10 Pin Bowling (VR Support)

10 Pin Bowling (VR Support)

10 Pin Bowling

we’ve all been down to our local bowling alley to play. But ended up having to wait for hours to get a lane. Don’t waste anymore more time, run the game up and play. No more waiting, just straight to the fun part. Multiplayer on one pc sharing your headset.

Stuck in lockdown, Wanting to go bowling, or just looking for something to do.

Try our new Bowling Game With Full VR With Motion Controllers support.

Don’t Have a VR System, no worry’s this bowling game also supports a standard display with keyboard & mouse or xbox 360/one controller

Game modes

10-Pin Bowling (Fully Implemented),

How To Play


Multiplayer via VR headset sharing.

You can play the game with The Following controller setups.

VR Headset with motion controllers (Tested HTC Vive),

PC Monitor With Xbox 360/One Controller Or

PC Monitor With keyboard & Mouse.

Built With Ue4.

The Game will be upgraded to ue5 when ue5 is released.

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10 Pin Bowling (VR Support) on Steam