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Choose one of 102 countries and guide character-driven national intelligence agency through rough seas of the Cold War. From Soviet KGB and American CIA, up to Israeli Mossad and British MI6, expect different approaches to grand strategy gameplay.


  • Espionage finally made as it should be

  • Precise modelling of views & ideologies

  • Direct links between causes and effects

  • System of geopolitically active actors

  • Emergent multipolar simulation

  • Operation plans, campaigns, and opportunities


  • Prioritize grand scale and leave micro to your operatives

  • Establish contacts, threaten, exploit, and trade

  • Manipulate public opinion, support and establish political factions

  • Launch coups and proxy wars, falsify casus belli

  • Hunt spies and terrorists, protect internal stability

  • Form alliances, prepare all-out attacks, break rules

  • Advise country leader on critical decisions such as military interventions


  • Nuclear race: first atom bombs, thermonuclear revolution, mutually assured destruction

  • Huge progress in technology, simulated in the game with Kuhn’s paradigm shifts

  • After-war poverty, civil wars, controversial past

  • Configurable balance between alternate history and determinism

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Espiocracy on Steam

Advanced Intelligence Surveillance Agency

Advanced Intelligence Surveillance Agency


Introduction: Advanced Intelligence Surveillance Agency(AISA) is a surveillance system building game. You will control an intelligence surveillance agency, you will need to achieve mission goals by establishing the surveillance system in the city. A news system will be provided in the game to provide players with the latest mission information. You can customize your equipment according to your needs in the Research center, including surveillance probes, surveillance drones, large reconnaissance drones, etc, and you can choose the way to complete the task according to the current intelligence. The location of the surveillance system you deploy, the detection range of the surveillance system, the efficiency of eliminating threats, and the casualties of civilians will all affect the success probability of your mission. Every action you take may have different effects.

Initiating foreign territory surveillance program

Protocol ‘AISAS-984XN’

Get main objectives:

– Establish surveillance network

– Search and Eliminate threats

Administrator detected

Initiating ‘Briefing’ protocol

Welcome to Advanced Intelligence Surveillance Agency (AISA)

– AISA is an intelligence surveillance agency approved by the Foreign Territory Land Monitoring Act, which is subordinate to the Ministry of National Defense.

– AISA is mainly responsible for the detection and elimination of terrorist activities in overseas territories and cities.

– The surveillance plan will allow administrators to place surveillance equipment anywhere in the city.

– Any individual entering the surveillance area will be scanned by the surveillance equipment and obtain personal information.

– If the surveillance device locates the threat, the administrator will be asked to take action.

– Administrators will be authorized to use equipment including military detectors, drones, and electronic warfare weapons.

– The administrator will be able to customize the equipment research plan according to the needs.

Authorizing the deployment of surveillance equipment

Authorized. Monitoring equipment is now free to deploy in the city

System diagnosing:

– Command center ready

– Research center ready

– Operation center ready

– Black Ops center offline

Bypassing local reinforcement security network


Requesting citizens information


Inquiry parallel projects status:

– PRISM (Decoy)

– Upstream Collection (Decoy)

– ECHELON (Activated)

Gathering Intelligence from base stations

Access denied, additional equipment required

Initiate program complete

Waiting for commands

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Advanced Intelligence Surveillance Agency on Steam



I love this game! For being made by 1 person It beats a lot of AAA games in creativity. I would really like to see more games like this in the future and I will be following the game’s development closely!

Real player with 123.7 hrs in game

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I pirated this game from Google, but after playing it for a while I decided to just buy the game to support the developer bcs this game is just super fun, after just 40 hours of playing this game I can say I love it the designing of the hull and turret is simple but is still fun, I’ve already made about 20 tanks just from WW1, the only problem with this game is that it’s empty and lacking a lot of other features that I would like in the game, I understand that it’s only made by one person so I can wait for as long as possible so that he can improve this game a lot, so I’ma just list the problems I have with the game:

Real player with 50.3 hrs in game

Sprocket on Steam

Supreme Ruler Ultimate

Supreme Ruler Ultimate

if you enjoy tactical planning and engagement theory this game tops anything I’ve ever played in my life thus far…. I enjoyed games like command and conquer/age of empires etc. as a boy….. this game eclipses that level of gameplay by about a million times over…… this games layout and playability it brings about 1000 manageable tasks to hand on a daily (game day) to be tended in order to effectively manage a country; as well as development of that country’s military armed forces which are specific to thier own unique ability’s, mobility, range, and fire power based upon real world specs of each unit as well. It’s an incredible format and if you have an extra hundred hours per week to invest into it then you can really take full advantage of what it has to offer in a complete sense of understanding……. it makes for an incredibly enjoyable experience that can easily account for a fake workday….. you can make a day of work from this game…..easily…….you simply will not recieve a real life paycheck from your work at the end of the week…… make sure it’s a labor of love in doing it…….and as a simulator comparable to actual reality a fair one at that… I’ve noticed some flaws in the progression of difficulty on an economic scale that bother me at points…..for example I wanted to improve the difficulty of my economy after I got the gist of managing it on easy…. and it became harder by America destroying thier own economy by conquering Canada and Mexico and going into major debt which screwed the entire world market in time….. and no matter how good my country’s infrastructure became I could not profit from it because every country in the world eventually became broke….. and I could never really make a significant enough profit on anything to ever really get a ahead at any point and so after I militarilly defeated every major military force in the world I decided to cheat and gift myself a few trillion dollars so I could then have some fun with that…….. in reality they would just….print more money (the UN) and tell America to f*ck off….. lol…..America would never actually destroy itself in such a way….. then again…… well I would like to hope not anyway….. you can literally lock and manage every to do in the game, from economy to diplomacy, to research and development of societal techs along with military techs and in addition build a military force of land sea and air units to be deployed unit by unit by unit hand selected to your own desire and discretion…. that’s how I like to play…. because I’m 34/ currently unemployed and living with my Grandmother….. I am incredibly healthy and fit despite my game time I am regimented and decisive with my diet and excercise which is always my top priority….next would be keeping my bunker….I mean my bedroom clean and neat…… and lastly I spend what other free time I have in between enjoying this game as of late…….. I’ve had some odd jobs come up over the past few months…… I’m also an avid reader… I have my laptop going and do real world research often while I am playing….. when you actually run the game at normal speed you will reach a point where you will encounter hours of down time…. if you have good infrastructure and enough money as well as strong alliances in and around your country you can literally issue a series of orders and let the game run untended for up to 2-3 hours at a time….. and it periodically autosaves so if you do that and end up coming back to a disaster you can re-load the game to a point prior to that particular happening….. I……….love……this game…..FANKYOU BATTLEPACK STUDIO! WE LOVE YOU! . -love, Chuck…. lol….Battlegoat studios….. they are incredible and I send them many many many sincere thankyou’s many times over. You guys kick ass.

Real player with 3588.6 hrs in game

Supreme Ruler Ultimate lets you supremely make the world your bitch. Play as any nation that existed in 1936, 1949, 2018 and beyond in a real time strategy game with so much depth you’re gonna to be drowning in militaristic decisions……such as Do I as 1936 Brazil want to buy Japanese ship designs, produce Soviet Tanks or buy outdated artillery pieces from the french?

[Military Units and Diversity]

Every major nation has a ludicrous selection of nation specific unit designs from tanks, artillery, motorized infantry, special forces, marines, planes, ships, submarines, carriers etc. However a lot of these become outdated or are by the start of the game but are still cool….. Maybe you as 2018 Germany want to rebuild the Bismark idk. Lets say you don’t want to play as the big fish in small pond Europe, the units don’t actually mater because you can just buy the designs from other nations. If you want to play as Portugal you can just buy German or Soviet tank designs to produce yourself (As both countries by 1940 typically have 40+ tank designs and specialized variants. If you ally with a country you can just buy their units directly and have them shipped off to your country. As Mexico if you ally with the United States you can just buy anything they have in reserve….. for a price (This includes nuclear bombs and missiles and ICMBs too).

Real player with 2000.7 hrs in game

Supreme Ruler Ultimate on Steam

The Amazing Shrinking Giraffe

The Amazing Shrinking Giraffe

I always thought there is no such thing as perfection, but today I learned something different. The beauty of this game drastically exceeds the human perception, but I, as a Wild Animal myself, have just stared into the pure visage of God. There is no doubt that Paul Bird, the so-called “Developer”, is nothing less than a prophet of the lord. This morning I heard the angels sing the gospel of this prophet, who they claim is just a man, yet his power, creativity and will of imagination is something beyond our world, that even God himself does not dare to question, for otherwise the wrath of the prophet shall sunder him.

Real player with 2.3 hrs in game

My boy Paul whipping another dinger outa the park with his new game. The Amazing Shrinking Giraffe is another classic hit that puts you in a fully explorable universe and with only one quest… kill the snakes, i was genuinely impressed from the complexities of the different universes and this is a must buy for the low price of 4.99 and don’t listen to the two people who voted not recommend because they obviously do not know what they are talking about and don’t recognize this modern artform.

Real player with 0.9 hrs in game

The Amazing Shrinking Giraffe on Steam

Tropico 3

Tropico 3

Day 1:start game ,listen to a overly excited probably bribed anouncer welcome you in,build house,no one lives in said house,

Day 2:i want to build a farm,builders refuse to build farm,i get mad,i use army to “convince” the builders to build,

Day 3: the people no longer like me now, i have 8 rebels on my small island…my army still cant find them,

i cower in fear in my palace.

Day 4: They have attacked, i’m the only one left, the one last man in the army. i’ve taken out only 2, now i retreat in shame. where are my people?

Real player with 733.9 hrs in game

El Presidente Version 3

This is my first Tropico Game and after some time of frustrating restarts and head meets desk moments,

i finally figured out how to be a good El Presidente.

Sure some folks are always bothering me, but meh i got a prison.

You have many ways of getting rid of negative people as well as options to make your people happy.

Beating these small shacks, your worst enemies, can be difficult, since they tend to pop up in the worst moments.

Also your workers are damn lazy, they dont build your houses and ignore the big ass transport ships in your harbor -.-

Real player with 30.5 hrs in game

Tropico 3 on Steam

I.G.I. Origins

I.G.I. Origins

Go deep into the origins of the Institute for Global Intelligence, re-imagining a pioneer of the tactical first-person shooter genre, the prequel to 2000’s Project I.G.I.

You are Michael King, codenamed Regent, an ex-SAS soldier, recruited by MI6 for covert, global missions to target an enemy with a world war in their sights. Armed with a sophisticated arsenal to divert, outsmart or wipe-out your adversaries, decide your approach; ghost-like espionage or heavy firefights. Twisted actions raise questions over the true enemy and harden your resolve against a shifting, hostile world.

I.G.I. Origins on Steam

ARMA: Cold War Assault

ARMA: Cold War Assault

It is the last mission… We’ve beaten the Russians off to the end of the island, and now it’s time to apprehend the mastermind behind it all… General Guba.

Me and my spec ops team of eight finish our briefing: to find and capture General Guba alive before he makes his escape off the island. As we make for Guba’s headquarters in our M113 Armored Personnel Carrier, we see a friendly machine gun jeep, probably forming into the friendly assault that will schedule a little while later. As we drive further to our objective, I spot a dirt trail along the mountain path. We follow it to find two ruskies guarding an abandoned outpost with a Mil Mi-24 “Hind” attack chopper hiding in the back. The gunner of the M113 takes out the two in quick bursts and I tell my men to board the Hind. “Out of fuel” 3 in my squad tells me. I find a fuel truck hiding behind a wall and refuel the Hind. As we start the chopper me and my men get ready for what comes next…

Real player with 597.0 hrs in game

This is the game that got me into PC gaming over a decade ago.

I still remember the very first time I played it. This masterpiece felt like a true war simulator back then, since there were not many games like this. It was really realistic in terms of difficulty.

● Really immersive campaign. Multiple characters, each having their set of skills on the battlefield. The cutscenes in this game are so good and long. It actually feels like watching a movie of Cold War.Campaign is also quite lenghty, variety of missions, never a mission indentical to another.

Real player with 95.7 hrs in game

ARMA: Cold War Assault on Steam



AS ABOVE SO BELOW is a Survival Horror Open World Action/RPG. You play as a recent college graduate offered a job in a small town, but upon arrival things are not what they seem. Face a series of unexplained events that unravel history, and ultimately change the future. Explore, Fight, Survive.


Tropico 4

Tropico 4

Power corrupts, absolute power… is pretty neat.

Tropico 4 is the magnum opus of the Tropico franchise. It has the best gameplay, graphics, story and characters of the whole franchise. This game took the torch from Tropico 3 and made everything absolutely better. The soundtrack is amazing and gives you the Caribbean immersion you need to rule the proud nation of Tropico. The interface is clean and to the point, and the game communicates very well to the player what he is supposed to do, and the colour palettes in this game are gorgeous even by today standards. Also the jokes are hilarious and never get old.

Real player with 817.6 hrs in game

At first, I wanted to be a kind, benevolent dictator, in charge of my island which of course would be perfectly green, a land of equality, equal pay, a high living standard, jobs for every Tropican, a high level of schooling and a good member of the United Nations.

However, people kept complaining. At first, this was fine. Free Speech and all. But they were not working. Worse, they began to become rebels and attack the work of innocent, hard working Tropicans. “Right,” I thought, “no more of that.” I built guard posts around the nation to protect my other civilians and the economy which kept everyone fed and housed. After a while, the strikes became too much. “This right to protest is too inefficient”, I thought, “and we just missed that freighter. We needed that boost to the economy.” In a moment of Thatcher, I had the newly raised guards gun down some of the strikers. The rest returned to work. The right to protest had been removed, but people were happier as everyone got richer.

Real player with 258.9 hrs in game

Tropico 4 on Steam