Kill It With Fire: Ignition

Kill It With Fire: Ignition

i have a few ideas for some spiders that could be added. here is a list:

venomous spider: a spider that is like the normal spider, but slightly green. it will go towards the player and “bite” them, which will slow you down for five-ten seconds.

a power for the queen spider: she will spawn two spiderlings when you attack her

camo spider: a spider that is slightly transparent, so they are harder to find and hit.

radioactive spider: a sort of “boss” spider, it is a lot bigger than the other spiders, and has a radioactive symbol on its back. it has three powers: 1) it can spawn random spider types, 2-3. 2) it can turn transparent like the camo spider. 3) it can spit poison, which will slow the player down for twice as long as the poison spider.

Real player with 16.1 hrs in game

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abselutely brilliant! i can not recommend more! also, it isnt really too scary with the spiders, and its not too disgusting either, very fun, lots of great fun to be had, hmm… no its just fun and fun and fun and its so good why are you even reading this?! JUST PLAY THE GAME OR ILL LIGHT YOUR HOUSE ON FIRE! only if theres spiders inside though :)

Real player with 11.0 hrs in game

Kill It With Fire: Ignition on Steam

Kill It With Fire: HEATWAVE

Kill It With Fire: HEATWAVE

This is my arachnophobia therapy… well, kinda. ;) Not a game for you if you love spiders or are a PETA member, everyone else should be able to get a good amount of enjoyment out of this.

One new level (including reworked versions of the two in Ignition), three new species (all of them nightmare fuel), and a couple more weapons - the pan rules, I hope we’ll be able to hit those jumping spiders out of the air with it. Maybe it’s already possible, I flinched every time to be honest.

Had this on my radar since the r/indiegaming post in (IIRC) Febuary, was already planning on buying this after playing Ignition, this was enough to ignore my “no pre-orders” rule.

Real player with 2.7 hrs in game

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I don’t know how to explain it, but this game was really awesome. You’re basically wandering around a house, finding and killing spiders. The spiders are also diverse, meaning there are actually multiple types. You can obtain several different type of ‘weapons’ to use, such as Clipboard, Revolver, Hair Spray & Lighter, Frying Pan, Shotgun. These aren’t the only items, and this doesn’t even include ‘Upgrades’ for them.

Throughout the game, you will have multiple objectives (written on the clipboard). I do have concerns of repetition and redundancy, however, each stage (before release) did have it’s own unique objectives. I’m definitely looking forward to this game’s release!

Real player with 2.0 hrs in game

Kill It With Fire: HEATWAVE on Steam

Garry’s Mod

Garry’s Mod

2,000 Hours don’t come out of a watch. It comes out of your life. Was the 2k hours worth it? Yes indeed. For a game like gmod to be amazing for such a low price your wondering is it good or bad? Its both 100% depending on the gamemode you play. Do i suggest it? I don’t know does time come out of a watch?


1,000 Hours later still finding the game interesting, Ive met wonderful people, bad people, and the ones to love and adore. From my 3k Hours this game is top Notch. Not Notch as in minecraft but, yeah. TOP NOTCH

Real player with 4472.3 hrs in game

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Garry’s Mod

Is not a game. It is a physics toy and sandbox style tool.

In Gmod, you can reluctantly do whatever you want to. You can: build things such as:

cars, buildings, bunkers, airships , boats , or whatever you can think up.

*Use weapons from other valve games, as well as add-on weapons created by other people.

Play with physics, kill NPCs with literally anything, drive a world of vehicles, paint, destroy stuff, spawn props, spawn ragdolls to pose and beat up, make a machinima for use on YouTube or other video websites, listen to music, and MUCH MUCH more.

Real player with 4265.5 hrs in game

Garry's Mod on Steam

Mini Maker: Make A Thing

Mini Maker: Make A Thing

A hero thing, a monster thing, a robo thing… in Mini Maker, you can make any ‘thing’! Use an arsenal of plastic limbs, wonky tools, rainbow stickers and googly eyes to assemble creations, please demanding clients, and laugh in the face of perfectionism.

Make a thing!

Glue mannequin limbs to robo-parts. Draw on a smiley face. Slap on a few stick-on tattoos to finish it off. Oh, did we mention there’s NO Undo button? Time to roll with the punches!

Make a living!

Fulfill wacky client requests however you can. From six-armed action figures, to fancy meals served from a toilet seat - any request is (unfortunately) possible. Explore their world and defeat your ultimate enemies: perfectionism and good taste.

Fend off haters!

Flying tomatoes, rabid hammers, electrifying eels… Fend off foes in time or ignore them and see what “statement” they leave on your precious thing.

Upgrade your toolbox!

Collect cash for your creations and re-invest it in supplies, tools and workshop upgrades. Expand your inventory or risk ending up making yet another armless Venus de Thingy.

Couch Collab!

Test the limits of your relationships by playing any challenge in 2-player couch co-op mode. Lower your expectations now: you two will be making some butt-ugly things.

Share your creations!

Use the built-in video recorder to share your creations with friends, foes, and the world wide web.

Mini Maker: Make A Thing on Steam

Super Cat Herding: Totally Awesome Edition

Super Cat Herding: Totally Awesome Edition

It’s a fun game on desktop and even more fun in VR. Once you get the Kitty Cannon you can really start with the destruction. It’s still early access, so right now there are only two levels, but the replayability of those levels is pretty high so I’d say it’s worth the investment. Also, it’s pretty bug free for an early access game as far as I can tell so that’s a positive. There are all sorts of little easter eggs in the game as well, which makes you want to try to find them all. Overall it’s a very entertaining game.

Real player with 8.2 hrs in game

This game is ridiculous and super fun :) For the price and with proceeds going to charity, it’s well worth it. I think I laughed for 2 hours, straight.

Could it use some work? Sure. I’d love to see some indicators or hit bars for destructible items so you know if you’re actually damaging something or not. I have no issues with the physics or graphics. In a lot of moments physics ‘surprises’ make the game funnier ;)

All in all, it’s a great time!

Real player with 3.4 hrs in game

Super Cat Herding: Totally Awesome Edition on Steam

Goat Simulator

Goat Simulator

I dont know how i have 950 hours help i cant stop

Real player with 953.3 hrs in game

Probably a little late review about the game but this game was one of my favourite childhood games. All my hours are legit and no hours are AFK. I played this game for hours on end exploring everything the game had to offer and looking for all the easter eggs. I had some of my best memories on this game and truly left a mark on my life. Thank you for this amazing game! 3

Real player with 176.8 hrs in game

Goat Simulator on Steam

Hipster Cafe

Hipster Cafe

Ever wanted to design, build and manage a café on your very own home computer? Really? OK then… welcome to HIPSTER CAFÉ.

Use your trust fund to buy up some old warehouse building in the run down part of town then market it to the nouveau riche in a cynical attempt to drive up property prices. Can you successfully navigate the shifting waters of pop culture in order to market your eatery to the wealthiest demographic?

-Optimise your food menu to cater to the palates of the great and the good.

Hipster Cafe on Steam

Howloween Hero

Howloween Hero

Full play through 100% achievements w/ time stamps here:

Overall I think the game is good I’m not sure it’s long enough or has enough to do to be worth 5.99, but it’s a cute game that kids could enjoy it’s pretty simple.

EDIT: The creator was super responsive and fixed every complaint I had about the game it’s short, but for the price of $5.99 it felt worth it.

Real player with 3.8 hrs in game

An absolutely adorable Halloween romp through a quirky neighborhood full of people that dump gallons of candy into the bucket of a dog they think is a human. Well worth the price of admission! The developers have ironed out some minor issues too.

Be wary of Frankenstein. He’s a little Psy-cho.

Real player with 2.5 hrs in game

Howloween Hero on Steam

Sep’s Diner

Sep’s Diner

Great fun, but less than two hours long.

Really good fun though.

Real player with 1.5 hrs in game

A fun, yet somewhat challenging cooking management game. If you enjoy games like ‘Cook, Serve, Delicious!’, ‘Cooking Dash’, & you like the idea of playing theses games in VR, then Sep’s Diner is definitely a game you should check out.

(I had won this game back in August, during a contest that Scale-1 Portal held.)

Real player with 1.2 hrs in game

Sep's Diner on Steam

Techno Chicken (ft. J.Geco)

Techno Chicken (ft. J.Geco)

The point in Techno Chicken is to cause as much damage as possible. Use different combinations to knock down your opponent.

Feel the technobit that will blow them.



Take control!

Let the city go crazy!

As a player, you have the ability to hypnotize and penetrate the minds of characters from the game world in a peculiar way.

The game has a story mode and many side missions that you can choose to complete as a regular chicken or as TechnoChicken! The decision is yours!

Do not forget about police/order services, which certainly will not make your task easier!

Remeber that the secret of your power of your power are wonderful techno-tablets. When you run out of power… Peck a techno energy pill and be invincible!

Different tablets give different effects, the limit is your imagination.

If you think that the story of this Chicken ends in a bucket, you’ll be surprised…

Maybe it’s better to spend that money on a bucket of just fries and a coke? Just remember Techno Chicken will find you so you should better get rid of all evidence.

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