Never play the same game of chess again! ChessCraft is a chess AI sandbox. Create your own chess boards, rules, and pieces. Play against the computer or your friends online, or win loot by playing one of 80 built-in chess boards in adventure mode.

Many chess games already exist, but only ChessCraft allows the player to create such wacky boards, pieces, and rules and immediately play a decent computer opponent.

Create new pieces with any combination of the 8 bishop or rook slides, plus a 7x7 grid of knight-like hops. Create new boards with any enabled or disabled tile up to 16x16. Place promotion rules for any piece, anywhere, or other special tile rules. Create pieces that cannot be captured, or with ranged attacks, or pieces that restrict other pieces from acting. The computer opponent then uses concepts from computer science and graph theory to understand your creations and play against you.

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ChessCraft on Steam

Advanced Intelligence Surveillance Agency

Advanced Intelligence Surveillance Agency


Introduction: Advanced Intelligence Surveillance Agency(AISA) is a surveillance system building game. You will control an intelligence surveillance agency, you will need to achieve mission goals by establishing the surveillance system in the city. A news system will be provided in the game to provide players with the latest mission information. You can customize your equipment according to your needs in the Research center, including surveillance probes, surveillance drones, large reconnaissance drones, etc, and you can choose the way to complete the task according to the current intelligence. The location of the surveillance system you deploy, the detection range of the surveillance system, the efficiency of eliminating threats, and the casualties of civilians will all affect the success probability of your mission. Every action you take may have different effects.

Initiating foreign territory surveillance program

Protocol ‘AISAS-984XN’

Get main objectives:

– Establish surveillance network

– Search and Eliminate threats

Administrator detected

Initiating ‘Briefing’ protocol

Welcome to Advanced Intelligence Surveillance Agency (AISA)

– AISA is an intelligence surveillance agency approved by the Foreign Territory Land Monitoring Act, which is subordinate to the Ministry of National Defense.

– AISA is mainly responsible for the detection and elimination of terrorist activities in overseas territories and cities.

– The surveillance plan will allow administrators to place surveillance equipment anywhere in the city.

– Any individual entering the surveillance area will be scanned by the surveillance equipment and obtain personal information.

– If the surveillance device locates the threat, the administrator will be asked to take action.

– Administrators will be authorized to use equipment including military detectors, drones, and electronic warfare weapons.

– The administrator will be able to customize the equipment research plan according to the needs.

Authorizing the deployment of surveillance equipment

Authorized. Monitoring equipment is now free to deploy in the city

System diagnosing:

– Command center ready

– Research center ready

– Operation center ready

– Black Ops center offline

Bypassing local reinforcement security network


Requesting citizens information


Inquiry parallel projects status:

– PRISM (Decoy)

– Upstream Collection (Decoy)

– ECHELON (Activated)

Gathering Intelligence from base stations

Access denied, additional equipment required

Initiate program complete

Waiting for commands

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Advanced Intelligence Surveillance Agency on Steam

Bird by Example

Bird by Example

What is Bird by Example?

Bird by Example is — and I say this with great passion — an RPG sandbox where all the occupying NPCs are grotesque birds who mimic your behavior with deep learning algorithms. Nothing is scripted! Everything is emergent! Be the bird you want to see in the world!

Steam has asked me to be more explicit with the game’s features:

  • world

  • objects

  • jump

  • crawl

  • punch

  • squawk

  • bite

  • physics objects

  • other*

  • stories??**

It’s an artificial intelligence sandbox acted out by birds with concerning musculature! Help them see, help them love, help them eat a big fat bug! Right now at this very second, the metaphysical bounds of this game hold a throng of hungry birds who wish nothing more than to be like you! Like Mama!

_*: Imprint psuedo-neurologically upon independent bird agents, using recurrent neural networks, gradient descent, and a custom-built system of semiotic metadata evocation (to afford transferrable behavior between distinct objects and agents which share characteristics along an n-dimensional space).

**: Isn’t life a story? Aren’t we all little stories, flying on this crazy rock?_

You said this was a game? Who’s Mama? I’m Mama? Who are you again?

Please pay attention. These birds are equipped with artificial neural networks that optimize themselves against your own actions! Using trendy deep learning algorithms found in a black box at the bottom of the sea, and something called ‘gradient descent’, they will try to become mathematically perfect distillations of you! It’s very computationally expensive and very math!

But what do you actually do?

Explore, follow self-imposed rules, and cultivate your flock! Tutor a bird to act just like you! By simply doing things, they will learn from you by witnessing your play! Bite an orange and you may start to see other birds doing similarly! Squawk at a another bird and watch your flock erupt into squawkage!

Oh! That’s interesting. So they have brains!?

Woah, strong word! Let’s avoid that word!

Have you ever played a game, and thought: “This is fun, but I live in such fear that I cannot enjoy it…”

Yes, I do live a life of fear! And thank you for blowing off my silly and ethically challenging question!

Yes, you do live in fear! You’re like any brain-wielding creature! But in Bird by Example there will be nothing to be afraid of! In bird world there is nothing to be afraid of! Nothing to be afraid of! Turn that brain off!

Okay. And the game is fun? It’s a game?

You must teach the rest of the birds basic life skills! If not, they will all starve to death!

Wait, you coded these birds to feel hungry but didn’t teach them how to eat?

That feature was out of scope! Please!!! Hungry!!!

Hold on… What’s a bird?

A bird is a fictional creature which came to me in a dream on a particularly cold night in February. I woke up in a sweat the next morning and quickly tried to recreate the apparition from memory. The results? Remarkable.

Earliest known footage of a “Bird” from that morning.

They were perfect. All they needed was a name.

The word ‘Bird’ is a mix of the word ‘word’ and the letter ‘b’ This is because I needed a word — or “wird” — to describe the birds. Sadly, a word using ‘a’ was already taken. It’s like gamertags!

I experimented for many weeks with flight, but no matter how much I stretched out their arms they would not.

Whatever. Doesn’t matter.

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Bird by Example on Steam

Darwin’s Aquarium

Darwin’s Aquarium

The game is a realtime fish simulation with realtime learning artificial intelligence.

Build up a tank, start training and breeding your own fish and maybe some day, start defeating the big evil bossfish!

Earn money by advancing your breeding capabilities, improve your breeding grounds and unlock more valuable fish.

You’ll see plenty of unbelievable fish interaction: Fish that start hunting, fleeing, cooperating. Some might learn to farm algae, other might start to bait less harmful fish… who knows..? There is no limit to the interaction of the fish and every evolution of species can bring new features. Make sure you select your fish carefully and only breed the fittest, so you can compete against the other fish.

It’s up to you and your fish to cooperate with other players or just defeat them- but be warned: Your fish are getting intelligent. They might have their own will soon!

Darwin's Aquarium on Steam



The games alright. Although, I would wait until more updates are out.

Real player with 0.5 hrs in game

Don’t Buy Just an Waste of Money.

This is just an Cheap Copy of People’s Playground

Real player with 0.2 hrs in game

Kselebox on Steam



DeadOS is less a game and more a really entertaining toy where you generate a city, populate it with people, and watch a zombie outbreak of your creation slowly take it over. There’s no win/loss state, and your only task is to keenly observe as zombies convert the living, civilians run in droves from the impending horde of undead, and cops create blockades around infection zones to slow the spread.

Though the graphics and presentation are simple, the scale of the simulation impressed me; up to ten thousand people can be simulated in the city. It’s oddly satisfying to watch a fleeing crowd of hundreds, abstracted as a bunch of scurrying yellow dots seen from a bird’s-eye view.

Real player with 10.9 hrs in game

There’s no other game on PC like this. It’s already a pretty nice little sandbox game as it is now, can’t wait for all the features that come out for it over time. I completely recommend this game.

Real player with 6.9 hrs in game

DeadOS on Steam

Magnat: Beer Maker

Magnat: Beer Maker

Magnat: Beer Maker is a business simulation and management game. Take the challenge, manage your own beer factory(s), manage your warehouses, employees, production lines and transportation of merchandise.

Logistics to manage

To produce, you usually need a production line, resources to refine, storage and transportation. In Magnat: Beer Maker, the goal being to produce beer, you will need to import and store the raw materials, refine, brew in tanks, store the beer, bottle it and finally send it to the client.

Recruit and manage your employees

When you want to develop your business, there is nothing better than hiring employees to help you with your tasks. The employees in your factory can help you with most tasks and it is up to you to tell them what to do, but be sure to monitor them.

A realistic economy

Every action has a cost and it’s up to you to manage your finances well. From recruitment to transportation to taxes, the whole finance system in Magnat: Beer Maker has been designed to be as close to reality as possible.

Customize and upgrade your factory

In order to produce beer you need all kinds of machines. Once you have invested in new machines, you can place them wherever you want in your factory, but be careful not to block the way of your vehicles and employees! It is also possible to upgrade the equipment you have and produce more efficiently. Expanding your factory if you lack space is also a possibility.

Magnat: Beer Maker on Steam



“Give the people what they want and they will… do what they want to do.”

Your Citizens Need You

Rustica puts you in the unique role of a custodian of a Greco-Roman colony. You have land but not much else and it’s up to you to spruce up the place. You’ll need to discover and provide resources for your world and your citizens will interact with it as they see fit, they have free will after all. Watch your world grow over time and with a keen eye for planning and a bit of luck you can sit back and watch your people thrive.

Start Out Small

You’ll need to begin by laying down the foundations. Your citizens can’t build out of thin air so you’ll need to give them the basics like trees and stone and hope they know what to do with it. Each object has requirements called schemas in order to be placed in the world and some need other objects present in specific spots, and it’s up to you to discover how to unlock them.

Plan For the Future

Eventually, some of your citizens will feel the need to specialize and focus on a trade. They’ll become farmers, miners, priests and then some. This will allow them to interact with their world in new ways and this in turn will open up new objects and schemas for your growing community.

A Hero Rises

Once in a while a citizen decides to go on a hero’s quest. Foolish mortals. You can then go and give the hero what they need to finish their quest or don’t mind them because you have better things to do, like making sure that temple gets built over there by those trees.

Sit Back and Watch the Sunset

Tinker and tweak with the world you create and watch your citizens hard work pay off. Or do like Nero and watch the world burn, figuratively.

It’s your world to play with, you decide.

Rustica on Steam



As of right now, I just installed the version and have not played it yet.

Four hours in, can I recommend the game? Yeah. It has a low price, and it is filled to the brim with potential in my eyes.

I can see the workshop being used a lot for this game, and if given enough freedom and creativity, I can see some really awesome things coming from this game.

However right now, all the jokes you see about having low frames is true. Game lags hard. Especially when you’re doing what you’d want to do in this game; make battle scenarios and play. It honestly is pretty bad. But this game is still very early in its development, so I can imagine a performance patch will be in the works.

Real player with 13.1 hrs in game

This is a great game but it can be even greater there are a few things that need to be fixed and alot to be added the creators need to fix the healing system as when ur controlling a character u can not heal it and when ur not controling a character u can not heal it so. With the maps the comands and flags need to be fixed. If u want this to be a great game creators u need to add multiplayer, melee, more maps, a steam workshop, being able to go prone, more missions even a campain, more styles guns ect, and u need to add more comands like to make charecters fly and every enemy player to target one man and if a player kills there teamates than the whole team should kill the traitor. I understand this game is in its beta and for its beta its amazing this game could become one of the best games ever just depands on what the creators do with it. All together definetly recomend this game.

Real player with 11.6 hrs in game

Warbox on Steam

The Sapling

The Sapling

Very reminisce of Spore, but focus on natural selection and ecology which Spore seriously lacked. I completed all the current scenarios. So a 4 out 5 for me, and must buy for anyone who want an ecological game.

In a world filled with in-your-face tutorial, Sapling tutorial teach to basic and then allow the player learn the rest thru trying out all the functions and hover-over information. A serious plus.

The scenarios are both pleasing and challenging puzzles, and as I said before the scenarios teach the player how to use the game thru experimentation over in-your-face hand-holding flood of pop-up tutorials that plague the gaming world. Even once you completed all scenarios, the sandbox is actually challenging and very satisfying despite the fact everything is unlocked. With mutation and time-skip for sand-box, it allow you is more accurate natural selection.

Real player with 22.0 hrs in game

I really love this game, I also love creating creatures to play as, or to just simply observe them evolving! Its fun to see how they would do in the wild trough a simulation. Though, this game is small and all, I’d want to be able to use a brush tool to change moisture and temperature of places, with it automatically changing the color and creating puddles or mud, maybe even a coloring tool to give the ground some color! *With this there should be an option to make the lakes not be automatically created. But also, we should be able to create our own lakes, so we can make a swamp-like environment for our creations to survive in! But really, overall I’d rate this game an 8.5/10 , one of the problems I have is lag, even with a good pc and low settings, probably due to many things moving at once all the time and the crashing. Another issue is the time cap I encountered, everything froze and I could only get past it trough a time skip, which took a whole 7 minutes to be done. But I enjoy this game alot, despite the issues. Hope you guys can develop this game to be one of the best simulation games ever!

Real player with 19.9 hrs in game

The Sapling on Steam