Fleet Command

Fleet Command

I really, REALLY want this game. Or what this game should be. I have been trying to find a pseudo-simulator for grand scale battles in naval warfare, and this is it. Sadly, I can’t recommend it for anyone. Too many things don’t work well. It’s hard to get working. It’s no longer supported by the developer. And even once you get it working, little things break in gameplay that make it hard to enjoy. At some point, subs broke completely; now they go on autopilot and refuse to engage or come to the surface (yes, I’m aware of the setting that supposedly fixes this; it doesn’t work for me). Missiles disappear on launch from destroyers or cruisers. Airplanes disappear on launch from carriers. It makes play kinda worthless.

Real player with 147.1 hrs in game

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Alarm chimes inside USS Nimiz CIC, the Admiral puts down his drink in the dimly lit room and looks at the enlistedmen seated at their stations and locks eyes with one, sitting before the radar as he speaks

“Incoming airborne contacts from the north-west, speed matching Backfire Bombers.”

“Lets get those F-14s off picket duties and have them vector an incept course with the Backfires, lets show em these Tomcats have claws and they don’t mess around.”

Another sailor, this one wearing a headset calls

Real player with 140.2 hrs in game

Fleet Command on Steam

Sub Command

Sub Command

Not so much a game as a second job: you can let the auto-crew do much for you but let’s face facts: the appeal of this game is how much it demands from you. Want to work out the firing solution for the 89cm ADCAP torpedo manually? Of course you do, this game was written for you.

The plotline (nasty Russians go to war with the USA for some reason) is not really developed - I’m halfway through the US campaign - BUT the opportunity to play the campaign from the Russians' perspective is a very welcome, plus you have to re-learn the entire control system, this time using the metric system.

Real player with 36.1 hrs in game

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This is the sequel to Jane’s 688(i) Hunter/Killer but now under the flag of Sonarlysts. Most features have already been mentioned in my review of 688(i) so I will try to tell only the difference between these two:

  • Higher resolution and better graphics

  • 3 plattforms to operate (688(i), Seawolf, Akula)

  • Single missions and campaigns which can be played as US or russian.

  • Use your voice to command your ship completely (navigation, firing at a certain contact etc.)

The most important part feature, which came afterwards for Sub Command, is the big SCX mod:

Real player with 31.8 hrs in game

Sub Command on Steam

Submarine Titans

Submarine Titans

Submarine Titans was among the Age of Empires RTS era, but capitalized on an elaborate, nearly never ending Tech/Research Tree for each race. This encourages you to either focus heavily on research and tech development, or choose a priority in research. In the Research and Tech areas, this is most equivilent to Warzone 2100. Although ST only has 3 races, each race is very unique to each other in style of gameplay, reflecting the Offense,Defense, and Economic player styles. The responsiveness is sluggish sometimes, and some commands take some patience sometimes, but its worth it! Submarine Titans is really just a great game, and worth spending some time into it.

Real player with 262.7 hrs in game

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fantastic game from back in the day. still hangs well, doesnt feel dated. still solid solid graphics and sound.


once you get the hang of it, winning through the solo battles is a fairly easy mostly mellow resource aquisition and military conquest romp. if you gain proper control early, you can fool around for an hour or two and completely overwhelm the entire board, capturing enemy stuff instead of blowing it up, mining all the resources and overbuilding bases just for fun.


or you can try to build up fast, plow through the enemy quickly, and set a speed record for yourself.

Real player with 158.3 hrs in game

Submarine Titans on Steam