the game is really good id say just add online and make the map bigger

Real player with 5.9 hrs in game

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Very fun, would recommend cant wait to see how this progresses

Real player with 2.3 hrs in game

BoltBreak on Steam

Hello Neighbor

Hello Neighbor

Wow. What a wasted idea. This was a really good concept that just got botched nearly from top to bottom. I wanted to like this so much and was excited when it was in development, but…wow. It just utterly fails at everything it was trying to do. Instead of a stealth/horror game it is a puzzle game with poor physics, bad controls, and infuriating puzzles.

The controls are questionable at best. I couldn’t find a way to reliably map controls to certain keys like the arrows, numpad keys, etc. Maybe I missed something in the control mapping section but it just didn’t seem to work - whatever, I can deal with that. Regardless of key mappings, the actual movement and physics are just a hot mess. On more than one occasion I’d be running and I’d walk over a item like a piece of trash or a lamp and I’d just get thrown 20 feet in the air or across the map. Just utter physics failures on every level. Jumping is horrendous. If you hit the side of a wall or ledge you bounce off of it like a rubber ball. At least the same goes for the neighbor who jumps like a circus acrobat and frequently falls from heights because of the same ridiculous physics. All of this wouldn’t be much of a problem if the game wasn’t littered with jumping puzzles. Because nothing screams stealth/horror like jumping puzzles. Which brings me to…

Real player with 95.9 hrs in game

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Reviewing this game is somewhat difficult. The game has a bit of a complicated development history, with a Pre-Alpha, four Alphas, and two Betas, each completely different from each other, and I’m not even entirely sure where to start. There’s a lot to say, so I’ll try to separate things into categories.

Disclaimer: I followed this game, and its development, primarily from CaptainSauce’s YouTube playthrough. I decided to get the game myself because I wasn’t satisfied that he found all the answers. That being said, I had prior puzzle knowledge, which, from what I understand, is one of the largest complaints of the game. Keep that in mind as we move on.

Real player with 93.1 hrs in game

Hello Neighbor on Steam

Last Generation: Survival

Last Generation: Survival

Release day for Last Generation Survival and I picked it up without knowing much about it. For early access I’m liking how this game is looking. Couple graphics issues, rocks floating in the air, the dirt road is placed above ground by a couple feet in a few spots, there’s no sound when striking a robot. Needs some work but I like it so far. I did a quick intro video of it here.

Real player with 3.6 hrs in game

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While i am giving this a positive review, the game needs a lot more improvement.

1. The Settings options are buggy, you can check out my video. I DID NOTICE THAT I CHANGED A KEY IN THE GAME AND AFTER THAT I GOT A CRASH.

2. AI needs improving, DEV could go for a different type of enemie (maybe aliens, not zombies)

3. The maps needs a little more work, some of the assets are floating on the map and some of the map relief is wierd.

A Big PRO is that the graphics are not bad, and the mechanics are good. A good start for a game.

Real player with 0.6 hrs in game

Last Generation: Survival on Steam

Medieval Remembrance

Medieval Remembrance

You have been tasked by the Pope to crusade against pagans in Old Prussia. As a Knight of the Teutonic Order your goal is to bring Christendom to the region and destroy the Romuva religion entirely. Build fortresses, slay herds of zombies that have risen from the dead. Destroy Romuva priests and altars. Most of all, do this while playing with friends.


–Hack and slash game featuring a survival mode and horde mode.

–Multiplayer, local coop, and single-player support.

Medieval Remembrance on Steam




So I was lucky to be one of the people being able to play around with the closed beta and even though we didn’t have access to all the EA content and even though we ran into quite a few bugs at the time (most of whom have been fixed or being worked on right now), I had a ton of fun playing this.

It’s a relaxing survival and exploration sim with many things to explore, craft and build.

The water physics are amazing. You can basically manipulate the water to do anything, if you know how.

Real player with 32.1 hrs in game

Got an early review copy and was excited to try this as it had been on my radar since seeing the trailer earlier this year. Unfortunately the flaws became readily apparent pretty quickly.


  • Looks nice

  • Water mechanics are interesting

  • Gathering resources and crafting are easy

  • Armor and weapons don’t lose durability


  • Movement feels really off

  • Even after lowering the sensitivity the camera is still way too fast

  • Combat is not good at all, there’s no blocking, dodging or rolling and enemies have very basic attack patterns

Real player with 8.2 hrs in game

Breakwaters on Steam

Factory pirates

Factory pirates

its unrefined with no tutorial of any kind and the only benefit of playing the game is to get accessories that don’t work.

Real player with 1.1 hrs in game

Thank you Kanye, very cool!

Real player with 1.0 hrs in game

Factory pirates on Steam

Kingdom Traveler

Kingdom Traveler

Hello, dear travelers.

This is a letter from the kingdom.

The king heard the sad news that you fell into the whirlpool while fighting the terrible octopus monster, but it seems that you followed the whirlpool to the waters outside the kingdom.

Maybe you can explore the unknown sea to spread the name of the kingdom!


Eat more food and drink,

To restore stamina and water.

Fight with enemy and use plants

To get food and materials.

When you get the first boat,

You can finally escape from this savage island and return to civilized society!

Of course, you can also explore more deserted islands and become a maritime overlord!

Prepare your supply. When you set foot on the ocean road, you can:

● Explore the island to find more treasures!

● Complete tasks to get rewards.

● Craft weapons, equipment and other props, place your objects on the map, and trade them with merchants.

● Set sail in the port, encounter pirates, monsters and various random events in the sea.

(Or make ship sinking)

● A large number of synthetic formulas.

● Beat off the enemy.

● Exciting BOSS Battles.

Kingdom Traveler on Steam

Apocalypse Island

Apocalypse Island

About Gameplay

Apocalypse Island is an open-world adventure game. The player take on the role of main character Yolanda as she travels between fantasy dreams and the boring real world. The gameplay brings together many elements such as cultivating, survival, combat, FPS, etc.

In the game, the items are interoperable in the real world and the dreams. You can buy weapons and information from special stores in the real world, and then bring them into the dreams to help you fight against all kinds of powerful enemies. And when you defeat them, they will drop loot. You can bring the loot back to the real world in exchange for a lot of money.

Money is very important in the game. There are a variety of ways to earn money, including going to work, investing in stocks, doing business to earn the price difference, and it can only be earned in the real world. Don’t forget to buy some food and medicine with the money you earned, you will need them whether in the real world or in the dreams. Besides, you can also use the money to buy new houses, sofas, lamps, carpets and other items that improve your life quality and make you feel better.

Of course, if you are a player who loves cultivating, the game also has also created a clothing system for you, so you can dress up your main character.

About Weapons

Various weapons have been added to the game, from knives to RPGs. If you want to use them, upgrade your weapon level first. To upgrade your level, you need to learn from a specialized weapon school.

About Monsters

There are dozens of monsters in the game, from the ground to the sky, and each monster has its own AI and attack mode.

About Maps

The map in the game is not big, and every house can be explored. You need to explore and find some information hidden in the houses. You should always be careful when exploring the houses, because houses are the favorite places for some giant insects to build nests.

Apocalypse Island on Steam

Isles of Etherion

Isles of Etherion

Isles of Etherion is an open-world action/adventure sandbox RPG featuring airships, floating islands, dungeons, spell weaving, and 100% dynamically destructible environment.

Dynamically Destructible Voxel Environment

Explore a world in which everything, including terrain and structures, are dynamically destructible by players, monsters, or natural happenstances.

Airships for Combat and Transportation

Traverse the isles with your own airship, which could be acquired through purchase or battle.

Floating Islands with Dynamically Changing Seasons

In IoE, seasons change dynamically in front of your eyes. Like day/night cycle, seasons add another layer of complexity to gameplay dynamics and strategy.

Natural Disasters

Natural disasters, such as Earthquakes, Meteors, Volcano eruptions, Tornadoes, occur randomly throughout the Isles.

Voxel Combat and Spell Weaving

Voxel environment can be altered to your advantage during combat. IoE not only offers a variety of spells but the possibility to spell-weave as well!

Game play in IoE

The environment in this game is completely destructible. Terrains and structures can be altered and destroyed by player or monsters. Players have to venture into the world in order to acquire power and magic spells from monsters, Shrines and lore books.

Isles of Etherion on Steam

The Amethyst Stones

The Amethyst Stones

This is a open world single player game where the story begins with Zoe’s father who has failed his mission to save his daughter that has a special terminal blood illness. Various stones and clues have to be found in order to help save her sister. Find the AMETHYST STONES to help save her. To explore the intense island and caves while the story of Zoe unfolds to survive with only instincts and clues plus the ability to push beyond her limits of human endurance,. You can climb walls and go over obstacles and every level has puzzles to be solved to get to the next section. If you solve the puzzles you can continue to the next level. Every levels puzzles become more difficult. The game has a story line that you need to follow and understand. She must fight to unravel the dark history of a forgotten island to escape its relentless hold.

The Amethyst Stones on Steam