ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL!! This game is one of the best sandbox games I have ever played in my life!! (and trust me, I’ve played a lot of sandbox games in the past).

First of all, I think it’s the only sandbox game that is based around raytracing and that’s an amazing idea in my opinion!

Secondly, for a brand new early access game, I find that there are already many creative possibilities and it will only get better!

third, this guy is alone! Yes you heard me right, it’s only one person who designed this masterpiece and for only one person, it really stands out.

Real player with 6.2 hrs in game

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Simple and relaxing.

Real player with 0.6 hrs in game

Buildmark on Steam



Beautiful and relaxing game, very nice environments and it’s just great exploring the world from a squirrel’s perspective.

Real player with 12.2 hrs in game

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Scampr is an unusual but beautiful game. I would classify it as a walking simulator where you interact with objects now and then. Good value for money.

You are a squirrel in a hamlet invented by aliens to replicate life on earth as remembered by a goldfish. A goldfishes view of life is very limited, so expect the weird and wonderful. You throw acorns which become giraffes and whales fly in the sky. But Mr goldfish is missing, so you have to track him down and set him free and activate some animals along the way.

Real player with 4.1 hrs in game

Scampr on Steam

Advanced Intelligence Surveillance Agency

Advanced Intelligence Surveillance Agency


Introduction: Advanced Intelligence Surveillance Agency(AISA) is a surveillance system building game. You will control an intelligence surveillance agency, you will need to achieve mission goals by establishing the surveillance system in the city. A news system will be provided in the game to provide players with the latest mission information. You can customize your equipment according to your needs in the Research center, including surveillance probes, surveillance drones, large reconnaissance drones, etc, and you can choose the way to complete the task according to the current intelligence. The location of the surveillance system you deploy, the detection range of the surveillance system, the efficiency of eliminating threats, and the casualties of civilians will all affect the success probability of your mission. Every action you take may have different effects.

Initiating foreign territory surveillance program

Protocol ‘AISAS-984XN’

Get main objectives:

– Establish surveillance network

– Search and Eliminate threats

Administrator detected

Initiating ‘Briefing’ protocol

Welcome to Advanced Intelligence Surveillance Agency (AISA)

– AISA is an intelligence surveillance agency approved by the Foreign Territory Land Monitoring Act, which is subordinate to the Ministry of National Defense.

– AISA is mainly responsible for the detection and elimination of terrorist activities in overseas territories and cities.

– The surveillance plan will allow administrators to place surveillance equipment anywhere in the city.

– Any individual entering the surveillance area will be scanned by the surveillance equipment and obtain personal information.

– If the surveillance device locates the threat, the administrator will be asked to take action.

– Administrators will be authorized to use equipment including military detectors, drones, and electronic warfare weapons.

– The administrator will be able to customize the equipment research plan according to the needs.

Authorizing the deployment of surveillance equipment

Authorized. Monitoring equipment is now free to deploy in the city

System diagnosing:

– Command center ready

– Research center ready

– Operation center ready

– Black Ops center offline

Bypassing local reinforcement security network


Requesting citizens information


Inquiry parallel projects status:

– PRISM (Decoy)

– Upstream Collection (Decoy)

– ECHELON (Activated)

Gathering Intelligence from base stations

Access denied, additional equipment required

Initiate program complete

Waiting for commands

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Advanced Intelligence Surveillance Agency on Steam



At the time of this rating, I have around 6 hours of playtime, overall very good game, the developer is amazing and always keeps up with updates and the community is very nice! Hope to see where this game goes in the future!

Real player with 15.2 hrs in game

its great.

if you download this game to its current state in developement, you may think its a bit boring over time, but still if you are creative, its a game with unlimited ways to play it.

this game is in early access, i was beta tester and even though there is a quite limiting amount of bricks to this point, this game has an extreme potential, and also Nat, the developer, always tries to implement community ideas and really cares what the communiy thinks, wich for me is an extreme positive effect.

Real player with 5.6 hrs in game

BricksVR on Steam

Eden: New Dawn Free Edition

Eden: New Dawn Free Edition




Real player with 0.7 hrs in game

Absolute waste of my time lol

Game is really broken

Tried to start in creative welcomed by black screen and sound of me moving and environment

Tried the other survival mode takes me to steam page and basically looks like an attempt to get you to buy the game.

No thank you

Fix it and maybe i may invest in the future.

Real player with 0.3 hrs in game

Eden: New Dawn Free Edition on Steam

FWsim - Fireworks Display Simulator

FWsim - Fireworks Display Simulator

Just as good in Steam as In Pro version apart from a few features / effects missing when transferring previous displays from Pro, but all in all excellent quality and highly recommended game for pyro enthusiasts and gamers alike !!

Real player with 11.5 hrs in game


Real player with 11.0 hrs in game

FWsim - Fireworks Display Simulator on Steam

Ragdoll Laser Battle

Ragdoll Laser Battle

Take out as many enemies as you can! Use your laser guns to set the high score! You can dodge shots, shoot incoming lasers, and in a pinch you can block with your guns, but watch out, it’ll be disabled for a short time! Set the high score and challenge your friends!

Ragdoll Laser Battle on Steam

Wedgie Simulator

Wedgie Simulator

1, 2, 3.


Give people wedgies in several different angles and poses. Take screenshots. Animate. Make a video. Upload it online.

Wedgie Simulator is a new and intuitive game where you can give people wedgies and make a creative production out of it. You can create memes out of screenshots, or even TV shows via animation sequences to upload on your YouTube channel!

Create new mannequins, dress them up, and prep them up for that wedgie action!

6 immersive relaxing scenes to wedgie, pose, and animate your pals, some of which are quite large with built-in interactions or animator, like doors, television, and vehicles!

Pose your characters via the Poser! Have Francis give Chelsey an atomic wedgie, boxing matches, hoola-hooping, jumping jacks, skateboarding, or even your dear aunt Sally getting pied in the face!

Animate your characters and the environment! Waging a wedgie war? How about a sports tournament? Or maybe a series of pranks among siblings, or college school classmates in the dormitory. Or maybe you just want get revenge on your horrible, abusive, boss at work. Not only is it possible, you can make a movie (or series of online TV shows) out of it, and upload it YouTube for all your friends to see!

A large catalog of royalty-free music to listen to while you make your wedgie (or non-wedgie) scenes! You can also use them in your animation sequences if you wish, and upload them to YouTube (tested and copyright-safe).

The fun never ends there! Mod support out of the box! An in-game level editor to create your own scenes, import and export custom character data through the game and beyond. Share it with your friends! Go nuts!

Wedgie Simulator on Steam

Engineer Alpha

Engineer Alpha

I hesitate to say ‘yes’ with this one, BUT, I think it has a lot to offer in the future. Getting started is rough, you’re thrown into what appears to be a near-desert world and left to fend for yourself. Intriguing, I know. Five hours and two restarts later I have - through trial and error -learned the very basics of getting started. There is no tutorials and no quick start guides (may try and start one). The game itself is rough around the edges, gooey in the middle, and the top might be a little burnt … Bakers reference :) but it has a concept of world building, planet exploration, and automation – Think Satisfactory + Minecraft + Most Mechanic Games – There is a lot to unfold on the potential lying around in this. There is survival aspects, building, automation, the works that can and a lot most likely will be done. I recommend this game based on it’s future development. I think the developer has an idea that has been on the minds of many players for a while now and it could easily take off.

Real player with 17.2 hrs in game

This game has a lot of potential to be something epic. I really really hope the developers stick with it!

As for the game in its current state:

  • UI is very limited, kind of a press every key until something happens so you know what to do

  • Running the timbers to connect power is a little odd at first. Main concept; if you’re not going from one building to another, you must connect to a stand. (ie no free hanging timbers)

  • Starting grind is very heavy, no automation for parts needed to advance the tech tree, at least so far for me, I just unlocked copper.

Real player with 2.7 hrs in game

Engineer Alpha on Steam

Funny Truck

Funny Truck

Absolutely amazing game, a true masterpiece. Other games pray that one day their developers will make them as good as Funny Truck.

Absolutely fucking brilliant.

Real player with 1.8 hrs in game

Much funny, very wow big POGU for 1 dollar, laughed every second :)

Real player with 0.3 hrs in game

Funny Truck on Steam