Guardians Of The Past

Guardians Of The Past

Great game, when you consider the stage its in! Wonderful Dev team who are always listening to ideas and issues, and quickly resolving them.

Real player with 10.1 hrs in game

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It’s a great game to play when your friends are around, though you need to find enough controllers for everybody.

But when you have found these controllers, oh boy, fun guaranteed.

Sometimes you need to explain the game a little, and for me it’s lagging a bit now and then but otherwise a really fun game.

Real player with 6.8 hrs in game

Guardians Of The Past on Steam

Ace of Spades: Battle Builder

Ace of Spades: Battle Builder

4 years.

I remember when I first bought this game. I was so happy and excited about it.

I remember when I first met “pros”. I wanted to play more and reach their level.

I remember when I actually reached 300 hours and thought myself to be the best player of all times. (Classical 300hrs syndrome (Everyone reaching 300hrs has it))

I remember huge amount of players playing this game.

I remember when devs actually supported (or pretended to support) the game.

I remember nice community, lots of interesting events and tons of fun.

Real player with 2010.0 hrs in game

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UPDATE: Holy shiat this dead game got a new update. Oh wait, most of it is locked away behind a paywall! Hahahahahahahahaha-gasp-hahahahhaahaha.

Long read ahead, but worth it!

As someone who has played Ace of Spades for way too long, let me introduce the history of it to you first:

In April 2011, somebody called Ben Aksoy released a pretty decent and free FPS with voxel mechanics called Ace of Spades. This was a game that people mostly played on a randomly-generated map similar to Minecraft’s randomly-generated maps (only without the trees, only grass, some rivers and more hills). The default and only gamemode at the time was Capture The Flag. All of these in combination allowed for some fun gameplay that required some strategy. Dig tunnels to capture the enemy’s intel, or build a fort to defend your own intel. Every man only had a rifle, spade, grenades and some blocks (unlike most FPSes there were no newby spray-and-pray weapons).

Real player with 1108.3 hrs in game

Ace of Spades: Battle Builder on Steam




Only the hardest fighters survive… or the best flappers and floppers.

Each hit, bullet, or explosion you take raises your percentage.

The higher your percentage the harder you get hit.

The only rule in the cage is DON’T TOUCH IT!

Arm yourself with whatever weapons you can find and smack the ever-living crap out of anyone that dares come near you.

New! Hold the fire button to pull your arms back and charge your melee attacks for even more damage!

Why not practice your golf swing while you’re at it? FORE!

Gifs are from an early alpha build which has since been updated to be much more vibrant and colorful.

Or DUAL-WIELD two shotguns and obliterate your foes

**Just be careful of whats behind you, that knock-back can be brutal.

So brutal in fact you can use it to your advantage to wildly fly around and take your mobility to the next level.**

Don’t like the layout of the arena? No problem. There’s few problems land mines and an RPG can’t fix.

And because we at Jamoly Co are committed to providing you with the most accurate physics simulation we understand no sim would be complete without being able to wildly flap melee weapons to gloriously fly through the sky.



    Customize each part of your ragdoll separately: the shape and color of your head, ears, body, outfit, eyes, and tail. Also includes a thicc option


    Level up & complete challenges to unlock all extras like character outfits!


    Bats, boxing gloves, golf clubs, flyswatters, hockey sticks and more


    All shoot bullets at least the size of a dodgeball.. or watermelon. Shotguns, snipers, machine guns, rifles and more


    Rpgs, rocket launchers, grenade launchers, land mines, exploding bats & exploding boxing gloves!


    Collect Boosts, Health, Ammo, Shield, Gold Coins & even scorestreak powerups to take your game to the next level


    Rack up enough score without dying and activate streak rewards such as Health Reset, Unlimited Boost or Ammo, Sentry Guns, Rolling Thunder air to land explosives, harrier jets, & even aim bot style homing projectiles!


    Gamble your health & score on weapon & scorestreak wheels for a chance at getting a better weapon! Gold Coin powerups help reduce the risk


    The huge knockback gives you tons of mobility and flight power, just be careful!


    Use your melee weapons as wings and take to the skies. Requires timing your arm flaps correctly, also different melee weapons are more useful than others for flight. Flyswatter - great upwards lift, Boxing gloves - not so great lift


    Reflect projectiles - even rockets!

  • Dynamic moving and destructible arenas

  • 4 player split screen & 8+ player online matches


    Play against AI for practice or single player


    In case you want it bigger or to get out of your way!


    Hits will do variable amounts of damage based on how hard you were actually able to hit them and what their multiplier is. Get a moving start and throw your whole body into it just like real life for maximum damage. Get a melee hit while boosting for double damage!


    A player that gets hit at 0% will take hit forces multiplied by 1x, at 50% hit forces to this player are multiplied by 1.5x, at 100% hit forces are multiplied by 2x and so on.


    This is being made through passion and a love for gaming so community feedback is very important. There is a huge amount of potential this base game can provide and it will be supported with continuing new cool features as often as possible. A big goal is to get this to a point where workshop support can be added so the community can help too.

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Factions: Origins of Malu

Factions: Origins of Malu

At first glance the game looks amazing, the environment and characters look really alien and unique, then I find out the game was made with no funding by just a few people, it amazes me to see such quality from a game made from nothing, wonder what they can do with some funding in thier pockets.

The gerneral artstyle I find is quite unique I think its fresh to see a new take on graphics it doesnt look like every other game out there, it feels a lot more alien, the characters are really interesting, so are the armors and flora of the game. I can see a few bad models here and there but since its alpha and from reading up on what devs are saying its my understanding that things will be updated and built upon so it will look even better with more time.

Real player with 12.7 hrs in game

UPDATE: Seems they are fixing it :D

Was a great, promising title, great Unreal Engine graphics, great action combat. 3 months and they had finally made it playable, but no content… They decided late 2015 to revert to a cheap-looking graphic engine, with tab-target non-action combat, and worst of all, horrible controls. Now sad to say as of 2016, they have officially announced their termination of development due to lack of funds and lack of motivation. I truly hoped this could be what it looked like during the Greenlight video they had submitted. But alas, it seems this game was said to be too good to be true.

Real player with 5.5 hrs in game

Factions: Origins of Malu on Steam

King Arthur’s Gold

King Arthur’s Gold

I’ve decided to delete my old review about this GREAT game, as it was a bit outdated.

If you are confused with these short positive reviews and utter BS negative ones (most of them. I can accept others opinion, but most of them are reviews made by salty kids who didn’t bother to give this game more than an hour before making a review about it) and have stumbled upon this one, hopefully i could make things a bit clearer and help you decide, whether to buy it or not.

This game is very unique, you’ve played nothing like this before, I am absolutely sure in that and can safely guarantee it to you. Great medieval age battles, easy to learn, but hard to master. You can choose from 3 well balanced classes: Knight, Archer and Builder. Basic game modes, which you’ll be playing the most are: Capture The Flag, Take The Halls, Team Death Match and Sandbox. There are also modded servers, where you can literally face ANYTHING, from zero gravity space lazer wars to Zombie survival with modern wargear. Battles are really epic and intense, so you won’t get tired of the game in the near future.

Real player with 3397.7 hrs in game

UPD 31.01.2018. Now you cant even complain about useless teammates, since official servers enforced chat censorship. If before you could easily disable chat filter in game’s settings, if you wish so, now - nope, THINK ABOUT CHILDRENS. I wonder, how deep this sjw train will go this time…

UPD 29.09.2017. Now you also can get chat bans on official servers for complaining about useless teammates (which is true for 95% of time). Well done, literally the best possible thing to do, in order to revive this game!

Real player with 1627.3 hrs in game

King Arthur's Gold on Steam

Rover Mechanic Challenge - ERC Competition

Rover Mechanic Challenge - ERC Competition

⣾⡇⣿⣿⡇⣾⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣄⢻⣦⡀⠁⢸⡌⠻⣿⣿⣿⡽⣿⣿ play it

⡇⣿⠹⣿⡇⡟⠛⣉⠁⠉⠉⠻⡿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣦⣄⡉⠂⠈⠙⢿⣿⣝⣿ It’s good








Real player with 2.9 hrs in game

hard to play

Real player with 0.3 hrs in game

Rover Mechanic Challenge - ERC Competition on Steam

Railroad Corporation

Railroad Corporation

Updated July 9, 2019

I have now played the campaign through twice and have learned a lot since the below review.

The game remains fun and I really cannot wait for the coming updates, because this game has a lot of promise. Some of the problems I had at first have been eliminated by getting better at the game the way it is now.

-Track laying- the first time through I was doing was overloading the network with too many trains and a lot of crossovers and intersections. The routing does need to be improved but with careful planning, future bottlenecks can be eliminated. Upgrade your stations and invest in train research ASAP. This will allow longer and faster trains, that takes care of the problem of clogging the network with slow and over worked trains. Also build sidings frequently so trains can bypass each other easily.

Real player with 724.5 hrs in game

See those cool videos ? They aren’t in the game. The general overhead view is what you will be seeing. I expected to be able to zoom in and move the camera to see cool things like in the videos (coal beingg loaded, trains going over bridges all like they show in the videos) Unfortunately that isn’t what you get to see, it may be clips you see in some later mission of the video (that I haven’t gotten to yet).

Overall, though, the game is a good financial strategy management game. I do miss the old days of RRT and 2 where you lay each small section of track individually, looking at the cost and elevations and having to decide if it was worth it in the long run to go through, over or around a mountain etc. But, strategically the game is definately a breath of fresh air for those that enjoy doing research, buying industries and managing trains and growing cities whose demands change over time.. I do kinda wish there was a log of how each city is changing as it pops up and is gone what the city is no longer needing or is now needing (it seems the game has been kinda “dumbed down” for those that don’t really want to immerse themselves in the grand strategy of it all).

Real player with 59.5 hrs in game

Railroad Corporation on Steam

Bloons TD Battles 2

Bloons TD Battles 2

After giving the game even longer time than before I can safely say that this game is not worth playing for new players at the moment. I bought VIP in hopes that the xp leveling system would be decent, but no. Not even close. Ive spent the last 7 hours of my time playing with just the same tower over and over again, and I still need to unlock 2 more tier 4s and all 3 tier 5s. And I used that tower as my main tower.

Ive played for 27 hours so far, and I have 1 tier 5 in total… 1! And ofc that is for the one and only tack shooter. The most broken and unbalanced tower in the game. If you dont use it then be prepared for a way harder game than if you did.

Real player with 48.5 hrs in game

Edit; Ninja Kiwi rewoke the XP system literally one day later. Thank you Ninja Kiwi for actually listening to the community feedback! Also thank you everyone for the free steam points, now I can buy more anime girl profile pictures!

BTD Battles 2 can now finally be the great successor of BTD Battles 1 as I wanted it to be. I’d like to list a few things that I really do enjoy in this game since I was so hard on them before the XP table buff.

  • Graphics and art style is on point. I haven’t really played BTD 6 since I’ve always been so invested in BTD Batles 1. The graphics and art style are very refreshing for me and I tip my beanie to NK.

Real player with 31.4 hrs in game

Bloons TD Battles 2 on Steam

Buddy Bash

Buddy Bash

Crushing friends & family with a crate has never been this fun before. Works great through Steam Remote Play!

Real player with 18.0 hrs in game

Quite a fun couch fighter with some unique features, like fall damage and dissolving platforms, as well as some weird parkour elements. We used Steam remote with keyboard controls

Real player with 7.0 hrs in game

Buddy Bash on Steam

Bloons TD Battles

Bloons TD Battles

This game used to be good: fast-paced, pleasantly complex, strategy-based, and lots of adorable monkeys. There were some problems: clan bugs, COBRA tower, cheating, and unwillingness of support staff to do anything about the cheating, but overall it was pretty playable. To play at the highest level, or just have maximum fun, a couple minor purchases were helpful but not required, primarily club access for additional arena modes with special rules.

Instead of fixing those problems, Ninja Kiwi introduced “powers” as a way to squeeze money out of existing players. Basically the game went from being focused on strategy and skill to being focused on grinding to unlock the best powers and use those powers to defeat opponents.

Real player with 808.2 hrs in game

I originally began playing this game because a Youtuber I liked would often play this game with his subscribers. I had originally put off downloading the game even though it was free because of numerous negative reviews had made me wary of this game. The main part of this game that I was originally worried about was this game’s version of a premium membership being club access.

Once I began playing the game I realized that although the game is fun it is also tiring in the beginning as you start with a small fraction of the monkeys. Although at times being limited was frustrating looking back I’m glad they did it this way for a few reasons.

Real player with 273.6 hrs in game

Bloons TD Battles on Steam