bigger challenge. However, this clone smacks of a college Computer Science project rather than a contender with the major players.

  • While Craftsman tries its best to imitate the original, it stops at the keyboard commands. ‘V’ to quit? ‘E’ to start? The ESC key does nothing, so if you think pressing it will call up the menu so you can escape this nightmare, you’ll be sorely disappointed.

Real player with 0.2 hrs in game




I can’t seem to think how to write this review properly right now, so I’ll just go with an easy pro-con list.


  • The environments are quite pretty to look at and the lighting is nice (though the player character looks like a bad CGI creature from a 90’s music video)

  • Has a lot of nice variety in terms of stuff to craft, mine or place

  • Uhhhh… I really can’t think of any other points at the moment


  • The story in this game is forgettable and uninteresting.

Real player with 157.4 hrs in game

There is quite a bit to say about Darkout. I’ll try to be as non-partisan as possible.

With the explosion of greenlight games and the large number of ‘Metroidvania’ sandbox style games on Steam, it’s hard to make one stand out from the rest. Darkout, like Terraria, or Starbound, takes yet another approach at these sandbox style games, but, of course, is still very much the same.

Indeed, Darkout is much the same old grind. Spending hour upon relentless hour, mining through piles of the same dirt, and rock, only to fill your inventory and discard, rinse and repeat. Just enough to get you the resources to build an elevator to reach the depths of the shaft you just dug. With the same old spotty mouse targeting as others, a horrible grouping system for mining, a terribly inaccurate crafting system, and a slew of other annoying bugs, it is tedious at best during these hours, searching for resources, and can often be a real chore, during these times, to play.

Real player with 133.1 hrs in game

Darkout on Steam

Project Create

Project Create

Project Create encourages exploration and creativity. Survive in this voxel world by gathering resources to build tools, weapons, armor, and fortifications against the wildlings roaming about looking for an easy meal.

Be on the lookout for the Mysterious Wanderer as he might have some useful insight into this world and beyond.

Key Features:

  • Endless procedurally generated worlds – Explore a world procedurally generated to discover unique land masses, NPCs, and structures.

  • Co-op - - Whether you want to survive the night alone or create mega-builds with friends, Project Create supports independent, player-hosted servers and unlimited world creation.

  • Skill and level progression – Practice makes perfect (or at least progress). Improve your skills (mining, black smithing, fishing, woodcutting, etc) through use to unlock abilities and increase efficiencies

  • Travel through time – Discover new materials, blocks, and blueprints by traveling to different time periods. Talk with the Mysterious Wanderer to learn more…

  • Hire NPCs – Nobody has time for resource gather. Hire NPCs to do the dirty work.

Project Create on Steam



Hi everyone. I’ve been part of the Crea community for a very long time now and I finally got around to updating my review. I’m going to go through the features of the game and talk a little bit about them so you know a little about the game beforehand.

Important Note: Since I wrote this review I’ve become part of the Crea development team. As such I won’t be updating this review further as I feel that being part of the development team would result in a biased review. That said, this review was written at a time when I was not part of the development team. So the original review still stands in its integrity. It is worth noting that many things about the game have changed since the review, so it’s no longer necessarily accurate.

Real player with 522.8 hrs in game

I don’t write a lot of reviews, or a lot of anything, so bear with me.

Crea is a very fun game. Combat, mining, building, and crafting in a 2D world. It’s similar to Terraria, which is what interested me, but far far from a clone. It’s early access, so expect bugs. Luckily, the developer is very active on the forums. He is very helpful, and I’ve personally watched him solve three or four bugs on his twitch stream. I believe he spends hours every day with his stream up, and anyone can come in and inform him of difficulties they’re having. I also think he has promised to release updates every week, however some weekly updates might only be bug fixes.

Real player with 52.5 hrs in game

Crea on Steam

Enchanted Blacksmith

Enchanted Blacksmith

Enchanted Blacksmith is a casual blacksmith simulation game where you sell weapons made by your own hands.

Take on the role of a blacksmith in the world of the sword and magic. Use your workbench to craft/modify/repair weapons and sell them at your shop.

Craft Weapons

Crafting system allows for creating unique weapons. Customize them by choosing from a variety of Blades, Crossguards, Hilts and Runes. Make blades and other items from materials like copper, steel, etc.

Enchanted Weapons

Use runes with various elements such as fire, poison, lightning, etc. to enchant your weapon with magic.

Upgrades and Quests

Earn experience points and gold by completing quests and orders. Level up your character and workshop to unlock new tools, resources and recipes.

Craft legendary weapons to seek fortune and Forge Your Legend!

Enchanted Blacksmith on Steam

Everpixel Valley

Everpixel Valley

Action RPG meets farming simulator.

You’ve inherited a dusty plot of land. With your trusty axe, you set out to establish your pixelated dominance. Can you turn your farm into a bustling empire? It won’t be easy - you’ll have to fight off hordes of enemies seeking plunder. But you won’t have to do it alone - raise an army of tutu-wearing dinosaurs , obese unicorns, and sharks with friggin' laser beams on their heads to take the fight to your enemies.


  • Turn your dusty plot of land into a bustling farm! Sow crops, raise critters, and gather materials. But be careful - you’ll need to build defenses. Invaders will seek to pillage your hard work.

  • Hack n' Slash ARPG: Defend your farm - wade into the fray and make your enemies regret coming to your turf.

  • Character development: Over 24 perk trees to choose from! Choose carefully - you can only choose one primary and three secondary trees!

  • Dynamic Landscape: Specializing in a tree changes the farm around you! Pyromancer’s farms become grow hot while Toximancers poison the very land around them! Choose your crops accordingly - not every crop enjoys fire; not every crop is hydrated by poison!

  • Crafting: Everything you grow, every material you gather from your foes can be used for crafting. Forge slime swords, gem-infused chainmail, or tools to accessorize your buildings. The materials you use determines the enchantments you get!

  • Critters: What farm is complete without dinosaurs, wiener dogs, and walruses? Raise your livestock from eggs into your greatest allies! Bring them into battle or use them as mounts. Your critters eat different crops and produce different materials, so experiment to find the combination that suits your taste!

About Us:

Doom Dino Games is currently a one-man show. I am a professional software engineer that never forgot why I became a software engineer in the first place - I wanted to make great games. Eclectically inspired by games as varied as Diablo 2, XCom, Stardew Valley, Super Mario, Battle Brothers, Dwarf Fortress and Baldur’s Gate 2, I am passionate about making games that I want to play myself.

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