Онлайна нет, текстуры без колизии, но лично мне понравилось. Был бы онлайн я бы играл с радостью.

Real player with 1.6 hrs in game

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what the hell guys? Why this game is at store at all…would like cash back

Real player with 0.7 hrs in game




Good start not much to do, that’s most likely because I dont know how to do anything lol

Real player with 0.7 hrs in game

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It’s not bad, but the nights are pitch black, which has no meaning at all. Explore, explore and explore, how big is this world? Lots of chests with goodies to collect.

So the nights are a big turn off. Just standing there in the darkness, I want to move, but I don’t see my enemy.

Maybe it has a purpose in PvP mode, but if one has brightness control on their monitor, it’s an advantage.

And for what it is worth in general: This game should be FREE !

I do like, that when you kill a Cannibal, that it drops health potions. Take out the day/night cycle. If you can, can you @developer or is this what is possible? And if you try to add something, put like a bejeweled chest in a temple or something. Who ever gets it, get a huge bonus in points. But what is the use of the points, especially in single player?

Real player with 0.6 hrs in game


Let It Flow

Let It Flow

A Vintage Gem! When the original hit the shelves in 2001 there wasn’t a Cal-i (early professional) gamer that could take his hands off it and it was one of the few games in which the West Coast gaming scene could hold its own against the dominators in Seoul. The 2003 World Championships were one of the greatest moments in gaming history, when Joker760 bested vvClutchvv in overtime for a slim but well-earned victory. Truly epic. And now DevAddict (former CFO of EA Sports and step-son of Valve CEO Gabe Newell) has brought it back, updated and better than ever, for a whole new generation of young gamers. All the original features are there, just with some updated graphics and new music. Boot this classic up and give it a whirl! Gamer dads, show your kid what you used to be made of!

Real player with 3.4 hrs in game

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I’ve seen things in Let It Flow you people wouldn’t believe…

Fauxlaf and Shreek under fire on the platforms of Fail Guys…

I watched corn glitter in the dark of the Sewers. All those moments will be lost in time, like underpants in washing machines…

This game is perhaps the capstone of human existence. However, I cannot recommend this game to anyone. Playing this game is like getting the chance to briefly enter the Empyrean, to bathe in its deep and heavenly light. For a few moments, you feel as though you are one with the universe. But the moments soon pass, and you return to reality feeling empty and alone. I can guarantee that after playing this game, your life will be nothing but a steady decline as it dwindles to nothingness. Food won’t taste as good. You will no longer derive pleasure from your favorite video games. I’ve even heard that some people start habitually watching Keeping Up With the Kardashians. It can get pretty dire. Personally, I stopped being able to get erections. I can only assume that it was this wicked game that stripped me of my powers of turgidity.

Real player with 2.8 hrs in game

Let It Flow on Steam

Battle Tops

Battle Tops

I recommend getting just to support the game, this clearly has some potential, and isn’t that much in terms of cost. I think this could be really great eventually, though it’s a little rough now.

Features not currently in that could really help:

Clearer indication of stats for parts, I can only assume by my knowledge of beyblade what should be able to perform what way.

While the stats do noticeably effect performance, I think they should impact things more, the difference between a stamina type’s spin duration and an attack types is far to similar, and like wise attack types don’t seem to move more than stamina types, or move faster.

Real player with 1.8 hrs in game

Does what it says on the tin. The game has enough customization at this point to feel worthwhile. I didn’t have any technical issues with the game.

Overall, worth the price for the nostalgia value alone.

Real player with 1.6 hrs in game

Battle Tops on Steam

Battle royale simulator

Battle royale simulator

Has potential so far! I’d love to see more spawning options, camera controls, cinematic camera maybe, and different maps. Mindless entertainment at its best.

Real player with 0.9 hrs in game

Doesnt run on my computer even with the lowest graphics…Btw is there a way to get a refund??

Real player with 0.4 hrs in game

Battle royale simulator on Steam

Battle Royale Tycoon

Battle Royale Tycoon

I find this game is a really great concept but with some major flaws in the base game itself.

-Your guns have to be repaired so to keep the arenas full you have to have at least 2x the guns required for every arena, yet the cost of gun increments is so high that you can’t ever keep anything fully supplied.

Take for example, one battle royal requires 30 guns that means you need 60 or even preferably 90 to keep it full without guests getting pissed off from the long wait time of waiting on guns, yet you are lucky to afford any 90 guns of any tier at all therefore you end up with an entire tier devoted to a single arena.

Real player with 31.0 hrs in game

Battle Royale Tycoon is a park management type game centered around firearms. There are different scenarios to play through, in addition to a sandbox mode.

This game is easy to figure out with a fairly simple user interface.

The visual design offers simple details and a muted color palette in a 3/4 perspective. The visitors to your park are 2D cartoon sprites. The background music only has a small variation of a few tracks, which are fun and full of energy, but can become repetitive over a long play session.

Real player with 30.4 hrs in game

Battle Royale Tycoon on Steam

Infected Battlegrounds

Infected Battlegrounds

I’ve been a closed-alpha tester for quite some time.

The rate of improvement and new features has been astounding. The developer really listens to feedback and implements improvements at great speed. I’ve watched the game grow into what it is today and I know that as it makes it’s way through early access it will continue to improve exponentially. The game is extremely fun with a group of friends.

Real player with 23.0 hrs in game

Infected Battlegrounds is a very interesting top contender of the EARLY ACCESS battle royale genre, it blends a very unique mix of survival aspects with a competitive PVP goal and at certain times it will make you choose between teamwork or pure survival for yourself if you are a competitive player, now remembering this is an EARLY ACCESS GAME and is still been polished EVERYDAY i truly feel that the game is been amazingly updated as much as physically possible by the devs, been part of the alpha betas i really got to see how many updates and bug fixes happend every day while adding new content on top of that, the devs are truly aiming for a COMMUNITY BASED GAME meaning everything that is noted/reviewed for the devs in either there discord page or in reviews is addressed with urgency and top priority,

Real player with 13.9 hrs in game

Infected Battlegrounds on Steam



Midwinter, The Developers, found a great way to make the game worse and worse over multiple months.

They claim to care about player feedback, but straight up ignore it all. They also claim that they want to be transparent, but their patchnotes contain less than 10% of their actual changes and usually state mostly “fixed some crashes”. They leave out actual changes that matter a lot more for gameplay and state thing people probably don’t even care about.

following things haven’t been in patchnotes multiple times so far:

Real player with 1260.1 hrs in game

There is genuinely a fun concept with some very good ideas under all the mess of bugs and issues:

  • A new take on the BR genre, and I don’t mean the PvE, since that’s been done many times already - This is one of the, if not the least RNG-reliant one I’ve ever played, which takes out a lot of the frustration of getting bad draws.

  • A more “filled” map where you’re constantly doing something - resource management and looting, fighting adds, fighting or trying to avoid players, dealing with the environment, etc. - it has less dead time where you are just running across an empty map waiting to run into players to finally be able to play the game.

Real player with 93.5 hrs in game

Scavengers on Steam



Gladiator fights online in a free multiplayer game for PC and mobile devices. Create characters, buy weapons and armor, and participate in gladiator battles in up to 5x5 mode. Immerse yourself in the world of gladiatorial battles of ancient Rome!_Feel like a gladiator in the arena of the colosseum, fighting with real opponents. Fight and win!

Win the crowd , and you will win freedom!_


SCREECH OF STEEL: GLADIATORS is the world’s first multiplayer cross-platform online gladiator battle simulator set in ancient Rome. A large selection of weapons, shields and armor, as well as the ability to improve items, will make each character special.

The game developer pays special attention to historical accuracy, as well as high realism of physics and 3D models, which allows each player to feel like a gladiator in the arena of the colosseum fighting for his life to the screams of the audience.

14 battle locations, more than 30 models of shields and helmets, 7 types of weapons (including clubs, axes, hammers, sledgehammers, swords, daggers, spears, and even brass knuckles and scissors), breast armor, as well as bracers, shoulder straps, belts, loincloths and greaves are reconstructed on the basis of real references and create an atmosphere of the Ancient era.


A unique battle management system has been developed for the game, which allows you to fully realize the potential of the player. During the battle, the player has full control over the dynamics of the character’s movement, attack and block, which gives complete freedom of action in battle.

Battles are conducted only with real opponents in various battle modes: single and team. The player can choose from 3 battle modes: QUICK BATTLE, SANDBOX, SINGLE-ELIMINATION. Up to 10 players can participate in the lobby at the same time. The selection of opponents is based on the personal level of the character, which is determined both by the number of victories in battles and the equipment used. In the game about gladiator battles, the balance of opponents is designed as democratically as possible: neither expensive weapons, nor shields and armor, nothing will give a significant advantage in battle. Only the skill of using weapons and shields, as well as combat tactics, can give you a chance to win!


When creating the game, one of the main tasks that we were guided by was the development of esports in Russia. For this purpose, a special tournament system was created, linked to the game database and the official website. The system registers participants for the tournament, distributes the dates and times of the fights (the first, second and subsequent rounds), sends notifications to players, blocks the character to avoid pumping.

The key feature of the game SCREECH OF STEEL: GLADIATORS is the ability to participate in tournaments for real currency with the accrual of winnings to the player’s virtual account, as well as the ability to sell a character and ammunition.

The game is developed on the basis of the Unity engine and will be developed throughout the early access period, taking into account the opinions of players.




What is this game about?

This game is a survival game. You can collect resources, build your own base, craft guns and build a base. You have PvE and PvP elements. Some people thing it is a Battle Royale game, but it’s not. It can be compared to Rust or ARK.

How does it play?

  • The movement of the character feels very good.

  • The gunplay is not too bad but can be improved on.

  • Building a base is working well. It still has sometimes a few problems with placing specific structures.

Real player with 161.6 hrs in game

This stinks of a cash grab.

I last played this, before the Alpha was closed on 5/19 and this was a completely different game. Now some of the assets are the same, but overall this is like a massive remake of what was already done. In the 5/19 Alpha there was much more content. A few vehicles, boxes, multiple levels of gear/weapons, crafting stations.

Now there are only 3 crafting stations, 1 of which can’t even be placed down, though there is one in the start to smelt ore. There are no storage boxes, the vehicles are gone. There is no way to craft ammo, and the traders say they are out of stock. The deer I killed dropped ammo, but not for the guns that are craftable, yet it dropped no meat (odd).

Real player with 37.0 hrs in game

BattleBeasts on Steam