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Choose one of 102 countries and guide character-driven national intelligence agency through rough seas of the Cold War. From Soviet KGB and American CIA, up to Israeli Mossad and British MI6, expect different approaches to grand strategy gameplay.


  • Espionage finally made as it should be

  • Precise modelling of views & ideologies

  • Direct links between causes and effects

  • System of geopolitically active actors

  • Emergent multipolar simulation

  • Operation plans, campaigns, and opportunities


  • Prioritize grand scale and leave micro to your operatives

  • Establish contacts, threaten, exploit, and trade

  • Manipulate public opinion, support and establish political factions

  • Launch coups and proxy wars, falsify casus belli

  • Hunt spies and terrorists, protect internal stability

  • Form alliances, prepare all-out attacks, break rules

  • Advise country leader on critical decisions such as military interventions


  • Nuclear race: first atom bombs, thermonuclear revolution, mutually assured destruction

  • Huge progress in technology, simulated in the game with Kuhn’s paradigm shifts

  • After-war poverty, civil wars, controversial past

  • Configurable balance between alternate history and determinism

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Espiocracy on Steam

Hassle 1977

Hassle 1977

Wasn’t expecting such good stuff as small indie game. This product has so much potential, I do hope devs are planning some advertisement for it and they will add more features in the near future!

Real player with 3.6 hrs in game

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pre-pre-pre alpha game feeling (clearly not beta)

vehicule physics are trash

no in game mapping controls

bad ost (for me)

Real player with 0.6 hrs in game

Hassle 1977 on Steam

Europa Universalis IV

Europa Universalis IV

I’m a divorced woman of color. Recently, my ex got our son Larry a video game called Europa Universalis for his 14th birthday. It seemed good for him, because it takes place in the distant past and he’s always been interested in history, so it seemed like a nice enough game, no graphic violence or anything, at least until I sat down and watched him play at it. I don’t know what sorts of racists made this game, but it’s basically a colonialism and genocide justification simulator. If you want to survive, you need to have access to money and soldiers, and the most (only) reliable way to ensure you have enough is to attack and conquer your weaker neighbors. If you don’t, you can be sure someone else will eventually come attack and conquer you.

Real player with 4558.6 hrs in game

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So EU4 was a good game. Then they released the 450+ ‘bug fixes’. The entire game outside Europe has now been put back behind a new paywall unless you have the paradise DLC as it is now impossible to develop your provinces to spawn institutions as army tradition gives you impossibly high dev costs. I played one game and when I needed to dev an institution from a 1/1/1 grasslands province and starting cost is 120. That is only with 33 army tradition giving a 150% penalty. This was a custom nation and I had -20% dev cost. Good job paradox forcing everyone to buy your shittiest dlc in order to use any of the other DLC’s you have paid for. The game is now broken outside of Europe without the paradise dlc. You make me sick Paradox!

Real player with 1819.5 hrs in game

Europa Universalis IV on Steam

Two Coins

Two Coins

Two Coins is a time-traveling action adventure. You play as Richard, a guy with a completely normal life. He finds a magazine about forests and wilderness at work and is inspired to go on a forest trip.

“Richard walks for a while before it gets dark. Suddenly he falls into a cave and faints. When he wakes up he is confused and trying to find his way home again. Things seem different now. Very different.”

This is a single-player game where you can switch between first person or third person perspective. Survive by hunting, eating and drinking. Do tasks for people, contribute to the village, and even build your own temporary home. Perhaps the most important thing is to try to find the way back to the present again. If it’s even possible?

Two Coins on Steam



Graphics are amazing, and gameplay is extremely smooth!

Real player with 6.1 hrs in game

The guns feel great especially the minigun on the initial car you drive. Currently there is a shotgun, handgun, smg, and assault rifle. The combat can be tricky if the enemy detects you first. There is fuel scattered around the map and makes you search for it to keep driving.

Real player with 5.9 hrs in game

After on Steam



Kings0 - turn-based strategy in medieval genre, where you have to control your civilization in many aspects of the game.

The player will be able to visit different conditions, where the clan wars of the ancient Tribes are in full swing.

But not always everything can be solved by war, and therefore there are many mechanics for different styles of play.

This is where a new story begins that is different from other players.

The player has the right to do whatever comes to his mind with the game world.

Economy, pumping and construction, diplomacy, battles with lords, bandits and other civilizations, raids and robberies, achievements and easter eggs and much more.

Kings0 on Steam

Ultimate Arena

Ultimate Arena

This game is more fun than it has any right to be.

The best words to describe Ultimate Arena as would be “Simplistic Battle Royale Simulator”. This is actually very-reminiscent of those Hunger Games simulators online, but I feel that this game has more variety, is more customizable and actually has the slightest visuals, even if it’s just a top-down view of a small map with simplistic stick figures running around. Essentially, you can set up battle royals between as many people as you like, set up a few additional rules if you want and drop everyone in, waiting to see who the victor will be while occasionally having a bit of input as to where to place mines or where to drop care packages.

Real player with 175.8 hrs in game

Ok, this is a simulator. It’s pretty funny at times. You have a lot of freedom to add stuff, from characters to ways to fight and die. There’s plenty stuff at the workshop to add to the game. Now, this is not much a “game”. Yup, it is a simulator. Other than adding some mines and bring some events upon the field, you’re just watching the fight developing.

So, the fun is to have a lot of fighters, have a bunch of funny lines and events and watch your favorite people or the ones you dislike to fight till the end. Even when simple, can be entertaining for a while.

Real player with 122.2 hrs in game

Ultimate Arena on Steam

The Crust

The Crust

Welcome to the Crust — the game where you can be the CEO of a gigantic moon colonizing company. It is a large-scale economic simulator with elements of survival along with a rich setting and dramatic script.

No fate is determined. The progress is driven by people. It’s time for you to decide whether you become the one who brings changes — or the one who adapts to them. Whether to be mediocre and insignificant anybody — or to be a pioneer in the space colonization industry, leading your corporation to dominance and bringing necessary effort to make humanity an interstellar species.

Building the world of the future will mark a place for you in the history books. Only the strongest can survive on a giant grim permafrost rock surrounded by vacuum, deep space darkness, and deadly silence.

To be the second in the space race means to be the first who loses. Are you ready to take this challenge? The conquest of the Moon has already begun.

The Crust on Steam



Tombstone is a fast paced wild west multiplayer FPS with multiple game modes, Rush, Capture the flag, Team deathmatch, and Deathmatch.

And with multiple classes to choose from. Face off in matches of up to 32 players in fast paced western shootouts featuring western weapons and maps.

-Rush: Rush is a game mode where one team has to defend objectives while the attacking team has to blow open the vault before their reinforcements run out.

-Capture The Flag: CPTF is the same as any other capture the flag mode in other games but with our western twist.

Tombstone on Steam



One of the best zach-like games to exist thus far; A perfect rendition of simple rules leading to complex interactions. The retro pixel art and story featuring historically accurate rock star scientists lends itself well to a fun and engaging game about building the worlds first analog computer. The developer is active and responsive, adding more content fairly frequently, and the community is already both friendly and competitive.

10/10, would request lewd etchings again

Real player with 395.8 hrs in game

First and foremost: This is a positive review.

I’m unable to beat this game however (PEBKAC) though, so I’m going to caution prospective players:

This game is HARD, and the tests in each level are NOT comprehensive, nor will they give the same results when run individually versus the ‘run all tests’ results. It’s VERY possible to make solutions which pass in test-all but fail on every single test when run individually. Chasing the test scores can easily box you into a dead-end solution path.

The test score results are NOT an actual metric for how usable parts you design are, and almost every part is meant to be used later after it’s made, without any clear description of errors compounding or what to watch out for.

Real player with 16.5 hrs in game

ComPressure on Steam