Biker Garage: Mechanic Simulator

Biker Garage: Mechanic Simulator

all in all currently played 2 hours, had a bunch of fun.

I’m hoping for some lag fixes and keybind editing possibilities

Edit : since this comment , a bunch of stuff has been fixed : keyboard layout is now something you can change inthe settings, the lag has been fixed, loading times have been optimized, camera controls have been fixed (for working on the bikes, paint booth still is wonky)

disregard those in the cons !

More details :


its fun

if you like bikes, you’ll like this

a plus if you like to tinker and know a bit of what goes where

Real player with 74.4 hrs in game

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Update: Feb 2021

Since the developers did a major revamp including a gazillion customised parts and colours I find playing the game tedious. No longer am I able to simply take parts off and on, paint them or build my own bike I find it extremely annoying having to memorise part numbers and colours. When I use to blaze through a repair now its a head beating against the wall experience that has ruined the fun for me. I did have fun with it initially but now I rarely play it.

I really enjoyed this game especially since I got rid of my own bike last year. This game is setup very similarly to other mechanic simulator games like CMS. Problematic parts are shown in red when it diagnostic mode and show as rusty in the regular view. Camera angles are pretty good. There are a few instances where you’ll select a part to re-assemble and the camera thrusts your viewpoint forward, past the area you are working in requiring a slight zoom-out or downward pan.

Real player with 62.4 hrs in game

Biker Garage: Mechanic Simulator on Steam

Scooter Delivery VR

Scooter Delivery VR

This game is fun and relaxing to play. At first I was a bit worried I would get sick driving around on the scooter, but that hasn’t been a problem. There is no time limit to complete tasks, so I’m able to explore the town as much as I want. The animals and locals help bring the town to life. Would be cool if I could visit the local pizza shop for a slice and gas up my bike also. This game has a lot of potential. The town is small, but the mountain region and beach fronts are large. Hope to see more uses of the beach, maybe a paddle board lol.

Real player with 0.9 hrs in game

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Simple game, not much to do other than cruise on moped while listening to different radio stations in free roam. However, the missions can be fun. Controlling bike takes a little getting used to but feels natural. There’s no other game out there that allows you to control a moped and fill it up with gas at the gas station. Wish there were more features and areas, but the map is large enough and you are allowed to teleport/move and walk away from the bike. But it’s more fun on the bike. Might be worth waiting for a sale.

Real player with 0.7 hrs in game

Scooter Delivery VR on Steam

Bike Baron 2

Bike Baron 2

Bike Baron 2 is a brand new motorbike racer that has been in development for the last 18 months, and it has reached a state where we would like to invite you to try the game out before anyone else, and provide your thoughts on the gameplay.

We are only accepting a handful of people at first to be able to keep the conversations about the game direct and personal on the Steam forums. You should have a computer with an NVIDIA or AMD graphics card from the last 5 years, and run Windows 10. We don’t want to focus on compatibility issues very much just yet, so anyone with an integrated GPU, such as Intel HD, will have to wait until a little closer to release.

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Bike Baron 2 on Steam

Bike Messenger

Bike Messenger

Bike Messenger lets you hop right into a big city and ride through it on your bike. Deliver packages to clients, find your way through the dense traffic, and from time to time be the only one on the street observing an amazing sunrise!

Your main objective is to deliver various packages. Sometimes it’s just food or regular items from shops. But beware! Some clients look shady and you can just imagine what’s in the box. Will you take this job? Decide for yourself…

The game is all about finding the best route through the traffic. You can take a slow pace and admire the views but you will be rewarded for reaching a destination point as fast as possible.

Customize your bike as you want. Repair the old one, buy the most expensive new bike, or just go with the budget one. You can replace parts, change colors, and make the bike reflect your own personality.

Bike Messenger on Steam

Motorcycle Mechanic Simulator 2021

Motorcycle Mechanic Simulator 2021

One would think that after making Car Mechanic 2018 and then coming out with the new version 2021 to fix the issues of the first one, would have taught you something, but no. You for some dumb reason started from scratch here and it has the same issues as the Car version of 2018, but worse! you have a home run in the Car version 2021, so do yourself a favor and make this Motorcycle one run like the 2021 Car version and you will have something here. The fact that I feel like I will get see sick from how it sways and glitches up, is just horrible. Not being able to use my game controller instead of just mouse and keyboard is stupid when I have the option and it works in Car 2021. I get you are a different developer, but same gaming company that makes the other, so just not sure why I have to hunt tiny bolts on screen instead of just being able to unscrew them all with the hold of a button like other game. Just a strain on the eyes and makes the game slow and crappy. I get it should feel like a new game, however the game play on the Car 2021 is just tops and should have crossed over to this one for easy of use and flow from other. I am not asking for a refund yet, waiting to see if you can fix this horrible game that should have been easy since you already made the car one that works. Get your stuff together before you lose customers. Thanks.

Real player with 91.9 hrs in game

i think this game has a lot of potential and it teaches basic mechanics about motorcycles and i recommend this game for anyone wanting to learn a little bit about bikes and how they work, although from someone that rides and sometimes works on bikes i’d love to see a few things added as such:

a better way to drain oil as sucking it out isn’t that realistic as theres usually a drain bolt underneath the engine to drain the oil out.

adding oil filters to the engines.

adding fork protectors to protect the fork legs as seen on most dirtbikes.

Real player with 23.7 hrs in game

Motorcycle Mechanic Simulator 2021 on Steam

The Loneliest Summer

The Loneliest Summer


Max and Ziggy combat their summer blues 
 by embarking on an adventure that tests 
 their friendship and leaves nothing 
 the same
 … Venture out to explore the unknown.
 Bike, dig, camp and collect to uncover hidden secrets.

Game Features

  • Bike to explore the woods and discover hidden areas

  • Dig for geodes and buried treasure

  • Play music around a campfire

  • Complete photography quests with your vintage instant camera

  • Unlock super secret journal entries as time passes

  • Enjoy a beautiful soundtrack

  • Watch the cinematic story unfold

The Loneliest Summer on Steam

BMX The Game

BMX The Game

okay. lets start this review by saying this game has let many of us down in the past. but i choose not to dwell on the past. i have tossed all bias out of the window to the best of my ability. but first hand and try at the game. the character editor is pretty damn good. its simple. yet adds your own characteristic flair. the clothing/gear was a little lack luster but it is only the 3rd or 4th day post launch. the BMX customization is pretty impressive at first glance. felt like i could really customize my BMX to my liking and preference. the ability to change almost every little detail from bars to tire. [top to bottom] even the color adjustment of the nipples for the spokes. the little things matter. i only ask to see size adjustment in frame size and rim/tire size/width. maybe done with sliders or set increments like a real life bike set up would be. now that i feel i have touched upon the customization portions of the game lets talk about game play. after about 25-40 hours in the pre alpha this was a easy pick up for me. may not be as intuitive for others seeing as a good percent of the community hasn’t played the pre alpha and have no past experiences with the game. so if you are new then take your time to learn the game. just cruise around and get a feel for the handling and physics as this will be one of the biggest complaints i feel people will have. but once you have taken the time to understand the physics then it really pays off. having the general understanding of the games inner workings or core gameplay if you will then its actually a fun game to mess around with and to set small goals or expectations during your play through. all i want to say is when you hit these goals or tricks you have been been trying so hard for, and when do it feels so good. its almost like a light bulb lights up when you figure out something new for the first time irl. something clicks in ur head and then boom you have it. the core game play or physics if you will only need time to improve and your feedback of areas they could improve. or maybe have ideas to help or a tip. the community can help make or break this game. moving away from core game play and physics there are only currently 6 tricks you can do atm. i will count bunny hops, manuals, and 180/360s as these are still tricks but more widely seen as basic skills to have rather being seen as tricks so to speak. so we have a current trick list of manuals, bunny hops, 180/360s, bar spin, tail whip, and table top, now this may not seam very appealing but in my opinion through my morning play through i feel good about the tricks we have currently. you can tons of tecky tricks with manuals and 180/360s and adding the 3 main stream tricks [barspin/tailwhip/table top] you can get some pretty cool and satisfying to land or get right or how you feel is right. at the end of the day there is improvements that need to come in our tricks. with more tricks and variations to the already implemented tricks. like barspin you could maybe do a bus driver. it is a variation small at that. but it would be good to see. now. replay editor. considering we never had one in its pre alpha days this is an awesome edition to the game. and allows us so much more expression. we can create edits or clips. even just show cases of spots. it runs smooth in the replay editor. the key frames feels right. overall thats a game changer. lets talk graphics. personally the graphics are amazing. but that does not mean it plays smooth. i have a 3700x and a 2080 S and im currently running the game at all low settings in 1440p getting around 70 to 90 fps. this game looks super beautiful. but it MUST be optimized to run better for lower and high specked PCs. fps isnt everything. but when some people in the community are struggling or may struggle to even run the game on all low at reasonable fps. i feel its a topic to address in this review. lets move on to the park editor. this is extremely useful for people who want or need to learn something specific. if you want to grind or do a certain trick you can make a skate park or a little spot to for your specific needs. and if you do or may struggle to run this game then the park editor is a really cool way to make your own spot how you want and run the game at more then reasonable fps. you have much less to render and keep running while playing bmx the game. so for the low specked user the park editor is a big plus. im ending this review mostly positive. would i recommend this game for 25 USD? it depends. if you are a bmx rider or enthusiast then i feel this could be a game for you. the average joe? i will still recommend this game. 2 things to keep in mind average joe, A.keep an open mind and try to learn the learning curve not bash on it. B. set a timer for 1 hour and 55 minutes on your phone or pc. and start playing the game. when the timer goes off close the game and make a personal call or choice. are you enjoying this game? would you like to play this again? would you like to progress? maybe even see where BarSpin studios goes from here with BMX the game. if you feel that you are liking or could like this game and feel its worth the money to you. then i say 100% go for it. if not then as long as you are under 2 hours of gameplay then you can get a full refund from steam. i hope you find this review helpful or just useful in general. what ever your choice. skate and BMX on bois.

Real player with 109.4 hrs in game

waited 7 years for this game and it is still absolute s***!

can’t ride up a curb, fall off bike every two seconds when you hit some stupid hump on the floor.

I have a VR gaming rig and can’t even play the game without jitters on the lowest settings

then there’s the trick list 9 tricks! oh wait no not even that because “riding” is listed as a trick and basically everything you can’t do it listed.

barspin - half cirle

tailwhip - half circle

tabletop - quarter circle

manual - hold down a bit (yeah that’s a quote from the game!)

Real player with 23.4 hrs in game

BMX The Game on Steam