Ace of Spades: Battle Builder

Ace of Spades: Battle Builder

4 years.

I remember when I first bought this game. I was so happy and excited about it.

I remember when I first met “pros”. I wanted to play more and reach their level.

I remember when I actually reached 300 hours and thought myself to be the best player of all times. (Classical 300hrs syndrome (Everyone reaching 300hrs has it))

I remember huge amount of players playing this game.

I remember when devs actually supported (or pretended to support) the game.

I remember nice community, lots of interesting events and tons of fun.

Real player with 2010.0 hrs in game

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UPDATE: Holy shiat this dead game got a new update. Oh wait, most of it is locked away behind a paywall! Hahahahahahahahaha-gasp-hahahahhaahaha.

Long read ahead, but worth it!

As someone who has played Ace of Spades for way too long, let me introduce the history of it to you first:

In April 2011, somebody called Ben Aksoy released a pretty decent and free FPS with voxel mechanics called Ace of Spades. This was a game that people mostly played on a randomly-generated map similar to Minecraft’s randomly-generated maps (only without the trees, only grass, some rivers and more hills). The default and only gamemode at the time was Capture The Flag. All of these in combination allowed for some fun gameplay that required some strategy. Dig tunnels to capture the enemy’s intel, or build a fort to defend your own intel. Every man only had a rifle, spade, grenades and some blocks (unlike most FPSes there were no newby spray-and-pray weapons).

Real player with 1108.3 hrs in game

Ace of Spades: Battle Builder on Steam

Exogate Initiative

Exogate Initiative

Exogate Initiative is a management/base-building game that puts you in charge of mankind’s first worlds exploration program. In the near future, a new technology will allow us to travel instantly anywhere in the universe, via portals known as Exogates. An international initiative is created to develop this technology and start the first exploration program.

You will lead mankind into the vast unknown, where we never before dreamt to tread.

In the depth of a mountain plan, excavate and build your base using a variety of specialized rooms and equipment.

  • Complete freedom to dig anywhere on the map.

  • Plan and build specialized rooms, explorers will need barracks to rest, a training field to prepare for their missions or a laboratory to study samples they brought back from other worlds.

  • Place equipment in these rooms, each one of them will have a dedicated purpose.

Recruit, train and manage specialists from all around the world.

  • You will unlock 6 different classes of explorers, the scientist will study flora and fauna on other worlds, the scholar will decipher alien culture and languages and the soldier will ensure everyone is safe.

  • Explorers are called gaters, they are completely autonomous.

  • Each gater is unique. They come from different countries, have different ages, look different.

  • Take care of their needs and ensure their well-being, both physical and psychological, as they are constantly facing the unknown.

  • They will develop relationships between each other, and losing a friend on a mission will not have the same impact as losing someone you hate.

  • Provide them with the tools and suits needed for their journey

Assemble teams and send them exploring new worlds through the Exogate.

  • Gaters will perform missions on their own but will request your help from time to time.

  • These contacts are micro interactive stories that will constantly try to surprise you, and where you will sometimes have to make difficult decisions.

  • They may discover new flora, fauna or even intelligent beings. There are more than 10 different kinds of encounters

  • After each mission, teams will return with more experience and interesting things to study. This will allow you to unlock new technologies and earn money to keep the initiative running.

Don’t forget to wishlist and follow!

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Exogate Initiative on Steam

Mud and Blood

Mud and Blood

I love the Mud And Blood saga.

I’ve been a fan for 15 years of the games and the concept behind, which is kept in its Steam version.

It’s a one man army of a game which provides you with a strict and unforgiving challenge.

The game requires you to be alert and actively playing, focusing on each decision and movement in order to avoid certain defeat. This causes the player to descend in a trance, in which you need to be at 100% of your playing capabilities.

The game “fuses” MnB2 and MnB3 togheter, and are now being called classic and campaign.

Real player with 333.1 hrs in game

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As a tester for this game, there’s a reason why I have played this many hours of this game. I’m not the kind of guy who’s a masochist, especially as someone who can remember plenty of times raging at this game. Some moments will be easy and some moments will be randomly challenging. But for new players, especially those unfamiliar with the older Mud and Blood flash games, you will get screwed really hard in the first few or even several hours until you learn. However despite all those moments, I still come back and play this game again and again because its difficulty is what makes winning rewarding, and its randomness is what makes the game replayable. I’ve lost lots of men to standard rifleman, and other times I managed to beat back a element of infantry backed by armored vehicles.

Real player with 220.5 hrs in game

Mud and Blood on Steam

Dead Event

Dead Event

after playing the game for about 35 hoursi decided to write a revieuw

The world kinda sucks u into it and its rather addictive game wich is created by a solo dev who actualy listens to the comunity balance wise and if u have some nice ideas the game keeps getting updated regulary whit balance fixxed and content being added tldr of what the game is like u are a monster on a alien world where u are trying to survive by killing other players / npc’s foor either loot or materials as there’s a equipment system wich is ever growing new stuff being added its rather a grind to find the perfect items u like for ur build as there’s alot of freedom in how u build ur monster stats wise but also gear wise its not straight forward as equip is all rng onwhat affixes it has wich makes every monster unique already but to top it off there is also a skill system wich add another layer to debt of ur monster and uniqueness

Real player with 73.8 hrs in game

HELLO n_n some ideas to make this game more fun

-Some enemies travel in group ( the queen spider can have 4 or 5 little or mid spider around for example )

-Add more efects to attacks only we can see bites and punches

-Put 1 river in the map or more water resources (i die many times because i couldnt find water TT_TT )

-The map is big, but you can make more bigger??

-Nest or spawn of creatures ( put some caves or ruins like dungeons can be GREAT )

-Random generated events ( like alien invasion or earthquakes can make holes in the ground and spawn creatures

Real player with 35.9 hrs in game

Dead Event on Steam



Trawel is an open world text adventure. What does that mean? It means that it’s a text adventure with a world filled with locations for you to explore, partly handmade, partly procedurally generated. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but if you’re looking for a romanticized, modern version of classic text adventures, look no further!

Explore a open world full of different locations, fighting various enemies while continuously looting them for better equipment.

Trawel on Steam

Block N Load

Block N Load

Please do not think of Ace of Spades, Minecraft, or Team Fortress coming in to this, treat it as it’s own game, because it is. All gameplay elements are well balanced, and tie together incredibly well. In the context of pure gameplay, there is little you can say against it. It is the best game I’ve ever played, and that likely won’t change for a long time, I’m certainly a candidate for being the #1 fan.

Currently the biggest problem is the playerbase. It is quite low, and slowly diminishing. I’m sure the developers will be looking at ways to pick this back up. If you’d use a USA, or UK server, you shall be okay, but otherwise I’d suggest not purchasing the game. Queues may take a little longer than other games due to the low playerbase. However, if you’re in a long queue, please do not leave, it creates a perpetuating issue that is only solved by players being patient.

Real player with 4357.1 hrs in game

First of, dont get me wrong, I love this game, I wouldnt have played it for 2000+ hours if I didnt. I made quite a lot of friends through this game in the last three years and learning to play each hero is fun.

The gameplay is one of a kind, it’s a unique mix of building and class based objective gameplay, however, there are some serious issues with this game:


There are none. The practice ground can give you a few pointers about movement and the tutorial video provides tips about basic game mechanics, but the base setups shown in the videos are absolutely useless. Your best bet would be to search some gameplay footage on youtube and study the defenses and tactics of some high level matches.

Real player with 2474.0 hrs in game

Block N Load on Steam

Lost Existence

Lost Existence

A fun, more challenging and complex alternative to other games in the voxel genre.

The creators were clearly inspired by Minecraft, but the similarities between the two games are all surface level. In my opinion, Lost Existence is a paradigm shift in the voxel genre, introducing unique combat and movement features such as double jumping, dodging, cling physics, etc.

It has the difficulty of a From Software title, customizable classes similar to World of Warcraft with a talent system and fusions.

Real player with 25.8 hrs in game

I do recommend this game, but with some strings attached. Read on.

Don’t get this game if you expect a full experience. As of the writing of this review, the game is extremely bare-bones. Obviously this is to be expected from an early access release. What I will say is that this game has a lot of potential. It is stable, and in the 90 minutes I’ve played so far, I haven’t really encountered any serious bugs. There is a unique system of customization; you are able to choose to play up to 2 classes simultaneously, and all classes come with talent trees and perks. The skill systems will almost certainly be more refined over time. I do, however, wish the mouse movements were a little more crisp. Precise movements are essential for aiming in this game. We also need the option to re-bind more controls than simply the action bars (I type Dvorak, and it’s kind of annoying having to switch to the qwerty layout to play properly).

Real player with 3.9 hrs in game

Lost Existence on Steam

One Military Camp

One Military Camp

Design and manage a military camp, as well as its essential facilities for the sustainability of life there. Set the layout of buildings where your soldiers will train their physical and tactical abilities. Eating and resting are very important too! So take it all into account to achieve a profitable and efficient academy.

Every recruit is born to serve the country, but only a few are the best for your camp. Following requests from the army, you will have to check the fear in the eyes of your soldiers before choosing them to join the camp.

Each training course will transform regular soldiers into highly specialized ones. Check the attributes of your ensigns and set them in the right path for their born specialty.

Affirmative! Training and maintaining soldiers is expensive, but you can make it a profitable business. Managing as a real tycoon will turn your camp into a money-making machine by completing government missions.

Upgrading buildings will allow you to improve the training of your soldiers. Having many strong soldiers will help you to face all the missions. Enjoy blowing stuff up? Don’t forget to build the Bomb Defusal Training building!

The war is constantly evolving, so stay ahead of the curve. Each mission will require specific soldiers. You’re not thinking of sending your best divers into a land battle, are you?

One Military Camp on Steam

Heist Simulator

Heist Simulator

Lights, Camera, HEIST! Grab your perfect team then hack, unlock, solve and disguise your way to stealing England’s finest tat and treasures. Once you’re a master thief, take our tools into your own hands and create your perfect heist!

Use Heist Simulator’s level editor and build the burglary, story or even home plan of your dreams! Draw up your ideal location, then fill it to the brim with thousands of props, decorations and interactables, then share your masterpiece with the world by uploading it to HeistCloud!

  • Steal treasures, valuables and questionable knick-knacks from all over England

  • Build your dream heist from a library of over 8,500 assets

  • Make your own puzzles and fiendish traps to outwit your friends

  • Breathe life into your world with NPCs and other interactive elements

  • Play through a whole host of community built campaigns and levels

Browse the Heist Cloud for campaigns and levels uploaded by other players. Rate them, recommend them to friends or take inspiration for your own designs and make your heists the best in the world!

Plan your way around lasers, guards and hundreds of other obstacles, while using every tool at your disposal to steal away the valuables. Once your plan is in place, set your team going and watch your heist take place in real-time, showing you every exciting moment and close call!

Heist Simulator on Steam