Stream Skate

Stream Skate

this game changed my life for the better

Real player with 0.8 hrs in game

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As others have said: It’s extremely glitchy, the controls are cumbersome a lot of times, and I ended up flying through walls more often than skating on them.

The premise of the game is really intriguing, and I would like to see this game in a more complete state, but as of right now it is virtually unplayable, unless you enjoy breaking games.

An example of glitches, besides flying through walls: You can die in the pause menu, you can manipulate your dead character in the pause menu, you can die while still paused after dying while manipulating your character in the pause menu. You can fly through floors that are solid on the top surface but not on the bottom surface.

Real player with 0.5 hrs in game

Stream Skate on Steam



DeadOS is less a game and more a really entertaining toy where you generate a city, populate it with people, and watch a zombie outbreak of your creation slowly take it over. There’s no win/loss state, and your only task is to keenly observe as zombies convert the living, civilians run in droves from the impending horde of undead, and cops create blockades around infection zones to slow the spread.

Though the graphics and presentation are simple, the scale of the simulation impressed me; up to ten thousand people can be simulated in the city. It’s oddly satisfying to watch a fleeing crowd of hundreds, abstracted as a bunch of scurrying yellow dots seen from a bird’s-eye view.

Real player with 10.9 hrs in game

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There’s no other game on PC like this. It’s already a pretty nice little sandbox game as it is now, can’t wait for all the features that come out for it over time. I completely recommend this game.

Real player with 6.9 hrs in game

DeadOS on Steam

Relax Simulator

Relax Simulator

~really nice games, good graphics, great sound effects, absolutely horrible music. Does anyone know of any way to turn the awful ‘music’ off ? ..and it would be great if the added more puzzles -or the ability to import some maybe, or a DLC pack ..?

Real player with 8.3 hrs in game

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I feel relaxed.

Real player with 3.6 hrs in game

Relax Simulator on Steam

Block Machine

Block Machine

Block Machine is a difficult yet poorly explained programming puzzle that combines the joy of doing homework for computer science class with the eerie satisfaction of toying around with Redstone in Minecraft.

In Block Machine, you build machines from blocks (who would have guessed!) to solve a variety of programming tasks. Block Machine’s programming model is unique: Blocks are both code and data, and all computation happens in parallel. Von Neumann would have loved this.

15+ Different Block Types to Explore

How many different ways can you find to use the basic arrow blocks? Or maybe you fancy the charged battery blocks? Wrap your head around the different capabilities and use them to build the smallest and fastest Block Machine.

25+ Challenging levels, ranging from HARD to REALLY HARD

Solve difficult programming puzzles in this Turing tarpit. Can you beat the global highscore in any of the three categories?

A Sandbox mode to mess around to your heart’s content

Build that 1000 block machine your dreamt about last night. Or don’t. It’s a sandbox!

Block Machine on Steam



I got this game, was fun for a good 5 minutes.

Real player with 0.1 hrs in game


PHYSARUM: Slime Mold Simulator

PHYSARUM: Slime Mold Simulator

11/10 would slime mold simulator again

30 hours edit: 11/10 still would slime mold simulator again

Real player with 34.8 hrs in game

Very cool simulation. I have mainly been using it in Video mode with ripped VHS tapes to get some cool visuals for streaming / video synthesis stuff. Dev also responded in forums and added requested features, which is always a big plus.

Real player with 6.9 hrs in game

PHYSARUM: Slime Mold Simulator on Steam



Kaleidocraft is a sandbox art creation game set in a futuristic utopian universe where exposure is valuable for an artist.

Features & Content:

  • Create art - Create symmetrical art based on predefined shapes such as kaleidoscopes and mandalas, or just let your imagination run wild

  • Hundreds of shapes and color palettes to use in any way you desire; we add new shapes and colors constantly, based on your feedback

  • Advance as an artist in a kind & utopian online society; share your art with a fictional community that welcomes and encourages all sorts of art - and find out what people’s personal preferences are

  • Decorate your living space hologram with your art - arrange your favorite creations, set your wallpaper, and much more to come

  • Participate in Valiant challenges and, later on, share your art with the real world

Kaleidocraft on Steam

Save Data

Save Data


You are a data-integrity program inside of a computer and your job is to prevent other programs from having their data corrupted!

“Enemy” programs emit electron projectiles and your job is to deflect them to “ground” and not accidentally damage the programs themselves in the process. Features 3 worlds of crazy bullet-heck action with semi-randomized room order and an upgrade system that provides a bevy of interesting ways to progress!

The story behind Save Data

Save Data is part of what has retroactively been termed a “molasses jam” run by the Bay Area Dev Collective. The theme of the jam was to make a violent genre non-violent. As I’ve had a growing interest in action games, specifically of the shoot-em-up variety, naturally I wondered what it would be like to make such a game non-violent. The result is shoot-em-up where you have to protect the “enemies”!

The other molasses game jam games are also on steam:

Save Data on Steam



Warning: following GIF are developpement builds, this is not final content.

Various challenges

Through challenges, use the given elements to craft transitional elements to reach given objective !

Sandbox mode

Use sandbox mode to freely craft items together and maybe succeed to create rare items, and to discover everything !

Would you be able to craft every item ? To resolve every challenge ?

Only one way to know: begin the new apprentice of Alchemistry !

Note: A Demo is available for free for you to try the game !

Alchemistry on Steam

Just Add Noise

Just Add Noise


Create a world, play it music and watch it react and evolve.

Just Add Noise lets you control an audio reactive world. Build a scene and play it your own music.

What will your music attract?

Early experiments here. Although these are a very limited representation of what Just Add Noise will be like…

Yeast Lab on Gamejolt

Just Add Noise is a solo indie project made in Unreal Engine. An early access version should be available soon.

Just Add Noise on Steam