To the devs:

BRAVO! I’m excited coming back and reading all of the news. No more striking, more animal parts, caves coming soon, better loop audio for effects, stamina, sprinting? All totally amazing. the one game I can truly say that they devs are indeed listening. Talk about fast development. Good job on the game guys! Hugs to you all and thx for the hard effort and dedication towards this project. I’m sure plenty of people are really excited. I know I am. :DD


My recommendation:

I have to say I posted many suggestions and so did many other people. The game has a dedicated team. This is a family orientated game. Imagine a santbox game where you can truly be your own version of franskenstein. No other game has taken it this far before. I totally recommend it even in it’s current stage. Well worth the money spent. If anything it’s too cheap for what you get already. You never have a feeling of being ripped off. Check out the news sections in community hub to see all the fixed and additions they add so frequently. Imagine the possibilities with a game like this. TOo many games fit into the block style genre but not many that stick out as unique as this one with the ability to make your own creations and bring them to life when you make a new creature. Imagine a floating or flying tutle or blimp animal that can hold your home? This game keeps evolving. I suggest it for families as well. The game looks amazing and handles well. The devs work hard and they listen. Truly an amazing experience. And with so much more to come! Stay tuned as it developes further! :DD

Real player with 158.5 hrs in game

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CHKN is really neat game. I would personally recomend it to anybody who enjoys games like Minecraft, SPORE, and just enjoy the Sandbox Survival Genre and want a breath of fresh air from the many, many copy past sanbox games out there.

The Game: The thing that makes CHKN such a fun game is the fact that it’s “creature buulding” aspect of this game. It really is a handsome feauture when you’re a guy like me who just wants to build some wonderus (or sometimes goofy) looking beasts and plants.

The Atmosphere: It’s very childlike in nature. Beautiful looking little island filled with goofy species of monsters and critters. It’s just fun to explore the place after a new update and see what waky beasts the devs (who are super-nice) cook up in the lab. Speaking of which…

Real player with 74.9 hrs in game

CHKN on Steam

Portal Knights

Portal Knights

I’ve played a stupid amount of this game for an early access title. This may not be a comprehensive guide, but it’s long enough that I feel like it will give people a realistic glimpse into what to expect.

Things that rock about this game:

  • Large universe is LARGE. The home island that I have customized the most seems small at first Glance. I’ve been carving out huge swaths to make new buildings, dungeons, gardens, and landscaping projects as time goes on, yet an aeriel view on the smallest looking Island reveals I’ve still barely scratched the surface - and that’s saying nothing about the vast caverns beneath.

Real player with 274.8 hrs in game

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Portal Knights, at first glance, looks like a pretty remake of Minecraft. It has the same blocky, cartoony charm, and does have exploring, fighting, mining and building as its main features. The game is, in some ways remarkably similar, but in other ways, remarkably different.

I’ll be using spoiler tags to hide both challenge-reducing tactics as well as actual game spoilers (for those who want to experience the game with zero advance knowledge, which can actualy provide a lot more fun to the game for first playthrough).

Real player with 216.6 hrs in game

Portal Knights on Steam

Dragon And Home

Dragon And Home

A game built to desire the hungry fiends awaiting Hytale. In it’s early stages it has compromise, aspiration, beauty.

Those not worthy to grind, shall formally fall under as “lackluster and lazy” those who do not aspire to strive as well.

This game is in no shape perfect, yet describe to me a game that is? We see games like these as, “another minecraft ripoff”

I see a game like this as the future. Plenty of people whining, crying, to a what? 10 man Dev team? About how “oh the healing is the worst, the servers suck, it’s too much, it’s too hard” nonsense. Write a review on life while you’re at it, nobody can bug fix that.

Real player with 654.3 hrs in game

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– edit after holloween patch –

The latest patch has gone live and the old review no longer applies so I must change it.

The game is still bare-bones. The content is still balanced around the lv 20 cap so it is natural. What IS there is fine.


Here are what I think are still the problems plaguing the game:

  • vigor is still a problem

Vigor (as previously described) is the system used to gate certain activities. The initial iteration of it had vigor attached to harvesting. T1 materials such as stone, herb did not cost vigor. T2 materials such as copper, flax cost 1 vigor. T materials such as iron, cotton cost 2 vigor. This system incentives hoarding materials. The new system attached vigor to crafting gear (weapon and armor).

Real player with 502.5 hrs in game

Dragon And Home on Steam



DarkHouse is a survival game in a night psychiatric clinic in the genre of first-person horror. A mysterious creepy doctor is tearing at your heels trying to kill you.

Uncover the mystery of the psychiatric hospital by collecting elements for the ritual to bring the infernal monster back to the underworld.

The main character: A vulnerable girl Sofia lives alone with her grandmother, in order to somehow make ends meet, she moonlights as a nurse at night in a psychiatric clinic.

DarkHouse on Steam

Eden: New Dawn Free Edition

Eden: New Dawn Free Edition




Real player with 0.7 hrs in game

Absolute waste of my time lol

Game is really broken

Tried to start in creative welcomed by black screen and sound of me moving and environment

Tried the other survival mode takes me to steam page and basically looks like an attempt to get you to buy the game.

No thank you

Fix it and maybe i may invest in the future.

Real player with 0.3 hrs in game

Eden: New Dawn Free Edition on Steam

Inno World

Inno World

Inno World - interesting adventure, there in world with interesting survive, you must survive for create new civilization and build spaceship for return to home. In realistic voxel world with full terraforming landscape you can get the ores and build yours houses and factories. First in Ultima World you should create your first instruments from stones and wood. After you can obtain rock and ores and create more efficient instruments. Then you can build first bronze steam machines and create an automated manufactory. Your technologies progres begining from stone “century” to space “century”, Don’t forget that main character want eat, drink and warm. Create transports, mechanisms, power lines and change this planet as you want.

Inno World on Steam

Spookity Hollow

Spookity Hollow

Fun, spooky atmosphere. Loved running around looking for potions, brooms to ride on, and looking for the Pumpkin King . Swimming in the lake, walking around in the castle and in the graveyard was fun, too!

Real player with 8.3 hrs in game

I love the “Playing with Gilbert” series with my daughter! Spookity Hollow is a labor of love, and we have had so much fun playing it. The stories written by the dev’s daughter were a nice touch.

I do wish this was a PWG DLC, instead of a standalone game. It uses the same start menu, though some of the content (seasons) has no effect.

Real player with 2.3 hrs in game

Spookity Hollow on Steam

The Alpha 001

The Alpha 001

By far, this is the most confusing mess of cobbled together Unity assets I’ve ever seen.

Avoid at all costs, at least for a year after this games launch date of January 18, 2021 because it will definitely take this developer at least that long to fix this completely broken pile of garbage.

NOT RECOMMENDED. ..My Score: Another Google Zero Asset, but hey it’s floating in the air like all the text and your U.I in this game so that’s an lot better right?

Real player with 0.3 hrs in game

The Alpha 001 on Steam

The Octots

The Octots

Hello, I have been following the game from the first release process.

It is very difficult to develop games in the open world survival category.

It’s really successful that a single developer has released such a product

Although there are shortcomings for now, the game is promising and I think that independent game developers should be supported.

It’s a pleasure to have a developer responding to all feedback.

I would recommend

Real player with 128.3 hrs in game

The game is still new so there is a lot that still needs to be done. It is fun to explore and learn how to create tools and weapons but there isn’t much to do.

Ok, I originally reviewed after about 2.5 hrs of play and now have a bit more to say. After that last update I have experienced more in game content. There are more animals (bears for one) and more crafting. I look forward to more but so far it is showing promise. Great Job!

Real player with 18.4 hrs in game

The Octots on Steam

Tile Miner

Tile Miner

I have been evaluating several games like this, so please dont confuse this game with my other review on Project Explore. Also, please note the negative reviews posted here from others are from 2016, and so far I have not seen any that reflect the recent changes for Tile Miner.

Tile Miner is a single player game for now, which is in EA status and is a rewrite from it’s origional. There is one dungeon, some monsters to fight, and infinate landscape. These are being improved on as I type this. Unlike Project Explore, and edge of space that were put into Steams store as completed games which they barely are even 10% complete, Tile Miner despite starting two years ago, and now being re-written, at least has all of its content fully working, and the writer who did not want his game to go in the same direction as the other two I listed, actually wanted to make sure no one would get burned, and had actually removed the title from the store for a long period of time, till he could get several areas that were lacking, improved and added.

Real player with 64.3 hrs in game

Tile Miner is great but there are a few things that would make it so much better. One thing is a mini map. This would make it a lot easier to navigate in the world. Also, increasing the spawn level of animals would make it easier to find food. Almost every time I have died it has been from starvation. One last thing is some sort of creative mode . This would help players get used to the items and learn how to play without dying. Overall, the game is a very good idea.

Real player with 60.0 hrs in game

Tile Miner on Steam