Burrow is an ever-expanding sandbox style game where you can explore, create, and share small levels (called… burrows)

Creation is a core concept of Burrow, all of the level creation tools are packaged with the game and are designed with simplicity in mind. Hundreds of props, simple terrain deformation tools, and built-in LUA scripting makes designing your own worlds a breeze.

VR and Desktop players are both welcome! Oh yeah, and we’ve got multiplayer too! Cross platform play is supported. You can play alone, or with your friends, no matter if they’re on VR or Desktop.

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Whether you love designing levels or just love platformers in general this game is an instant buy! With a robust level editor, a system to get your level played, tight platforming, and endless content, this is the best Maker game ever made!

I originally purchased this game to help pass the time until Mario Maker 2, but was so amazed by the level editor I never left. From creating traditional platforming levels, to complex machines, the editor has almost unlimited potential. The editor is easy to learn, but extremely deep and robust to the allow for creating even the most complex contraptions.

Real player with 1953.5 hrs in game

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Levelhead is the best level maker experience on the market.


Some describe it as a precision platformer, but it does not have to be. Even running around the most basic levels is enjoyable because the controls, character animations and sound design are spot on.

The main distinguishing gameplay feature is the grab/throw mechanic, which adds a ton of depth to the platforming and sets it apart from established franchises. The array of carry items can be used for platforming, puzzles, combat or even currency.

Real player with 1424.9 hrs in game

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this is a great game for people who want to build ethire simple or complex vehicles and is super fun

Real player with 450.7 hrs in game

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Real player with 390.1 hrs in game

Trailmakers on Steam

From the Depths

From the Depths

coffee tastes like purple

Real player with 4364.8 hrs in game

There is a lot of thing that I would like to say, so I’ll try to keep it brief.

Here are some question from new players who I’ve heard a lot:

Is the Learning Curve steep?

Yes. It not just a learning curve, but a learning cliff, on fire and covered in bears. It would take quite some time to get used to the mechanics of the game.

The tutorials only teach the absolute basics (e.g. its (proprietary) build mode controls and AI programming). For new players, Only finish the first section of it and go experiments with the designer yourself. Expect some ragey moments at this stage as it will bombard you with an insane amount of content (even with over 1000+ hours, I’m still considered quite new by FtD’s community standards). Fortunately, the FtD community have very experienced people who are ready to help you if any problem arises (as long as you don’t say the game as a whole sucks), so I advise you join the Official FtD Discord server as most activities happen there.

Real player with 1167.7 hrs in game

From the Depths on Steam

Saints Row 2

Saints Row 2

This is still a great game even when put up current gen stuff. I love it because the voice acting is excellent and it captures the feel of classic GTA3 oh so well. Even though this port has a problem with periodic “random” crashes, it’s still worth playing. Also, you really, really should bother to install the Gentlemen of the Row mod; it is worth the trouble for the quality of life adjustments alone.

I wanted to play this because I loved Saints Row 3 & 4 and Gat out of Hell. I knew it would be different, and more like GTA than the others but I wanted to try it anyway. I’m glad I did. It’s now my second favorite in the series after #4. I am looking forward to playing it again when the “MEGA Patch” is eventually released.

Real player with 88.2 hrs in game

Saints Row 2, man where do i start.. Its a really good game but id recommend something since this thing doesn’t have achievements: cheats, use them all the time and i recommend installing Gentlemen of the row to put modification of the game called ,,Ultor Rising'' where, you are the law and try to stop all the gangs, if your looking for something extra in the ultor rising mod, the nuclear power plant is the place of fun.

But yes Honest review of the base game without mods is a 9/10 for me.

Only issue was frame drops nothing else so yeah very good game.

Real player with 50.8 hrs in game

Saints Row 2 on Steam



Physics based combat game where you design a robot and fight in the arena. Crush, flip, pierce, burn and cut your opponents till the last part. Create superior fighting machines and dominate the arena.


  • Chassis Shaping is first step to create your robot. During combat chassis can be deformed and ripped apart exposing vital internal parts.

  • Component placement is next step. Part types are, but not limited to: structural beams, motors, pistons, wheels, blunt, sharp & other weapons, energy supplies, main-board and cosmetic parts.

  • Input Control Setup allows to bind various actuator actions using keyboard, mouse and game-pad controllers.

  • Bot Painting can be done both in-game and using your favorite painting software. Once your chassis shape is final, use implemented basic painting tools to paint bot. For more advanced designs just export & import bot texture using “.png” format.


Participate in matches against other bots in various game modes.

Fight alone or with friends. Host or join your friends match.

Cripple enemy machines by destroying key components such as wheels, motors, energy supplies, and main-board.

Use your weapons to shred your opponents apart. You can completely destroy bots as all chassis sections and parts are destructible.

Fighting arenas have hazards that may affect outcome of combat. Use them to your advantage. And avoid the pit at all cost.

Arena environments are diverse. Each arena might contain different hazards or none at all. Prepare your bot accordingly.


More features are in the development. Current features are not final and are subject to change.


Game is still in development and is not ready for release in 2021.

Demo version will be available before release.

PitBots on Steam

The Faraway Land

The Faraway Land

For 0.2.12_HF01 version:

I have finished the tutorial island and had a wonderful time with this game. The developers are very active and given the fact that are only 2 people making it, very fast to fix major problems! The sprint, key remap and tool depletion mentioned on discussion session were solved and they are still working to improve! That aside, things you should consider:

  • Dialogue/guidance are still very rough

  • You will have to grind, not excessively, but you will

  • It is on early stage, it has around 5 hours of gameplay (on solo)

Real player with 32.0 hrs in game

I enjoy it! It obviously still has a long way to go before it can be considered a full game and the current price is a bit steep for the amount of content that’s available, but there’s definitely a future here. I like the art style, and the sandbox style of the game. The current beginner Island with quests does a good job of explaining the basics of the survival and crafting mechanics of the game, although some random exploration is required. It does need a bit of an English check… Also multiplayer would make it a lot more enjoyable, but the creators have stated that they are working on that. I am curious to see how the game develops.

Real player with 14.8 hrs in game

The Faraway Land on Steam