Messy Room Simulator

Messy Room Simulator

It’s early access, but already a cool little fun game. Much clean! Very wow!

Real player with 1.7 hrs in game

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So this game is fine. I personally HATE the limited profile features especially for games that are hard. But moving on the game has it set so what THEY think is perfect is right. So when you move cans you get a low score and you have to move desks and such where they personally put it. If these problems are resolved i would pay DOUBLE for this game. (And devs, please turn off limited profile features this game is HARD.)

Real player with 1.6 hrs in game

Messy Room Simulator on Steam



I like it.. its something thats pretty cool to play with while listening to music.. do the tutorial and itll walk ya thru it.. pretty straight forward and easy to use.. more tools would be cool tho

Real player with 15.0 hrs in game

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Pretty meditative physics sandbox, especially with audio reactivity enabled. Had a very relaxed time effectively making my own Windows Media Player visualisations.

Do wish there were more variety in the basic tools (like different collision shapes) but for the price and the simplicity of using it you can hardly go wrong. Hope it does get expanded out to steamVR in the future sometime so more people can enjoy, especially with the oculus facebook requirement ramping up soon. Would hate for this to be lost in the future.

Real player with 4.0 hrs in game

Particulate on Steam



A musical and artistic journey in VR. Switch on the Cinematic mode and fly around its as trippy as hell but so much fun. The electro beat is repetitive but also soothing. I fell in love with this game.

If you like creating electronic beats this is the game for you i really hope they add a record mode so you can save your masterpieces for later.

For the price you will have fun it’s EA so i hope that more shape and sounds are added but its a good start a game with potential.

Real player with 2.7 hrs in game

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Experienced on Windows Mixed Reality

Please note: I got a free Steam key through the Steam Curator Connect program

You can view my gameplay & initial impressions review here:

This is not a bad VR painting program. It’s pretty chill & relaxing and it has some cool features. Unfortunately, it really does pale in comparison to Tilt Brush. It’s just not as robust. So even though ArtPulse is listed at a lower cost price point, the missing features just make it something not viable as an art tool. Therefore, you’re better off buying Tilt Brush instead.

Real player with 1.1 hrs in game

ArtPulse on Steam

From Dust

From Dust


To everyone that keeps saying that Uplay crashes and that you can’t play this is what you need to do:

  1. Uninstall the game and Uplay (AKA Ubisoft Launcher)

  2. Install Uplay from Ubisoft’s site.

  3. Login with your account (on Uplay) and make sure you’re online.

3.1) There is an option to activate game, choose it.

3.2) Copy the game’s activation code to it (the one Steam provides you)

3.3) It will ask you if you want to activate From Dust to that account, choose yes.

  1. In Uplay, choose “Go Offline”, and that’s it (but don’t close Uplay).

Real player with 29.6 hrs in game

I don’t play a lot of “God games” but for me From Dust was fresh and different. Tasked with guiding a primitive tribe on a quest for answers about their past you are given control of the environment, picking up dirt, water, and lava, to clear paths or build them, while fighting off nature itself.

Visually From Dust is appealing with beautiful tropical islands to arid deserts and lava crusted mountains. The way your powers mold the environment also looks very good. The campaign is just about the right length with a lot of extra content in challenges or open worlds if you’re craving more in the end.

Real player with 15.3 hrs in game

From Dust on Steam



This is a very special game. Fujii is absolutely full of charm, character, and magic. While I haven’t even finished it in 2.5hrs, I’m already in love. It’s the type of experience that you want to play through slowly and savor, enjoying the beautiful sounds and sights. The aesthetic and the experience as a whole is incredibly relaxing - exploring, gathering light to push further, and collecting seeds to grow a garden.

And beyond is the Index controller support. It’s absolutely wonderful being able to grab, pull, and interact with the world using fully tracked fingers. The implementation is extremely well done and adds so much to the experience. This was the first game I tried after receiving the new controllers, and I think it was a perfect choice. I’ll likely use it as a first experience to show others the Index controllers as well.

Real player with 9.7 hrs in game

Did you ever play Okami and think to yourself “Man, I wish this were a puzzle game/gardening sim”? If so, the answer to that wish would be Fuji.

The Good:

1. Art Direction – Fuji has style in spades. The cute cartoon graphics are simple, but lively and loaded with character. Everything moves, wiggles, bounces, and dances in this world. The radiant color palette pops vibrantly, and the environment is full of music and surreal chirps and warbles from the flora and fauna around you. Some areas are genuinely moving in their beauty – be sure to visit the standing stones atop the mountain in the desert. Don’t forget to look up once you’ve activated everything there!

Real player with 2.9 hrs in game

Fujii on Steam

Paper Beast

Paper Beast

[initial review after 1.5 hours, 2nd review after completion follows, scroll down for it…]

Paper Beast is not quite like anything else, which I guess is why I’m enjoying it so much.

The world is somewhat open (though the player is herded into a fairly narrow pathway through it) and feels spacious. The low-poly graphics are almost abstract, yet well-lit enough and with good enough ambient sound support to feel convincing and provide immersion. Lighting and sky effects are remarkably good, with dawn/sunset fx and thunderstorms over a vast desert landscape. Water doesn’t really try to be realistic, yet is remarkably wet and believable. Occasional “special” items in the landscape cause instant teleportation to nearby spots. It’s a world of constant discoveries. My initial experience was a delightful sense of disorientation and wonder, like walking into a strange but enjoyable dream.

Real player with 8.7 hrs in game

I firmly believe this is the game to change the future of VR.

Yes, HL: Alyx was the most well-recognised recent step into AAA VR titles, but this game shows that effort and heart can be poured into such a game without the weight of an already established intellectual property behind it. Paper Beast stands on its own and succeeds in everything it tries to achieve.

There is a moment early in the story, standing in a blackened cave, hearing the wind whistle from a gap to the crisply thunderous and opaque outside world. Just the notion that you’re led to this location because you can hear the DIRECTION the wind is coming from shows that this game could never have been any form of success outside of VR. It uses every aspect of the ‘present’ experience of VR to its advantage. And so this game curates an experience of unique curiosity; of turning your head and stepping towards a dark and windy crack in the cave wall to be met with a vast, oily, pitch-dark ocean swelling and crashing below you, lightning illuminating the twists of video-tape seaweed just below the surface through the peaks of the waves. And what can you do with it? Nothing. It’s untouchable.

Real player with 7.3 hrs in game

Paper Beast on Steam

Quiet as a Stone

Quiet as a Stone

The game is well done and though super simple and even limited in the actual gameplay (can’t save maps you’ve developed, no!real goal other than just clearing the landscape searching for magical stones). But despite the games limitations, it’s easy gameplay and simplicity are actually addicting. Tried it for the first time today and when I’d stopped it was 3 hours later! LOL Only three downfalls I see are that you can’t save maps, can’t create a map from scratch, and there needs to be a gamma control as the game is predominently dark and its difficult to see the landscape clearly. Hopefully the developer will add some updates. I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a relaxing experience that only costs pennies.

Real player with 43.0 hrs in game

Love the concept and the calm vibes, its very beautiful and relaxing! I do wish there were more variation in landscapes though, I imagine it gets same’y quite fast. Different climates and plants would have been fun! It is also much too dark, with no way to adjust the lighting up (as far as I can tell). Sometimes I cant see whats going on at all, its literally just pitch black, lol.

There are also some minor issues, like street lamps cant be picked up again once you place them.

Real player with 7.6 hrs in game

Quiet as a Stone on Steam



What a brilliant and fun game, you have the ability to build in all 6 directions without gravity holding you back. All of the buildings are beautifully designed and futuristic, with more things being added as the game continues to develop. To add a layer of depth to the game its more than just building zones for residents, commerce and industry you also get to manage the resources necessary to allow the buildings to grow via demand of certain products that you can choose manufacture in your city or buy on the in game market.

Real player with 712.6 hrs in game

This game has A LOT of promise and a lot of improvements. Such as better sound effects like city sounds like the noise of cars or even have citizens walking around. simple things would be nice. Also like to see different modes of play besides free modes or retro modes would like to see perhaps a sandbox mode. would also like to see maybe different enviorments maybe different sky colors and perhaps having maybe different planets scenes like what would it be like to build a sky city on Jupiter or something with different enviorments effects and collecting different elements. Just some ideas

Real player with 129.7 hrs in game

Atmocity on Steam



0xFFBADD11: SYSTEM32 has been corrupted.

In this retro operating system simulation, eliminate invaders attempting to corrupt files. Gameplay involves switching between fast-paced bullet-hell action and use of a retro terminal in order to alter the battlefield, and your character.

  • Use the terminal to completely alter the battlefield and create endless customized weapons.

  • Computer memory is currency. Stack your upgrades by copying files, or free up memory by deleting them.

  • Deck out your PC as you loot and extract corrupted files from enemies to gain new weapons, armour, and abilities.

  • Themed for programmers and computer-science lovers, but accessible to all types of players.

SYSTEM32 on Steam



This is quite a wonderful game, if you want to sit down after a long day and watch something you create grow into a giant world, this is a good game for that. But it has a few issues. Long story short at the bottom!

The cons.

  1. I had spent hours making myself a world in my second save, and it was going pretty well. I log out for the day excited to play it tomorrow, but when I logged on the next day all the progress in my second save was gone, This has now happened three times. I’d make myself a world, then it would get deleted. (NOTE, this doesn’t happen to all players, you can contact the dev if you need help.)

Real player with 32.6 hrs in game

Equilinox is a very easy relaxing game about creating your own environments and unlocking new things for those environments. You do this through adding plants to the world, each with certain characteristics (such as biome requirements, altitude preferences, and being near another species). There are 2 ways to unlock new plants. The first is through modifying your plants in a certain way (such as changes to size and color) and evolving them into another species. The second is through quests, completed by fulfilling certain requirements (such as having X amount of Y species). There are also animals you can place in the world, each also have their own characteristics. You unlock new animals in the same way you would plants. Animals in the world create diversity points (DP) that are used to place species into the world. Biomes are created & spread through specific plants. Creatures and plants that are not in their preferred biomes lose their health and will eventually die.

Real player with 22.3 hrs in game

Equilinox on Steam