Back Alley Inn

Back Alley Inn

Would definately call this a game with a lot of fun ideas mixed into it. The tutorial is both relaxed and not information overload, and even if you accidentally skip a tutorial, you can probably work out whats going on (hint: dont skip the adventure one like I accidentally did!). Developer is currently responsive and it seems will be making changes so even though the game is pretty solid, with a few small non-gameplay breaking quirks, I anticipate very good things for this game soon.

Real player with 22.8 hrs in game

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The game is buggy and missing tooltips. The gameplay is extremely RNG heavy and unbalanced making the game unplayable without giving you a clue what you might be doing wrong or how to fix it.

The game appears to give you a massive amount of space to build in but the vast majority of that space actually can’t be built on.

  1. First of all, the energy system is very annoying. You have to wait for energy for everything and the fast forward doesn’t work. This makes trying to figure out the extremely poorly documented features an exercise in frustration because the buildings aren’t expensive but require energy which discourages exploration.

Real player with 6.8 hrs in game

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This product is in development and subject to change.

A 2.5D puzzle-platformer featuring a robust level editor, expansive character customization, an engaging story mode, and a charming crafty aesthetic. Restitched follows the story of a brave, adventurous teddy bear named Stuffy on a journey to find their roots. Along the way, Stuffy must ‘restitch’ a community unraveled by corporate greed and tyranny while discovering new friends, new foes, and new locations.

Construction Mode

With an in-game level editor called ‘Construction Mode’, you can build your own platforming adventures for Stuffy to take part in! Browse community creations via the Steam Workshop, or publish your own levels. Construction Mode is also a great sandbox playground!

Stuffy’s Wardrobe

Stuffy is not only cute but also stylish. With an assortment of in-game cosmetic items to collect and use, your very own Stuffy can be what you make them! Dress Stuffy from head-to-toe with a variety of cosmetic items across multiple categories.

The Adventure

Embark on an adventure with your new plush companion as you venture through new themes, meet new friends, and encounter new obstacles. This platforming adventure sees Stuffy searching for answers while reconnecting a torn community along the way. Could it all be connected? Will Stuffy find their owner?

Created by the Community, for the Community

Restitched is a labor of love from like-minded UGC enthusiasts, aspiring developers, creative students, and more. This game is a love letter to our own favorite UGC experiences from the past, and we hope to inspire future creatives in the same way we’ve been inspired to make Restitched!

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Sandbox Anything

Sandbox Anything

Fun game would recommend to anyone. Cant wait for full release. Great game to challenge friends with

Real player with 6.4 hrs in game

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So, real quick, the game is in early access so there will be a lot of (like 7) new things in 2022 when its fully released. it WILL change prices from free to idk like 1.99? So, i checked the free box because the game will no longer be free by 2023. HA! we got 2 Y E A R S. get it while its free, kinda fun, and B U G G Y (spam ‘fix the bugs’ to them cause they can break the game)

–-{ Graphics }—

☐ You forget what reality is


☐ Good

☐ Decent

☑ Bad

☐ Don‘t look too long at it


Real player with 5.2 hrs in game

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Deepfield is a sandbox RTS set in the tiny world of microbiology. Deepfield’s microverse is alive and contains many biomes, each with their own mix of environmental mechanics and unique enemy types. Find and exploit resources, multiply in number and expand your territory to fend off extinction.

Sectors & Biomes

The Deepfield microverse is broken up into many smaller play areas called sectors; small groups of connected sectors make up a biome. Each biome has its own mix of environmental mechanics and unique enemy types; players will have to constantly adapt and pivot strategies in order to spread their influence across the microverse.

(As of 0.4.0, biomes and environmental mechanics have yet to be implemented)

Capital Units

The most important class of unit; if all your capital units perish, game over.

Capital units have a wide range of capabilities but most importantly they can store resources and use them to spawn new units. They are the only type of unit which can use the mutation mechanic to enhance their capabilities and the only type of unit which can initiate travel between sectors.


It’s an expensive and lengthy process but your capital units can be improved by mutating.

Mutations can change a wide variety of things. They can unlock new units to build, modify capabilities, boost/change stats and more.

Some biomes will be so hostile to a particular species that without mutating, units will die to the environment.

(The mutation system in 0.4.0 is a placeholder, this mechanic will be completely overhauled in the future)

RTS, not “RTS”

At its core, Deepfield is an RTS, however, it takes a lot of elements from other genres such as sandbox, RPGs, open world games and MMOs. This makes Deepfield unlike traditional RTS games.

The Deepfield multiplayer microverse is alive and persistent; it ages, changes and eventually dies. Your units continue to exist and will carry out simple tasks even when you’re not there. Players can drop in and out of the microverse at any time. How all this plays out can be configured by the host.

In multiplayer there are no specific PvE or PvP modes. Diplomacy is fluid so how you interact with others is entirely up to you; you can attempt to crush everyone you meet, create long-lasting alliances or cooperate until it’s no longer convenient.

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Spaceflight Simulator

Spaceflight Simulator


Be in command of your own space program, from rocket design to interplanetary travel and achieve your dream of cruising through the cosmos in your custom spacecraft.

In Spaceflight Simulator, you will get to engineer your rockets, plan launches and flights, attempt landings, deploy payloads and explore new worlds.


You could be launching your first rocket within minutes, but landing it in one piece might be another story!

With so many parts to pick from, you will learn through trial and error how to build spacecrafts best adapted to each of your missions. You will have to master navigating through the Solar system and landing your vehicle on all the planets and moons, each with their own atmospheric and terrain conditions.


During the design phase, you will get to assemble your own launch vehicle from a wide variety of components and pair them with a multitude of engines, all modeled after their real-world counterparts. Each part possesses its own technical specifications (mass, aerodynamics, etc.) which will affect your rocket’s behavior.

All engines accurately model thrust and fuel consumption affecting how much payload you’ll be able to carry safely. You’ll be able to create multistage vehicles, control how they separate and when secondary burn occurs in order to achieve the optimal trajectory.


Fuel your ambitions, launch satellites, build exploration rovers, space stations, multiple rockets into space. Your world is persistent and only your imagination is your limit.

Conquer the harsh conditions of the Solar system, travel long distances and build your presence in space throughout multiple missions.


Each part is highly detailed and serves a particular purpose. They are all based on their real-world equivalent and allow you to recreate your favorite historical rocket.

● Fuel tanks (20 sizes and configurations)

● Engines and thrusters (6 propulsion systems and a reaction control system)

● Aerodynamics (13 fairings with many nose and side cones)

● Capsules, probes, payload systems, separators and docking ports

● Landing systems (legs, parachutes, wheels)

● Utilities (solar panels, batteries, electrical, structural)

● Skins (to personalize your rocket)


Each destination is modeled accurately in terms of gravity pull and atmospheric conditions, offering a challenging landing experience every time.

● Earth, your starting point

● The Moon, Earth’s celestial companion

● Mercury, the smallest planet of our solar system and the closest to the Sun

● Venus, Earth’s inside neighbour with an extremely dense and hot atmosphere

● Mars, the red planet with a thin atmosphere

● Phobos, Mars' inner moon, with rough terrain and low gravity

● Deimos, Mars' outer moon, with an extremely low gravity and a smooth surface

● Jupiter, the gas giant with its thick atmosphere

● Io, Europa, Ganymede, and Callisto. Each with their how terrain and landing difficulty

Spaceflight Simulator on Steam

Koi Farm

Koi Farm

I really enjoy this game and the collecting Koi, its a very relaxing Koi breeding simulator but there are so much that can be made better. First is perhaps adding just a few more ponds so that we can oragnize the same types of Koi together else it just ends up being a huge mess of Koi swimming together and it can be hard to pick up a specific Koi you are looking for. Also, there are a few bugs here and there that causes the game to freeze sometimes but it will go away when you restart the game. Just hoping that these small bugs will be solved in future updates so that the gameplay is smoother.

Real player with 22.1 hrs in game

This game is relaxing and slightly addicting at the same time. At its core it’s a ‘fill the book collection’ type of game, but there’s no pressure or time limit to do so. You start with a couple base fish colors and then after each book page is unlocked, the game requests slightly more and more complicated color varieties using some basic breeding techniques. There is a very simple tutorial, but otherwise it’s all experimentation (unless you look up a guide of course!)

The game itself is fairly basic and no frills, but for $3 I couldn’t ask for more. What it does have is quite well done. The sound effects of water/rain are soothing and graphics are pleasant to look at. This is one of those games you can just have idling on another screen because it’s actually quite nice to look at the fish swimming around and have the water sounds.

Real player with 21.0 hrs in game

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PAW Patrol Mighty Pups Save Adventure Bay

PAW Patrol Mighty Pups Save Adventure Bay

4 year old paw patrol fan is enjoying it. It has the paw paw boogie, minigames from the missions are available to be replayed from the menu, all missions are cooperative (both characters are needed to complete them but both characters are also playable from one controller by changing them, kind of like Lego games, in case you are playing single). Overall fun game to enjoy with our kids :)

Keep in mind the second player can join after completing a bit of a tutorial from the first mission. Then second player press start and joins.

Real player with 27.1 hrs in game

sometimes the dialogue has to be skipped with pressing “A”, and sometimes you just have to wait.

at the end of every mission you have to press “Y” to continue, and then “A” from there on out. ridiculous.

they can probably get away with making such a terrible game because they know there’s no other paw patrol games out there.

Real player with 23.9 hrs in game

PAW Patrol Mighty Pups Save Adventure Bay on Steam



Needs some work on bugs, mechanics, and missing materials.

I recommend this game to people who have patience working with incomplete builds and like a challenge. Otherwise I would recommend waiting until some more kinks are worked out. The game has a lot promise. I’ve enjoyed and will continue to enjoy paying it. Below I’ve put some more detailed notes on challenges I’ve encountered.

After five restarts I’ve managed to create a fairly stable colony of over 100 dwarfs that I believe can grow further as long as I can get the dwarfs to live in a dwelling within a reasonable distance to their assigned job. Spreading out clusters of dwelling cells centered around their respective taverns works fairly well but the dwarf AI doesn’t always pick the closest dwelling to live in and when I try to choose specific dwellings I want them to live in they reassign themselves to another dwelling. This means I have the occasional dwarf dying of thirst because their job is too far from the dwelling they chose to live in despite the fact I have empty dwellings available that are much closer to their job.

Real player with 52.7 hrs in game

The current state of this game has a lot of problems, most of it regarding the A.I.

Current Problems:

A.I. Dwarves will spend a lot of precious time idle even with dig spots and tasks needing to be queued

Due to poor A.I. and pathing, A.I. have trouble depositing and retrieving needed items from vaults

Due to this above issues, even with enough mushroom farms, a brewery, and a honeywell, they fail to create the process of beer

due to not creating beer, theres no supply to the tavern, which in turn causes your entire workforce to turn into dark dwarves

Real player with 13.6 hrs in game

Stonedeep on Steam

Cruise Ship Manager

Cruise Ship Manager

Fulfill your dreams of watching over a beautiful vessel, a large crew, and all sorts of passengers in Cruise Ship Manager!

Take cruises to a next level in this unique management game. Choose how you want your cruise ship to be built, make sure everything runs smoothly, set the prices for the passengers, and become a legend of the high seas!

Choosing the layout of the ship is up to you! Decide on the layout, where to place a canteen for your crew, and where 5-star restaurants should be. Does a casino strike your fancy or maybe an open pool? And don’t forget about rooms for your passengers! Make sure everything is well connected and that you keep enough money for food or fuel.

Pick your crew wisely. Their skills will lead to your success or failure. Once you leave the dock, you’re stuck with the people you chose so make sure you don’t regret hiring an untested rookie over an experienced veteran.

Once you settle on the amenities and prepare the necessary equipment, you can finally search for passengers to invite onto your ship. But there’s a catch - it’s not up to you who buys your tickets. So price your tickets accordingly. You might charge a premium if you do, your passengers will feel entitled to the best service there is and it won’t be easy to satisfy them. On the other hand, you could sell the tickets at a low price and improve your budget through other means. For instance, by charging extra for fancy cocktails.

As your renown grows, more people will want to experience the thrill of signing up for your cruise. Build your brand and reach a point where people will pay any amount of money, just to say they were on your cruise ship!

You have the power to choose the route your cruise ship shall take. Would you rather make some quick cash on a routine, 2-day cruise? Or maybe a long journey through the Bermuda Triangle is what strikes your fancy? You might be paid more for trips to exotic places but beware of the storms. Lives could be at stake if a fire breaks out or engines malfunction. It will be your task to end such a crisis - before it’s too late.


  • A cruise ship of your own that you can customize to your liking

  • Resource management (fuel, food, etc.)

  • Incredible variety of unique passengers with different expectations and behaviors

  • Random events

  • Crew members that have their own needs

  • Route selection

  • Many unique rooms to add to your ship

  • Unlimited fun!

Cruise Ship Manager on Steam



The current state of the game is raw, and offers around 4-5 hours of steady progression, but is not limited in playability.

  • Easy to find your way around and has a great introduction quest line

  • Fun survival game that often rewards exploration

  • Death/Home Totems FTW!

  • Crafting/Alchemy is easily digestible and offers a moderate selection of recipes at this time

  • Building is fun, but it takes time to collect the resources if you want to make your home look good.

I’m looking forward to seeing the future of Epocria, I’ll be sticking with it and would recommend others to pick the game up or follow its progression

Real player with 58.0 hrs in game

Epocria is a beautifully fleshed out and in depth survival game that is filled with unbounded fun! A game that stimulates your creativity in a world that never ends. Anyone can pick it up , experienced or noob, and get lost in the game’s vast dungeons , fun crafting, and boss battles. Go buy this game!

Real player with 10.3 hrs in game

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