Last Generation: Survival

Last Generation: Survival

Release day for Last Generation Survival and I picked it up without knowing much about it. For early access I’m liking how this game is looking. Couple graphics issues, rocks floating in the air, the dirt road is placed above ground by a couple feet in a few spots, there’s no sound when striking a robot. Needs some work but I like it so far. I did a quick intro video of it here.

Real player with 3.6 hrs in game

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While i am giving this a positive review, the game needs a lot more improvement.

1. The Settings options are buggy, you can check out my video. I DID NOTICE THAT I CHANGED A KEY IN THE GAME AND AFTER THAT I GOT A CRASH.

2. AI needs improving, DEV could go for a different type of enemie (maybe aliens, not zombies)

3. The maps needs a little more work, some of the assets are floating on the map and some of the map relief is wierd.

A Big PRO is that the graphics are not bad, and the mechanics are good. A good start for a game.

Real player with 0.6 hrs in game

Last Generation: Survival on Steam



The SpinTires/MudRunner series has finally become a full fledged game. SnowRunner brings map exploration and change to a new level with the ability to improve and repair disaster struck areas. The trucks have a high level of customization and unlocks to make them increasingly capable as you delve into stickier situations. Finally, the map sizes and routes require planning in the late game to ensure you bring the right tools for the job; don’t prematurely lose your load; and make it to the finish line with more than fumes in your tank.

Real player with 427.2 hrs in game

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Snow runner is the much anticipated sequel to Mud runner, the third game in the spintires off road simulation series, and this new installment takes the spintires concept from being a curious toy to a full fledged game. Quite a monumental leap to say the least. I won’t be covering many of the things that stayed the same from mud runner, as I already made a review of it.

It does this mainly by adding a new progression system. Trucks and upgrades are now earned through money, an XP level system, and scavenged from the maps as you play. In some ways, this makes the game into a bit of a metroidvania type of ordeal. There are many areas starting out that you simply cannot reach with your current equipment. And that can be rather frustrating to someone unfamiliar with spintires. Your biggest enemy is yourself if you don’t know what your trucks can and cannot do. Many judgement calls will have to be made. Especially when doing a super heavy haul contract with early game equipment.

Real player with 315.3 hrs in game

SnowRunner on Steam

Pure Rock Crawling

Pure Rock Crawling

Let’s start with the countless hours of spin tires, mudrunner and beam NG i’ve played to get my rock crawling fix. IRL i own a 08' JK on one tons/40’s, but have to travel far to wheel. Having a game dedicated strictly to just the art of crawling is amazing because i may not get the full satisfaction i get from the real thing, but these sims are the closest thing. This game specifically will be much better than those counterparts because it’s strictly dedicated to crawling rather than a logging road or a crash dummy course. If crawling interest you, then i believe you should most certainly purchase this game and support the great work this dev have put into this games current state. Which it’s in great shape and hopefully continues with the same momentum with your support ;)

Real player with 21.2 hrs in game

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[EDIT: 11/1/21018 Originally I said that the physics made the cars feel as if light, miniature cars. I no longer feel that’s the case. Not sure which update is the cause, but it did a great job of crreating the feeling of full size, full weight vehicles. VERY NICE!


Pure Rock Crawling is one of those games on Steam that calls out for a three-tier rating system. There’s plenty of good (and some not so good), so I decided to enjoy the best, and rate based on the game concept and hopes that come with all Early Access games. Thus, a positive rating, and every hope for a brighter, larger future.

Real player with 17.6 hrs in game

Pure Rock Crawling on Steam