Sorcerer King: Rivals

Sorcerer King: Rivals

After finishing game on insane difficulty I finally feel ready to write a review. In short, I think Sorcerer King Rivals is an amazing game. One of the best games I have ever played in fact. Having said that, I doubt it will appeal to people looking for a deep strategy game. Because this game is not that deep and not particularly hard, except, maybe for a highest difficulty. Also, I think it is important to mention, that I barely played FE:LH and did not like it at all so if you are looking for a similar experience, you may not like SC:Rivals. SC:Rivals is more like Eador: Masters of a broken world. So, as always, keep your expectations in check) Now, let’s talk about what is good, not so good, and pretty bad in this game

Real player with 87.0 hrs in game

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A great game. It’s fairly small in scope for a 4x, but I think this has allowed the developers to focus on producing a polished product. Sorcerer King: Rivals has lots of scripted story and events, which makes it different to other 4x games which rely soley on the quality of the AI players to pose a challenge. As Sorcerer King relies on heavily scripted events, don’t expect great AI. On the plus side, Sorceror King tells a great story with writing that is often hilarious.

You will see reviews complaining about lack of replayability, but I think if you want 300hours out of the game you need to look at the Civilization series or Galactic Civilizations 3. I’ve played Sorceror King for a total 65 hours. I will agree however, that the strategic map AI is extremely passive. It generally does not initiate combat and will wait for you to attack it. This means its not really much of a threat and this does effect replayability.

Real player with 65.1 hrs in game

Sorcerer King: Rivals on Steam

Power & Revolution 2021 Edition

Power & Revolution 2021 Edition

Do I recommend this game? Hell no.

There is no stability, there is very little realism, this game does most stuff very simplistically, the graphics are shitty, the combat system needs a MAJOR rework, essentially nothing has changed since the first iteration of this game came out.

Diplomacy needs an overhaul. Really? You have a game where debt is a huge factor but there’s no debt diplomacy? But you’ve released multiple versions and countless bug fixes and cant seem to add basic features like debt diplomacy? Thanks Eversim.

Real player with 141.0 hrs in game

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I will give you my insights of the first look while playing as Lithuania.

I like:

  • EU financial involvement in mostly everything

  • Debt tab changes

  • Vaccination priorities and contracts

  • Option for foreign exchange students

  • Option for scientific cooperation between countries on a specific discovery

  • Days of Culture to celebrate a foreign country traditions

  • 5G Internet

  • Organisations' data (population & GDP)

  • Cause of death tab

  • Map changes

I dislike:

  • No significant changes to migration system

Real player with 87.9 hrs in game

Power & Revolution 2021 Edition on Steam

Rogue State Revolution

Rogue State Revolution

Let me start by saying that this has the potential of being a great game, but this game is far from being ready for release. Consider this game an early access.

Here’re some warnings if you wanna purchase:

  • Update 1.2 introduces a lot of CTDs, every few turns.

  • Game mechanics is only partly there. For example, there’s still no building to help boost a province’s security score. Dev is also still working on mid-to-late game progression issues such as running out of imported resources.

  • Many QoL changes needed. Ffs let me look at my current exports every time my neighbor asks me to increase export!

Real player with 29.9 hrs in game

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Rogue State Revolution is a resource management game with a novel theme and deary indie production values, but falls into to the typical issue of initial hump of difficulty after which you are free to explore and express regardless of difficulty. (Mind I’m a bit sadistic with difficulty on these games.)

After setting up your economy and surviving the initial diplomatic/societal/environmental challenges the game throws at you, one slowly but surely is on top of the wave. This is where the game suffers from bad pacing and/or balancing. I found myself having way too many actions while not having enough favors and/or money. There are several stretches like this in the game and it seems the team tried to introduce mechanics into the game that one can sink extra resources into (civilians & space missions & casino), but all of these will be exhausted relatively quickly leaving you, again, just passing the turn waiting for something to happen.

Real player with 29.4 hrs in game

Rogue State Revolution on Steam

Galactic Civilizations III

Galactic Civilizations III

NOTE: This is a review of the Final Release Candidate for the game, so it should apply to the released version.

Having been a long-time GC2 player, I eagerly signed up for the Founder’s Edition early-access over a year ago, and have followed the development of GC3 since then closely.

Let me tell you, getting a 4X game that incorporates all the features that hard-core strategy gamers want, while remaining both relevant and competitive, is really hard. As in, EXTREMELY hard. StarDock has done an excellent job with GC3. That’s not to say there still aren’t quibbles over the direction certain features have taken, but the reality is, that if you actually want to release a game, certain decisions are going to have to be taken, and you’re sure to piss off someone who wanted that feature and didn’t get it. But GC3 is a solid and entertaining game, if not a radically innovative one.

Real player with 2842.9 hrs in game

First of all it is critical to understand that the game is still in beta testing and therefore has some glitches. That said it has been pretty stable for me. (Four year old dell xps 8100 with 16gb and a 750 Ti video card). At present the plan seems to be to a go for a final release in May. There will be frequent patches before then and perhaps a beta 6 release (beta 5, with enormous additions, was released yesterday (Mar26). If you don’t like encountering bugs and reporting them to help the game, then wait for the release. Of critical importance remaining is tuning the AI to be smarter and more aggressive, imo.

Real player with 2285.4 hrs in game

Galactic Civilizations III on Steam

Galactic Civilizations® II: Ultimate Edition

Galactic Civilizations® II: Ultimate Edition

In a word: Addictive. Yes, addictive in that terrifying, inescapable, “just-one-more-turn” way. Galactic Civilizations II is what you get if you take Master of Orion II, expand it so that the galaxy, tech tree and ship customisation are roughly a hundred times as huge without ever becoming boring, bump the graphics up to a standard still respectable today for a TBS, give each civilization some serious make-or-break differences (hint: the Drengin and the Yor almost always end up dominating most of the galaxy that ISN’T YOU), and shove it out there to give almost every other space-based TBS a serious poke in the eye.

Real player with 216.8 hrs in game

I decided to pick up a new 4x space game after pouring many hours into Endless Space. Endless Space lacked complexity and I searched for a more in depth game. Galactic Civilizations 2 fulfill that criteria. I started playing this in 2015 so I have no nostalgic feelings for it. The game is quite good and fun despite its age and limitations, in fact it is the best 4x space game I have played so far (other space 4x I’ve played are MOO2, Endless Space and Sword of the Stars). Take a good look at the pros and cons because some points might put you off.

Real player with 196.7 hrs in game

Galactic Civilizations® II: Ultimate Edition on Steam

Void Destroyer 2

Void Destroyer 2

Early access review to be updated at release.

I’ve spent around 70 hours playing this game until I reached the end of the current story missions (early access) with another 30 hours spent fallen asleep with the game open at various points throughout.

This is the best spacecraft combat game I have ever seen, period. And I’m kind of a fan of the genre. I’ve played the legendary Independence War: 2 Edge of Chaos with its amazing controls, story and combat. The equally revered and economically focused X3: Terran Conflict, its 1.5 style expansion Albion Prelude, and the good at piracy but nothing else X: Rebirth. I love the indie games like the arcady SPAZ/SPAZ2, Funny/Simple 3030 Deathwar, the very charming and intense submarine stealth style of Objects in Space, the small scale survival of the Evochron series, the stylish but shallow Rebel Galaxy and the very promising Starsector with its focus on fleet combat and even empire building. I conquered galaxies in the truly excellent Sword of the Stars and the be-the-space-pirate-bastards-that-bother-4X-players-in-their-early-game Distant Worlds: Universe, managed a space station and fleets in Halcyon 6, watched armadas annihilate eachother in Sins of a Solar Empire and carefully managed limited resources while running from an ancient enemy in Homeworld 1/2. Truly great experiences we are all very fortunate to have been able to enjoy and which shaped my expectations and standards for quality.

Real player with 284.2 hrs in game

First and Only review to anything. So here is what the game is and about.

Void destroyers 2 is an Early Access, Indie, Strategy, Sci-fi Space Sim. Its always nice to start off with pretty much nothing and working your way up into something powerful or a fleet of something powerful. For Void destroyers 2, it does just that. To becoming something powerful you will be needing money, and reputation. Money is the big part, but reputation gives you access to buying bigger ships of different factions.

Real player with 275.2 hrs in game

Void Destroyer 2 on Steam

fullybroKEN - A Unique Mix of 4X / Post-Apocalypse / RPG / Roguelike

fullybroKEN - A Unique Mix of 4X / Post-Apocalypse / RPG / Roguelike

Overall I think the game has tons of potential, but I think that it still needs some time to iron out some of the flaws it currently has.But as it is early access I am hopeful the flaws will be fixed.


+interesting challenging gameplay

+roguelike elements that improve the game general post-apocalyptic/survival feel


+interesting use of match-3 mechanics

+potential to be a great game

+innovative gameplay

-not quite there

-emergent narrative is still lacking(but as I understood the developer is working on it)

Real player with 3.9 hrs in game

Fast paced and fun, a bit too challenging sometimes(maybe the dev can balance it better?). I didn’t had much chance to play and the game is in need of some bug fixes polish and as I understood content additions, but I do hope that during the early access the game will become only better.

Real player with 0.8 hrs in game

fullybroKEN - A Unique Mix of 4X / Post-Apocalypse / RPG / Roguelike on Steam

Galactic Civilizations® I: Ultimate Edition

Galactic Civilizations® I: Ultimate Edition

This was one of the few games I played over and over as a teen.

I’ll be honest, I never got into the sequel, because I didn’t like the way the planets were depicted (though it probably made influence more intuitive). So I don’t know how this one holds up to GalCiv II. But on its own merits, it’s a good game.

In Galactic Civilizations, you start out as ruler of united Earth. The various alien races, having gotten the secret of hyperdrive from the humans, have turned off their massive wormhole portals and scrapped them for hyper-capable colony ships. The real space race has begun, and it’s up to you to determine the path you want humanity to take.

Real player with 194.6 hrs in game

In my ongoing and likely futile effort to write a Steam review for every game in my library (#291 out of 612)… it’s time for Galactic Civilizations I: Ultimate Edition.

You might know Galactic Civilizations by its other name: “Oh, yeah, there was a game before Galactic Civilizations III, wasn’t there?” Indeed there was! The obvious question here is: why should anyone play Galactic Civilizations 1 when the third game exists, and is so, so good? Historical context? Pure, unadulterated whimsy? A PC so old and out-of-date that it doesn’t even qualify as a toaster? Galactic Civilizations I has got fewer features, less polish, and less depth all-around. Furthermore, you’re in for one hell of an uphill battle if you’re even -thinking- of trying to get the game to run on a modern operating system. Galactic Civilizations does not play nice with anything more advanced than Windows XP!

Real player with 24.6 hrs in game

Galactic Civilizations® I: Ultimate Edition on Steam



Stellaris is a fantastic game.

I have seen thousands of stories unfold during my playtime. I’ve watched humanity bloom into a galaxy-spanning civilisation. I’ve watched megacorporations be seized by fanatic communists. I’ve seen weapons created that span the circumference of quasars and watched them wipe away entire solar clusters. I’ve unlocked the secrets of the universe again and again, scoured the galaxy for relics and found stories spanning universes in scale, stories that go beyond the beginning and the end of what we would conventionally call a universe. I held the line against an extra-galactic threat while the galaxy crumbled around me, a threat that had followed the Prethoryn Scourge to our local cluster and fed on our galaxy as a cow would a field. My empires proved and disproved the false vacuum theory again and again, and when that empire eventually fell; futurespawns travelled back in time to warn the past against the coming storm. A revolt against fate itself had formed, and after swiftly taking over the galaxy through diplomacy it found itself fronting that storm yet again. This time it was ready.

Real player with 1967.2 hrs in game

This review is difficult to leave as I have lots of great memories with this game. Its unique approach to RTS Space Strategy is incomparable to anything else on steam at this time. Which is a real shame because Paradox Interactive continues to fail with DLC updates and constant redesigns.

The game has been practically remade at least twice. Entire game feels more like a beta with constant major changes to core gameplay, to fix things that should have been fixed before release. Which ironically, PDX Interactive fails at almost every, single time. Every update that “fixes” bugs only temporarily patches them or just changes them to be slightly more bearable. For instance, every claim of late game lag being fixed might as well be ignored. You can choose a tiny galaxy, and you’ll still have lag in the late game. Pop changes or whatever other crap they’ve put it in hasn’t fixed much of anything. But what it has done is break mods, introduce new & more upsetting bugs, and piss off the community. They also released some stupid launcher so they could shove ads in my face when I launch the game, but in doing so also broke mods by introducing frustrating & upsetting mod order issues. Literally never was an issue before the launcher, now I have to shuffle mods around to hopefully not crash when loading saves. Which you might as well just delete your old saves if the devs release an update, because its going to break.

Real player with 700.2 hrs in game

Stellaris on Steam

Unending Galaxy

Unending Galaxy

I think this is a great game and I have clocked in 40 hours and plan to put in more as time passes.

First, I will be talking about the look of the game, which I think looks great. Second, I will be talking about the sound of the game, which is good but could use improvement. Third, I will be talking about the games Artificial intelligence, which is superb. Fourth, I will be talking about the games interface and how intuitive it is. Fifth, I will be talking about why I like the game and how it has a variety of play options available to the player. I recommend you buy this game it is a lot of fun!

Real player with 261.2 hrs in game

I bought this game a year ago way before it was on Steam. It was a lot of fun then, and since then it has had numerous improvements and fixes and extra features added.

It’s a sandbox top down space shooter with both manual and RTS controls and empire management. You can pilot your ship and go bounty hunting, fight pirates, or trade. As you get money you can buy more ships, set up automated traders, build stations of your own, and even start your own empire that can compete with and conquer the AI empires. You can fly your ships manually, or just tell them what to do and watch. In combat you can just give orders to your fleet, or hop around controlling ships willy nilly if you like. Or play a single ship and have the rest following your orders.

Real player with 94.0 hrs in game

Unending Galaxy on Steam