3dSen VR

3dSen VR



my mind has been blown. im surprised at how little attention this has. as of now product is 2% positive reviews away from “overwhelmingly positive” and rightfully so (i hope it makes it there c:). First off i would like to emphasize that this is not a game but an emulator. A very very nice emulator on steroids. i would akin it more as software that you use to run other games. 3Dsen does not come with these games but it will greatly enhance them if you download the games (via a simple google search) and run them with 3Dsen. their very easy to download if i want super mario bro 3 i just google “super mario bro 3 nes download” and boom there it is.

Real player with 18.1 hrs in game

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3DSENVR breathes new life into old classics. Duck Hunt makes for a respectable target shooter in VR. That’s right: Duck Hunt… a game that came out in 1984… is a FUN VR GAME now.

Even stuff that kind of sucked… at the time it came out… is now modernized into a total blast to play: A 1983 Pinball game I otherwise wouldn’t have given ANY thought to as an 8-year-old kid is freaking MAGICAL now. To be clear: I had ZERO nostalgic feelings for that title… but now it’s one of my favorite 3DSENVR games.

Real player with 7.8 hrs in game

3dSen VR on Steam



Meet Jentrix! This game was inspired by the famous board game and combines the very best of Jenga, match-3 and Tetris. And it’s all packed in Virtual Reality!

We are pretty sure you know the classic Jenga, but what if instead of wooden blocks there would be colorful fruit cubes, the towers would grow every second, and crocodiles would try to bite your hands?

Jentrix mixes different sets of mechanics from everyone’s favorite games. Jenga provides its well-known look of the tower and tests your physical and mental skills. Match-3 brings its popular 3-in-a-row portion, while Tetris vibes will put you to the edge as the tower grows.

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JENTRIX on Steam

Fluffy Cubed

Fluffy Cubed

Full disclosure: I got this on sale for .54 cents USD. It’s a cute sliding boxes puzzle game, where through the 60 levels I’ve played so far the easiest solution in the correct one. You do have to play the levels in order, and must complete one level to unlock the next one. There is no hint button, but you can redo a puzzle as many times as you like.

I’d recommend taking your time with your favorite beverage. Just enjoy the cute cat and listen to the music. Or turn that down and listen to whatever you like. Highly recommended for the cute cat and clean gameplay. No complicated mechanics here.

Real player with 2.3 hrs in game

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A really simple, super chill, and squarely cute puzzle game. The game has a nice pace and was honestly not at a point where it’s so challenging you get frustrated. Some levels just need a bit of extra time (trying methods and predicting pathways). I would suggest this game for the wholesome design, pleasant atmosphere, and easy-run achievements. Quite a simple play through and review.

Real player with 1.9 hrs in game

Fluffy Cubed on Steam



Apparently it won’t be that simple to get the achievements, a great minimalist puzzle with a simple and challenging mechanic.

Real player with 2.4 hrs in game

Perfect for expanding the brain. a simple concept that becomes gradually difficult. I love these games because it takes us out of our comfort zone and increases our perception. great puzzle.

Real player with 2.0 hrs in game

INVERT on Steam

Kick it, Bunny!

Kick it, Bunny!

The first impression upon entering this game is that of being on vacation, beautiful beaches, fine sand, deck chairs for sunbathing, green lawns with flowers, and crystal clear waters.

Everything is well reproduced in a cartoon style full of details and marked colors, even the sound of the water when you swim is pleasant; everything is accompanied by nice music that makes the environment more sparkling.


The aim of the game is to reassemble figures using square blocks of stone, of various shapes, at your disposal you will only have your bunny paws, you cannot lift them and carry them in your arms, so you will have to kick to move them, with your foot left push them with the right turn them.

Real player with 22.0 hrs in game

The game is pretty cute and the multiplayer option is a big plus. The puzzles can be kind of hard though, still, it’s a fun casual game!

Real player with 11.1 hrs in game

Kick it, Bunny! on Steam

Tabletop Simulator

Tabletop Simulator

Best simulator for playing board games on a tabletop with people.

Best simulator for playing

Best simulator for board

Best simulator for games

Best simulator for table

Best simulator for top

Best simulator for people.

Real player with 315.5 hrs in game

Stupidest value purchase imaginable for anyone who’s a fan of any board game. Cheaper than any single board game and it’s an infinte amount, that’s scripted, requires no set up, clean up or local friends. What more could you ask for?

Real player with 313.1 hrs in game

Tabletop Simulator on Steam

The Lost Game: Royal Game Of Ur

The Lost Game: Royal Game Of Ur

good UR sim

Real player with 4.0 hrs in game

This new edition of the Game of Ur has faithful designs to the original game with new spins. The addition of the workshop allows us to experience new ways of playing the Game of Ur. The AI proves to challenge me as I play the game. The UI is easy to understand. The gameplay is smooth with the movement of the tiles and the rolling of the dice. Overall a fun game to introduce you to the age old game of Ur.

Real player with 1.9 hrs in game

The Lost Game: Royal Game Of Ur on Steam



Never play the same game of chess again! ChessCraft is a chess AI sandbox. Create your own chess boards, rules, and pieces. Play against the computer or your friends online, or win loot by playing one of 80 built-in chess boards in adventure mode.

Many chess games already exist, but only ChessCraft allows the player to create such wacky boards, pieces, and rules and immediately play a decent computer opponent.

Create new pieces with any combination of the 8 bishop or rook slides, plus a 7x7 grid of knight-like hops. Create new boards with any enabled or disabled tile up to 16x16. Place promotion rules for any piece, anywhere, or other special tile rules. Create pieces that cannot be captured, or with ranged attacks, or pieces that restrict other pieces from acting. The computer opponent then uses concepts from computer science and graph theory to understand your creations and play against you.

ChessCraft on Steam

Fated Kingdom

Fated Kingdom

So, I have 60+ hours in on this game and I have to say, it’s been a lot of fun. I started streaming Fated Kingdom over a month ago. Since then I have made some new friends and discovered a whole new affection for board games.

Yes, there are things worth discussing, like the interpretation from Russian to English. There are also some phrasing or wording points that may seem unclear at first. Reaching out to the developers has helped a lot. The developers are still very active in the games development. From bug fixes to Rule updates. And they are quick to respond to questions on Steam and Discord.

Real player with 94.5 hrs in game

Fated Kingdoms is a promising game. Visually it looks great the artwork is stunning and the design of the game board/ dice/ tokens is fitting and of equally high quality.

Mechanic/rule wise the game is a bit lacking, the rules (in the English version) are very poorly explained, it is clear that English is not the primary language of the developer. Most of the times this is a mild annoyance but certain sections can be undecipherable leading to serious interpretation issues. Another problem is the lack of a clear objective. I understand that the rules are meant to be open and flexible but giving at least a few good suggestions for winning conditions is very relevant for new players, without them it just feels unrewarding.

Real player with 15.3 hrs in game

Fated Kingdom on Steam



I have a premium subscription to Tabletopia. Based on several games over the past few weeks, I can say that this product is a great sandbox for playing Tabletop games. That said, I’ll point out some caveats.

The community is generally positive though a bit too small to have games running 24/7/365. It’s hard to find a game or players. That said, they do have organized events for teaching and playing games and are expanding the roster of teachers/organizers. Also, after the game reaches final release; more players will be able to be available. Game discussions are generally positive and feedback is welcomed.

Real player with 185.9 hrs in game

This game is nice because its free however it doesn’t even hold a flame to Tabletop Simulator. This game has some games I have yet to see on Tabletop like S.C.A.R.E. Tactics however this games paywall is painful to say the least. This game contains DLC like Tabletop does but this game also has a subscription system. A vast amount of games are limited in some way because of the need for a subscription. An great example would be Sub Terra. It used to be completely free. Now they added expansions and made it DLC. That isn’t really a problem however they also put the base of the game which was free behind a pay wall. Previously me and 3 other friends would play for free now its only free if you do 2 player coop. Issue with that is if you select 2p coop instead of 1-4 players it restricts your survivor options to only 4 cards instead of all 8 options.

Real player with 113.9 hrs in game

Tabletopia on Steam