Domino Simulator 2020

Domino Simulator 2020

Great potential for a huge world of contraptions to be made, already has a stellar selection of items and gizmos to have fun with and the polish on everything looks so nice you can’t even imagine it. I zoomed in on a popsicle stick so close I could see the individual grooves of the wood in the texturing. It’s baffling how much detail is in each piece haha. Runs nicely on my computer so long as there aren’t 10,000 dominoes falling at once XD Dev deserves all the support they can get for this project. Love what I’m seeing so far.

Real player with 40.0 hrs in game

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I am glad someone took the time to make a simulator of domino toppling irl.

I used to be a domino builder and playing this is near accurate.

This game’s simulation is the most smooth! All other domino sims can’t preform like this, they were too clunky or hard to control. Controls are straightforward. The domino set up is easy as well! When dominoes are fully toppled they don’t shake for no reason. Resetting actually resets when or before a domino topples is smart!

Rotation system is good! I don’t have to changed a domino all the time. The scrolling system in others just always off puts it.

Real player with 11.4 hrs in game

Domino Simulator 2020 on Steam

Theology - Religion Creator

Theology - Religion Creator

Theology is a management game, in which you create your very own religion and use all means necessary to spread it through the whole wide world!

Unite the World under one God, one Religion! Create your dogmas and use them to convert as many as you can to your belief system. Watch as your enemies fall and disappear, forgotten by history. From ancient times, through middle ages, to the year 2020, do everything in your power to remain dominant and in control!

Choose the location of your religion’s origin. Find your first followers and use them to spread the word of your God to neighboring cities and countries. Stay in power using your own places of worship and a holy army. Convert everyone you can to your cause, peacefully or by force. The choice is yours!


  • Create your very own religion and define all its rules and dogmas

  • Build and manage places of worship

  • Create armies of devoted followers

  • Wage holy wars on land, sea, and in the sky

  • Watch as your religion grows from ancient times to the year 2020

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Theology - Religion Creator on Steam

Europa Universalis III Complete

Europa Universalis III Complete

Whee. Europa 3, like its predecessors and its cousins Hearts of Iron and Victoria (Crusader Kings as well, but that isn’t as hard to learn), is an extremely complex game that is notoriously difficult to learn, not helped by crappy tutorials. I had an edge having been playing this series since its first installment, but it still took some time to get used to everything. So right from the start expect a significant time investment on learning how to play the game, and learning to do well at it. War, Diplomacy, Trade, Exploration, and more. It’s all here.

Real player with 535.5 hrs in game

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As far as I’m concerned, this is the best game ever - especially in this version with the first two additions to the game.

To a certain extent, it is comparable to the Total War games, if they only included the map mode, which would here be simplified to armies only being able to move from province to province and not within a province. However, you have a more complicated diplomacy and domestic policy to deal with.

Another thing that makes it different, and, for my taste, better than the Total War games, is the greater realism and historical accuracy - in this game you can’t just conquer everything, and it remains challenging for the more than four centuries that its timespan covers.

Real player with 492.4 hrs in game

Europa Universalis III Complete on Steam

Anime Studio Tycoon

Anime Studio Tycoon

Needs a better translation, I am aware that the developer said he paid a guy on fiver for the translation, however I am also aware that that guy run it through google translate. The game needs more features including an indepth tutorial, the game is rather bare bones and very difficult, which it fine, I would appreciate more QOL quality of life features. The AI pathing is terrible. The boxes for text are very small.

Real player with 60.4 hrs in game

It is like a game dev tycoon but too complex and also hard. Game is quite stable I didn’t notice any bugs so far but I hope developer will make it little easier to play. It is hard if you are casual player, it will take few attempts to understand how the game works but after you understand it you will start having fun with it.

Real player with 33.5 hrs in game

Anime Studio Tycoon on Steam

SimCity™ 4 Deluxe Edition

SimCity™ 4 Deluxe Edition

Ever thought you could make a better city? Pah, I could be a better Mayor; well now you can! SimCity 4 is just that and offers this opportunity and lets you sit in the chair titled “mayor”. I’ve definitely clocked up more hours in the days I installed this on ME and XP.

SimCity 4 Deluxe Edition is another one of those games that has been created by EA… EA? Not again you say - except this time.. EA has really created a game and has polished it up to its standards. SC4 is one of the older prequels to ‘Societies’ and the 2013 SimCity relaunch; released after Sim City 3000, it showed off superb graphic capabilities at the time and invented new ways to enjoy building a simulated city, where you play as the city’s major, managing the: finances, housing stock, roads, ports, resident satisfaction, transit, and employment.

Real player with 567.8 hrs in game

Ah, SimCity 4, the best, in my opinion, of all of the SimCity games. The graphics are dated, being that this was released around fifteen years ago, but don’t let that deter you. Play times depend on how much you enjoy city building games. I myself have spent 2-4 hours today playing it.

The U-Drive-It mode is pretty cool, as it lets you drive through your transportation system with a variety of vehicles, but can get annoying over time with the other cars.

The regions are a nice addition, as you can have cities depend on each other, plus some of the regions come in the shape of several real-life cities, albeit with no structures. In the same vein, importing and exporting cities & regions are useful. If you have a sprawling metropolis and want to share it with the world, you can! Have a police state with stations on every corner? You now can show it to your friends and family!

Real player with 325.6 hrs in game

SimCity™ 4 Deluxe Edition on Steam



This will be both, a Review for new people and a compliment to the game.

I played Reus for 270+ hours, and have so far unlocked almost all the achievements to the exception of two. An let me tell ya, this is a marvelous game, really. Rarely, if ever have I played such an intricate, interconnected, interdependent game where every choice and every placement has such profound and amazing influence over everything else, specially your “victory”.

First, the warnings -

  • You should not buy/play this game, if you don’t like “god games” (then really, why are you even here reading this?)

Real player with 277.0 hrs in game

I love this game. But–full disclosure–the strategy genre is almost exclusively where I spend my gaming hours. The remaining time is usually allocated to sandbox games, and Reus sort of falls into both these categories.

While definitely not an open world game by any stretch of the imagination [the world is literally a closed ring], Reus follows the sandbox/god game pattern of affecting the world in a way similar to an artist painting a portrait. Using the proper tools (the Giants and their abilities), you masterfully paint your world on the blank canvas that is the earth. Unlike the artist, however, your creations are living beings!

Real player with 169.0 hrs in game

Reus on Steam

Game Dev Studio

Game Dev Studio

**_So, about those mods…

No, don’t buy GDS for the mods. It’s been three months and there’s still nothing notable. The most interesting mods are still the absurdly edgy example mods that the developer put out._**

This is about the third time I’ve written this review, and for good reason: the developer, who is really awesome and dedicated to their project, keeps on adding stuff. While the original release of this game could have had a little more content, the frequent updates put out by him has not only fixed this, but has impressively improved upon some of the games faults at launch. While some people will buy games on instinct if they know just how dedicated the devs are to community feedback, I know not everybody will. So, why is Game Dev Studio worth 10 bucks?

Real player with 291.0 hrs in game

Editing review after 11 hours of play

*Edit Review after 90 hours..



After 90 hours, I definately got my monies worth. I could not be happier, updates have been consistent and dev actually listens to community. Not bad for a 1 person team. Support this one get more great games from responsible dev’s!

Buy it, its worth it.

My views:

I patiently waited for this game and had it on my wishlist followed for 3 months prior to its release. I agree that the game seems early access as other reviewers have mentioned. However; what other reviewers are not talking about is the insane speed patches come after a bug is reported in the forums. The developer is ontop of the game, more so than I have seen in other early access/released games. Multiple updates a day! I have over 600+ games in my library, few are indie titles, and some early access. Out of all of my games I see updates for this one most often and it just came out! That says something, I have had pre-orders on almost all of my games (yes im that guy who pre-orders everything) and have never seen the speed of response shown by this developer before!

Real player with 98.8 hrs in game

Game Dev Studio on Steam



You can literally play for 2000 hours (yes 2000) hours of this game, over a year and a half, and not get bored of it. It’s that good. You can create limitless amounts of new kingdoms with each new game, set difficulties, peaceful or not, metal/gem/coal resource abundance etc. There is much more than meets the eye of simple gfx and sound. After a while you figure out that if you want to build a stone temple, you have to dig a hole down and get stone, turn it into stone blocks (with workshops for each type of thing) and craft the blocks and tell the gnomes where to build. It’s total freedom but with that comes the complexity of running your own little kingdom. Are you up to the challenge? It’s like simcity or warcraft meets minecraft. For those that don’t like FPS games or need a break from them, this is a great break. Actually… it is more like a black hole from which you won’t want to escape. It is that fun. Oh, and development is constant. No fears as with some in-development games… the dev is at the ready and giving many new features on a consistent basis. Don’t starve, die of thirst, or get killed by bears, or anything that spawns below level -7 (that is where monsters can spawn, at level -8 and below). Monsters also spawn on the surface but they are usually wild animals only. Occasionally, depending on difficulty you get goblin raids (not too rough at first, again depends on your settings), but after a while they can get pretty tough. You will have to grow your own food, or forage from the naturally occuring fruit trees, or clip and plant some more of your own to make sure you always have plenty of spare food.

Real player with 2886.4 hrs in game

Difficult review. The game’s definitely a mixed bag, with some fairly serious and annoying issues, but at the same a time, a lot of them are quite easy to resolve and I’ve somehow played hundreds of hours so … it did something right?

While not one of the many early access scams like “Towns”, “Timber and Stone” or “Spacebase DF-9”, Gnomoria’s 1.0 release was definitely disappointing.

The game was released feature complete, however it lacks polish and some of the leftover bugs are potentially gamebreaking. (although the 2 most common ones have a very simple solution, more later)

Real player with 542.8 hrs in game

Gnomoria on Steam

Tiny Island

Tiny Island

What do we have here? What a cuties! It’s better not to touch them with your hands, let’s take a thinner tool and see how we can help them.

This is a meditational game which allows you to take care of a miniature people living on a small island. Help residents with their requests using Chinese chopsticks, but be careful: this is a very delicate tool.

Together with this small people - Ricelings - you will go through a fascinating journey through a number of different lands, helping and guiding them… or by hindering them in every way, while they live their own lives. Do people’s requests and you will earn their attention - one way or another.

Tiny Island on Steam

Game Dev Tycoon

Game Dev Tycoon

Game Dev Tycoon is one of those games that may look sort of boring from an outside perspective (Unless you decide to be a complete memelord on a Let’s Play or Livestream) but playing the game is a really satisfying and simple affair that is both equal parts trial and error, and also thought as to what does well.

You’ll need to think about what focus you put on each game, trying to think about what sort of aspect works well for what game, for the topic and genre it is. You do it right, and you get the satisfaction of watching those money and fan counters go up. But it’s not completely up to you to figure it out, as you play and as you create game reports in game, Game Dev Tycoon will keep notes on what works and what hasn’t worked meaning if you have the capital to try again, you can at least make another attempt at it.

Real player with 70.0 hrs in game

Fun for a good while. The actual system for designing games seems frustratingly inaccurate and arbitrary at times, mostly the “how much effort should we focus on area X and area Y of making the game”, but it does have a lot of fun moments in spite of that. If the devs were still working on it, a lot of these issues could likely be fixed with some quality of life improvements, but they’re gone now. With the game as it is, solid 7.5/10 from me.

Real player with 33.4 hrs in game

Game Dev Tycoon on Steam