Battle Jacked

Battle Jacked


Real player with 591.1 hrs in game

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Battle Jacked is a decent game if you wanted to go in to blow off some steam, It has many different classes as well as soldiers to choose from, each having there own abilites giving the game alot of variety, however i found the cowboy classes to be some of the best since the powerful longrange makes gameplay alot easier. The game has many different gamemodes and maps which keep it from getting repetitive. It also introduces a Hacker mode, which i found not as fun to play with, but i feel like if your into simulator style games it would be perfect for you.

Real player with 60.7 hrs in game

Battle Jacked on Steam



It’s a very fun game for the first few hours. You unlock the other races, try new weapons, and kill the bosses. Unfortunately the amount of content is limited. Only four bosses (that I have seen), five races (which is a pretty decent amount to be fair), and around 10ish weapons. The game gets old quick and needs more variety. The four bosses are always in the same order and have an annoying unskippable intro where they usually appear out of the ground. The bosses are fun first time round, but I feel maybe a few more in the mix would improve the replayability aspect or the game. Also the third boss fight drags on a bit too long in my opinion, and his regeneration makes killing him take awhile. This game is a work in progress though and the developer seems to update the game every few weeks so It’s safe to say more content is coming soon.

Real player with 21.5 hrs in game

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The AI in this game makes me feel like every single basic enemy is the shittiest 12 year old in COD. They have no interest in killing you, only in being a net negative in progression. They will space you out litteraly forever, but not let you leave because they will rush you down the second you turn away. Every fight is agony. The bosses are the easiest enemies in the game, because they behave in a way that makes sense with the tool,s you get as a player. Everything about the game is cool, save for the AI, which makes me fucking hate this game. Difficulty is not giving the enemies instant reaction times, the ability to negate ranged combat with melee weapons, charge at you from off-screen, and work together to deny you resources. Imagine if in BOTW the moment any enemy hit half health ran away from you at top speed, and handed its loot to someone else, dying in the process. That is the AI in this game. The best build is 1 spike on your head, with greasers everywhere else. It’s the only shit they cannot space you out from.

Real player with 14.3 hrs in game

Sipho on Steam

Super Punchy Face

Super Punchy Face

As Someone Who Likes Side Scroll Hack N' Slash Beat Em Ups. I Thought This Was Fun. There’s For Sure Areas To Improve In But Overall I Had Fun.

Real player with 1.9 hrs in game

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Super Punchy Face on Steam

Save Data

Save Data


You are a data-integrity program inside of a computer and your job is to prevent other programs from having their data corrupted!

“Enemy” programs emit electron projectiles and your job is to deflect them to “ground” and not accidentally damage the programs themselves in the process. Features 3 worlds of crazy bullet-heck action with semi-randomized room order and an upgrade system that provides a bevy of interesting ways to progress!

The story behind Save Data

Save Data is part of what has retroactively been termed a “molasses jam” run by the Bay Area Dev Collective. The theme of the jam was to make a violent genre non-violent. As I’ve had a growing interest in action games, specifically of the shoot-em-up variety, naturally I wondered what it would be like to make such a game non-violent. The result is shoot-em-up where you have to protect the “enemies”!

The other molasses game jam games are also on steam:

Save Data on Steam

蛮荒志异:起源 / Tales of Wild

蛮荒志异:起源 / Tales of Wild

Tales of Wild is an open world game with no clear files. Once online, it will go on and wake up alone. In the four quadrant array, you will find yourself in a land full of strange animals and chaos. You are unarmed. You must learn how to build tools, obtain resources, make goods, and build your defense station, so that you can have a foothold in this land. At the same time, you can use tools to kill exotic animals and explore this mysterious labyrinth land. At the same time, you can invite your friends to build territory, you can also expand your own tribe, you can invade other territories and seize rare resources.

Labyrinth territory

In the game territory, there are more than 50 kinds of exotic animals and animals, more than 100 kinds of plant creatures, and several kinds of rare mineral resources. You can kill exotic animals to obtain materials for building equipment, can cook food to increase physical strength, and plants can also be ground into special attack buffs. Rare minerals are necessary for you to obtain high-level items.

To survive

Food and water are essential to survival. There are many different kinds of food in the game, and different foods will have different responses (be careful that some plants have negative effects). All actions consume food and water, and long-distance travel will consume these items continuously. Day night shifts and weather conditions can also affect your environment. Make clothes, build shelters and use fire to protect yourself against the harsh and changeable environment.

Building homes and weapons

Logging, mining, collecting all kinds of materials, become a generation of production masters. Use your hands, worktable and machine tools to make more and more complex and powerful equipment. Use the construction hammer to build your large base, from wood to stone. You can also create weapons, clothing, armor, etc. from the workbench.

Fighting art

Use movement as the core, skill based combat system to fight ferocious monsters and other players. Master the real fighting art and become the most powerful fighter in the labyrinth. Use big sword, one handed sword, bow and arrow, dodge sword, axe and other weapons to fight.

Tribal system

If the enemy has a few rare resources, you can search through the city gate if you have the necessary resources. You can also help the tribal territory guards to advance, attack and retreat them, and give the tribe a loud name.

The growth system of roles

Character growth and upgrade will unlock runes. You can increase your ability by inlaying runes, and create equipment and runes with high attribute coordination. You will surely be invincible with the use of buff potions.

蛮荒志异:起源 / Tales of Wild on Steam

Cube Worlds Survival

Cube Worlds Survival

OMG, this is amazing!! Semi broken but epic as. Played it for the first time on stream last night and got me super pumped up.

Real player with 5.5 hrs in game


Real player with 2.6 hrs in game

Cube Worlds Survival on Steam

Pixel Piracy

Pixel Piracy

Let’s get the obvious shït outta the way first: I like Pixel Pirates! And yes, I know it’s actually called Pixel PiraCY, but Pixel PiraTES just sounds way better.

Anyway, moving on… I like this game. I really really do. HOWEVER, I cannot POSSIBLY recommend it to ANYONE, simply because of the atrociously poor “productivity” of the so-called “developers” of the game. They CLAIM that their complete radio silence and lack of updates for over eight months was due to ONE guy’s failing health, and while I do wish him a speedy recovery, THIS DOES NOT MEAN THE REST OF YOU LOT GET TO SIT AROUND AND TWIDDLE YOUR FÛCKING THUMBS!

Real player with 104.6 hrs in game

So normally I would write a more concise review analyzing a game, and looking at all the good parts of it but also all of it’s faults. Pixel Piracy is this special case where I absolutely adore the concept it delivers and the gameplay, but the execution is so god damn awful I can’t bring myself to play it anymore, I wanted to play it to the end and explore everything, have a massive powerful crew that would dominate the seven seas. Instead we’re left with a game that, to put it simply, is badly made. It doesn’t work, and yet it ‘released’ mere days ago. Anyway, here’s a list of about everything wrong with this game that will ruin your experience. Some issues may not seem important but do realize that all of them create unfair situations where the player is not at fault and yet the game will end up punishing them anyway or worse, just straight up giving them a situation they cannot get out of because of the god awful AI. So, here’s the list.

Real player with 32.3 hrs in game

Pixel Piracy on Steam

HEDE Game Engine

HEDE Game Engine

Stars received: 2/10

Overview: junk to make even more junk xD

Real player with 5.1 hrs in game

HEDE Game Engine wants to be the next “easy” game maker out there. While it might be easy, it is so extremely flawed and absolutely terrible! Between missing features, glitches, annoying features, and just how lazy this engine is makes this a hard pass!

All you need to know why to avoid this is this posted on the store page.

“At the current state, you can’t make a build of your game. You can play it only inside our game engine."

Let me just say, that some the artwork assets included in this are actually pretty good! No real complaints there, other than there is not a whole lot to pick or choose from. Half of the assets shown in the store page are not in here, so be warned with that… Here’s the thing though. It’s all just repackaged Unity Store Assets. With very little looking you can just find them all there.

Real player with 0.8 hrs in game

HEDE Game Engine on Steam

Rogue Harvest

Rogue Harvest

Something happened. You wake up in a forest. Now you have to survive! Run, the ents are coming!

This is a great game and try to be cautious, surviving the first night won’t be the best. I started to think the best way is just running for your life. This is a complicated survival game or complicated and funny survival game where you have to create the best shelter to avoid the enemies at night. Yeah, they are not so great at day but the skeletons.. and other things, you know. They going to destroy your shelter. Now you know!

Real player with 4.1 hrs in game

Interested in seeing some gameplay? see below!

TL:DR: Cheap but fun roguelike survival game, some way to go before it’s finished, but well worth the price with the current content! 7.5/10


Rogue Harvest is a roguelike survival game, with permadeath and gameplay similar to that of hardcore Minecraft or Terraria. In Rogue Harvest you play as the survivor of a plane crash fighting to make sense of and survive in the hostile world in which he’s found himself. The gameplay is fun and currently semi-deep, there’s several tiers of content for each item (from 2-4 depending on the item) and you are free to create some awesome looking houses to defend yourself with.

Real player with 4.0 hrs in game

Rogue Harvest on Steam

Just Get Through

Just Get Through

Spelunky has long sat on the throne of roguelike platformers, partly because they aren’t very common. While in the same genre, Just Get Through is surprisingly different from Spelunky. They both have randomly generated levels, but with this one the levels feel more like playing a slower methodical version of Super Meat Boy. You die instantly to any damage, but don’t have infinite lives to use. As well as your lives you have dynamite to manage which can be used to clear obstacles or part of the level. And after every few levels you (just) get through (4Head) you’re offered a choice of three different upgrades/benefits to choose from to help you out a little. This all comes together really nicely in the hardcore and survival modes as good challenging fun.

Real player with 27.3 hrs in game

Just Get Through is an addicting platformer with some dungeon crawling & roguelite elements. Armed only with sticks of dynamite, you must progress further and further into randomly generated dungeons with deadly traps that become harder and harder to evade. As you complete levels, you level up as well, gaining perks that help you be a better dungeon crawler. The entire game is literally a procedural death labyrinth.

The game has a great difficulty curve, starting with extremely easy levels and transitioning smoothly to more complex environments. It offers a good amount of challenge for players of all skill levels. The controls are tight and the procedural generation creates unique environments to traverse.There’s even a level creator where you can build your own dungeons for other players to try, and you can compare your rankings/scores daily.

Real player with 16.3 hrs in game

Just Get Through on Steam