It’s not descent, so get that out of your head. It’s way faster pace, and includes millions of upgrade combinations with hundreds of different play styles based on what loot you get and how you combine it together and upgrade. This is a very unique game in that the upgrades are so varied for both the player, the friendlies, and the hostiles, but they are mostly all the same sets! If you can do it, an enemy might do it too.

There are many lovingly made details, good progression that keeps the pace up to whatever speed you choose, and some pretty tough puzzles.

Real player with 179.5 hrs in game

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I’ve been playing and testing this game for over a year, since April 2013. I was the first pre-alpha tester and I’ve submitted the most bug reports. I know the game. When I started it was great, and it has just been improved a lot in every area since then. I have played for hundreds of hours if you qount all the non-steam dev builds and while I have tried a lot of different ship loadouts there are still many ships and loadouts that I want to try but haven’t because new things to try is added all the time :) And this is true even after I’ve played past the levels where new qontent is unlocked for every progression!

Real player with 109.7 hrs in game

NeonXSZ on Steam



You just woke up after a midday nap in your country house surrounded by the swishing sound of turntable. You are 8 years old. It’s Summer is an indie video game which genres are “sandbox”, “babushka”, and “midday nap”. The game has neither goal nor sense. There are only you, cheap tea bags with russian tears and the endless yellow field.

The game itself is integral part of the Digital-opera “ШХД: ЛЕТО”. This project also contains a book, LP record, series of digital-art collaborations and something more. ШХД: ЛЕТО is the second and final part of the project ШХД: ЗИМА (It’s Winter).

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Walk On Mars

Walk On Mars

Walk On Mars is a free VR experience. It worked on my system, looked ok, played ?, sounded ok. You are plopped into a crater on Mars. The only movement is you moving in your play space. The background music is ok, but you cannot mute or change volume. They put a credit sign behind you over the wall of the crater, breaking immersion. No space suit hands and arms or body. The sky is Wrong in this map, Martian sky does not show stars and the galaxy. Maybe ok, as a zen garden experience.

Try it, but there is better experiences like this out there.

Real player with 0.1 hrs in game

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Walk On Mars is a free VR-only “walking sim” where you get to wear a VR headset and look at a pretty bad skybox and some martian looking landscape. Unlike other walking simulators, there’s nowhere to walk to, which kind of misses the point of them.

It’s nice that this is free, but there’s nothing to it, it’s not a game, so I can’t recommend it to gamers.

Real player with 0.1 hrs in game

Walk On Mars on Steam

Train Travel Simulator

Train Travel Simulator

Обзор в процессе/ Review In progress. (Готов/DONE)

Подведу итогу данного проекта кратко и более информативно после.


Задумка была интересная но походу у команды которая работала над проектом

небыло ни ума ни совести разложитъ все по полочкам а легче всего забитъ на все огромный мега болт, удалитъ дискорд и слинятъ без объяснений(были но сплыли) , даже не умудрилися убратъ из продаж и обновитъ в новостях что все оказалосъ под заморозкой но не нам их судитъ тут все уже так и ясно, ни в коем случяе не покупайте.

Real player with 24.4 hrs in game

I found this on a trainsim forum where it was getting almost joke reviews and unenthusiastic replies..

I brought it.. not once do I regret it.. im someone whos a train enthusiast who has many train sims. I used to commute to work for hours each day and enjoy it.. covid has taken this away from me.. I dare say this sim has become like a loveletter to days of the past personally for me..

its not all about the past though, This looks good, the future ideas look good.. I ask anyone with an interest in trains to consider this - A sim where you can travel, relax on a train.. while having the freedom to move around.. with the upcoming features being hunger system, vending machines and no doubt alot of good things happening in the future

Real player with 1.3 hrs in game

Train Travel Simulator on Steam

Pandemic by Prisms

Pandemic by Prisms

Learn By Solving Real-World Problems

Have you ever wondered how scientists developed strategies to limit the impact of the 2020 pandemic on human lives and health systems?

Pandemic by Prisms is an immersive algebra learning game that builds lasting fluency with exponential functions and allows you to apply algebraic thinking to one of the most important problems today - the global pandemic. While it does not deal with the science behind pandemics, it is designed to equip you with foundational algebra skills to understand how to make informed decisions about a critical public health issue.

Collaborate With Us!

We’re launching our beta module to collaborate with users (like you!) to gather feedback so that we can continue to iterate and make this module fun, engaging, and meaningful for all users!

Please leave us a review, provide feedback, or ask us any questions on our Discord. We will be refining and finalizing our module based on reviews and user feedback from this beta launch - we can’t wait to hear from you! We will be releasing an update to this application later in 2021.

A Mathematical Approach from the Comfort of Your Room

Experience how a virus spreads through everyday activities and join a task force!

Explore virus containment strategies hands-on (literally!) and discover how math modeling can inform public policies

Feel, touch, & move to develop mathematical intuition and discover the underlying structure of exponentials

Get fluent with graphing and equations and determine when a virus overwhelms our city’s hospitals and save the city!

This module was developed with support from the National Science Foundation.

Math Is Not Boring Anymore

Prisms’ built-in math tools enable players to experiment, iterate, and gain fluency faster. Whether you use exponential functions every day or don’t remember what the word means, Prisms guarantees fun and intuitive learning for:

  • High school students, to easily understand core math concepts

  • Middle school students eager to learn advanced topics in math

  • Parents, to refresh their algebra skills

  • Teachers, to stay sharp and informed on new pedagogical approaches

  • VR enthusiasts interested in educational applications

Stellar Team For Stellar Results

Prisms is an educational company based in New York. We are an award-winning team of educators, designers, curriculum developers who are passionate about education. Backed by the National Science Foundation (NSF) and partnered with diverse schools across NY, MA, and CA, our mission is to create a new paradigm for STEM learning.

Pandemic by Prisms on Steam



At the time of this rating, I have around 6 hours of playtime, overall very good game, the developer is amazing and always keeps up with updates and the community is very nice! Hope to see where this game goes in the future!

Real player with 15.2 hrs in game

its great.

if you download this game to its current state in developement, you may think its a bit boring over time, but still if you are creative, its a game with unlimited ways to play it.

this game is in early access, i was beta tester and even though there is a quite limiting amount of bricks to this point, this game has an extreme potential, and also Nat, the developer, always tries to implement community ideas and really cares what the communiy thinks, wich for me is an extreme positive effect.

Real player with 5.6 hrs in game

BricksVR on Steam

Polygon World VR

Polygon World VR

Polygon world VR will give you the opportunity to immerse yourself in an unusual low-poly style. With the visual composition and musical accompaniment, your consciousness will be completely relaxed by five minutes. The game gives you the opportunity to relax before, between or after other VR games or just relaxed after hard day.

#### Key Features

Gameplay - This game has many possibilities. You can: Fly like Superman, warm up muscles before training, overcome phobias, train with weapons, or just have fun. What will be the gameplay? One of those or you can find own?

Interact - In the game you can:

*Pick up staff like mug, knife, fork or weapon.

*Open doors.

*Climb on ladder, wall and balks.

*Much more coming soon.

Locations - Each location represents its own world or the era of that time. You will be able to penetrate the atmosphere of each era in just 10 minutes

Music - Every Location “world” has high quality music like on AAA games. Every location has more than 15 tracks. This track has specific atmosphere (Meditation, action adventure calming).

Visual - You gonna drop in on unusual low-poly style. There are no visual effects in our game that can cause discomfort for players.

What is the goal of Polygon World VR?


Who are the developers?

Just myself. This started off as a simple animal education project which I worked on as my portfolio. I only started learning to be as game dev or any IT branch. Now, after a 2019 Here we are!

Polygon World VR on Steam

Toy Road Constructor

Toy Road Constructor

Toy Road Constructor is an unfinished mess of bugs that skipped the Early Access stage. Right from the start when starting a new game it has a map selection and there is currently only 1 available and the other states “Coming Soon!” This is never mentioned on the store page that game is unfinished. I managed to finish the first level, but encountered numerous bugs:

  • Clipping through walls and objects - can walk off the map

  • Clunky interface

  • An object can be rotated to where it clips other objects

Real player with 0.5 hrs in game

Toy Road Constructor on Steam



The games alright. Although, I would wait until more updates are out.

Real player with 0.5 hrs in game

Don’t Buy Just an Waste of Money.

This is just an Cheap Copy of People’s Playground

Real player with 0.2 hrs in game

Kselebox on Steam



Experienced on the Oculus Rift with Touch Controllers

Please note: I received a free Steam key through the Steam Curator Connect program

You can view my review + gameplay here:

This game is a great concept that could be a totally awesome experience in VR. After all, who hasn’t wanted to just blow shit up and see the fireworks and destructive aftermath? Unfortunately, this is a promising physics puzzler that falls short of greatness. That isn’t to say this a bad game, but it could have been so much better with some more time in the oven.

Real player with 7.6 hrs in game

So I got this thinking it was going to be a vr angry birds type game. It is. You have three different kinds of weapons to knock down or destroy what seems like a lot of building levels. I haven’t seen it all since later levels need to be unlocked by completing the levels before them. It’s a great pick up and play for a few minutes game. Not much else to say about it. I’d say it’s worth 20$ and a nice game to get especially for friends when they stop by. I’m going to be going back to this game instead of the lab whenever I feel like knocking down stuff.

Real player with 3.3 hrs in game