One Shell Straight to Hell

One Shell Straight to Hell

(Review was updated on Dec 2021) I’ve spent many hours alpha-testing this game and decided to buy it on release day. Here are my thoughts so far, a list of positive and negative elements:

The good stuff:

  • Uniquely witty main character.

  • Good variety of unlockable skills and lootable guns, be it primaries or secondaries.

  • The setting: a terribly haunted mansion property set in the 1910’s - 1920’s.

  • The Padre’s voice actor probably smoked 10 cigars and drank too much whiskey. Fantastic.

Real player with 43.8 hrs in game

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One Shell Straight to Hell

There’s a brand-new Roguelike indie title on the streets; One Shell Straight to Hell. One Shell Straight to Hell lets the player experience the best of two worlds with its well-put-together Roguelike dungeon-crawling gameplay with a touch of base defense elements mixed in.

At first glance, the game seems to be simple enough with its Procedural Generation World. But as you cross the first stage after finishing a base defense wave, the game becomes something much more.

*– [Real player with 8.5 hrs in game](*


![EONWAR]( "")



**Local & Online Competitive Action Strategy (LOCAS)**.



A Grand Strategy digital board-game focusing on simplicity and fun. We have stripped out lengthy text rollouts and numbers for a more accessible game experience. No number crunching or RNG's here! Just a familiar interface and good old fashioned skill. **Take direct control of Infantry, Tanks, Fighters, and Transports across space and planet-side on unforgiving worlds**. Absorb opponents into your great empire and subjugate them for your glory. Choke enemy supply chains and capture control points to keep the talantium flowing into your mighty war-machine and win by amassing the greatest empire or obliterate your foes with raw power.


Increase your intel to strike unsuspecting enemy commanders and kidnap, bribe or assassinate them. Place bounties to tempt your enemies into doing your dirty work while you carefully position cloaked forces at the edge of their planet. Demand ransoms for imprisoned commanders or hijack transports for a quick influx of talantium. **Conquer the galaxy with a mix of card management and contextual mini-games for up to 6 players locally via LAN or online**.


**Build** and **Upgrade** talantium-payload missiles to breach planetary defences and pave the way for ground forces to storm the enemy HQ. Loot their resources, widen your intel and bring your enemies to submission. Unlock 36 unique, beautifully painted commander cards with powerful contextual abilities that can change the tide of war. Judge when to call on your commanders and where to assign them, is critical to your success. **Bribe, Sabotage, Capture, Kidnap, Reinforce, Scan, Mine, Hack, Shield, Cloak, EMP and Battle** against your foes to ensure the continued existence of your people.


Conquer worlds to create a mighty empire and wage the war to end all wars against the unforgiving Kollektiv… or suffer the same fate as those silenced by their devastation. EONWAR: strategy war-gaming evolved.


*   **Online Multiplayer**

*   **Local LAN Multiplayer**

*   **Scalable** match settings & Modes

*   **36 Commander Cards**

*   **Contextual Commander Powers**

*   **Randomised Planets** ensure each match is full of suspense- a reconnaisance team can be sent ahead to gather intel on planet topology so you can formulate the best strategy/ angle of attack. Each planet hex has been crafted (not procedurally generated) to provide an exciting variation of strategy and attack when controlling your tanks and infantry. Each planet hex is randomly positioned and rotated at the start of each match making invasion a challenging prospect for armies brave enough to land on them.

*   **Directly Control Air Support** with your squadron of fighters and drop devastating TP bombs on unsuspecting enemies below, but beware the enemy may call in their air forces to counter you!

*   **Space Strategy** offering factions the ability to position and proliferate their forces across the galaxy

*   **Space Battles** across several contextual locations such as in debris, amongst the Ancients or in the The Belt

*   **Enemy Conversion** to bring them into your empire, gaining you an ally and speeding up the match conclusion. It is possible to absorb 5 of the 6 factions in the game (exc. Kollektiv) ultimately making you win via the Greatest Empire.

*   **Service Sectors** allow repair to your ships and deposit of mined talantium

*   **Overshields** giving your battle-group additional hit points or immunity from certain strategic phenomena

*   **Planetary Shields** to help protect your capital that can be rotated and repaired as special actions

*   **Cloak** providing your fleet or lone battle-group a means to gain favourable strategic positions or escape battles entirely

*   **Advanced Scanners** to identify enemy positions and sniff out powered-down units awaiting to invade

*   **Retreat** when a battle goes horribly wrong, but be warned you must pilot your ships through the Jump Gate to succeed while the enemy likely tries to end you or the gate itself!

*   **Bribe** to bring additional commander cards (and their powers) into your hand while weakening the enemy

*   **Kidnap** to imprison enemy commanders at a command post and force them to work on weapon research or allow you to demand ransoms

*   **Capture** sectors and colonies to grow your mighty empire and keep the talantium flowing

*   **Rig** a doomed allied colony in an attempt to obliterate oncoming enemy with a well-timed detonation

*   **Jump** to lightspeed to reach distant sectors before your foes- but this costs precious talantium!

*   **Engine Priority** to give a chosen battle-group a speed boost til the end of the day

*   **Weapon Priority** to give your controlled battle-group a powered-up edge during battles

*   **Reinforce** a friendly colony or planet with available units residing at another friendly colony or planet, without having to pay the jump levy

*   **Shop** to create more units and missiles to breakdown your enemy's planetary defences

*   **Radiation** creates additional variation on the gameboard making each game unique

*   **Ion Cannon Support** for factions defending their colony, providing more incentive to capture them first

*   **Missile Piloting** to ensure the best pilots in the galaxy may hit enemy targets- even without upgrades!

*   **Missile Upgrades** to help lesser pilots hit enemy targets at the cost of time and research

*   **Randomised Mining** to add depth to your strategic decisions- do i capture a commander, colony or mine the asteroid only two sectors away? Do i have enough hull-space for such a large haul?

*   **Steal** the haul from enemy transports with a cheeky cloaked stand-by group

*   **Scalable Asteroid Belt** that acts as a primary defence to TP Missiles, provides cover at the cost of speed (unless shielded) and a means for spectators to influence the outcome of battles taking place within it

*   **Multiple Win Conditions** including Capital takeover, Obliteration, Greatest Empire and minor wins for loyal subjects that served their Empire

*   **Single, Concise Progression Bar** with a clear route to all unlockables. We are focused on bringing players the best game-experience possible, not cosmetic upgrades

*   **Optional Wagering System** to speed up (or slow down) game progression so you can get on with being the best faction in the galaxy

*   **Pumping Original Soundtrack** from leading underground psy, minimal and techno artists including Quivver (John Graham), Grouch, Beat Bizarre, Khainz, Champa, Burn in Noise and others!

*   **Many more tactics, features and powers waiting to be discovered.**

**Early Access Schedule**

*   Planetside Battles/Planet diversity

*   Kollektiv (PvE) integration

*   More space battle variation

*   Additional Commanders


*   Local Same/Split Screen Multiplayer (Kickstarted)






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--- --- ![ZAP Master]( "") ## ZAP Master Another Unity asset flip without anything worth mentioning, the common buy and sell was your own kind of stuff. *– [Real player with 7.3 hrs in game](* ---

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--- This is a pure Asset flip of!/content/87301 which comes with full source code. They didn't even bother changing the name. Zonitron uploaded the exact same game under 3 different names before they got banned by Valve. All you do here is click in the general direction of enemies. Half of your playtime will come from watching the level switch animations. *– [Real player with 2.3 hrs in game](* --- ![Anstorm]( "") ## Anstorm If you like simple top-down twin-stick shooters give this one a try. Anstrom seems to be inspired by Ubermosh and TTV and basically offers a mix of both, though it's not so much hardcore arcade-style. There is a campaign (story mode) with bosses (ans some are pretty good, classic 2d Contra-like). The campaign alternates between arena actions with different objects (clear area, run, survive x seconds, find something, destroy something, and more) and fewer maze levels (TTV-ish with enemies). And then there is Survival mode which comes in two separate flavors, Maze and Arena, that is more arcade. *– [Real player with 10.8 hrs in game](* A very solid 2D-Arcade-Shooter. It has it's charm even though character movement can lookt a little bit janky. I helped to translate the game so if you don't understand something it is probably my fault. The dev is open for criticism so if you want to help improve the game just help him out. Also here is the full interview: *– [Real player with 8.9 hrs in game](* ---