You just woke up after a midday nap in your country house surrounded by the swishing sound of turntable. You are 8 years old. It’s Summer is an indie video game which genres are “sandbox”, “babushka”, and “midday nap”. The game has neither goal nor sense. There are only you, cheap tea bags with russian tears and the endless yellow field.

The game itself is integral part of the Digital-opera “ШХД: ЛЕТО”. This project also contains a book, LP record, series of digital-art collaborations and something more. ШХД: ЛЕТО is the second and final part of the project ШХД: ЗИМА (It’s Winter).

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DarkHouse is a survival game in a night psychiatric clinic in the genre of first-person horror. A mysterious creepy doctor is tearing at your heels trying to kill you.

Uncover the mystery of the psychiatric hospital by collecting elements for the ritual to bring the infernal monster back to the underworld.

The main character: A vulnerable girl Sofia lives alone with her grandmother, in order to somehow make ends meet, she moonlights as a nurse at night in a psychiatric clinic.

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DarkHouse on Steam

Killing Time

Killing Time

This is the second FPS I played when I was young (Doom 2 was the first). This game was so scary back then. It took me 12h to complete it. This FPS is different from others as it has only one huge map. It is not a classical get the red/yellow/blue keys to complete the level. There is some short videos that reveal the story peace by peace. The weapon are great.

Only drawback are the controls. But once you get use to it you’ll almost forget about them.

I finally finnished that game I started 23 years ago :)

Real player with 12.6 hrs in game

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This game took me years to get up and running simply because it does not run well on modern systems out of the box; going from garbled graphics one year, no sound the next and then just refuses to boot after that - I had given up hope trying to get it up and running. But thanks to the wonderful work of the Killing Time community and the fan patch they have been updating for years; I can finally play and enjoy the game and I’ll confidently say that this game is a real hidden if very flawed little gem of a classic 90s boomer shooter! Time may have forgotten it but after discovering it for the first time myself, I really hope more people will give this game a try.

Real player with 10.4 hrs in game

Killing Time on Steam

Mainframe Defenders

Mainframe Defenders

After playing this for 22 hours, I must say it has been one hell of a ride. Its a nostalgia trip back to XCOM without having to worry about cover but more on your current position. At the highest difficulty, the limits of your tactical prowess are tested to its limits. You need to shoot and advance/retreat at the same time constantly. Thankfully while this is a roguelike, for now, you can return to the main menu and retry again. Why go for the easy mission when you could strive for the harder ones and reward yourself for the hard work?

Real player with 45.1 hrs in game

A great little tactics game with lots of style and a fair deal more depth than would first appear on the surface.

Its visuals are stellar, if you’re into the retro style, with plenty of very satisfying little animations and effects. The menus, explosions, and gunfire all look and feel amazing. Perhaps not as stylish as something like Cogmind, but definitely in the same wheelhouse.

The audio is fantastic, with really nice oldschool techno beats that feel straight out of synthwave cyberpunk fare, alongside unique sound effects for just about every gun and enemy in the game.

Real player with 41.8 hrs in game

Mainframe Defenders on Steam

Farmer Life Simulator

Farmer Life Simulator

As the tag says, I received a key for this game in return for covering it 100% as a content creator. That will in no way change my review. However, it does allow me to come from a place of extreme knowledge about the game. I have now completed everything there is to do in the game before posting my review.

Content: 7 / 10

This game gave me about 8 days of stream content, and my streams average about 2 hours a day.

I gave the game a very hardcore, focused, and nearly speed run level of play through. The game gave me about 16.5 hours of content.. (That’s nearly $1 per hour.)

Real player with 18.2 hrs in game

I’m kind of confused about the negative remarks on this game. It’s a sim game, there will be an element of grind to that. The devs also have guides up that explain how to do different things, including improving your rep quicker, things to do through the day, that kind of thing, that are pretty informative and explain their mindset when creating the different systems.

I actually quite enjoy the game. Once you get into the habit of starting to prep for the next day, the time issue is nothing like as bad. My usual schedule gets me to around 6pm when on 3 fields, so will obviously get later as I progress and I get more.

Real player with 6.3 hrs in game

Farmer Life Simulator on Steam

SodaStar 0

SodaStar 0

Run and jump through 4 distinct world while collecting different sodas to boost you’re abilities.

You are Soda an energetic young boy living in the city of Pemberton, one day a mysterious character only known as “Dan” steals the cities power and takes what’s called “Power Emblems”. Its Soda’s job to get the Power Emblems back and restore Pemberton to full power.

Soda has a range of dynamic abilities that you can use to traverse various levels, you can find certain permanent upgrades that add on to Soda’s moveset letting him reach places otherwise unreachable. These upgrades can range from a double jump to wall kick, on top of that you have the ability to drink different sodas that give you a temporary buff to other aspects like top speed and health.

SodaStar 0 on Steam



An RPG from Microprose that, to my knowledge, was the only RPG Micropose ever released. And you know what? It may not have aged well, as in at all, but oh, how it puts some games to shame! Basically, one of the earliest examples, if not the earliest example, of an open-ended Role-Playing Game, you have everything you could want just about in this one package!

Character creation: Whoo, boy! This game has a very complex, but very fun and interesting, character creation system. While you only have so much to choose from for your character’s sprite, the real fun comes from choosing which skills you want each party member to have. For example, want to have a well-balanced party like the game manual suggests? Go right ahead. Want a party full of big strong warriors who are dumb as a bucket of rocks but can wear all armor and wield heavy weapons without breaking a sweat? You can do that. Maybe you want to have just one character to be an alchemist and have the rest be what would be considered in many modern RPGs as a “paladin,” nothing is going to stop you. Now, having said that, there is no “traditional class” system, it all depends on your characters attributes and skills, and you can alter them (within reason) to your liking. There is no “true” right-or-wrong party here.

Real player with 247.7 hrs in game

A masterpiece by MicroProse

This game is right up there, in quality and complexity, with MicroProse’s other legendary titles, such as X-COM: UFO Defense and Master of Magic/Orion. Darklands is the result of such geniuses trying their hand at an RPG.


A massive open world, in medieval Germany, with historically accurate towns, names, geography, economy, and so on. Everything is simulated in an extremely complex way, the world is very alive. The game was so complex, it actually required 5000 hours of testing, and even after that several patches were needed. The version on Steam is the latest and best one, of course.

Real player with 41.9 hrs in game

Darklands on Steam

Parking Slide

Parking Slide

Very fun and moderately challenging, very charming art and great ambiance, very relaxing music, everything fits in a way that makes us very immersed in the experience.

very good game

Real player with 2.4 hrs in game

Relaxing puzzle game with beautiful art. Great for passing the time. I recommend!

Real player with 1.3 hrs in game

Parking Slide on Steam

Road Flash

Road Flash

Road Flash is a racing game inspired by the visuals, games and cars from the late 80s and early 90s.

A game suitable for those who love arcade games and nostalgia.

There are 5 different maps and 6 different vehicles in total.

With the points you earn, you can unlock new cars and maps.

We also added a small combination cheat so that you can pass all the levels. (Use the arrow keys)

Road Flash on Steam

Save Data

Save Data


You are a data-integrity program inside of a computer and your job is to prevent other programs from having their data corrupted!

“Enemy” programs emit electron projectiles and your job is to deflect them to “ground” and not accidentally damage the programs themselves in the process. Features 3 worlds of crazy bullet-heck action with semi-randomized room order and an upgrade system that provides a bevy of interesting ways to progress!

The story behind Save Data

Save Data is part of what has retroactively been termed a “molasses jam” run by the Bay Area Dev Collective. The theme of the jam was to make a violent genre non-violent. As I’ve had a growing interest in action games, specifically of the shoot-em-up variety, naturally I wondered what it would be like to make such a game non-violent. The result is shoot-em-up where you have to protect the “enemies”!

The other molasses game jam games are also on steam:




Save Data on Steam